Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, May 03, 2009

May 2009

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We in Grimsby Ontario for the weekend

Sun. May 31st
Sunny but cooler today. Went to the marina in the park to check email, then started to pack up. I checked our tire pressure and emptying our holding tanks. I was putting water into our empty black water tank to flush when Larry and Marylin dropped by walking their dogs. We stood about chatting saying our goodbyes when Suzie noticed some water dripping under our coach. Oh no! I left the water running into the balck tank with the dump valve closed. After shutting off the water we went inside to check flood damage. Not too bad just some water on the bathroom floor tile. A bit of cleaning up water and washing the floors, a couple of hours later we were on the road to Rock Glen Resort in Arkona for 2 weeks. A windy drive today. We set up here and checked email then supper of Fettucinin Alfredo with shrimp, garlic bread and salad.
Weekend pictures

Sat. May 30th
The rain stopped overnight and sunny and warm today. We took our coach back to Sicards for a couple more quotes. We ordered a slide topper awning and decided on some new paint for our coach. Back to 50 Point to enjoy the rest of the sunny day, and chat a bit more with Larry & Marylin, (they have lots of good tips on Mexico). Then as it cooled a bit, inside for supper, Chicken cacciatore, again just before another heavy rainfall.

Fri. May 29th
We left the farm at 9.00am and got to Sicard RV in Smithville about 10.30am. Here we spent a few hours getting quotes on items for our coach. With many options of hour to spend money we left here and checked into 50 Point Conservation area. d the car as well. It was a lovely afternoon, sunny and warm. After a bite to eat I washed our coach , top to bottom and warm abot 75f (24c). Larry Vanstone and Marylin arrived and we joined them for happy hour, meeting lotsa new rver's. Then they cooked up some wings, pizza and snacks (yummy). We chatted with them and Roy and Kathie about their adventures into Mexico and saw many pictures of their trips. Later it began raining in time to retire for the night. Another awesome day in our travels.

In New Hamburg for a bit

Thurs. May 28th
Rainy again, so off to mothers and finish painting the garage floor. Back to the farm pack up RV and go to Honeywood Tire in Stratford to get 4 new tires on the rear of our coach, rides nicer now. Back to the farm then a quick visit to visit Jessie and the boys , walk Noah home from school, fun time. Then again back to farm for BBQ's pork chops, mashed, veggies and salad for supper.

Wed. May 27th
Overcast and rainy today, but going to mothers in Waterloo and put a prime coat on here garage floor then lunch. Back to farm and putter around on the computer for a while and make an appointment for 4 new tires in Stratford tomorrow afternoon. Supper in town with Suzie's mom and dad, roast beef and mashed, and a great birthday cake for me. And figure how to spend a $4, at Sicards RV.

Tues. May 26th
Very cold and windy overnight, we had to get help to roll up our awning. Then I went to mother's and got her garage walls and ceiling painted, enjoyed a nice lunch then prepped the floor for painting tomorrow. I stopped at Plattsville on the way home got an oil change for the car, then Bright Cheese for some awesome 5yr old cheddar. We had an early supper today ( hamburger soup,leftover chicken and salad) then went to watch Noah play Soccer and have their pictures taken, followed by a short visit with Jessie, Jay and Lincoln.

Mon. May 25th
Sunny and warm again. We pack up and leave from Aurora about and head thru Toronto with nor too many delays, stopping at a rest area to make lunch. We carried on to the farm, got set up and I went to mother's in Waterloo to get the paint and supplies for painting her garage. The back home for BBQ'd chicken, mashed potatoes and a salad.

Sun. May. 24th
A warm relaxing day. Kim and the boys went shopping and we hung out at the house computing and checking email etc. Later they returned and we played outside for a while, and BBQ'd burgers for supper.

Sat. May 23rd

Again sunny and warm today. We had a nice morning playing with the 2 boys and puttering around helping with a bit of yard cleanup. Shortly after lunch Brian and I took the boys for a walk to the playground/park and when we returned I found they had a surprise 60th birthday party for me! My whole family was there including mother who drove from Waterloo.What a great way to celebrate with the 4 young boys running about and everybody there. Birthday decorations all over and an awesome meal of real greek souvlaki on the BBQ, rice , salad, snacks, even cake and ice cream.
Sat. Pics

Fri. May 22nd.
Up in the morning at the garage, visit for a bit then on the road to Aurora. We stopped at the Apple store in Toronto to check out a new Mac and left with one, a challenging new learning curve for me now. A real challenge to park our coach towing a car at Fairview with the tight parking areas and overhead ramps. From here to visit my daughter in Aurora for the weekend, parking in their driveway and visiting with them, they treated us to a nice quiet supper of Swiss Chalet chicken (my favourite) on friday evening for my birthday.

Thurs. May 21st.
We left Rock Glen about 10.00am and headed to Plattsville arriving there about 12.30pm after stopping at Honeywood tires in Stratford to to get a real good quote on new tires for our coach. We parked the coach at Pettigrew's only to find out that the wrong rad hose had been sent for the repair and another would take a while to get. So no problem we were not stranded so we just parked there for the night. Friends of ours Marc & Erin saw the coach parked there so stopped and invited us over for a visit, by their pool. So off we went for a nice poolside afternoon and a swim in this 90f (30c) weather catching up with old friends. Later we went to the farm for a nice supper with Dennis/Sandy and the kids and their spouse's.
Thurs. Pics

Currently at Rock Glen Resort Arkona, Ontario

Wed. May 20th
Awesome today warm, sunny, and my birthday!! Yes 60 years ago today, I can now finally collect Canada pension. Now an income after we decided to quit working and wander about North America three years ago. Hmm what to do with all this new found wealth??? Well to start with need some new tires for our coach $500.00 each.
We puttered about a bit sat in the shade enjoying the wonderful weather 95f (36c) in the afternoon at least a nice breeze. A coach pulled up and backed in beside us, we chatted with her, an elderly lady has been fulltime rving since 1991 and by herself since 2003 when her husband passed away. Handling the coach, disconnecting her car and set up quite efficiently. Her vehicle plates were from Texas and this was her first time in Ontario taking a couple weeks to go from Sarnia to Kingston.
Now for supper tonight Suzie took me out to the Arkona Golf & Country Club for a feast of chicken wings, my favorite. Then back home to enjoy a nice warm evening outside.

Tues. May 19th
Warmer overnight, can have some windows open now. A beautiful warm sunny day again, no clouds and about 75f (24c). Pick up a few things at the store and do laundry today. Walkabout for a while, chat with the neighbours and watched Rob and Harry change a few leaking water taps. They do this without turning the water off so do get quite wet. We sat outside and read for a while enjoying the fresh air then BBQ'd porkchops and a rice pilaf for supper.
Tues. pics

Mon. May 18th
Heavy frost overnight, but was a sunny day and warm about 75f (24c). Most of the weekend crowds packing up and leaving. Puttered around for a while and a walkabout and some biking. Chatting again with some neighbours, and sit for a while in the shade to read a few more RV magazines. Supper was a BBQ'd T-Bone steak, baked potato, shrimp cocktail, salad and garlic bread. Then a walkabout and join our neighbours campfire for a while. So much o do.

Sun. May 17th
A bright sunny morning 38f (3c) and windy. This morning we are off to the Pinery Flea Market in Grand Bend, always a nice place to stroll in the bush among the vendors for a few hours. A good mix of merchandise from toys, baked goods, clothes, vegetables,antiques,new & used items,food vendors, entertainment and refreshments. And as usual lotsa people because of the long weekend. We returned home for lunch and walkabout the campground chatting with a few neighbours for a bit and relax in the sun for a bit of reading. Supper we panfried the last of our frozen fish (crappie, thanks to Ron Dale from Galvin Bay) with pork & beans and fresh french bread. At 7:30pm we off to the clubhouse for a dance with a live band "The Persuaders",a local group catering to us Baby Boomers with a good selection of nostalgic Pop/Rock & Country Music keeping the dance floor full for most of the 3 hours they were there.
Sun. Pics.

Sat.May 16th
We had a heavy rain and winds overnight,(glad we took our awning down again). Mostly overcast and drizzly and about 65f (18c) until about 4 pm when it got bright and sunny but began to cool down. Lots going on at the clubhouse all day today. People everywhere walking, riding, talking. We walked down for the BBQ lunch of hotdogs & hamburgs, chatted for a while and walked about the park. Back home puttered about the rv for a while, chatted with neighbours then supper, hot beef sandwich, mashed potatoes, broccoli and yorkshire pudding. Another walkabout (watching the excited kids on the wagon ride) then back inside to keep warm as the temperature dropped drastically overnight to about 40f (5c).
sat. pics

Fri. May 15th
Warm and sunny today 75f (24c) and a light breeze from the SE. We opened our awning and all checked out good (no damage). A walkabout for a while, chat with some neighbours then sit and read for a bit. BBQ'd hamburgers and french fries for supper. The campground is pretty well full now for the first long weekend of the summer. Then we enjoyed a campfire at Phil & Judy's until the rain started about 9.00pm.

Thurs. May 14th
Still raining in the morning, but warm. We had a west wind pick up and had to roll up our awning. Suzie and I both struggling and almost loosing it against the amazing forces of nature. By mid morning the sun came out and the wind subsided in the late afternoon, turning into a beautiful warm spring day about 74f (22c). Walked about the campground and chatted with a few neighbours, more people coming in now for the long weekend. Supper tonight was a roast beef, potatoes & carrots in the slow cooker and yummy yorkshire pudding.
Thursday night darts and Suzie's team won 1st place, my team in the playoffs for 2nd & 3rd place finishing 4th.
fri. morning pics

Wed. May 13th
Sunny morning about 60f (15C). I took a drive into Forest to renew my vehicle sticker for our coach. I stopped by a flooring place and got some good ideas for new flooring , very nice products out there now. Back home, had lunch and puttered around a bit, I replaced the weatherstripping around our screen door. It then began raining off and on for the rest of the night. For supper, marinated boneless, skinless chicken thighs on the BBQ, a salad and garlic bread.

Tues. May 12th
Bright, sunny, warm 76f (25c), perfect weather!!! Puttered around outside cleaning the outside storage compartments for most of the day. Color Craft Auto Glass in Arkona picked up our car and delivered it back a few hours later with a nice new clean crack free windshield, for a good price and good service. This crack started with a stone chip 1- 1/2 years ago in Louisiana (thanks to a passing truck) and only grew with a heavy frost one morning in Arizona this past winter.
Later we sat outside in the shade and read a few magazines, chatted with the many neighbours walking about and stopping to socialize or join our happy hour. After this we enjoyed BBQ'd pork chops, garlic bread with cheese and a tossed salad for supper.
Mon. May 11th

Sunny and a bit warmer today about 70f (20c). I went to the store and got a fresh loaf of french bread, right out of the oven, only $1.49 (I like their prices here). Back home we had lunch then I worked on trimming the plexiglass on our screen door. Rob & Debbie dropped by, so he helped me for a while and she chatted with Suzie. Looks much neater now and clean. A bit later Harry dropped buy for a chat,hen we BBQ'd a back Bacon roast with rice and broccoli for supper. Sure love the warm weather, sunshine and outside living.

Sun. May 10th
A good sleep last night but cold and windy outside just above freezing in the morning. We visited with our hosts for a while, enjoyed some coffee and were on the road by 9.45 am. A nice drive back to Rock Glen Resort, but overcast and cool. We set up on our site, had lunch and computed for a while. By mid afternoon the sun came out, the wind died down and it warmed up considerably, then did a walkabout for a while. Spaghetti with a meat and vegetable sauce and tossed salad for supper.

Sat. May 9th
Today is overcast and thunderstorms in the morning, so in between the rain drops we packed up our coach and headed to Waterloo for an early Mother's Day Lunch with my mother, brother Chris and his wife Sheri. We enjoyed a nice feast of Chinese food and a few hours of catching up and chit-chat. From here we went to Ross & Rose's (Suzie's sister) in Tavistock, parked our coach in their huge driveway and again socialized with them,Suzie's Mom and Dad, Dennis, Sandy, Reid, Chrisy, and new nephew Cooper. And enjoyed a late supper 8.00pm of BBQ'd jumbo shrimp, sausage, salads, mashed potato casserole and pie for desert. Then home to their driveway for a good nights sleep.
Sat. Pics

Fri. May 8th
Again warm and sunny morning about 80f (25c) most of the day. We took a drive to Strathroy to do a bit of shopping and back home for a sandwich for lunch. We puttered around for the afternoon enjoying the fresh air and chat with a few neighbours. A quick thunderstorm with very heavy rain for 5 minutes , the sun shining almost all the time. Then BBQ'd country style ribs, roasted potatoes with onions, broccoli and cheese sauce, followed by a quiet evening watching tv while it continued to rain.

Thurs, May. 7th
Today was supposed to be nice and warm, and it was for a while then overcast, cool wind and some rain sprinkles off and on. I did a little shopping and walk about a bit, even a load of laundry, then a rainy day project of editing and posting more digital pictures followed by shake & bake chicken, mashed potatoes and a tossed salad for supper, then the official opening of the dart playing season at the clubhouse.

Wed. May 6th.
Again sunny and warm, we heard a noise on our roof like a branch falling off a tree, then "honk,honk" very loud inside , we have a huge Canada Goose on our roof!!! Then I picked up a few things in town and got a quote on a new windshield for our car. Back home 9.30am to wash our coach before lunch. I got the hose out and it was leaking, on the way to the hardware store I stopped to chat with Larry and 1- 1/2 hours later got back from the store. Fixed the hose and had a bite to eat for lunch. Just finishing lunch Rob & Debbie dropped by to chat, 2 hours later I can wash our coach. Its now 2:30pm and the ambition is gone so I just washed the wheels and sides, put the supplies away, BBQ'd a steak and baked potato for supper, and as Suzie doing dishes Gary stops by at 7.00pm "come down play darts" , so let the dishes air dry and off to darts we go, back home at 9.00pm to relax after a busy day.
I guess I"ll try and wash our coach again another day.

Tues. May. 5th
This morning Suzie and I drove to New Hamburg to pick up my repaired hearing aid, (it's nice to have it paid for) so can hear much better now. A warm day again about 80f (26c) most of the day. Back home passed the beautiful apple blossoms at the end of the road and the smell of Gary cutting the grass in our park. I repaired a flat tire on Suzie's bicycle and made a few adjustments on mine then cleaned them both up, enjoying the sunshine and warm weather again. Then BBQ'd smoked pork chops and rice for supper.
Tues Pics.

Mon. May 4th
Sunny and warm again. I took a short drive to Forrest in the morning for a few groceries and stop by Canadian Tire for a new VCR (none in stock). Back home we had a nice lunch and our friend Larry dropped by and chatted for a while. Then I took the short drive to Strathroy Can. Tire. Here I got a VCR/DVD combo and new walkie talkies all with Canadian Tire money we earned during our winter travels. Back home BBQ chicken wings and fries for supper.

Sun. May 3rd

Spring is getting nicer. Sunny warm 75f (25c) most of the day. I borrowed a lawn mower and cut the grass around our rig, then put out our mat and opened the awning for afternoon shade. Got the bicycles down checked them out and went for a ride. We were even able to sit outside and read for most of the afternoon and BBQ a cornish hen and baked potato for supper, life is good.
Sun Pics.

Sat May. 2nd
Another bright sunny day and warm. Clean up day for the park. At 8.00am about 40 of us volunteers showed up at the clubhouse for coffee and donuts and were advised of some of the things to be done. Some grabbed rakes, paint brushes, garden tools, shovels, hedge trimmers, power washer and started working mostly in groups. Suzie and Jackie did the flower gardens, and I did various jobs throughout the day. At 10.00am was break with more refreshments, snacks and time to chat some more, Back at work then lunch was served chicken soup, chili, bread, refreshments and desert. The afternoon carried on and a lot of work was accomplished. Afternoon break at 2.00pm not so many people ( a lot had retired for the day). Then at 5.30pm dinner was served BBQ'd hamburgs, hotdogs, potato salad, macaroni salad, beer, pop, coffee & tea, then some birthday cake and ice cream for desert.
A busy day with the weather co-operating, a great social time and the Resort looks fantastic!!!
Sat. Pics

Fri. May 1st
A nice bright sunny morning, we computed for a bit, went to the store for a few groceries, then did laundry. We puttered around for a while, then it cooled off and was overcast and rainy. A few familiar faces arrived, we chatted for a while then made Lemon chicken stir fry for supper.