Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Cooler, but no rain and clear blue sunny skies made it wonderful .

Where are we today ?
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     Cooler again today but at least the sun is shining. And in the sun it felt wonderful, Got a few nice early morning walkabouts done enjoying the early morning Cool fresh air only (48F) 8C. But was very refreshing, we do miss the warmer weather, but not much we can do about that yet.
down by the cabins, sunshine on the wind turbines again
not as nice as the other day though
lots of nice cabins here to rent,
we have checked then out
       Up to another area in the park to check out this huge trailer that came in yesterday and set up on a seasonal site. Lights were on and nobody home so I peaked in the windows. Very high ceilings at the rear (left) living room and kitchen. On the right is a sunken master bedroom stair case up above probably another bedroom. This is 43 feet long and amazing. Sure not something you would want to tow down the road!
this trailer is huge
         All this walking done and I headed into Strathroy for a few supplies then home for a light lunch with Suzie.
           After lunch another walkabout then enjoy the wonderful sunshine on our site with clear blue skies.
what a perfect day even though it did not
get above 60 f (15c)
          But because we could sit in the sun and no wind it actually gets pretty hot so I needed to put on shorts, t-shirt and no shoes, for a few hours this afternoon. just because I could. And soak up the warmth of the sun.
what an amazing sunny warm day !
out of the wind.
no clouds in the sky now = perfect!
         We had a very nice quiet afternoon with no visitors and got a lots of reading done on our e-reader page turners.
         Soon time for supper. So I whipped up our salad and grilled a couple of Pacific cod fillets on our Weber Q.
not long for fish  on the grill
the grilled lemon releases much more juice
A perfect light meal we both enjoyed
       That was our wonderful day outside enjoy the sun's warmth and fresh fall air. Back out side after supper finish posting this blog and read for a bit more, But by 7 pm it is getting quite chilly, sun setting and temps down to 55F (12C) and dropping quickly so soon time to head on inside and take the chill off our body's with our Mr. Heater, Yup we are wusses don't like cold weather anymore, but do enjoy the sunshine and warmth it brings with it at this time of year.
      Glad that you dropped on by and hope you had a pretty decent day as well.
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Where have we been this summer ?

Friday, September 29, 2017

Cooler rainy day, weird weather but perfect for a homemade French Canadian Pea soup.

Where are we today ? 
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        Much cooler again today only 52 f (11 C) at 6 am and raining. After the first early rain I did get some walkabouts between the rain and the sunshine.
looking good for a bit
nice by the pond after the rain stopped
clouds are coming in again
          Not gonna get much better, weird weather all day so a perfect day to make a pot of homemade soup. And a favourite of mine is French Canadian Pea Soup with ham.  And it just so happened to be a Friday. Which takes it right in line with a French Canadian religious tradition. Ok I have French Canadian heritage , but have never lived in Quebec and don't speak French but I do enjoy this soup, we had so many times growing up.
       For this French Canadian Pea Soup recipe click HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar. It is so very tasty and hearty. And of course homemade, as my followers know we do love homemade soup. A couple of weeks ago we had our dart Banquet here and I cooked up 2 spiral Hams for Gerry, and he was kind enough to give me the left over ham bones. Back then I made a large pot of 15 Bean and Ham soup. I froze the other bone and today I used it for the Pea soup, just for a nice change and of course shared it with Gerry and Melinda.
this the leftover ham bone great for soup stock
slit peas cleaned a ready to start, ham bone going right in there too
only about 90 minutes, smells and tastes amazing
and of course lotsa leftovers, for more lunches
perfect lunch for a cool, cloudy fall day
     Right after lunch I whipped up the road to Juicy Fruit Orchards to pick up some Honey Crisp Apples that we love,  5 lbs for $8.00 ($1.60 a lb)  pretty decent price compared to what stores charge. On the way there a huge heavy rain, but stopped by the time I got there 8 minutes away.  Suzie got the heavy rain at our Site and when I returned I noticed the remnants of hail on our mat..
some left over hail that came down
      Then off and on we could sit outside in the sun for a bit and read, then clouds and rain. 3 pm Happy hour, Gerry dropped by with Tucker of course then the rain began, so inside for a few minutes and then back outside in the sun. The temps did not get over 60 F all day, but felt much nicer when the sun came out occasionally.
Tucker with his new toy
     Inside for a bit and more, play time for Tucker and Suzie, she got her doggie fix today!
sit nice and you get a treat.
go get it !
     He chased his toy to the back of our coach for a while, until she Tuckered, Tucker out!
now can I rest a bit?
        Back outside for a bit more and Melinda joined us after work for a bit until the rain began again !
Melinda nice and cozy in her golf cart

      They headed home and soon time for supper so Suzie cooked?  She wanted a Pizza from in town (the Country Store in Arkona does a great job) so no cooking for me, just order, pay and pick it up. This time it was much better and hotter than the last time. Excellent Pizza, just like I used to make in my restaurant years ago and very reasonable.
my half with olives and Jalapeno peppers
    This pizza was excellent and good value. We managed 2 and 1/2 slices each so have lots of leftovers that will not go to waste, most likely a lunch or 2 for us.
     After supper still overcast and drizzly off and on , our awning secured from the high winds today and only 55 F (12C) so not sitting outside tonight.
      I finished this posting inside, and we got into our page turner books (e-readers) Enjoy the inside warmth from our Mr. Heater and maybe a bit later find a show that we might enjoyed on the tube.
      Thanks for taking the time for a visit and checking us out. Hope y'all had an awesome day as well.
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Where have we been this summer ?

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cooler again, some rain but then afternoon sunshine.

Where are we today ? 
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       This morning started off with a lovely sunrise, cool but sunny, Then it got cloudy , and rainy. Ah poop ! But did  get a few nice walkabouts before the rain started.
nice sunrise across the road
the sun on the wind turbines looks amazing
     I have been waiting for some of this weather to get a few things done, First was to defrost our freezer    that I usually do every fall before we head south. It is still pretty full but most of what is in there we can take across the border. Then took the time to go through my photos for the last 2 months and get rid of a few hundred that we don't need to keep.
     By this time it was about 2 pm and the rain had stopped and we some some sunny spells, still did not get much over 60 F (15 C) but was nice in the sun. Got some quality reading time in before 3 pm when Happy hour here evolves and a few people stopped in to join us.

Jane stopped by to give Gerry a hard time,
but then everyone does that to Gerry.
      Then Suzie got a couple of Doggie fixes, Choco came by with Joe and hung out with Tucker. They had doggie fun and we had people fun.
Tucker is smiling right?
      Then we had people fun, flapping our gums passing stories around and sharing experiences. Always good for a few laughs.
LR Joe, Gerry, Doug, Suzie, Melinda, Judy and Paul
of course  I take the picture
         Then for supper we got a craving from Patsy's Blog  a couple days ago she posted she had liver and onions with bacon. Wow one of our favourite meals (and one I served for years in my restaurant) that we have not had for a very long time. So picked up a small package of beef liver (only $2.30) Fried up some bacon on our grill mat, salute'd an onion and grilled the liver. All on our weber Q 100 on the grill mat.
foil package is some fresh carrots with honey
the bacon and onion smelling wonderful 
now this was once again done to perfection
        I boiled up a couple of new red potatoes and smashed them (skin on)  wow!
sure was tasty and tender, cut the liver with a fork
          Too much food for us so some leftovers, for lunch, no problem there, that's for sure.
          Much cooler today only no shorts for sitting outside but still a pretty decent day with afternoon sunshine for a while.
          Still outside after 7:30 pm  posting this blog and gonna read some more for a while.
          Thanks for stopping in and hope you are enjoying this cooler weather more than we are. Think tomorrow I will make  a pot of soup, just because I can.

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Where have we been this summer ?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Much cooler now but we did get a few things done and enjoyed the sunshine when it finally appeared this afternoon.

Where are we today ?
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       Wow what a wonderful day ! Not as warm as I like but still very comfortable can still wear shorts and t-shirts, AND the bonus was my back and legs like new again the pain is gone! So did some very nice walkabouts and exercise this morning.
      Puttered around for a while checked out our new/replacement  CB and whipped into to Forest for a few groceries. Home by 10 am a nice light lunch then installed our new CB, to replace the one we installed 16 years ago, it finally died. We don't use it a lot but comes in handy when in traffic tie-ups and also has the weather channels on it as well to check the weather wherever we are in our travels. I have had a CB since 1980 when I commutted 75 miles each way to work and belonged to a CB club, with friends, rallies and family functions. Sure was a lot of fun back then, and still comes in handy now. My handle was "Daydreamer"
our new replacement CB
this is a one hander so a very neat install
     After I did this Suzie cleaned our new flooring again with her spin mop she really likes it and does a wonderful job.
        Now we can relax outside and enjoy a cooler warm day enjoying our e-readers. What's not to love about that.
        Then just after 3 pm Tucker arrived dragging along Gerry for Happy hour.
Tucker fix for Suzie
he is a good boy so gets a treat
           Then Ron dropped in. Paul, Melinda and Gerry so we flapped our gums, exchanged information and had a few laughs as well. Always a fun time with whoever shows up.
Ron stopped by to tease Tucker and bug Gerry
gotta love to bug Gerry , Patsy !
        Soon time for me to begin supper, so preheat our Weber Q 100. prepped a nice pork loin roast with a tasty rub , set on the grill, low and slow for about an hour or so turning halfway through just to get it done perfectly. Added 2 quarters of an acorn squash with honey wrapped in foil. Then whipped up a small salad just to finish off our meal.
smells so wonderful slowly roasting away
to perfection
sure was tasty and hit the spot tonight.
gotta have applesauce with a pork roast
of course lotsa leftover roast pork
      A pretty great day though much cooler that some people enjoy, but not a problem here at all, We will take the weather as it comes and we will enjoy it all. As long as no white stuff on the ground, and we can sit outside.
      Thanks for stopping buy once again ! Glad to have you along for the ride.

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Where have we been this summer ?

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Relocating and enjoying more of this heat wave we are having.

Where are we today ? 
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last time here at "Camp Awesome" until the spring 
     As usual up early 5 am got some computing and coffees, done, exercises for my back and actually feel pretty good , Back and leg doing well and got a nice walkabout around 7 am. At 7:30 we secured the coach and down the street to Pettigrew's Garage, Dale gets our coach all set for the winter, Lube oil, filter, check everything out and changed the oil and filter on our generator as well.      
     After he was done we hooked up the car and headed down the back roads to Rock Glen Resort, our home membership park where we get full hookups and no overnight fees. Yup we make good use of this system that is for sure.
Love these back country roads, so peaceful
next to no traffic
       We pulled into Rock Glen resort at 11 am check in and set up on our favourite site and had lunch by 12. noon.
again a perfect late day here still pretty warm only got to
92 f (33C) 
      Got my exercises and ice packs done for my leg and back now really feel amazing about 95% pain free and I can do my walkabouts again. Yahoo !
      Got to enjoy our e-readers in the shade for a while, our friend Ron stopped by for a chin wag nice to see him again.
Walt, Barb and Maya stopped to say hi,
Suzie got her doggie fix through the car window .
         About 4:30  turned on our Air conditioner for a bit (Suzie's request) inside about 94 f so is now nice and comfy inside for her.
        Me, I whipped up our salad and grilled couple of Turkey Garlic sausage on our Weber Q 100 to go with it.
Love these lean turkey garlic sausage, so very tasty
and healthy
what a tasty supper we had
      After supper outside to relax and enjoy this amazing warm weather still with us. Our friend Paul stopped by to chat for a bit, I finished posting this blog, Read a bit more then head on inside to join Suzie in front of the tube.
       Thanks for stopping in to check us out and hope you are enjoying the last few days of this heat spell we are having. I know we are.
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Where have we been this summer ?