Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, October 19, 2018

Nice to be here and visit with fiends , get laundry done, enjoying the decorations and a campfire with friends.

Where are we today ? 
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   It was a nice mild night good for sleeping with some windows open. At 5am 52F and some sun today but windy. We are enjoying the sun outside. This campground is part of our ROD (Resorts Of distinction Membership system, free camping for members) About 7:30 this morning got a nice walkabout the campground by the Ponds (lakes) still a few nice fall colors around and lots of Canada Geese using the lakes for a stop over on their winter migration.
      Then about 9 am Suzie has sorted the laundry and I took it to let the machines do their magic. 3 large loads after 3 weeks since the last time. Nice machines here in the park and only $1.50 each to wash and the same to dry. That was all done by 10:30 then we enjoyed a light tasty lunch. I made a short trip to the store  for some Tortillas and cheese for tonights supper Chicken Enchiladas . These I will do inside in the oven so I stowed our Weber Q, not needed tomorrow either and we pull out of here Sunday..
      Now wander  about taking a few  pics here and there of some daytime halloween decorations that are set up. There will be lots more tonight and on Saturday. 
love this scary spider
lots of piles of leaves, but the wind
is blowing them around
        Fixed another compartment strut, I just switched it out with another old one but now that door stays open, this is the one for our water and sewage hook ups that I use all the time, I got tired of it hitting me in the head,
much better now 
    Now to enjoy some quiet reading outside with bits of sunshine here it is pretty nice out here. 64 F for a while but  cool wind gusts to 30 mph.
     Shortly after 3 pm  we  went to visit friends Al and Sandra Dickson at the front campground. We met many years ago. I worked with their son, back in the day, they were full-time for 15 years, now part time. So nice to see them again and catch up for a while.
        Now home to whip up supper the chicken Enchiladas are a nice treat we have not had for a long time , use up some of our chicken and of course a salad to go with it.
used this easy mix
this sure was tasty,
a real treat
the red spots are
ghost peppers from my son.
    So far our day has been pretty good, relaxing and getting things taken care of. Now to take it easy and get ready for the big, busy day tomorrow.
took the garbage out and spotted this
interesting display 
cool scary stuff on their tent
    Then we went to Bill and Barbs to enjoy a nice campfire, our friend Betty was their as well, It was wonderful for about 40 minutes then the rain started about 7:40 pm.That kinda puts a damper on our nice campfire so we ended up just heading back home and inside for the evening.
this campfire sure was awesome until the rain started 
    So many more decorations that are cropping up in no time at all as people arrive for the weekend.
    That was our fun day and looking forward to even more fun tomorrow.
    Thanks for dropping in for a peak and hope you had a wonderful day as well
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 Where have we been this Winter?

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Easy border crossing and now settled here for a couple of days for a fun Halloween weekend with friends.

Where are we today ?
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      Up nice and early this morning. Got our coffees consumed and my last walkabout town  this year for a mile or so.  Back home by 8 am secure our coach stored our satellite dish hooked up the car and were in the road by 9 am as planned.
      A nice easy 2 hour drive to the border crossing at Lewiston New York. And this was one of the easiest and quickest crossings ever even with the line up. We stopped in line and in no time we were at customs. This agent scanned our passports and asked if we were Canadian citizens (yup) where are your going? (Lazy Lakes resort for the weekend, then make our way to Arizona) When are you you returning to Canada/? (April 10th) Have a good trip. Even with the line up I timed it was 7 minutes and we were across the border. wow ! That was it he did not ask any other questions. Now we have a freezer full of food that is allowed, 15 bottles of homemade wine  and a dozen or  so honey crisp apples. all allowed according to the website.
a decent line up at customs went quickly
      Next we stopped at Smoking Joes to fill the coach and car with gas ($2.74 a gallon, .93 cents a liter Cdn) and propane 21.5 gallons ($2.44 A gallon)- 92. centst a litre Can.) The most propane we have ever fuelled. We do have a 100 lb propane tank that holds 23 gallons, I knew it was getting low! We saved a bunch of money right here.
    Then checked into Lazy lakes Resort another membership park with no overnight fees, including free wifi. Before noon , got set up and enjoyed a light tasty lunch.
this be our spot
       Ok now I went shopping and saved even more a 6 lb chicken for supper to cook only $5:95 US stocked up with beer and booze heck we saved  almost $160.00 right here. This is like getting paid to travel south.
        Now we enjoyed a nice sunny afternoon 65F and comfortable in the sun reading outside for a while as our chicken was getting all nicely browned and crispy on our Weber Q.
        Our friends Bill and Barb came in and we went to visit with them for a bit while our chicken was cooking, so nice to see them again. We will see more of them over this fun weekend.
it was a decent afternoon in the sun
Our Weber Q doing it's job
enjoying more Jack Reacher escapades 
our chicken is done even has a pop up thingy
to tell me it's done
       Now just add to our tasty salad and we had a feast, we do love our chicken and lotsa leftovers is good. No soup this time with the bones , no fridge our freezer space, sad, but we will enjoy more chickens and more soup soon.
this sure hit the spot
      Then after dishes done I took the garbage out and noticed a few sites decorated for this Halloween weekend here and lit up, There will be lots more for the big day on Saturday .

    This is always a fun busy weekend here and couple of million kids having a ball and about 1/2 a million adults getting right into this whole Halloween stuff as well. Ya know lotsa lotsa people here .
    Any how this is our first day on the road on our southern migration, we have been enjoying this weekend here with friends for well over 15 years and so nice to see everyone again over the next couple of days. Monday we will make our way further south slowly, What's the hurry? We are at home wherever we are , and will enjoy some new places this year.
     Thanks for  joining us today, we had fun and hope you did too.

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 Where have we been this Winter?

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A few last minute things wrapped up today and a tasty lunch at Anna Mae's in Millbank. Oh yeah and some snow fluffies...

Where are we today ?
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     Somehow it seems milder overnight well was actually 47f at 5 am so I guess it was. At 7:30 this morning I did a walkabout town and stopped by Pettigrew's Garage to chat for a bit and pay the invoices for the service and repairs on the Coach and car.  Now that has been taken care of we should be all set to hit the road in the morning. Walking back home had a bit of a light drizzle, with the temperature cooling down a bit more.
think this Witch was in training down the road,
 but a tree got in the way oops. 
      About 9:30 this morning George from M&G Portables came to pump out our sewage, last time for this year. Thanks George for all the great service, see you in the spring.
these are the guys
this be George
           Just puttered around for a while then headed to New Hamburg to pick up Suzie's Dad and her brother Dennis and SIL Sandy for back country drive to Anna Mae's Restaurant and Bakery in Millbank for lunch. A place we always enjoy, with the fresh bakery and fresh homemade food and of course their Excellent Broasted Chicken.
this be the place
the entrance
of course you walk right by these to your table,
amazing cheesecakes 
special carriage table
you can reserve
my chicken dinner
all made to order 
then a blueberry cheese cake for Suzie,
I had a couple of bites
       Now on the way out through the bakery, all homemade breads, buns, tarts , cookies
look so tasty
and the fresh pies $11.75 each
these are a good deal too
     And no we did not buy anymore on the way out. Back in the car and a nice country drive to Newton,
       Went to Newton another  small Mennonite village looking for a store that has since moved to a different town, not sure where though.
a nice mural in Newton
         We dropped Suzie's Dad back at his place in New Hamburg then we headed back to Plattsville for a relaxing afternoon. Still cold and windy 48F with a few minutes here and there of rain and some sunshine. Put a few more things away so that in the morning just need to secure our coach and head on down the road.
        Saw this picture posted  of our Granddaughter #3 getting ready to head on out to the arena for another hockey game for one of her brother's. Like my daughter said she will either love going to arenas or hate them. So far she enjoys going to them sometimes as many as 5 games a week maybe more.
love her smile ....
"I am ready mom!"
      That was our wonderful day here getting things settled up and a nice meal with some of Suzie's family.
      About 5 pm we got some snow fluffiies again and supposed to go below freezing tonight so we pulled our slide in so that we will not be delayed when we want to head out in the morning. Not a problem for us our coach is totally usable with the slide in and actually warmer in this cold weather. Time to get outta here.
      A relaxing evening. no supper tonight as usual after a big lunch, maybe some popcorn later on tonight.
      Glad that you dropped on by and hope you had a nice day as well and not too cold.
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 Where have we been this summer?