Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, June 09, 2012

A busy saturday..........

Where are we today ?
Aurora Ontario
        Up early this morning and its pouring rain, so figure it might be a slow day, just like this guy below I saw on the road.
juts plugging along
        There was a lot of things that we maybe gonna do but the weather changed those plans. Things we could have done. A t-Ball game in Sweaburg 9 am, soccer tournament in Drumbo 10 am, but both those were rained out. 

       So next on the agenda head to Aurora about two hours away for a another soccer tournament at 1 pm. Well we are about an hour away and daughter Kim phones, the game is moved up to 12.00 noon, in 5 minutes, oops we gonna miss that one too.  Ok the bottom line is we got to their house just as everybody was getting home from their two soccer tournaments here. Missed them all.

       But we got there and Kaitlyn runs and hugs us then carries on entertaining us, a very busy two and one half year old with that saucy look on her face.

Suzie and Katilyn  playing with the bubbles
        But we are here to visit anyway, and its Brian's (son in law) birthday, then my daughter Kim's birthday on Monday and grandson Alex on Thursday, so we get to see everybody for these special days all in one.

        Kim is cooking a tasty supper for us and we are just hanging out in the kitchen chatting while things come together, first is to prepare the ribs and a delicious gluten free Quinoa salad for supper. Then to firse up their natural gas Weber grill (makes our Weber Q 1-00 look pretty tiny).

        Well the ribs turned out so tasty and fall off the born tender accompanied buy the very interesting Quinoa salad, with toasted almonds and sunflowers seeds on top.
tasty supper
she even loved the ribs too
        After a while the kids had an ice cream cone, and us adults enjoyed a nice warm piece of fresh apple pie, special for Brian's birthday today.

        Now supper done and still a wonderful evening, we can relax on the deck while the kids run around, playing ball and generally burning off excess energy.

                We even tried to start a little campfire but to no avail the fire wood was soaking wet 

        After a great day in Auruora visiting my daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren, we had a very busy day and its getting later.  So a bit more of a visit then time to crash, so much fun visiting with family, these grandchildren can sure wear you out.

        Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Spending time with grandkids is a special time. We have birthdays loaded into lumps too. Three in a week in August. Three in 5 days in September. Ugh.

  2. Nothing like a great day with family to warm your heart on a cold day.

    Nice to see someone else BBQ'ing a great looking dinner for you!

    1. Yes it was a great time, but I got to grill the ribs. On that awesome grill!

  3. Cute kid photos!

    How big was that turtle.....


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