Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, October 31, 2016

More Moab and more amazing scenery, it is never ending here !

Where are we today
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    What a great nights sleep we had so quiet here. Up early waiting for the sun to rise then a bit of a walkabout. 
    Then Suzie and I discussed today’s plan to see if we were both on the same wave length.
    The plan was to tour the rest of the Arches National park that we did not got to yesterday. So we took off at 9 am and headed on down the road, the pass we bought yesterday is good for 7 days. So we saw what we wanted to see and even hiked a few small trails. Now if we were real hikers we could sure spend many days here exploring. 
Salt Valley
       We stopped at the lookout for Delicate Arch but had to do a moderate (aggressive for us not climbers) hike about 1/2 mile to a view point. There is another trail 3 mile aggressive hike to get closer but don't think so.
Delicate arch
first cactus we have seen this winter
Fiery Furnace
      Then we came to Sand Dune Arch a very short walk through a narrow passage and across some deep white sand, wow very interesting.
through here

pretty narrow
beach sand
here it is, we found it
     This was done by noon and we came back home for a light lunch. Then headed back out by 12:30 to take a scenic drive along the Colorado Riverway on 279 (Potash Road) A nice 2 hour drive checking out some more amazing scenery. Have I said what an amazing area this is?
we followed the Colorado River

Jug Handle Arch
       At the end of the road is a huge Potash Plant.
         Heading back along the river we checked out this BLM campground right on the banks of the Colorado, only $15.00 a night but no cell or internet service. We spoiled.
Beautiful Campsite with a view
        A but further we saw a bunch of rock climbers.
         Home by mind afternoon so now we can relax and enjoy our e-readers in the sun. 78f is awesome !
     Now it has been 10 days since we have set up our Weber Q and we are having Weber withdrawal. So because we can I set it up and we grilled some chicken pieces, added to our salad with cantaloupe and we had a wonderful supper.
wind screen in place
love the smell of chicken on our grill
yummy? yup

      Getting dark before 7pm now inside for the night, read a bit post the blog and figure what we might do here tomorrow. Thinking Canyon Lands National Park but that is another $25.00 permit and we would only do a drive through. There is other things to see in the area and maybe another scenic drive, we do enjoy those as well.
     Thanks again for stopping by and enjoying this amazing scenery with us. Mind you the pictures really do not do justice to what is actually here.

 If you missed yesterday’s posting Via Facebook, go to the bottom of this one and click on Previous posting lots of wonderful pictures there too.

Where have we been this Winter

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Amazing scenery, Moab Utah

                                                                Where are we today
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         Our Walmart overnight here in Grand Junction CO, was wonderful only 2 other RV's here and no trucks. And had a great sleep as well. Much warmer overnight, windows open just perfect. We are ready to hit the road at 8 am just wanna get to Moab only a couple hours away. Nice to get on the road early on a a Sunday morning, no traffic at all, the roads are deserted. Love this kind of travelling.
leaving Grand Junction
           Not far down the road we entered Utah. Now we getting closer to where we wanna be.
yup we in Utah
         Destination today was the Seven Mile parking just outside of Moab, This is a wonderful boon docking site, lotsa room and open spaces only $5.00 per vehicle per day. and just off the highway, no major  back roads. This will work for us, no noise to bother us, perfect, 2 trains and the odd vehicle all day.
we are enjoying it here
       All set up by 10:30 made a nice light lunch and I whipped into town to the Dollar General for a Verizon top up card, wash the car and fuel it. While Suzie relaxed for a bit. Home  just after noon and we decided to start a tour of the  Arches National park just down the road. The main reason we came to this area.
       And all those miles we drove tp get here in decent weather was worth it. The scenery around here is absolutely amazing ! Have been reading Gay and Joe's blog for a very long time and they spend so much time in this area exploring in their jeeps, and love the amazing scenery that they have posted. We don't have a Jeep but sure need to explore what we can.
        So we are starting out this afternoon to check out only a part of the Arches National Park. So much to see here and the scenery is amazing !
        I took way too many pictures today and only did a few hours here this afternoon, another day or two would be great even more if we could hike some of these amazing trails they have. I will try try to cull the pics down a bit, sorry for too many.

        We did the  park  free video to start at the visitor's centre and sure was worthwhile. What a great presentation and history of the Arches. There is over 2,000 arches here and we not even come close to seeing them all, they are amazing as is the whole area. I have always said, go to Floria and see what man made, or come west and see what GOD made. We much prefer the natural beauty of the west.
can you see the people walking
under the Arch?
     We got home about 3:30 a enjoyed  a wonderful time outside with our e-readers, with this wonderful 76f weather. Though over cast it was perfect. First tome in over a week.
what a great place  so peaceful and
reasonable, love the open spaces
       After enjoying our books for a while was 5 pm time to start supper. Easy one, make a salad and heat up our left over Hamburger helper from the other day.
sure hit the spot today
       After supper we enjoyed a warm evening outside until about 7, getting dark and time for Suzie';s show  Madame secretary.
       We are here where we wanna be for a few days enjoying this amazing area, taken us 10 years to put in our plans and sure glad that we finally got  here. Sure was worth the trip.
       Any who, that was an amazing day we had and love the area.
       Thanks for stopping by again, hope y'all come back again.

Where have we been this Winter