Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, June 01, 2012

We got rain and high winds !

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
        Woke up about 5:30 this morning and I think I hear rain on the roof. So put my ears on and looked out the window, sure enough lotsa rain and pretty high winds and rocking our coach too. The farmers need the rain for sure, we can almost see the corn growing. 

        After a bit I took a short drive into Plattsville to see if anything happening there, nope same old. Minor detour thou on the way the road was blocked with hug downed tree, yep its windy. So around the block (about 5 miles here in the country).
cleaning up the tree 
Came back about 20 minutes later and the road is clear now
        Well got back home and said to Suzie better see if we can roll up our awning. Even though it was  secured pretty good, the wind was playing havoc with it. So managed to get Dennis to help us roll it up, that was a chore. Got it done but not quite right, will have to wait until the rain and wind stop, to straighten things out. This weather made the 45f (8c) temperature feel much colder too.

        Soon as we got this done, Suzie says, to me "That's a strange place to park a hay wagon". It was in the ditch no more than 30 ft from the front of our coach. Well I  know for a fact that yesterday there was three parked in the field a few hundred feet away. Looks like the wind decided to move this heavy wagon, good thing the ditch was there to slow it down. Who woulda thought the wind was that strong? Dennis went out and chocked all the wheels so they won't move anymore.
there was three wagons a long way away earlier
it almost came right thru the ditch, musta been moving a good clip
        Now a bit later a quick trip to New Hamburg and passed yet another downed tree in town, I think it just barely missed this car too. 
yes we are having wind
        Ok that's enough downed trees for one day, back home, but its still pouring rain and windy as heck. But we are comfy inside. Suzie reading and me computing, doing some back up and fiddling with my Mac Book Pro. Looks like my DVD burner is not working so I think on Monday will give Apple a shout and take it in for some warranty work, two weeks left on my extended warranty.  

        Now Omer he's not too bright today, laying outside in the pouring rain, soaking wet, then he eventually lies partly under our coach. He has too much very wet fur to come inside. The garage door is open and his lazyboy chair and pillow is in there all nice and dry, not sure why he insists on laying in the cold rain.
Omer snoozing under our coach. 
lotsa huge mud puddles in the drive
        Shortly after 4 o'clock Suzie went and picked up Dad to visit her mother when she will be awake about 5:30 until 6:30 for supper. She was sitting a chair for lunch when he and Rose were there even able to eat by herself, and at 4:30 today she went for a walk, making progress in leaps and bounds, so nice to see. 

        Suzie got back home just before 7 o'clock after dropping off her Dad at home then we heated up some more leftover stuff and had another tasty feast. Then Omer came in the house for a while  and laid quietly on his mat, after shaking water off his coat all over the kitchen. Sorry these last couple pics kinda got lost in cyberspace somewhere, but no big deal anyway.

        Thanks for stopping by once again, I think the rain is finally stopping now.

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  1. Certainly nice to hear that Suzie's mom is improving. Before you know it she will probably be well enough to head home. That's good news.

    We've been caught with our awning down on hard winds in Arizona. When you say it was hard getting the awning up we know exactly what you mean. Been there, done that and it's not fun.

    1. Not fun,for sure, now need to open it back uo today and straighten out.

  2. Wow, must have been quite a weather system you got. But it will be our turn with rain and maybe even wind from Saturday night. That will last half of the next week for sure. Falling trees are not my favorite. Hope our huge maple tree will live for another 20 or so years.

    1. Good luck with the weather, good luck with your huge maple.

  3. Sure glad that hay wagon didn't roll right into your rig. It's amazing to see how the wind could move that thing.

    Sounds like great progress with Suzie's mother.

    1. Yeah good thing the ditch was there!
      She is doing pretty good thanks.

  4. At least you got the awning in!! Easier to open and dry and re roll then buy a new one. Funny dog laying out in the rain. Amazing about the wind and the hay wagon!

    1. The awning is open and drying now. Omer he still has winter coat and wanted to cool down I guess. Was a strong wind for sure.

  5. At least you got the awning in!! Easier to open and dry and re roll then buy a new one. Funny dog laying out in the rain. Amazing about the wind and the hay wagon!

  6. I guess we didn't realise what all was going on until seeing a couple snippets in blogs, facebook and such. Had a limb come off one of the trees at our house in Burlington, barely missing my daughter's car, and our other daughter sent us pictures of the flood at Union Station. I guess that was a bit of a stinker, since it riled up some sewer run-off as well. Gah!

    1. Amazing how these trees just miss things most of the time isn't it?
      Don't ever remember Union Station ever flooding before.


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