Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Into Georgia another membership park and meeting up with more good friends

Where are we today ?
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      The Flying J last night was actually very quiet after 10 pm. We will not park at the back with the trucks so the front by the pumps quiets down quite nicely. They do get busy early morning , but we are up anyway.
      Got our breaky, computing and coffees consumed , and a nice walkabout around here by the trucks and watching all the busy people here heading off to wherever. Chatted with a few people here and finally hit the road by 8:30 later than planned but no real rush.
      Headed out onto I-20 westbound  for about 150 miles then some back roads towards Macon Georgia. Through Augusta Georgia, not a slow down at all. We made pretty good time and very little traffic all day.
I-20 was a nice drive and good roads
    Stopped and couple of rest areas along the way, just to get out for some exercise. and the Georgia Welcome centre for some info n Georgia, we will be here for a few days.
We be looking for some Georgia Peaches
     Just before  we left I-20 there a=was a Flying J (no rest area) so we pulled in there for a stretch at noon and made a tasty light lunch, just because we can, no need to buy it when we have food right here.
     Off the interstate for an hour or so and enjoyed some nice 2 lane back roads passing through a few small towns.
nice quiet back roads 
loved this town square
     Then south from Macon Georgia on I-75 to Unadilla where we will hang out for  few days. Nice small town in the south.
lots of cotton fields in this area
      We pulled in  to Southern Trails Resort, a nice handy place right off the interstate and another membership park we can enjoy with FHU's and no overnight fees. We do love our free camping.
We have been here quite a few times over the years
and enjoy the area
think it was 4 years ago the last time
    Got checked in by 1:30 pm and nice that we can pick our own campsite, a very nice corner one with afternoon sun. Bonus today it was 82F this is the weather we came south for.
a nice large corner site facing south
        Did not take Suzie long to get her shorts on and enjoy sitting in the shade and read her I-pad. I made a quick trip around the corner to the Piggly Wiggly (grocery store) and picked up a couple of split chicken breasts for supper.
now this is wonderful 
we got to read for a while in the shade
enjoying this view
      And to our surprise we had friends for Happy Hour, Paul and Judy from Rock Glen Resort in Ontario, The home membership park we both love.
Judy and Paul so nice to run into them again
     We chatted for quite a while discussed each others winter plans. They heading out in the morning for Florida, and we heading to the gulf coast and eventually Arizona.
time for them to head back home and we can whip up supper.
     Tonight a couple of bone in chicken breasts on the grill mat to go with our tasty salad.
we do love our chicken
nicely glazed and tasty
     As I was finishing up cooking we managed to get a very nice Georgia sunset. 
A vey nice way to wind up a wonderful 
hot sunny travel day
242 miles today
        Now we are enjoying some real great warm sunny weather the whole reason we live this lifestyle.
      Glad that you could drop in for a peek and hope you had a nice sunny day as well.
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 Where have we been this Winter?

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Heading further south to warmer temperatures and hot sunshine.

Where are we today ?
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         Another great night for sleeping in the forest, so dark and so quiet. Up nice and early, watched the news, computing and coffees, then just before 7 am I got a nice final walkabout this campground about a mile or so.
       Then we packed up our satellite dish, secured the coach and on the road by 8am. A little further today than we have been doing, 305 miles (490 kms) is the plan . All easy driving 1-95 south to I-20 west. Enjoyed stopping at 4 rest areas just to stretch and one at noon to enjoy a nice light lunch.
taking the back roads to I-95
I-95 south a wonderful quiet drive
another place we read about in our books
Fort Bragg
spotted this nicely painted water tower
kinda cool
further down the road a tourist attraction
South of the Border, love their tower too
          We passed a few places along the way, we have been to a few times before on the East Coast, in particular Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach and surrounding areas. no need to stop this time. We are on a mission, a slow one but a mission. Just boogied on down the road, tapping our feet, and trying to dance while driving (hmm) to the tunes on our Sirius satellite radio.
         Arrived at our destination shortly after 2 pm fuelled up the coach. Nice that we can do 500 miles on a tank of gas. And the gas price $2.27 a gallon with our 5 cent discount with the Good Sam card. Now this was the best deal have gotten so far this winter, no complaints here at all, Saved lotsa  money. That is .78 cents a litre Canadian Compared to about  $1.00 a litre or more back in Ontario, We put in 200 litres that just saved us $44.00 in CDN funds on this fillip alone. With all the free camping and parking spots so far and the fuel savings think Suzie is cooking supper tonight and Denny's is right here. Once we fuelled up and parked right away into shorts and t-shirts feels awesome at 75F.
     These Flying J's are always busy, but we like the option of secure parking here and the easy fuel lanes and discounts for fuel as well. The option of many food choices right here is always good too, and tonight we will make use of that option. Something on the menu I like and Suzie as well. What the heck she is doing supper.
 we settled in for the night , a few walkabouts and reading
do have 22 high def channels on tv if we want
love the fuel price for regular gas!
       About 5 pm we headed into Denny's for supper not too busy yet and good service.
         Started  with a  caesar salad to share , it was huge that could have almost been our meal.
very tasty Caesar salad
large bowl .
        Suzie ordered the Bourbon Chicken Sizzlin' Skillet that she enjoys.
very tasty
        And I ordered  the Crazy Spicy Sizzlin' Skillet with extra hot sauce on the side and for 99 cents 4 tortillas.
these were very tasty filling meals
and of course we each brought 1/2 of it home
maybe a lunch or snack at sometime
       Just a nice travelling day getting where we wanted to go. Relaxing, enjoying the warm air and sunshine and a very tasty meal out with my sweetie.    
todays journey 305 miles
    Glad that you dropped on by to see where we are and hope y'all had a great sunny warm day as well, wherever you are .
     Back on the road in the morning a shorter drive to Georgia.
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 Where have we been this Winter?

Monday, October 29, 2018

The nice thing about membership camp grounds, we keep running into people we have met before. And our grandson won anther hockey tournament.

Where are we today ? 
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     Heck we loving this weather much better than back home and the quiet campground is what we really enjoy as well.
     We, as usual had a great sleep and checked outside this morning to see where we are.  Yup  still in the forest where we were last night.
     At 7:30 after we consumed our coffees I got a nice walkabout these areas. got 3 miles in today, 4 miles yesterday.
nice sunrise  in the bush
large birds overhead, and the sunrise in the trees
love the clear blue sunny skies
      Puttered around for a while had an early light lunch then some more walkabouts on the nice trails here in this park .
so many walking trails are very nice
        I finished a Lee Child Jack Reacher novel and began another. In no time realized I had read it before. Hmm did not check my spread sheet. I have read so many Reacher books hard to remember what I have and haven't.
yup read this before
       After dumping our sewage  and checking the tires we hooked up the car for an early departure in the morning. heading on down the road further south, just because we can.
      So I started another author I enjoy by Robert Crais. Another Elvis Cole adventure, number 5 in the series.
I enjoy his adventures as well
     The afternoon sunshine did not fail us and we sure enjoyed it outside, temps about 67 F and much warmer in the sun. This is why we enjoy travelling south in the fall.
t-shirts only and almost put my shorts on,
I could have
      Sitting outside in the warm sunshine was wonderful and makes everything feel great. 
      Just after 3:30 a couple drove by and stopped to say Hi.  Ok my brain is going overtime I know we have met them. They came by a bit later to chat. Now I know Rudy and Lorea met them last spring in Lake Whitney Texas and again at Rock Glen Resort this summer.  We are both members of the ROD system and tend to travel to the same parks so chances of meeting up again are pretty good. In fact we will see them again in Unadilla Georgia later this week.
     We chatted for quite a while then soon time for  supper, Nice to catch up with them again.
Lorea and Rudy
        Once they headed home I fired up our Weber Q to grill a couple of salmon burgers we had in the freezer.
these cook nicely on our grill mat
English Muffins heating in foil
     Added to a small salad and topped with a homemade dill sauce and lettuce, Sure filled the gap tonight.
so tasty 
     I got a message from daughter # 2 about grandson #4's hockey tournament in Michigan this past weekend . They came in  first place. Congratulations!
    Plattsville's Pee Wee Rep team came in first place and won every game....
I will share a couple of pics of Grandson # 4. In the first game he scored 4 goals and they won 12-0.
this be him doing his amazing moves
think he is Happy?
love his smile
        That was another great day we enjoyed here , just doing what we do, enjoying life and the freedom of this full-time lifestyle.
       Thanks for dropping in and hope you enjoyed your day as well.
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 Where have we been this Winter?

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Hanging out here at the club, just taking it easy

Where are we today ?
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     A mild night and a great sleep here in the forest, So dark and so quiet.
     Up at 4:30 this morning and it was 53f outside. I had to look outside to actually see where we were, LOL, sometimes that happens.
      Did get my first walkabout at 7:30 and felt wonderful. Exploring a new place again. enjoying the sunrise and fresh morning air.
nice sunrise through the trees
      Soon back home to us in the forest.
I took another walkabout down a nice trail 
    Then Suzie and I did tour around this campground to check it out . Down by the beach, pool and Marina as nice as it may, be it seems tired. But heck we have full hookups and no overnight fees. we like free camping wherever we go. This palace would be hopping in the summer but off season now not so much.
this beach would be nice in the summer
the marina quiet too
nice views across the lake
left over Halloween decorations
    Then we checked out the clubhouse was busy yesterday , today a ghost town. The season is over here.
they do have a very nice clubhouse though
this hot tub would be nice, but closed for the season 
    Even the restaurant and bar looks nice bit only open wednesday and friday , we missed it.
       Then another wlakabout after lunch . some nice trails here to explore.
    Then I checked out the fun centre and bowling alley . Everything you could want here , with games and spend money if you wish.
    Then the bowling alley looks nice as well , we don't do 10 pin but would have been fun.
     Back home to relax and enjoy our e-readers for a while in the  shade. 65 F but was cool. So we moved a few sites down and found a sunny spot.
chilly here on the shade
    Then the sunny  spot was nicer.
thuis was better
    Then at 3 pm our neighbours  pulled out of the perfect site. I checked with the office and yes we can move to that site ! Only 4 down from us.  Ok in no time we secured the coach moved over there. (total 30 minutes to pack up move and set up) Had sunshine and warmth . plus a good view for our satellite dish.
now this is much nicer, out of the forest and some warm
sunshine bonus we can get our satellite dish as well
My son Ken made this hot sauce, loving it
   For supper tonight a pork Tenderloin on the grill mat, quick and easy about 15 minutes  internal temp 145f.
in no time this was done to perfection
added to our salad, apple sauce and Ken's hot sauce
was wonderful
     Just another fun day here doing what we enjoy, relaxing and enjoying some very nice warm weather.
       Thanks again for dropping by and hope you had a great day as well wherever you may be.
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 Where have we been this Winter?