Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, June 02, 2012

A nice, almost laid back day.....

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario

         Had a wonderful almost busy day again today, Suzie and Sandy picked up her dad and headed into the hospital about 9 o'clock to hang out with her mom for the day. I had a my chores to do, pack up the coach and head out to dump our sewage tanks at Nith River Campground, about 15 minutes away.  Got back home, set up our coach, opened the awning to dry out and then putter around a bit. A quick trip to New Hamburg for a few items then back home again. Omer and I sat outside in the sometimes sunny day and I was able to enjoy my book for a while.
Omer watching for Suzie
here she is he is happy mnow
        Then I the went to get supper ready, tonight a chicken and rice casserole with some steamed veggies, a tossed salad on the side sure did the trick. Very quick, tasty and easy to make.

yep it was tasty 
Omer saying its time to go outside now.
         Suzie's Mom is doing just fine, just a few minor issues but all looks  good. She will be in ICU until at least the weekend is over, then will be re assessed by the "Big Doc" and see how things are then.

        Other than that it was a kind of spring like day, definitely not hot, mostly overcast with highs about 60f (21c).  But hey it could always be a lot worse. 

         Glad you could drop by for a visit once again, always nice to have the company.
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  1. Glad you enjoyed your day and that chicken sure looks good.

  2. A quiet, peaceful weekend day is always nice. Especially when it's followed by another great looking dinner!

    1. Yes it was a quiet day , great for hanging out and a simple tasty dinner.

  3. Glad to hear "Mom" is doing great. Enjoy your time with family.

    1. Its a long recover process, just plugging along.


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