Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Last visit this year to the Pinery Flea market in Grand bend

Where are we today ?
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a misty morning by the pond gave an interesting photo
         Wow,  much cooler last  night but great for sleeping. Only 42 f at 6 am. But we toasty warm inside. Got some coffees consumed and computing done then a nice walkabout the campground for a mile or so.
     Then shortly after 9 am we hopped in the car for our last  visit to the Pinery Fleamarket this year. Always a fun place we enjoy.
not too busy yet
from the parking lot 
tis the season
decent deal on produce

not too busy yet the way  we like it 
some very good pastries here and very reasonable   
we bought lemon loaf here that we love, and more soup mix from another vendor
want an old tv? they one here
      A bit further along we  ran into Walt and Barb with Maya their dog. Walt did the flooring in our coach last summer and did an amazing job! Suzie was Maya's other mom for quite a while.
she knew Suzie right away
     Then we calm e across this vendor with very good soup mixes. Loree brought one last week for Suzie's birthday and have not made it yet but sure looks amazing so we bought another one , just because we could, Last time here this year.
we sampled one and loved it
losta cool things here
want an E- bike?they have them
food court pretty busy too
           Finally we done and back to our car heading home soon.
getting busy here now at 11 am
            Next stop on the way was Juicy fruit orchards, this is their season.
pumpkins are now in season 
    We grabbed a 10 lb bag of Honey Crisp Apples , only $15.00  thats $1.50 a lb, the stores are selling them for as much as $4.99 a lb, and these are amazing excellent apples. Best we have ever had! 
love this apples
    We got home for lunch then headed  to the Forest Fall fair, to checkout  it out and the demolition derby. for a couple of hours , But that will be tomorrows posting, Enough for today.
     Got home by 3 pm in time for Happy Hour, Randy and Gail came by as well a Paul, To chat and have a good time.
Happy hour fun
had to post this pic from The Forest Fall fair.
Cece and Olivia promoting our park
      Soon time for supper and tonight a spaghetti squash with a very tasty  sauce, . We do love our spaghetti squash when it is in season and very reasonable.
this was so tasty. no carbs
     After supper we enjoyed a decent evening outside until 8 pm reading and posting this blog. But getting kinda cool, 58F so inside we go now for the night, wrap this up , watch the tube for a while and call it a night .
     Thanks for dropping on by and tomorrow I will tell you about the Forest fall fair and the demolition derby.
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 Where have we been this summer?

Saturday, September 22, 2018

First day of Fall and really cooled down, plus a wonderful fish fry for supper.

Where are we today ? 
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     After the windy day yesterday things sure cooled down overnight 52F at 5 am and not much warmer than that all day long. At least the high winds are gone and we can enjoy some sunshine. Typical for the first day of Fall. The Autumnal Equinox. Yes this sure is the first day of fall !
yes fall sure is here
          I dressed much warmer this morning and enjoyed a very nice walkabout the campground . The area we are in is very quiet, we  loving it!
we in the square and no one else camped here
        Now over in the orchard area it is pretty full with a large FMCA group enjoying this campground too, they pretty much keep to themselves though.
lots of rigs over there i the orchard
      Now I was up by the office and this wonderful lady Kristy, was smiling at me. and thought heck can I give her some recognition . When you check in here she is the number one Happy person you will greet. If I don't take a photo during the day I really don't remember what I did. Here she is Kisrsy below.
This be Kirsty, and of course Erin, Photo bombed us in the background
at least she kept her clothes on!~
       Because it was quite cool I worked on culling some photos from last years for a couple of hours. Then had enough and wanted to get outside. Then do some reading in our sunny spot we have here.
another Lee Child Jack Reacher page turner
do enjoy his books
nice and warm here in the sunshine
         A bit later Gail dropped by walking Hailee to say Hi to Suzie, we chatted for a while then at 5:30 we headed on down to the clubhouse for the Fish Fry.
That be Hailee
    It sure was wonderful sunny day, cool in the shade but comfortable in the sunshine , just the way we like it at this time of year.

       We have our table here for supper with friends from the park waiting for our number to be called , this meal is cooked to order, and so very tasty , 2 pcs of lake perch, fresh cut fries, homemade coleslaw, tarter sauce and a bun only $10. a person. We had it before an was excellent then an excellent again!
this be our table
these guys hard at work cooking up a wonderful meal
that be Erin giving me the evil eye dishing up hot fries
now this was a very tasty meal, lots food,
but did manage to finish it all
     Back home and outside for a while working on this posting but by 7:30 pm just found it too cold at 56F. So may as well head inside to wrap this up and relax where it is much more comfortable .
     We did have a  wonderful first day of Fall, and great Fish fry for supper, Hope y":all had a great day as well and thanks for stopping on by.

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 Where have we been this summer?

Friday, September 21, 2018

The last hot day for a while, and inverter remote installed.

Where are we today ? 
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     Very warm overnight. As a matter of fact I got up at 2 am, it was 71 f  outside  80F inside, so I opened our bedroom window and turned on our fantastic fan, Now a nice breeze coming across our bed to cool, things down.
     Up and at it and now at 5 am 73f outside, gonna be a hot day, Our last one for this year according to the weather gods.
      After some computing and coffees got a nice walkabout around this peaceful campground,
Only 4 Geese here this morning by the pond ,
I am sure they will soon be heading south 
         About 9am I took a nice country drive and stopped by the reserve, to top up our car with gas, and our extra gas can we carry. But before I left I secured our awning. Winds today supposed to have gusts to 37 mph. Even secred our awning may not survive.
What a great deal only$110.1 a litre best price we have
seen this year
         Now back home to whip a tasty lunch, more soup of course.  Then because it was such a nice day I decided a good time to vacuum our car, it has been a few months and was in dire need of a good cleanup. Wanted to get it done before the predicted rain today.
no rain yet but did get the car vacxuumed
       Now because it was suppose to rain this afternoon I figured now I could hook up the remote for our new inverter I installed yesterday., mostly an inside job. Nice easy inside job maybe? Ok not so easy I have to drill a hole through the floor but to get there I have to drill through 2 heavy metal plates. I forgot about this, last time was 12 years ago. After over an hour and many drill bits I finally got a big enough hole for the wire.  And finally hooked up our remote switch for the inverter. In our bedroom right beside our bed . so we can shut it off at night the we go to sleep. For those who do not know what an inverter does it converts our 12 volt battery power to 110 volts so that we can watch tv, charge our laptops and cell phones when are not hook-up to electricity on a campground. Something  we do quite often. And we do have solar , 2 panels to charge our batteries, so we are always connected even when the campground has power outages.
the remote installed beside our bed
     This after noon we only got a few raishowers, much less than predicted. So when I was all done this install we relaxed outside enjoying the now sunny afternoon. Quite windy though, sure glad we secured our awning.
quite warm with  a refreshing wind was nice 
the wind was blowing fiercely blowing the leaves off the trees, too early
a very nice day afterall
     A nice happy hour , just the 2 of us and soon time for supper I whipped up a salad  and grilled a couple of Turkey garlic sausage we enjoy.
this sausage are so very tasty,
we love them
now we got to enjoy this meal, and can
relax outside for a while
     Supper done, dishes done  and back outside finish this posting and read a bit more. Finished my last book and will soon begin a new one. Still a nice night at 8 Pm but if I need to put on warmer clothes other my shorts  I will be heading inside for the night.
     Got things done and enjoyed our last hot day that we will not see for a while.
     Hope you enjoyed a good day as well and thanks for tagging along.
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 Where have we been this summer?