Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

June 2009

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We are in Rock Lake Campground in Algonquin Park for a week.

Wed.July 1st
Canada Day
Strange weather today, Rain and sun off and on all day, about 70f (20c).
Morning coffee and a bit more waxing our coach. Then at 11.00am Bruce, Sally (their 3 dogs) and Karen's mother arrived for the day. At 11:30 we went to area 1 campground for Canada Day Celebrations. This is organized every year by Drago (Uncle Buck a proud Canadian) who camps here every year. He hangs up Canadian flags and passes them out to all the children and plays some Canadian music by Stompin Tom. We all sang Oh Canada and celebrated with a huge cake that was made and decorated by Patsy the Campground Warden along with fresh coffee. With most of the rain holding off for us.
Then about 4.00 pm Karen, her mother, Bruce, Sally and the dogs all came to our site with food to get out of the rain and we BBQ'd chicken with delicious salads and donuts for desert. Another couple Tom and Leanne with Cole and Gracie dropped by and we attempted to have a campfire between raindrops with damp wood. It finally started burning about 8.30 pm when the rain started again and all went home for the evening.

Tues. June 30th
Cool and overcast this morning. After our coffees about 10:00am we took a drive to Whitney to check email and received a message from Kirsty that she and her daughter were coming for a drive from Washago to visit and arrive about 11:00 am. (they have camped here many years on this week in the past). So we returned to camp to find them just driving by. They visited with us and Karen who made lunch for us all, then we viewed their pictures of Australia from their 2 month trip there last winter ( awesome pictures) and chatted for a while, nice to see them again.
For supper we had chicken breasts with fried potatoes and veggies, then sat outside for a while after the rain and enjoyed a nice quiet campfire taking in the magnificent view.
Tues. Pics.

Mon. June 29th
Nice sunny morning again about 68f (19c). Karen came by for morning coffee, we chatted for a while and puttered about. At 10:30 am we went to Whitney to check email, and some groceries. On the way back we stopped at Opeongo Outfitters store in town to browse and check out their new "Chip Stand" for lunch. The homemade 5 oz sausage pattie burger was very tasty as were the fresh cut fries.
Again back home we puttered around a bit and a bit more waxing of out coach, Then join some Karen for happy hour and snacks of crackers, cheese and kielbasa for a light supper. We sat on the beach in the sun for a bit with the neighbours until the heavy rain came. It was amazing we could see the dark skies and hear the rain coming threw the bush across the lake then watch it as it crossed the water towards us. So now we went in to watch a movie until bedtime.
Mon. Pics.

Sun. June 28th
Today was cooler about 65f (17c) and sunny until about noon. Karen dropped by for a morning coffee and we all chatted for a while. I did some repairs on her trailer and fastened the shelves that I made to the back rests of our dinette. Then I called my mother to wish her happy birthday and chatted for a bit.
After lunch I did a bit more waxing on our coach until the rain showers started for a few hours, then we sat inside and read for a while. Supper tonight was shepherd's pie and sliced tomatoes. Then a movie inside on a cool damp evening.
Sun. Pics

Sat. June 27th

Sunny and warm all day 85f (29c). A pair of Loons just off the beach from our site was amazing!!. Then we went to Whitney for a few groceries and check email at the Mad Musher. We stopped at Opeongo Outfitters chip truck and and sampled their fresh cut fries (delicious!), then back to camp for lunch and enjoy the afternoon sun watching people play in the water at the beach beside us and canoeing I also washed one side of our coach that was in the shade. Our friend Karen (that we met many years ago here) arrived at 5.30pm she set up her trailer and joined us for BBQ'd garlic sausage, corn, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes and of course a little wine. Then a few butter tarts for dessert. We then sat by a campfire and enjoyed a very nice bug free warm evening by the campfire until about 10.30pm and an awesome starlit night.
Sat Pics.

Fri. June 26th

We left Galvin Bay Resort at 8.45 am and arrived at Rock Lake Camground at 11.45 am stopping at the Mad Musher Restaurant in Whitney to check our email. After filling our fresh water tank we checked to see if site 120 was available and it was so we set up on this large scenic site at the edge of the lake. Sun was shining and about 80f (25c) with a nice breeze to keep the bugs away. There was 3 baby raccoons and a hand full of ducks right next to us in the water, welcome back they said! I went for a shower and spotted a white tailed deer at the edge of the road another welcoming site.
A few people were in the water fishing and a storm brewing. About 4.00 pm fierce winds came in with a torrential rainfall that lasted about 20 minutes. Then the wind died down and sun came out again making a lovely evening. We BBQ'd pork chops, potatoes and broccolli with garlic bread and cheese for supper, then sat outside reading until dusk. Retiring inside to watch a movie before bedtime.

Fri. Pics

We are at Galvin Bay, near Buckhorn

Thurs. June 25th
Bright and sunny again warm morning. At 8.00 am we got in the car to got to the Buckhorn library and the car won't start. I boosted and away we went. When we returned I dropped off Suzie and drove to Canadian Tire in Peterborough to purchase a new battery. When I removed to old battery It became evident that the hot weather had taken its toll on it, it was swelled at the sides and one terminal detached from the casing.
Back home we had lunch then did laundry. The temperature had climbed to 100f (38c) before noon. So we turned on the air conditioners to cool our coach and help keep the fridge cold enough. Puttering around a while in the shade and read for a while. Supper was BBQ'd chicken and potato salad, then sit outside again until dusk.

Thurs. Pics

Wed. June 24th
Another great morning 70f (22c) by 7:00 am. I went to Buckhorn and checked email, posted blog and picked up a few groceries. Larry dropped by and showed us his handy work with a picture he had taken. Cute! We puttered around enjoying the great weather 95f (38c) and went for an afternoon swim in the pool, sure is refreshing. Then we BBQ'd a peameal back bacon roast for supper and salads, then sat outside reading enjoying yet another very warm evening.

Tues. June 23rd
Summer is really here!!!
Very warm sunny morning, 80f (25c) gotta love it. We took a drive into Peterborough to get some groceries at Farm Boy, real good prices. Stopped at few other stores then back home for lunch. We spent some time setting up our new wireless printer for both computers, then outside in the shade 92f (32) to read a few magazines, and BBQ hamburgers and fries for supper. Again we sat outside reading until about 9:00pm, when cooled down to a comfortable 68f (20C) overnight for sleeping.

Mon. June 22nd
Nice warm morning 70f (22c) by 7:00 am.
We sat outside and had coffee with my sister and brother in law and chatted for a while. We took a short drive to the Indian Reservation then into Buckhorn for a few groceries. Back Home we had lunch then they packed up the Roadtrek after their first camping experience in it with the 2 cats. The afternoon was really summer weather now 86f (30c) as we sat in the shade and did a bit of reading, then a BBQ'd steak, baked potato and broccoli for supper. With it still being warm we sat outside and read a bit more until about 9:00 pm. Just lovin the warm weather!!!

Sun. June 21st
A beautiful warm sunny morning, quite warm and humid by 8.00am.
We puttered around for while enjoying summer!!!!
I took a picture of Ron and
Tammys rig which looks pretty impressive now they have the tractor painted to match their trailer.
Early afternoon my sister and brother in law arrived with there
Roadtrek and 2 cats. Then at 3.00 pm we had a major downpour of rain for about 20 minutes, then the sun came back out and dried up again. BBQ'd chicken breasts and noodles for supper, and relaxed by the fire for a while chatting.
Sun. Pics

Sat. June 20th
Today cool and rainy, a good day to relax and get some more computing done.
In the afternoon we visited with neighbours Ron and Tammy for a while ( more computing), as they are leaving on sunday, then back home for supper BBQ'd Chicken and rice for dinner. An early night tonight after 2 late ones.

Fri. June 19th

A great sunny hot day finally 75f (24c). We had friends visit from Oshawa, Karen, Bruce and Sally that we had met in Algonquin a few years ago. They brought lunch, desert, beverages and chairs. It was a great afternoon visit and a tasty lunch.
Ron and Karen next door had invited us for supper also and we had a very tasty BBQ'd pork loin and rigatoni alfredo . This was followed by a nice campfire on a mild evening along with another couple Ron and Tammy, as we exchanged stories and had a few laughs
Fri. Pics

Thurs. June 18th
We packed up in the rain and left Aurora at 10.00am heading to Galvin Bay Resort by Buckhorn Ontario. Arriving here at noon and set up. We chatted with 3 couples that we ran into in Quartzsite Arizona and got caught up on things. I made chicken wings and pizza for supper then our neighbour Ron showed up about 8.00pm, we have not seen him since last August. We went and enjoyed the hot tub for a while, then back home to catch up.

Wed. June 17th
Cool and rainy today , a good day to work in the house. Suzie and I got the family room in the basement ready and put a fresh coat of paint on it for Kim and Brian. A nice good days work, The when Kim got home she treated us to Swiss chalet dinner, one of our favourites!

Tues. June 16th
A nice warm sunny day I puttered around the house for Kim, moving some light fixtures and a bit of caulking. Then supper of hot pork sandwich, mashed potatoes, salad and a nice visit afterwards with her and the grandkids.

Mon. June 15th
We went to the Apple store at Fairview to exchange our printer and upgrade to a Macbook pro, real good deal. Then a nice BBQ's roast pork supper with relatives a and enjoyable evening.

Sun. June 14th
We packed up our coach and headed to Suzie's family reunion at the Tavistock Hall. This is a huge potluck lunch that happens the same weekend every year. A massie amount of food and deserts with about 180 relatives there. A good time was had by all.
At 4.00pm we left there and headed to my daughter's in Aurora and set up in here driveway by 7.00pm
Sun Pics

Sat. June 13th

Was nice sunny in the morning but cooled down for a while. We drove to
Drumbo to watch grandson's soccer tournament their team came in second place, and had lunch at Kobbler's Kitchen.
After lunch we returned to Chris and Bill's and celebrated her birthday with some friends and a BBQ, followed by a nice campfire.
Sat. pics

Fri. June 12th
Sunny warm day today, about 80f (28c). We packed up at Rock Glen and headed out to Chris and Bill's near Norwich, arriving at noon. We sat by the pool and chatted with Chris for a while catching up. When Bill got home from work we had a great roast beef dinner, potatoes, veggies , gravy, and blueberry cheesecake for desert. And did some more chatting and checking out their renevations on their house.

Thurs. June 11th
Overcast a drizzly day today, but stayed nice long enough to pack up our mat while it was dry. We did laundry and some more research. Then get ready to hit the road tomorrow. Norwich, Drumbo, Tavistock and Aurora for the next 3 days. Supper tonight was pork schnitzel, fries and asparagus. Then a good night of darts at the clubhouse with Suzie and her team coming in 1st place.

Wed. June 10th
Nice sunny warm day today 70f (20c). Our neighbours Bill and Vivian were having their carpets steam cleaned this morning, so I asked the guy to give us a quote on our coach. His price was reasonable and he did it right away. We quickly removed stuff, and he did all the carpet, couch and dinette, wow amazing!!! Looks like a new coach. A much better job than I have been able to do with a rental machine for the last 3 years and not a lot more money.
After the carpets were done we drove to the London Passport office to renew our passports which are due to expire next December while we are away. From here we went to the Mandarin Chinese Buffet that we have heard so much about. This is a very impressive place to say the least. Four dinning rooms mostly full with a constant line of people coming and going, and a great selection of fresh hot food. Truly amazing to see so many people of all ages on a wednesday at 1:30pm indulging in this (recession?). The price was reasonable thou not cheap $11.99, but the food and service excellent with a very clean and modern restaurant.
Then we stopped at Walmart for a birthday gift and National Grocers for our coffee. Back home we sat outside in the shade reading and putting some items back in our coach as things dried. No supper tonight, the buffet took care of that. Then later we enjoyed a nice campfire hosted by Jack and Dede, who are selling their house and contents by auction and getting a new park model trailer this summer.
Wed. Pics

Tues. June 9th
Back to Forest today with Suzie to get our passport photos done and treat ourselves to KFC's twoonie Tuesday for lunch.( 2 pieces of chicken and fries for $2.79 each). Back home (80 f or 26c) I finished our shelves with a final coat of urethane, sat outside for a while to read and BBQ's pork chops, creamy noodles and a salad for supper. And Suzie continues the ongoing search for geneology information, while we have the internet (good thing she enjoys it!)

Mon. June 8th.
I went to Forest (15kms) to get putty for nail holes on new shelves and found a photographer that does passport photos, (soon time to renew ours.) The weather was cool and rainy for most of the day so got some more computing done, then sat outside in the sun about 4.00pm and BBQ'd chicken, with rice pilaf and asparagus for supper.

Sun. June 7th
About 65 f (17c) in the morning and overcast. We chatted with Frances and Ulysse from Elliot Lake after they packed up and were getting ready to leave. Then we headed out to the Flea Market in Grand Bend. Here Suzie exchanged 16 books for 8, we bought 2 nice mats for the coach, some fresh veggies then had a beverage and snack listening to the entertainment for a while. From here a tour into Grand Bend to check out the new beachfront. The work is still in progress but will be very nice with a splash pad and playground for the kids, snack bar,paved parking and nice landscaping. Back home we sat in the sun and read for a bit, chatted with neighbour Bill, then a nice supper of scallops, fetucinni alfredo, and fresh asparagus from the market.
Sun. Pics

Sat. June 6th
Cooler today 60f (15c), mostly sunny and a cool breeze. I went to Forest to pick up some quick drying urethane for the new shelves. Once they were fitted and sanded I was able to apply 2 coats. Then we sat in the sun (out of the wind) and read for a bit. For supper we finished the hamburg casserole with a fresh tossed salad. Followed by a nice campfire hosted by Phil and Judy. Chatting with old friends and a new couple from Elliot Lake Ontario, that joined our park this weekend.

Fri. June 5th
Great warm day today, sunny, light wind. I went to Rona Lumber yard in Forest and purchased some oak boards and trim. At the shop here in the resort Harry cut them to my specs for me. I sanded, nailed and glued together creating a shelf for the top of the backs on our dinette. Covering up the upholstery that was getting tired from many years of use. Tomorrow I hope to varnish them.
Early afternoon Bill & Carol pulled in with their new (to them) Titanium 5th wheel trailer, complete with screened in deck at the back (cool). We chatted with them, Harry and Irene for a while and caught up on news. Then went to the clubhouse to celebrate Shirley's birthday with Irene's awesome cake. Back home for supper (after desert) we had a BBQ'd steak baked potato and salad. Then our neighbours Bob & Lova had a great campfire with a nice gathering of friends on a nice warm evening (finally).
Fri Pics.

Thurs. June 4th.
Happy 4th anniversary to my brother Chris and Sheri. Four years ago today we were at their wedding ceremony on the beach in Nassau, awesome trip!
Today nicer weather about 70f (21c) sunny and only a light wind. Laundry today, a few groceries, read a bit in the sun then, a hamburg, macaroni, veggies & cheese casserole for supper, followed by a fun night at darts. 24 people for a good turn out but no winnings for Suzie or me.
Nassau Pics 2005

Wed. June 3rd
Warm and sunny most of the day about 65f (17c) with a cool breeze, it doesn't really feel like summer time. I wonder what ever happened to global warming? I guess we are spoiled with our warm winters in the south. Not much happening today, we spent a while arranging to have some work done on our coach at Sicard's Rv , using up our $4,000.00 credit, then putter about a bit and BBQ'd some pork chops, with chinese noodles and veggies for supper.

Tues. June 2nd
Bright sunny and a bit warmer today, but only around 68f (20c). We putter around a bit and a walkabout. Chattewith neighbours Rob and Debbie for a while. Kind of a lazy day, with some more computer updates, then supper of wings, ribs, fries, veggies and dip.

Mon. June 1st

Cool and rainy overnight and most of the day today. I went to Forrest IGA to pick up a few groceries and back home to do some computing for most of the day, setting up my macbook and research on the hi speed wifi available here. Around 4.00pm Harry dropped by for happy hour and we caught up with news etc. Supper tonight was garlic sausage, sauerkraut, peas and potatoes. Then a tv show while it rained some more.

I include this link of our experience at 50Point while camping with Larry and Marylin, Larry is a fulltime Rver ( part time sales person now) who sold us our coach 3 years ago.
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