Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Just getting things done and exploring this great resort!

Where are we today ?
        Happy Halloween! 
       This is the day for all the kiddies to go trick our treating, but not here. This is a family campground and everybody is at home, working schooling etc... They had the Trick or Treat stuff and lots of fun things for the kids here last weekend, same as what we did at Lazy Lakes Resort last saturday. The weather is not much better, cool overcast and rainy, but still about 60f, we can handle that.
looking at our coach from the berm behind us
         A yukky weather day but thats just fine, we wanted to head into Owensville and pick up a few things. Wally World is really the only place there so thats what we did.
         Back to the resort we checked out a few of the facilities. This place is HUGE! In the hills and so many different areas.
here is two indoor pools and a hot tub
indoor mini golf
indoor tennis and basket ball courts
exercise room
        Now they have a great movie theatre that we can request any of the hundreds of movies they have on hand. Any ideas what we can watch on the big screen? Not only is the theatre free but we can bring our own snacks and beverages too!
indoor shuffle board, ping pong
and pool tables
outdoor pool and tennis courts,
closed for the season
        And you know all these things are available free of charge with our membership camping of no nightly fees, high speed internet too! Bonus here too , it is off season so nice and peaceful.
        But the plan was do one load of laundry wash and dry $1.50, they have two washers and one dryer, other dryer is out of order right now. I got to read my book for a while there and our neighbors dropped to do that too. Chatted with Deb and Ray for a while, nice couple from Detroit just learning the ropes of rv'ing and loving this lifestyle, not full time yet but working on it I think.
         Got all done in time to get back home a relax under our awning enjoying our books while the rain continued on for the rest of the day.
yep lotsa rain, I collect rain water
 to wash our coach
        With this rainy day decided to cook inside tonight. Something we have not had for a long time and one of our favourites, liver with bacon, onions, whipped potatoes and broccoli.
sure hit the spot tonight, with a damp rainy day
         The next few days promise to be sunny and warmer, will see what trouble we can get into then.
         Glad you could drop in for a peak just to check us out, Hope you had a great day too!

Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We found Lost Valley Lake and even saw the Gateway Arch in St Louis..

Where are we today ?
         We had a real good nights rest last night at the Flying J, up early as usual waiting for the sun to rise and the fog to lift. About 8:15 am we hit the road just moseying along enjoying the good roads and warm temps, stopping at the rest areas to get out and stretch. Before noon we had the heat turned off, windows open and shorts on. Loving this warm weather.
325 miles today, 6 hours
this morning's fog
          Stopped at the Flying J in St. Louis MO to fuel up and grab a couple pizza slices for lunch (2 for $5.00) hit the spot. Also enjoyed the cheaper gas again for our coach. Sure glad we don't have a diesel coach. After we filled up here saw gas for $2.82 a gallon but did not need any yet.
        Then passed by the  GatewayArch in St. Louis and thought about stopping, but not real convenient with our coach towing the car. In downtown St. Louis. But at least we saw it and got a picture.
         Carried on towards our campground Lost Valley Lake Resort , no wonder this place is lost. They don't even have names for the roads. We drove along H road, turned right on Y road the thru the hills and valleys to ZZ road. This a huge membership resort and we do not pay any overnight camping fees, included in our Resorts of Distinction membership.  We have had a couple long days of travelling for us, so think we will stay here for a week, why? Just because we can and have never been in in this area before. Not only that we have full hookups, 50 amp, water sewer and frees wifi and no camping fees. Two indoor pools and lots of other stuff here too if we so desire.
          More hills and valleys, twists and turns and there it is! We found it, sure not a place you would run into along your route thats for sure.
         A nice large site here full hook ups a wonderful 70 degree weather. Lets just stay for a bit. Gonna get colder but we don't care as long as we don't see that white stuff.
         A little walkabout after we got set up, washrooms, laundry and a nice rec. hall really close. laundry mat .75 cents to wash and .75 cents to dry, gotta love it.
looks like a bear in the bush by Fort Wilderness,
glad its not real!
nice rec hall
Fort Wilderness
        So now we can relax a bit, read our books outside, fire up our Weber Q to grill a 1/2 chicken, taters in foil with onions, add to that some steamed veggies and of coarse our Swiss chalet dipping sauce to round up and very tasty supper.
sure missed our Weber the last few days
       Now we had a great driving day, no rush , good weather no rain, no wind and arrived early afternoon. Shorts, t shirts and sandals for me. Will hang out here for a bit and see what there is to see, if we feel like it, or just kick back and have some quiet time for us.
       We had a fun day, nice to be exploring and back on the road, hope you had a good day  too. Thanks again for stopping by.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle. 
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Alliance Ohio to Indianapolis Indiana and run into friends at a Flying J

Where are we today ?
         We had a good nights sleep last night, taking it easy this morning, coffees and computing then said thanks to Janice and Laurie as they headed out to work at 7:40 this morning. No rush, we like to wait until 9 am, turn the coach around and hook up the car, miss the morning traffic.
actually had to scrap the ice from the car windows
 this morning
         Another great travel day and a fairly long one for us 325 miles 6 hours just cruising along. Like to stop at most the rest areas for a few minutes stretch our legs. Made lunch at one about noon.
325 miles 6 hours
leaving Ohio
welcome to Indiana
          We arrived at the Flying J on the south west side of Indianapolis about 3:30pm fueled up our coach and secured a nice RV parking spot for the night. Against the grassy area and are able to open our slide. Think this has to be one of the nicest Flying J's we have parked at for the night.
           Oh and gas for our coach here was $3.06 a gallon = .81 cents a litre. Compared to about $1.25 a litre in Ontario right now.  Put in 44 US gallons= 166 litres.We saving more money about $73.00 we saved on this fill up alone. We have to spend some to save some but sure is nice to make this winters travels much less expensive.
nice quiet spot for the night
         As we were getting ready for supper, noticed this 5th wheel pull in, looked familiar. They turned their trailer around and drove by again! Hmm, Rob and Debbie that were members at Rock Glen resort in Ontario and we have not seen them for over two years. So out we go to say hi and the other coach parked right behind us was friends of theirs from Alberta Canada that we saw in pull into Rock Glen Resort a day before we left there three weeks ago. Now is this a small world or what? Meeting at a Flying J parking lot in Indiana.
Rob, Debbie, Cara, Bryan and Suzie
there we are three in a row
          So we chatted and chatted but then time to eat so headed on home and whipped a tasty meal for us. Suzie's leftover fettuccine alfredo with shrimp and scallops and some of my prime rib from sunday. Added a tossed salad, broccoli and a fresh bun really hit the spot.
         That was it for another fun travel day, stop early relax have a tasty supper, blog a bit and watch the tube for a few minutes, sure do love this lifestyle.
         Thanks once again for stopping on by, hope you had an awesome day too!
this be our plan for tomorrow

Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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Monday, October 28, 2013

From Clarence NY to Visit Friends in Alliance Ohio

Where are we today ?
        Just took our time this morning, bright and sunny and not too cold either. We are travelling 243 miles today so no need to rush, visiting with friends we know that used to live in Plattsville Ontario years ago. They said if we are in the area to stop by, so thats what we are doing. They still work though and won't be home until 5:15pm. 
        It was a nice days drive, no wind or rain and lotsa sunshine. We passed from NY State, through Pennsylvania for a bit then into Ohio. See map below.
Love these "Text Stop" areas on the interstate
243 miles (5 hours)

        Arrived here at 3 pm and parked on the street in front of their house, disconnect our towed as we need to turn the coach around in the morning (dead end street). Even opened out awning for a bit to see if it will dry out a bit from Saturdays rain.
        Well our friends Janice and Laurie arrived home at 5:15 pm and we jumped right into catching up with our two years of being away. A wonderful fire in the wood stove too to take the chill off.

         Now Laurie is an excellent cook and like me he loves to cook and entertain, so for our meal tonight he made an excellent potato soup, huge pan of awesome cabbage rolls, french bread and pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Such an wonderful way to spend an evening with good friends and good food. Thanks guys!
Laurie, Janice and Suzie
perfect potato soup
love the cabbage rolls
pumpkin pie and whipped cream
          Now they have a wonderful dog here, Sandy and she just kept coming to Suzie and I sitting on the love seat. Here we thought she really liked us.
Sandy is friendly and loveable
         But alas as soon as we left she was right up on the loveseat and sound asleep.
I can just hear her, "nice to see you come,
but glad to see you go" 
       So nice to visit with friends and catchup again after a couple years. We had wonderful time, want to thank y'all for stopping on by for another visit, On the road in the morning heading further west, Indianapolis I think.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Move a bit, visit friends, and out for an awesome meal...

Where are we today ?
        Sunshine and no wind today just about perfect. Nice walkabout the resort, checking out the pond with lots of Canada Geese getting ready to head south just as we are. Lots of campers still here getting ready to pack up and either head south or back home to winterize their rv's. We choose to head south.
there's the Geese ready to go
         After lunch we too packed up and moved a total of 17 miles to Bill and Barbs house for the night. Its nice of them to have us here for another visit, 4 years in a row as we begin our migration. Hang out here for the afternoon watchin football, Buffalo and New Orleans (not a good day for Buffalo) then out for supper somewhere.
17 miles to Clarence Centre
         Arrived at their place about 2 pm set up and run to the corner store for a few items.
 ice market at this store , lotsa pumpkins
          Then back to their house to watch the Buffalo Bills Loose to New Orleans. Suzie got to play with the dogs for  while too.
Doggie fix, Cocoa and Barnaby
        Game over and we are all hungry Barb and Bills suggestion this year is the BostonHotel Steak and Crabhouse. Reseravtions for 10 of us at 5 pm . We all settled in ordered our drinks and appys. So much selection .
         Lots of good food , the service was excellent as was the food and very reasonable prices to boot.
our Happy Table
My appy of chicken wings
Al so could not turn down some rare prime rib either
          Two of my favorites , a good prime rib roast (rare) and my suicide chicken wings, So had to have both, mind you lotsa left overs, plus Suzies' giant seafood fettucini  alfredo, we gonna have lunches for a few days.
seafood alfredo
Suzie brushing Barnaby
         Then back to Bill and Barbs and if we did not already have enough food, Kim baked up some fresh brownies. The smell would not let us resist so a snibble of the hot brownies with ice cream really hit the spot, way over the top!
hot brownies and ice cream
       Thats it for today, again too much fun, glad you could drop by and help us eat all that food. Moving on down the road in the morning.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle. 
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