Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Strange Weather?

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
        Today we are having strange weather, sunshine early, then overcast, rainy, sunny, cool, warm windy, no wind, not sure what is going to happen next, it is constantly changing all day long.

        Before noon a road grader and gravel truck showed up and they are grading the lane. Fill the potholes and make a nice level driveway. Omer was barking to let me know what nwas going on.

Omer watching the laneway
grader doing his job
         A little while later a made quick trip to the No Frills in New Hamburg and some more amazing weather happening. Look west and almost clear skies , look east and not good at all
lookin west
Looking east
        Weather systems all over this area and a friend sent me this picture only about 5 miles south of us, they had some major hail!
wow  lotsa hail
        Between rain, hail and sunshine I did do a bit more waxing of our coach today. Omer, he does not like the thunder and was knocking at the door to come in whenever a loud thunder clap outside.
        Eventually the rain stopped and huge puddles were evident everywhere but we were able to cook supper inside (our house) just for the two of us tonight. 

our power cord in the water
        Tonight a simple supper, some chicken fingers, and fries done in the oven, and a few celery and carrot sticks on the side, of course my hot sauce too.
a simple tasty supper for two

the laneway
after supper the sun was shinning
        Then after Dennis, Sandy and Suzie's Dad had supper it was nice enough to sit on the front porch. Amazing how high the creek was after the rain.

this one cow stuck on this side of the creek
the other side
can I get across?
nope too deep
        We sat in the porch for a bit, watched the sunset and the cows playing in the creek, then it cooled down, finally time to head inside and call it a night.

        After all the weather changes today it ended up not too bad after all.

       Glad you could drop by for few minutes and enjoy this weatherful day with us.
Check out the map below to see where we have been this summer
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  1. You're really in a nice area. It looks so much like the Pacific NW though. We've certainly been having similar weather. No wonder we go south in the winter!! Love to see the local areas through pictures.

  2. We had major rain over here in Woodstock this afternoon as well... London was clear, go figure!

  3. I guess that's what they call isolated showers?

  4. The weather is not what it should be. Way too cold for June!

  5. The weather is not what it should be. Way too cold for June!

    1. We will be having a heat wave this weekend. And are ready for it.

  6. Love the pictures of the cow and the creek! Moo, eh?!

  7. Good thing the road got graded before the rain.

  8. We're suffering through a cold, wet spell out here on the west coast as well. The only good thing is I don't have to do yard work when it's raining.

    1. But once it stops raining you will have huge yardwork !


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