Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, June 03, 2012

A quiet, colourful, Sunday

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
       Just a spring like day, cool, windy, overcast with a few sunny breaks and not a lot on the agenda. Just puttering about, compute, research, read a bit, a few walkabouts with Omer.  I even did a bit more waxing on our coach. But just a little too chilly for my liking to do much outside stuff. 
Omer relaxing outside 
flowers by the creek
cows just relaxing 
Omer came inside for a bit
Nice and cool here 
         Not a lot so say, nothing new and exciting, just waiting for Suzie's mom to stabilize and get out of intensive care, see what the Doc has to say tomorrow. So just doing what we can here with visits and support, hurry up and be patient waiting.
I am reading and Omer waiting for Suzie to come home
        Suzie called me about 6:45 an here Rose and their dad were heading back to New Hamburg. I gonna pick up Suzie and Rose can carry  on home to Tavistock.

        On the way back to the farm we saw some wonderful rainbows that I have to share with you below.

the farm house at the end of the rainbow
just down the road from the farm
Heron in the creek going in the lane
        Now we are home and a gourmet meal tonight, grilled chees, dill pickle slices, ketchup and a real treat, my hot wings potato chips. Something we don't usually do. (potato chips that is)
Grilled cheese, ketchup, pickles and my favourite chips
my favourite chips
         Monday morning I will be taking my Mac Book Pro to the Apple Doctor in Kitchener, to see if they can fix the problem with my Super Drive DVD/CD burner (it will not recognize any discs that I put in except a store bought DVD movie, all the other discs just spin around for a minute or two then are spit out). Gotta do it now only 11 days left on my extended warranty. Hopefully it will not be gone too long, because I will have to beg Suzie for the use of her PC to update our blog and check my email. 

        I have noticed the fonts are coming thru kinda funny, not quite sure why, and cannot seem to fix them. Other than being annoying hope you can read everything all right.

        Thanks for dropping in.
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  1. Love the shots of the rainbows. We rarely see rainbows but when we do we snap a lot of pictures too. I still say Omer is certainly going to miss you!! We don't do a lot of potato chips either. We used to but not anymore. It's a carb thing and Terry's blood sugar really spikes with things like that.

    1. Omer will miss us but he is happy on the farm. A bag of potato chips last's for months here, a very rare snack.

  2. Hope they turn your Mac around quickly...if Suzie is anything like Tracy, she is not going to want to share her PC!

    1. I hope they do to, that's why we have two computers. After using a Mac going back to a PC can be frustrating.

  3. glad to hear Suzie's mom is doing well...she is in our prayer basket...I love Omer..could just steal him..Rick and I used to breed show and raise goldens...we sure do miss em...only you two could make a grill cheese supper look gourmet :) take care

    1. Thanks for the prayers. Omer is part Golden and part Samoyed, that's how he can tolerate the cold weather. I think the food tastes better if it looks appealing.

  4. Love the pics of Omar. He looks like such a sweet dog, that just loves the attention.

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. Your font looks normal at this end of the computer!! Omar is going to miss you guys when you finally move on.

  6. Great pics of the rainbows. I could read the fonts just fine even though some were smaller/larger than others. Just curious, did you do any 'cutting and pasting' to post to this blog?

    1. Thanks Rick. No cutting and pasting, I know that has caused that problem before, but it was all typed on line.

  7. Hey George, My Mac does the same thing. I will be interested in hearing what the diagnosis is.

  8. Its at the the Apple Clinic right now will know in a couple,days.

  9. Your pictures are gorgeous! What kind of camera do you have?

    It's time for me to replace mine. Please let me know.


  10. My camera is a 3 year old point and shoot Fujifilm finepix Z35. a a nice small camera that is always with me and ready to go.
    Thanks for joining us.


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