Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Cards for Suzie last night, and friends arriving today

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Family Resort
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      After a cooler day and more comfortable weather yesterday relaxed after supper outside. Then at 7 pm Suzi'e's presence was requested again for Euchre They need one more player, cost 2 bucks to play. So off she went to have some fun time playing cards. In the meantime I finished my blog posting and enjoyed my e-reader outside. About 8:30 I took a quick drive up the road to catch another sunset and was not disappointed. She got home about 9:45 brings home her $1.00 winning for the low score again. Not bad 3 hours fun for a buck.
     A good sleep last night and much cooler this morning at 5:30 it was 59F, By 7 am not much warmer  so with my hoody I set out for a nice walkabout about a mile chatted with a few people and enjoyed the quiet cool morning air.
     A quick trip to the Foodland in Forest for a few supplies and home for lunch.
     We are having some good friends coming in camping tonight that we have not seen for quite a few years Dave and Shari-Lynn. We first met them in Algonquin Park in 2002. We were camping there with our class C and had rented a canoe, after paddling around Rock Lake and up the River to Pog Lake and back we pulled up on a beach there to check it . And there they were welcomed us ashore offered us a beer,  then we headed back down lake to our waterfront site. We have been good friends ever since. Camped with them a few more times, visited their place in Oshawa, and even spent time on The Beach in Mazatlan Mexico when Shari-lynn and a girl friend stopped in port when on a cruise, that was back in 2010. So sure will be nice to see them again and catch up.
      I did get energetic a bit and cleaned all of our inside windows and mirrors, we are getting there.  No rush we have time.
      So doubt I will not do anymore posting for today we will be busy. Life gets in the way of blogging sometimes.
      I will update on tomorrow's posting on the rest of our day and visit.
heading out last night looking for a sunset
headed towards Thedford finally a nice view
     The heading back to camp with the sunset behind me the turbines from a different perspective .
        With a much cooler day, even felt too cold to finish washing out coach probably get that done tomorrow.
       Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed this cooler weather, going to warm back up again though.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

A cooler productive day we both enjoyed.

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Family Resort
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    After yesterday's afternoon rain the temperature and humidity could down nicely. We got a good sleep and 68F at 5:30 this morning.  Around 7 am I got a nice walkabout the the park just over a mile.
      Then because of this cooler weather and more energy I decided a good day to get up on our roof and give t a real good cleaning It really needed it. Being metal roof it takes very little maintenance but getting some moldy spots on it around our air conditioner and especially the TV antenna, so with a long handles brush and scrubby lots of water and plenty of elbow grease, 3 hours later almost looks new again. I wash it a few times year, but this is the first time I put this much work into it and paid off. Checked all the caulking and it looks good. Most is eternabond tape which still looks like new after 20 years.
the roof looks like new again
           Time for a later lunch then after that  good work our e readers were calling us in the shade. Between a few walkabouts and chatting with a few people. Much cooler and dryer today temps in the mid 75F with a wonderful breeze, Loving it!
         A few more walkabouts made another reservation and watching the skies
looking south this is what I saw
turn around and north looks much better
       Shortly after 3 pm Tucker and Gerry joined us for Happy Hour. Tucker hops right onto his chair and waiting for me to go inside and bring out a treat for him. Suzie does the honours as usual and he knows it.
first a rub and a kiss then waits for his treat
he can wait until she tells him OK
then gone in an instant
he knows another one is coming
Treats done and right on Gerry's lap
thinks Gerry has a treat 
no treat but he licks his lips anyway
        About 5 pm time for supper and tonight an easy one , I found this lasagna in the freezer I made a while ago with some soft tacos , so made a salad and heat it up in our microwave just because I can!
salad and lasagna hit the spot tonight
and more room in our freezer
    Pretty well a wonderful much cooler day, got things taken care of on the roof is nice and clean again, a fun Happy hour sharing more tips and stories. No Sunset picture from last night with all the rain and clouds maybe later tonight.
    Thanks for taking the time to join us on a cooler summer day, and hope you had a wonderful day as well.
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Monday, July 29, 2019

More hot weather we enjoying and keeping cool in the shade.

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Family Resort
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         Some how my formatting went kinda funky tonight, not sure if it was me or blogger. Not matter  not the first time and probably not the last time, But this was our day if you can make your way through it.
         Another hot night again 79F at 10 pm so our front a/c on lowest at 72F and was perfect for sleeping all night until 5 am was 69F outside, supposed to be another hot day, but we do have a nice  s/w breeze. I got a 2 miles walkabout in by shortly after 8 am felt good. Puttered around a bit then a drive to Juicy Fruit Farms on HWY 21 for some of their first picking of bi-color (peaches and Cream) corn this year, the white corn is not ready yet which we prefer.
lots of good stuff here, plus the produce in season
 They have fresh local beef and pork ,
 tasty bakery items as well. Plus other items etc..

love their check out a 1963 Chevy way too cool
       We enjoyed a light tasty lunch another short walkabout but really getting hot for that. Perfect solution relax outside in the shade with a nice breeze making it bearable.  But too hot inside already before noon at 90F so set our a/c on low just to keep it cooled down inside.
     After today it should be cooling down a bit.
at least we have a wonderful
breeze cooling this down
and a shady spot behind us to!
humidity at 75% makes it feel
much warmer
the winds are wild but our awning secure for now
looks nice for a while  
nice here for a while then got too hot
so we moved behind the coach
more shade and a nice breeze
        Enjoying our page turners, and shortly after 3 pm Gerry and Tucker joined us for Happy Hour, Of course Tucker headed right for Suzie so they both had a good doggie fix.
Tucker loves Suzie
Tucker Brought Gerry 
then Melinda done work got to join us
what a fun time we had
telling lies and sharing stories
        Soon was time for supper so they headed on home and time for me to whip up a tasty meal.
For supper I cooked a Tuna Steak for me and a Sword fish steak for Suzie , she prefers the Swordfish over Tuna and we happened to have one of each, You can click the links Swordfish  or Tuna both cooked very similar or my recipe blog top right sidebar, quick easy and so good if not overlooked. To that we added a small salad and some fresh corn on the cob I pickup us this morning. I like to soak them in water for at least 30 minutes in the husks and grill for 15-20 minutes or so, using the Weber Q anyway so why not ? Oh so tasty cooked this way.
        Just as the fish was about to be done a major wind picked up, so we quickly stored our awning, wow what a wind it was too. Don't need to loose another awning. So our fish was slightly over cooked by about 30 seconds , with these really makes a huge difference
quick easy and tasty
Suzie's Sword fish
this fresh local corn is awesome
my tuna so very tasty
slightly over cooked but
 still tasty and very tender
the storm is almost here right in time for supper
inside looking outside looking out we had
some major wind an rain for
maybe 10 minutes
     Now not much more outside with the rain off and on again . so a quiet evening inside  reading and  just enjoying some rare inside time together. The pics below were taken last night right across from us , Kds in the playground  just before another interesting sunset we got to enjoy.
a nice sunset thorough the trees
       That was it for our very hot day keeping cooler and relaxing in the shade. Thanks for joining us today and hope y'all enjoyed your day as well.
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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Yup hot again and a nice visit to the Sunday market.

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Family Resort
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     It was very warm last night when we went to bed at10 pm . 88f outside and 85F inside so because we can turned our front air conditioner on set at 72F for the night, worked wonderful.
     Then at 6 am was 72F outside and could feel it will be another hot day. Got nice morning walkabout shortly after 7 puttered around for a while and just before 9am we headed to the Pinery Flea Market in Grand Bend. It has been while since we were last there. Lots of new vendors to check out . We like to go there and leave early before the crowds and traffic. If your are a regular follower here, we go to this market often as we can when in their area, so many changes since we first went there in th 1970's and get more changes every time we go.
       As we strolled around I got a tap on my shoulder , Walt and Barb were there as well with Mya so Suzie got an early doggy fix today.
quite a few vendors with nice looking produce
     We are looking for fresh field tomatoes and some fresh local corn, just a bit early I think, very soon though. But still a perfect day to enjoy this market before it gets too hot.
this building used to be all Antiques, , new vendors is nice
saw this guy at Woodstock market
nice thin crust pizza
not too busy yet
    Even more food vendors as well. Looks and smells good but all pretty pricey.
starting at $75.00 per person
these look good not local, from Georgia !
     Then we met up with Walt, Barb and Mya (Walt did the flooring in our coach)
Doggie fix for Suzie with Mya
then of course my favorite go to vendor
for extra hot pepperettes
(dried pepperoni for my American friends)
some nice furniture
fresh made Kettle corn
more yard stuff
then back through the food court and making outr way home
        We  picked up a few groceries in Grand Bend and back home shortly after 11 am for an early light lunch. It was getting quite warm so another relaxing day of some good reading in the shade. Nothing too strenuous in the hot weather and this fits the bill perfectly.
another good book , always enjoy Jack Reacher
sitting out here and looked up
another doggie in the sky
Clemson again?
         We enjoyed a quiet Happy hour in this heat, move to the shade of the trees behind our coach with a nice breeze. Looked like a storm coming in with thunder and all  but did by pass us. Paul stopped by for a while to share more tips and stories. But at  4 pm Suzie wanted me to turn on the rear air conditioner in the coach was 92 F inside and about the same outside feeling like 100f. Then by 5 pm time to start up supper. 
          For supper tonight our usual salad and grilled a couple of Farmer's sausage we got from a butcher at the Woodstock farmer's market a week or so ago. Made with Turkey and garlic spices that we love.
we do have the option to move behind us
under the shade trees with a nice breeze.
not long to grill these tasty sausage 
tasty and filling? yes it was
      That is about it for today , now to relax outside and enjoy our page turners and the peace and quiet here on a Sunday evening after a lot of the weekend campers have left the park.
       Below is the picture of the busy wagon ride last night so many people Mike had to do 2 trips that were full.
always a popular event here for kids and adults alike
then a bit later I caught a nice sunset from our campsite
     We sure enjoyed this day outside enjoying the heat in the shade, with a nice breeze. Cooling down a bit later and we will enjoy another nice evening.
    Glad that y'all dropped on by and really hope you are keeping cool with this hot weather front again, cooling down later this week.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?