Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, December 10, 2018

Another great southwest desert day, meeting up with good friends and enjoying this weather

Where are we today ? 
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       What the heck after a wonderful sleep last night we were both out of bed at 5 am. Think our bodies are still on Ontario time. No problem for us, we made the most of today for sure. Got our computing done early coffees consumed , and when the sun came up we can enjoy this wonderful dry Arizona weather in the sunshine. Before I headed out I put the chicken bones from last nights chicken on to boil and make a wonderful chicken broth for some soup. Let that go for a couple of hours and smell wonderful inside our house.
      My first walkabout around the park at 7 am netted 1.5 miles and a very nice sunrise. Eventually got 4 miles done by the end of the day.
love this desert sunrises
      Back home to make the rest of my soup and let it simmer some more to make it all together and very tasty.
      In the meantime we had a local fellow handy man (Jesus) drop by to look at my recliner and check it out, He may have parts to fix it very  reasonable he checked his inventory but never got back to us, Guess he did not have the cable we needed.
      Then we went to office to exchange a couple of DVD movies we have watched and came home with 2 more one actually has 8 action movies that I am sure we will enjoy.
      Soup done and time for a tasty lunch, that we both enjoyed,
yes this was tasty and enough for a couple more lunches
    Got a text from a very nice couple we met here in the southwest almost 10 years ago in the Imperial Sand Dunes and keep in touch with over the years. Have camped with them a few times as well having fun and touring the dunes with them. They live close in Sierra Vista not far from here and dropped by for a wonderful visit and catchup. So nice to see them again it has been a couple of years.
Jennifer and Harry
     After they left and lunch I took a nice drive down a few back roads just checking out the scenery. Love this area and so much more of the southwest.
the Whetstone mountains and an interesting backroad
    Back home we can now relax outside and enjoy our page turners, temperature about 75f but a cool east wind and cloud cover. Too hot for long pants and too cool for shorts. So we managed the long pants and being too hot but sure beats the cold, weather back home.
not much hot sun today and no visible sunset
       Soon time for supper so I whipped up a salad, hooked up out camp stove and pan fried a couple of catfish fillets.  I got the oil a bit too hot but they cooked very nicely, almost blackened but they tasted wonderful and not burnt.
this camp stove sure comes in handy at times
have had it over 40 years
Nothing like a good catfish feed and a salad
       Now the day just flew on by, weather wonderful, so nice to see our friends again , enjoy this great southwest weather and have a wonderful relaxing afternoon and a tasty super. Does it get much better? Think not.
       Thanks again for joining our lifestyle, glad to have you along.

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 Where have we been this Winter?

Sunday, December 09, 2018

A relaxing, sunny warm Sunday.

Where are we today ? 
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     Perfect night for sleeping and we both had a good nights rest. At 5 am outside was 36F but our blue flame heater warmed us quickly to a comfortable 75F inside. 
    All raring to go at 7am as the sun was rising a nice walkabout the campground for my first mile of the day. Shortly after 8:30  Suzie sorted the laundry and I took it the the machines to do their magic. 2 washers and 2 dryers used only $1.25 each and love their system here using a credit card to pay for the machines. Again no quarters needed great way to do it.
love the desert sunrises here
and the pine trees as well
gotta love the clear blue skies in the desert
lotsa bunnies everywhere here too
           While the machines did the work I got to enjoy another page turner, an author I always enjoy J.A.Janice, this book about Ali Reynolds, based in the Sedona area a place we have explored and can relate to. Laundry done and folded by 10:30 I took it back home and Suzie puts it away. Great team work. While she did this I made a bite to eat for lunch.
Almost met Jance in  Benson Az a few years ago
love her books
         Then I am off the Sierra Vista to pickup on a few grocery items.
heading home from the store, love the
mountain views here
        Now I fiddled with the Beer can cookers my daughter sent to us from a friend that designed them. They are too cool. But sadly we can not use either one on our Weber or in the oven.
Rooster rider on the left and Chicken rider on the right
these would be perfect on a larger BBQ
or oven
        Ok we can enjoy another amazing sunny desert day outside in the sun. Soaking it up. Our temperature  sensor was in the sunshine ,oops said 104F , Ok moved to the shade 68f, but the afternoon sun was perfect. Shorts for sure today !
gotta love the southwest blue skies
      Got our chicken ready for the BBQ and the Rub we both enjoy below. Found it in Texas a few years  ago and stock up when we can find it.
love this rub
         I put our chicken on the grill to do its thing, the beer can thing did not work very well, it fell over, but left the beer can in anyway.
our chicken turned our excellent as usual
      Chicken just about done I made a salad to go with it as the sun was setting.
best sunset tonight, supper is ready
this sure did the trick tonight
and lots of leftovers
soup in the works tomorrow 
     No complaints here at all laundry done, groceries taken care of for a few days, and some wonderful sunny weather enjoying our reading outside, Only 3 miles walked today but much better than none.
     Thanks again for taking the time to drop on by.
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 Where have we been this Winter?

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Tombstone Arizona, and a wonderful sunny day !

Where are we today ?
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    Woke up this morning! (that's a good thing ) and realized we are in Arizona.  Finally, 6 weeks since we left Ontario and a lot of miles behind us, just over 3,000. We are at a higher elevation (4.633 Ft above sea level) and know we will have chilly weather but mostly sunny, and that works for us, 37F at 5 am but we slept well and toasty warm once we turn the heat on. About 7 am I got a very nice walkabout here get my heart pumping and the blood flowing, around most of the park roads about 1.5 miles to start. ended up with 4.2 miles today.
       A bit more computing, coffee and walking then just after 10 am we hopped in the car to head out to Tombstone. A place I always enjoy (more than Suzie) maybe  because we have been here so many times in the last 12 plus years. Just the cowboys, horses and my mind wanders back to the old western movies we have watched. Even the Movie Tombstone. We had done just about all the tourist things over the years many different gunfights, the OK Coral and others , the silver mine tour, The Birdcage Theatre, the stage coach rides. The Historama and even a few of the restaurants and bars. Big Nose Kates being our favourite.
Narrated stage coach rides are fun
part of my walkabouts this morning
so peaceful and sun coming up
Sunrise over the Whetstone Mountains
         Still lots of these very large Blue Agave cacti here in the park, In Mexico these are used to make Tequila.
the blue agave
       This Blue agave the Mexican call them pineapples once trimmed and ready for the cooking and distilling process.
these are trimmed and do look like pineapples
wonder if they making Tequila here?
a few more cactus around as well
even some pine trees
       Only about a 20 minute drive to Tombstone so no rush and we plan to have an early lunch at BIG Nose Kates , they don't serve food until 11 am So we parked on a side street and a walked the couple of blocks to the Saloon. enjoying the atmosphere, cowboys and ladies dressed in period costume. A few of them promoting their gunfights at various locations, Like I said we have seen and enjoyed most of it over the years.
love the sayings on the tombstones around here
alway fun reading
not sure if these guys are talking
or gonna have a shoot out
this cowboy waiting to do a tour
they getting ready for the shoot out at the OK Coral
   It is nice to be early, off season and not so many people around but the shops and are all open, It does get busier later in the day and a special Christmas  Parade tonight and celebrations.

    This be Big Nose Kates the place that has some real south west atmosphere that makes me think of the old wild west.  Nice and early and not too busy yet the time we like to got.
     Lotsa choices and we got our favourite table in the left rear corner. Interesting menus on the tables but I know what I want a big ass beer and their excellent overstuffed Rueben.
love the menus like a newspaper
     Our friendly waitress Sharon was right there for us and in a flash had us Big ass beers.
our friendly smiling waitress Sharon
one beer here is enough
        She took our orders right away and no time we had our food. nice to get here before they get too busy , by noon when we left the place was getting pretty full.
Suzie checking the menu for something different
our table by the piano left rear corner
Suzie enjoyed a BLT wrap and fries
and my overstuffed rueben was,
sooo,  good
The cowboy here getting ready for picture taking
love  seeing these long horn cattle
         Who said they don' t recycle here in Arizona ?
love the mens restroom
        After lunch we wandered down Allen street to the end and back to the Ok Coral checked out a few over touristy shops and enjoyed  the warm sunshine that was warming the other side of the street.
we parked by the courthouse museum
we toured a few years ago
    Now back home by 1 pm and can enjoy a wonderful sunny cloudless skies with no wind. Cool in the shade about 56F but in the sun it was very warm. I puttered around for a while and replaced another lift shock on a compartment door. It kept falling and hitting me of the head yesterday, so I fixed it good. I had my shorts and sandals on for most of the afternoon actually until 5 pm when it was cooling down rather quickly. 
love these Arizona blue skies 
more quality reading time in the warm sunshine
    Then shortly after 5 pm we got our second Arizona sunset better than last night and I know we will have many more amazing ones in the next few months.
        Shortly after this sunset temperatures dropped drastically as they do in the desert and in no time into the mid 40's F.  That is why we make use off as many daylight hours outside as we can.
        Want to thank y'all for taking the time to read my ramblings and the memories we are making, gladly sharing with you.
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 Where have we been this Winter?