Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yeah! On the road again...

Where are we today ?
Arkona Ontario
        Well here we are packing up to hit the road. Just taking our time but its getting hot so by 9:30 am we are mobile. Omer went for a coffee an and donut with Dennis  (Tim Hortons of course) but did manage to get back in time to say good bye to us. So after the thanks for the great campsite, hospitality and putting up with us for five weeks we finally hit the road.

the open road
       The first stop was in Stratford Ontario at the Canadian Tire Gas bar for cheap (for Canada) gas only 1.18 a litre  ($4.49 per US gallon) So we topped up our tank then fired up our geneartor for some exercise. With the Genny running we can also fire up our two airconditioners. They need to be exercised too. Plus the temperature today is gonna be hot 31c ( 40c with the humidity) thats like 104 f  and very humid.
cheap gas
        Now after Stratford we hit some nice back country paved road roads and enjoyed the scenery. Below is some of the small towns and hamlets we passed thru finally arriving at Arkona by noon.

wonderful scenery
our entrance is all fixed up, looking good

         We got all set up on a nice shady site and had bite to eat for lunch. Stopped over to visit Phil and Judy for bit and catch up for lost time.  Then off to the grocery store in town. (5 minutes away). Picked up some chicken legs to grill for supper. You know one of the reasons we like this small town campground is the local grocery store. They have it all in a small village, just like being in the USA, in store bakery, in house butcher, friendly service and they even sell beer, wine and alcohol ! Gotta love it!
they have it all
       Now we have a nice shady site and a bit of a breeze but by late afternoon it is a very hot and sticky 85f outside. Fire up our our Weber to grill the chicken legs and thighs, add to a nice potato and tossed salad for a wonderful summer supper.

        We have our air-conditioner running and inside it is also 85 f but you know it feels cold, no humidity! What a big difference so at 8:30pm still 85 f but, that's ok, I love this weather. 

        Suppose to be another couple days of this heat wave. I will miss it when it is gone but certain people (like Suzie) will not.

        Glad you could drop by and enjoy some great weather with us. We are only here for a week, some R & R, then on to visit some more, but will be back.
Check out the map below to see where we have been this summer
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  1. It probably felt great to get back on the road. We like sitting still for a while but then we get anxious to go again. Enjoy yourselves but I just know you'll be back where family is soon.

    1. Gotta see them in th summer months, we are gone all winter.

  2. A great deal gas is 1.329.

    You have the A/C on...we are still using the furnace. Enjoy your new area and relax.

  3. we also have the a/c on in the house today...shes been a sticky one...glad to see your back on the road..and still eating pretty food :)

    1. Well we have to eat don't we, so lets make it look pretty, kinda makes it taste better


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