Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, April 19, 2018

A bit of sunshine, more propane, and the snow is slowly melting.

Where are we today ? 
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     Looks like we may have some sunshine today, well we did a bit here and there the snow is slowly melting and the paved roads are nice a dry. Did actually get up to 40 F (+4C). I did get a walkabout around the circular  driveway for a while enjoying the fresh air and almost sunshine.
sun rising for a bit
    Suzie had a chiropractor appointment in Kitchener for 9:30 so she headed into town. I puttered around a bit  and when she returned we enjoyed a nice light lunch.
    After lunch I went to New Hamburg for a few supplies and got a refill BBQ tank to hook up to our coach with the Extend a stay adapter kit that I installed back in 2007 when we got snowed in that spring here in early April. We still had less than 1/4 tank of propane in our main tank but this makes it so much easier, better than running out completely. Perfect for motorhomes with permanent propane tanks.

just hook up the hose to the tank
and we good.
this solves our propane issue
we good to go for a while longer
          For the Bell Phone and data package you can got to their website HERE but need to go to a store to get it all set up , was real easy for us. Not cheap, but does what we want it to do, this is our home and like to enjoy it and not do without. It depends on what you want in the package on how much you pay.
       Again more reading and puttering around, couple of walkabouts, enjoying some afternoon sunshine watching it melt the snow away.
looking much better now
some sunshine
blue skies up there
lane way almost dry
           Soon time for supper so gonna fry up some Bacon and Cheddar Bratwurst (would be nice to set up our Weber Q) but not quite yet. and add to our salad.
bought these in the states and are very tasty
      A quick meal fried up the Bratwurst , added some onions, carrots, red pepper, broccoli, zuchinni and garlic to the pan, just because we had it and enjoyed  a very tasty meal.
not long in the pan and nicely done
smells wonderful
very tasty, sure hit the spot
      Just another "almost spring" day here in Ontario. Warming up, snow is slowly melting getting a few more things taken care of and enjoyed another tasty meal, Yes I miss my Weber Q, hopefully soon.
      Glad that y'all dropped by today and hope you are enjoying some nice spring time weather as well. I hear in Arizona is getting to 100F (37C) I could sure use some of that now !
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Where have we been this summer?

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Not much going on setting uo my new I-phone, and getting our sewage taken care of.

Where are we today ?
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     Another great nights sleep in (cold) paradise, but we were comfy. After the coffees and computing I took a country drive into Plattsville, checking out the area we like to park at our friends place we call (Camp Awesome). The road is open now (trees were down and electric wires as well) But there is still too much snow there for us to get the coach in. We will soon need propane and would like to fill up the coach when we relocate. Other option is to use our extend-a-stay option using an external propane tank. Which we have done before.
       We also need to dump our sewage in a few days. So checked with George (M&G Potables) about pumping us out. George is also a blog follower.  To see what his schedule is like, well he can do it today or next Wednesday, next week is probably too late so he came this morning. He comes and pumps us our for $20.00 our we can drive 30 miles each way to a dump station this makes more sense and is cost effective to have him come here. Still have a few more appointments in this area and also waiting to hear about the body work on our coach.
here comes George to pump us out
not long and he is done,
we good now for another 10 days or so
Thanks George !
this be his truck this year
    The driveway here is thawing out but muddy, but no snow and ice, soon will be green again and the maple trees growing , be in the shade here.
looks better than 2 days ago
        After lunch I made a quick trip to New Hamburg and picked up a protective case for my I-phone and  back home to continue setting up my new phone (with Suzie's help of course) and get familiar with it. Install a few free apps that I like (it is very similar to my android trac phone I use in the states. Now I  have one nice phone to use in both countries and a good deal on data for our computers as well. I made a mistake yesterday in my posting, we only opted out for 15 gb of data a month (not 17) seeing as we almost got by with 10 gb before, but we can change this at any time.
we almost good here now
          Temperature has been about 40 F  (+4C) most of the day but no sunshine so the snow is very slowly melting.  The forecast for the next week looks promising so maybe we might see nice spring weather yet! So because the east wind has changed and temperature has risen we can now open our slide giving more living space inside nice !
     Supper tonight a couple of Cod Fish fillets bake in the oven to go with our tasty salad, Nice and light and very filling.
tasty supper tonight
     That was our laid back day , no time to read and not great walking weather ( did get one mile in though) but we did spend the time productively getting our new I-phone systems all set up, perfect weather for it.
    Thanks for dropping on by and hopefully your weather systems are improving just like ours are.
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Where have we been this summer?

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

More snow, tasty lunch, new I-phone and finally meeting our New Granddaughter .

Where are we today ?
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       Was right around freezing over night and did not get much above 36F (2C) all day. Now most of the morning we had more snow ! hmm.. But I did a few country drives around the area just cause I could.
the road's aren't too bad just blowing and a few icy spots 

following the plow putting salt on the roads
Back home a bit later to pick up Suzie
     We left about 11 am heading into Kitchener stopped by bu Suzie's Natualpath for some meds then a visit with out financial adviser to go over our portfolio. These visits always go well , then following that we head out for a tasty lunch at The Lancaster Smokehouse, for some very good authentic BarBQue. Tasty foods like catfish, brisket,fried green tomatoes,cajun jambalaya, pulled pork, Po'Boys,  all very good.
this the place
     They have lots a craft beers here I enjoyed this one below from Mill St Brewery,This one is an LPA they call Wobbly Wheel. I had to try it just because of the name.
very tasty IPA
      Now what to order??? so many wonderful choices, last time I had the blackened catfish and really enjoyed it.
fried chicken for Suzie, fries, coleslaw,
and fresh baked cornbread
our friend enjoyed a  brisket sandwich and huge onion rings, with coleslaw.
I tried the beef brisket (excellent) fries, smoked chicken wings (not bad)
 red beans and rice, excellent,
and tasty corn bread
     This was all very tasty and very enjoyed a great lunch with definitely some to bring home.
      From here we went to the Bell phone store to check out a new I-phone (my first I-phone yippee!) for me and a great data package with unlimited calling and texting in Canada and the US, no roaming plus 17 GB of data for us to share, Canada and US as well. (we only had 10 GB before and was never enough), much better phones and packages for a very little more per month.
       Now this was taken care of we could now go visit daughter number 2 and her partner AND finally meet our Brand new Granddaughter #3. She was born last fall after we headed south and now we finally got to meet her. What a sweetie! Oh my she is a real doll.
such a happy couple
me and Grandson #1 now 14 years old wow is he growing !
      Could not nail down the other 2 boys to get a picture this time they too busy with friends.
so content just playing quietly here
        That was our busy, productive and fun day finally getting to spend some time with the One daughter the grands and meeting this amazing new smiling granddaughter. The family is growing 8 Grandchildren now !
         The weather appears to be warming up and hopefully the temps will keep climbing. 
         Thank y'all for stopping on by today as we enjoy more of the wonderful lifestyle.

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Where have we been this summer?

Monday, April 16, 2018

Much milder, snow melting and roads are clearing up

Where are we today ? 
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     Much milder overnight just below freezing this morning, The snow and ice is melting 43F (6C), so its turning slushy and wet. The snow plow went down the road  about 9 am so I took the snow and ice off the car and eventually  was able to make my out of the driveway to it and into New Hamburg for a few more food supplies. Roads are at least driveable today.
car completely covered in ice 
      Once I got out of the driveway after a few runs to get through the snow I followed the snowplow down to Walker road. Then into New Hamburg.
the roads are cleaning up nicely
snow plow doing a great job
lots of snow piles from the plows
got parked again
slushie and wet
lots of twigs an small branches down
        A nice tasty lunch, (love this bean soup) did some reading for a while then for 2 pm into Tavistock to a funeral home visitation for the father of a nice couple we have known for years., Suzie much longer.
       Just as we finished lunch Dennis came back from the farm with the tractor to clear the driveway, before it freezes again.
in no time at all he was done, nice to have good equipment
Thanks Dennis !
that is better now soon it will all melt
and dry up
         When we got to the funeral home chatted with our friend Jeff (the funeral director) and he reminded me that I had met this man over 20 years ago at an Optimist club dinner function our 2 clubs had gotten together and we exchanged ugly ties! We had a blast. Wow such a small world and while waiting in line for an hour we of course chatted with at least another dozen or so couples that we know and of not knowing they all read our blog as well, so they knew we were back in the area and what we have been doing.
      Back home by 3:30 relaxed a bit and read a bit more, then time to whip up supper. Tonight gonna do a ham fried rice with a bunch of veggies. No recipe for stir fries, what ever you have on hand. I just fried up some celery, carrots, fresh mushrooms, onions, broccoli, zucchini, chopped garlic, green onions, lots of leftover ham, in sesame seed oil, 2 eggs, added some ground flax seed, low sodium soya sauce and sesame seeds, in a few minutes it was all stir fried together for a very tasty meal.
all done in in one pan, quick and easy
oh my always so very tasty and sure hit the spot
the other side of our coach is well protected from the weather
driveway plowed and snow melting quickly
        Not gonna be so cold tonight and just a bit more rain maybe clean up this mess we are having and get to enjoy some warmer spring weather, In a week or 2.
         Want to thank y'all for stopping on by for a peek and enjoying this wonderful? Canadian spring weather with us today.
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Where have we been this summer?

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Cold, windy and more freezing rain, frozen water pump, just nice to just hang out here.

Where are we today ? 
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      Yup it got cold overnight 25 F (-4C) with the wind chill making it much colder.  We have been in this cold before with no issues but the cold wind hitting the side of our coach where the water pump is caused it to freeze up.  That compartment is heated if we ran our furnace more, but then we would be out of propane very quickly. So this morning I put a small electric ceramic heater in that compartment on low and in 15 minutes it is working again. Nice that we have a 15 amp electrical plug here. (thanks Dennis and Sandy) Cold water only to the Kitchen and bathroom taps. The hot water and toilet still not working yet. So I opened the door where the water heater is and put another small heater there on low and about 2 pm the toilet and hot water taps were working again.  But with this ENE 25 mph cold wind hitting that side of the coach across the fields with only some very tall maple trees not blocking it is not helping,  can sure hear the wind howling through the trees Wind from any other direction we are sheltered from. Go figure?
this about says it all for this spring in Canada
saw this on Facebook and just had to share
looking down the road this morning not nice
think we can just leave  our car right here today
later today still not nice
roads plowed but now icy
        So a tasty lunch of more ham/bean soup and a quiet afternoon enjoying our e-readers. And watch a couple of Sunday afternoon movies on TV,  Arnold Schwarzenegger action movies that we enjoy, just like we did when we lived in the area on cold snowy winter Sundays years ago.
     I did a couple short walkabouts for some fresh air and exercise, to check out the road that the snow plow has been down, but most of the day we had freezing rain and sleet. It did get up to 34F(+1C) for a bit. Glad we not going anywhere on these roads. We don't have winter tires or 4wd. Again did not get to see daughter number 2 but she understands will wait for a nicer day.
hmm, glad we not travelling now
icicles everywhere 
         Suzie went in to chat with Sandy this afternoon just before supper and Sandy loaned Suzie a very nice crocheted blanket that she made to keep Suzie's legs extra warm.
nice blanket Sandy , Thanks!
            Eventually time for supper going to bake a large bone in chicken breast to share, like I do on our Weber Q (sure do miss using our Weber Q) and add to a tasty salad.
     And it turned out wonderful so tasty and moist almost as good as on our Weber Q. And of course the salad is our salad.
this was excellent and  big enough to share
     Not a bad day at all, yes it was cold, snowy etc, could be worse, outside but we cozy inside and enjoying this time together reading and watching a couple of action movies and a very tasty supper as well.
     That was our spring ? Day here in Ontario maybe someday soon we will actually have a REAL spring day.
      Wanna thank ya'll for dropping in on our almost ? nice day here in Ontario, Sure hope your weather was much better than this.

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Where have we been this summer?