Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, August 13, 2018

Country drive to Rock glen resort, and visit with a lot of friends here, having fun.

Where are we today ? 
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   More great summer weather here in southern Ontario. Up early as usual got a nice walkabout town then we secured our coach  and headed on down the road to Rock Glen resort , Enjoying the back country roads through small towns an villages along the way.
a few places we drove through 
this be our route today and small detour that you can see
heading through Bright
traffic jam
    We arrived at Rock Gen Resort our home member ship park we enjoy no overnight fees with full hookups.
our favourite site again for 2 weeks.
     Our good friends from Hamilton and Buffalo New York are here for a week so we went to visit them for Happy Hour. We have been camping with these guys for over 15 years always a fun time. Invited our new friends and members here to join us , Kim  and Ken.
we got caught up and had quite a few laughs
 for a couple of hours then home for supper.
another couple behind them joined us as well Sue and Andrew
     Got back home and Tucker was there to welcome Suzie back here, he misses her. Then George Goodan dropped by to give us and update as well. Nice to see him again. Rose was at home.
Tucker gets treats  then Gerry took him home
Bill and Eli stopped by to day hi as well
while  I was prepping supper
    For supper grilled a couple of chicken thighs on our grill mat to go with our daily salad,
this cook nicely on the grill mat
sure hit the spot

      Nice to be here with FHU's and visit with friends we have not seen for a while.
      Just another great day here and maybe go and join their campfire in a few minutes just because we  can.
     Want to thank y'all for dropping on by.

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 Where have we been this summer?

Sunday, August 12, 2018

A relaxing Sunny Sunday, enjoying the peace and quiet here.

Where are we today ?
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      What a great day we had yesterday and a later night at Pa Fest than usual, but after a really good nights sleep up pretty early, about 5:30 (I slept in a bit!).
         Just puttered around for a while got my morning coffees consumed then out for a quiet Sunday morning walkabout town. A couple of miles get me going and can now carry on with the rest of our day.
heading down River Road noticed
a large community of wild mushrooms
      Then a nice country drive over to pick up our mail and a short visit with Suzie's brother, SIL Sandy, her mom and dad and her brother and his wife. On the way back found out that the bridge on the Oxford/Waterloo road had been repaired after the spring floods and the road is open again, sweet ! The bridge is not suitable for the rv by fine for lighter and not so tall vehicles.
maximum hight 3.8 Metres (12.46 feet)
 we are11.9 feet but too wide
right across the bridge turn right down River road to our campsite
         Now time for lunch today Suzie requested a BLT, bacon, grilled on our Weber Q and some huge slices of fresh Beefsteak tomato (one slice covers a slice of bread). Love these huge beefsteak tomatoes!
nice to cook bacon here no cleanup
love these field fresh tomatoes so tasty
         Now what do we do? What ever we want. I git  a couple of short walkabouts then. Relax in the shade enjoying each other's company, read  for a bit, putter around. We are leaving in the morning so , check tire pressures, oil, put a few things away, enjoy this wonderful weather.  Suits us just fine.
nice a comfy here perfect for a warm Sunday afternoon
      I finished book 2  of this 5 books series about Joe Dillard , lawyer/prosecutor good murder mystery stories/ page turners. And decide I need to get into book number 3 .
this is book 3 of the series
each one has a different plot
    Then eventually time to whip up supper, (where does the time go?) tonight gonna grill some cod fish fillets to go with our salad, time to get back to less food and healthier eating.
love this cod fish , its been a while
and our salad sure hit the spot tonight
      After dishes done back outside. store our Weber Q, secure our awning and enjoying a nice warm evening. Finish this posting and do some more reading until time to head inside for the night.
     Want to thank you's for stopping in an hope you had a very nice sunny Sunday as well.
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 Where have we been this summer?

Saturday, August 11, 2018

A nice sunrise and sunset with Pa Fest fun in-between.

Where are we today ? 
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      Cooler nights again, wonderful for sleeping, you can tell the summer is winding down, later sunrises and earlier sunsets. But that is ok still quite comfortable and just over 2 months and we can begin our southern migration.
         Around 6 am we got another very nice sunrise casting shadows across the yard, gonna be an awesome day.
       I got a couple of miles walked about town enjoying this wonderful quiet warm sunny Saturday morning. Then a walk across the road into the bush for a bit until it got too muddy.
starting to get muddy from the ATV ruts
then adventure into the corn field for aways,
but did not want to get lost
just like walking in a Maze
pretty peaceful by the river
           I made some Puff Pastry sausage rolls to take to Pa Fest , they supply the meat and corn at Pa Fest, the rest is pot luck. For the recipe you can click HERE or my recipe blog top right side bar.
ready to cut up  and bake
22 minutes and they are wonderful
relaxing in the shade with our e-readers for a while
     About 3 pm Suzie's Dad came by and he followed us down the road to Elmer and Kay's Place for the yearly Pa Fest. They have been doing this for over 40 years I believe, and always a fun time and great turn out, lots of good food too.
this be the place
       We pulled in the farm lane and got parked and grabbed our chairs and cooler, sit in the shade and begin chatting with a few people here and there.
stuff for the kids
the black smoker is full of beef brisket
and the roaster will be pulled pork
this be Pa all dressed to the occasion
Suzie and her Dad

corn boiling over and open fire
slushies, coffee and juice
        Walking about always somebody to chat with we have not seen for a while, nice to see everyone all in one place. In particular we chatted with Brian, a local farmer, for the longest time, I have know him for probably over 30 years, he reads our blog and even a few others on our sidebar, I know because he was asking us about some of you other fellow bloggers. The meat is ready so Dan begins slicing the brisket, oh so tasty.
smells wonderful

grace was said and the food begins
so much tasty food no one need to go hungry 
pork on the left, brisket on the right
no way to taste it all as usual
           With full tummies and cooling down we said our fair wells thanks to Ma and Pa for inviting us to this wonderful yearly get together with family and friends then headed home about 8:30, we had a busy long day.
even a nice sunset on the way home
a perfect ending for a perfect day
    That was it for us today, thanks for dropping on by and hope y'all had a great day as well.
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 Where have we been this summer?

Friday, August 10, 2018

Another relaxing cooler day and lawn mowing done.

Where are we today ? 
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        We had a wonderful nights sleep last night temps in the high 50's F. Got the coffee and computing done, garbage out to the road by 7am and a nice walkabout town for a couple of miles, just to get the blood flowing.
another nice sunrise
     Then the 10 minute country drive to New Hamburg for a few supplies and back home for a light tasty lunch,
heading north on Hofstetter road to New Hamburg 
past the grain elevators a nice thing to see in this area
      Got what I needed in town and drive past the cattle in the field just down the road from us. nice to see them out grazing.
     After our lunch I hopped on the mower to finish the last few acres here. And a perfect day for it temps in the high 70's and not too humid . 90 minutes later I was done.
loving the blue skies and a few fluffy clouds
enjoying this lawn mowing 
at the rear of his property along a fence line
almost done
       Now that taken care of I went to the Home Hardware and filled out RO 5 gallon water jug. Took a refreshing dip in the pool and relaxed in the shade enjoying my page turner on  my Kobo right beside Suzie. Enjoying her book as well.
the lawn looks so nice when freshly cut
       Eventually was time for supper, so fired up our Weber Q 100 while I made our salad, then grilled these store made garlic sausage I picked up at the No Frills in New Hamburg. Cooked all 3, one leftover for a lunch for us to share.
25 minutes and they were done to perfection
       Added to our green salad and some seafood salad we enjoyed a very nice tasty supper.
       Dishes done so now we can enjoy a wonderful evening outside , finish this posting and right back into our e books again. Really loving this weather .
       Thank y;all for stopping in for a visit.
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