Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mennonite Relief Sale New Hamburg

Where are we today ?

       A wonderful sleep las night, windows open and so quiet. Up in time to enjoy a great mild morning. Coffees and computing done then off to New Hamburg (7:45) for Suzie to pick her mom and take her to the Mennonite Relief Sale. I dropped her off and headed there myself arriving shortly after 8 am. Traffic lined up and parking now into the overflow. Things really hopping here early morning, if you want a close parking spot and shorter lines for food especially. Hundreds of volunteers put this together I believe this is their 47th year raising millions of dollars for the Mennonite Central Committee.
        Entering the grounds the first long line up in front of the blue tent on the right for  fresh made yeast donuts, still warm.

      The three pics below are from the website of the donuts being made. Volunteers arrive around 4 am to begin making these yeast donuts.
preparing the dough
frying the donuts
cooling after glazed
parking view from the grandstand
       So much to see and do, and the food! Different cultures, and food types.
a few choices here
I sampled one of these, excellent,
from the Russian Mennonites
fresh baked pies
Food court
making the apple fritters
children play area
Mexican Mennonites food
One of two lineups for Spring Rolls
Making the spring rolls,
Korean Mennonites
more entertainment
        Found Suzie and her mom having the pancake breakfast, her Dad stopped by to say hi , he is busy volunteering here, helping things run smoothly
I had to have a BBQ chicken leg at 9am
before they were sold out
            Then into the arena to check out some of the quilt auction always a busy place. There is 201 donated quilts to auction off, beginning at 8:30 am until mid afternoon.
        Nephew Greg was auctioning at 9 am for his first shift , about 40 minutes. He did sell quite a few and a couple quilts for about $3,2000.00 each. When we left the high price paid was $5,000.00
Thats Greg in the red shirt
        Now of course we cannot forget the fresh made strawberry pies, hundreds are made and sold either by the piece or whole pies. Long line ups and they are usually sold out around noon.
people cleaning berries, making boxes
and fresh whipped cream
assembling the pies
oh so good
      I wandered about a bit more taking in the sites, sounds and smells. Even ran into a few people I knew as well.
cooking sausage
outdoor auction
of course the Tv station was there too
         Now shortly after 10 am I had enough so headed back home, now the line ups are HUGE. The line to right below is for tea balls (red tent) and line in the middle for the donuts (blue tent on the right). It may be a long wait but sure worth it and besides it is a social day too, talk with all the people in line.
found the car again, and as you can see
 lots of rv's here for the weekend
      On the way home passed a few Mennonite buggies in town, they are here for the sale too.
       Well I am back to camp awesome and volunteered to help John clean up around the pool. Pressure washing the carpets and lawn furniture. A perfect day for this fun job.
         Early afternoon I picked up Suzie and she came back for her doggie fix. Brushing Buddy and Molly in the shade of our awning.
I spotted this fog trying to get out of the pool
 for a while so I gave him a hand, he thanked me
and headed of into the grass.
       Eventually time to relax for the day, read for a while then gonna make a spaghetti squash for supper. So easy, cut in half, remove seeds, place on a plate with a tablespoon of water covered with plastic wrap, microwave on high about 11 minutes until fork tender. Scoop the "noodles" onto plates and added the rest of our spaghetti sauce we made last week. We love spaghetti squash!
spaghetti squash
add a garlic bun and we have a very balanced meal,
lotsa leftovers too!
       Then after supper outside to read a while longer while Buddy and Molly join us before another run in the yard , then call it another great day.
Molly's puppy Buddy
      That was our fun day here on southern Ontario with perfect weather for outdoor activities, temps in the high 70's (25c) and sunshine. Doesn't get much better.
      Thanks for stopping by and joining us in our adventures.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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Friday, May 30, 2014

A perfect travel day it was, then a few issues with our coach.

Where are we today ?
        Our day started perfectly, warm sunny and we anxious to get on the road slowly. Only have a 90 minute drive so no rush. Walkabouts and stuff. Pulled our coach out to hook up the car, opened the door and electric step broke! Hm same part I replaced 7 years ago. Well hooked up the car I a fired up our generator to exercise it while on the road. Ran a few minutes and quit, would not start again Hmm...
Our site this morning nice and quiet here
       A beautiful country drive and arrived in Plattsville before noon.
huge farm machinery on the road
perfect day for a drive
        Pulled into camp awesome here in Plattsville and we smell something like brakes hmmm.... need to be looked at.
        Got setup and checked the step again, ordered the part, should be here next week. Checked with Pettigrew's Garage in town and will take our coach there next week for service, oil change and brakes. Then visitation at the funeral home here for a dear friend who had a massive heart attack only 54 years old (so sad).
      Back home Suzie headed off to pick up her mother to take to the Mennonite Relief sale in New Hamburg for the friday night auction. Nephew Greg is an Auctioneer and is auctioning there tonight. While she was gone I investigated our Onan Generator problem. Looks like the fuel pump again. No fuel and the pump does not run. We just had it replaced in Quartzsite this year. 90 day warranty and its passed that now. I have a few more things to check but looks like I will be replacing that fuel pump again. They say bad things come in threes and I believe that because thats what happened today. We here for a week and hope to get those issues resolved. Looks like we will be busy.
        While Suzie was gone I had some leftover fish and noodles for supper, no need to cook tonight. That make you happy Paul Dahl? 
        The Relief Sale again tomorrow and I will check it out for a while, think Suzie spending the day there with her mother. I have my work cut out here.
       Thanks again for stopping on by and hope you had a wonderful day to, with no repair issues to deal with.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle. 
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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Just wrapping up a few things here and enjoying more great weather.

Where are we today ?
       Last day here and enjoying more great weather. Morning walkabouts, Suzie gets a doggie fix playing with Tucker. 
The windmills by the pond
East pond stocked with fish,
catch and release
the west pond surrounded by seasonal sites
We stopped to visit Tucker and even said Hi to Melinda too
        Then just doing stuff, like we do on the day before moving. Suzie, she short laundry, I wash ( well the machines wash, right across from our site) she vacuums and dusts, I shake the mats. I check tires, fill our fresh waster tank, (we dry camping for a week). Then we can play. Gotta get this done by noon so our afternoons are free. Walkabouts, over to the gym for a bit of our daily exercise, and enjoy our books in the sun and shade.
        Before we know it time for supper. Fire up our Weber Q a couple Basa filets, grilled fresh asparagus and added that to some whole wheat pasta, with olive oil, sweet peppers , onions and fresh mushrooms did the trick.
on the grill
on the plate
      Read for a bit more after supper then inside for the evening. Tomorrow is a travel day and we so look forward to those, relocating again. New places new faces or just new scenery works for us gotta keep those wheels turning.
      Thanks for stopping in again to check us out, we are doing awesome, as you should know by now.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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