Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Having fun and making memories, then they are gone again.

Where are we today ?
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        Well we made it! After two days of nonstop fun with the grands they have packed up and headed on out. Giving us a chanch to catch our breath and relax again, seems so quiet.
       First thing Saturday morning once the tribe is all a wake, cereal, juice and coffee, Then down to the clubhouse to check out the craft and bake sale vendors, lots cool stuff there. They had coffee and donuts, plus lots of crafts, fresh baked goods, fresh local fruit and veggies. Of course we ran into losta people we knew.
this booth caught their interest
temporary tattoos
     The three grands each chose the tattoos  they wanted and all went away happy. 5 bucks each, not too bad. They are air brushed o
       On the way out of the clubhouse this dove sitting on a railing just waiting to have it's picture taken, well gotta do it. 
        Next head to the swimming pools. The outdoor is very nice and warm and not busy right now, The grands love the slide into the pool, too much fun again.
         Nice that the pools close from 12 till 1pm (adult Swim) get the kids home for lunch. So free the crew with grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches, crackers, cheese, apples, peaches, cantaloupe and chips etc.
the grill mat works great for the grilled cheese

camping lunch
       Had to get lunch done by 1pm, Water Wars in the campground. It was a perfect hot summer day and the kids grabbed their water cannons etc and chased the truck all around the resort. just to see who could get the the most wet and cool off. They also burned off a lot of energy in the process. 
chasing the truck
too much fun 
Water ballon fight too
then Suzie and I had quiet for a bit
they all went back to the indoor pool
indoor pool
       Right after water wars I whipped up a batch of Sausage rolls that they all love, for the recipe click HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar. Once I set them out they were devoured (all 36 of them in a blink of and eye !
she found a friend in the Playground
      Then want to have supper done by 6:30 so I began by heating up some fresh local corn, and making some Grill-a-dogs with this hot dog campfire cooker I have had for over 40 years, and the kids love it! It grills 4 hot dog wieners very quickly all wrapped in bread almost like a corn dog.

I made the first 4 with peanut butter in them
they were a huge hit
so tasty and I made a few more catches
       Of course the Grands like spider dogs too so got some wieners ready and they all had fun making their own "spiders"
ready to cook
spider dog,
look at mine Grandad ! 
    To go with this had 3 cans of pork and beans heating on our Weber Q.
And boiled a large pot of water for some fresh local corn on the cob,
 My old camp stove still works like new.
camping supper for 7 of us so easy
    Ok gotta play some more, how about some amazing bubbles? 
look at this one Grandad
      But then at 7 o'clock wagon ride around the park, it is very busy, so let the kids go, they actually had 3 full wagon loads. 
by Granddad
       After the wagon ride time for desert , this is a new once for me, Pillsbury crescent rolls wrap on your stick, coated with sugar and cinnamon and carefully over the campfire turning and careful not to burn about 5 minutes.
coating with cinnamon 
everybody gets one 
excellent tastes like a fresh
 baked cinnamon bun
now playing washer toss
gotta work off the food
Suzie has the form
      Now a DJ at the clubhouse and dancing so we checked that out for a while. but the campfire called us back.
S''mores gotta have them
when camping
          We called it a bit earlier night than yesterday but still after 10 pm.
Everyone up by 8 am cereal, fruits juice coffee and of course blowing more bubbles!
With the forecast predicting rain and they are leaving to day first thing pack up the tents and their gear, then we can have more fun. Does not take them long.
that huge tent fits in the bag pole and all 
Gramma Suzie walking with our bike rider
 More to do Mini Golf. 18 holes at the  refurbished mini put, 5 of us had a fun time enjoying some more wonderful weather. 

       Mini put done so a bite for lunch, crackers, cheese, smoked sausage and each a leftover corn cob. perfect. Then it's noon and they gonna hit the road visit his parents only about 30 minutes down the road.
Hey that us with a new picture
     Well we all had a busy weekend and made some new memories and had too much fun.
We relax a bit, read outside for a while and post this blog, 
so quiet now 
       Supper tonight just a salad, a bit of leftover cold chicken from the other day, and some leftover beans.
sure did the trick
     What a wonderful visit and great time with the family too bad it was such a short visit, but heck short is better than none.
     Hope y'all had a good weekend so far and thanks bunched=s for stopping on by.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this summer