Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Bon Jovi Band, a great campfire and the Pinery Flea Market.

Where are we today ?
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     Today is actually the anniversary of the day we moved out of our house and officially went fulltime. 13 years ago. I will post about that tomorrow.

     Wow really  did it  this morning all  these fun times campfires and visiting are wearing us out I actually slept until 7:15 this morning!!! Almost 3 hours later than normal.
      Last night after supper about 7:00 pm the band started playing on the outdoor stage by the club House  . The Bon Jovi Tribute band We went down to check them out for a while listened to a few songs, not songs we knew though. They were good, and Rock N Roll is not our favorite, and too loud for us, we had options, so we decided to head down to last campfire our friends were having. 3 couples leaving in the  morning. John, Wendy, Ken Kim and Larry and Diane.
they were right into it
nicely set up on the covered stage here.
they were selling Hamburgs and hot dogs there as well.
lots of people came down,
lawn chairs and enjoyed the music
Joe, Nelly, Gerry, his grand daughter and Melinda
enjoying the music
so heading the fire I grabbed a couple of soft ice cream cones
just because
we enjoying the campfire and other  family showed up
Nicole. Keith and their son
nice to see them again
a good lively group
enjoying the campfire and
always lotsa laughs
another great campfire.
    We enjoyed great campfire and could still hear the band as well. and we ,managed to stay there until 9:36 pm , the latest for us everyone was surprised.
     Now Sunday morning after a great nights sleep we headed into the Pinery Flea market just because it was a beautiful warm summer day always enjoy it there. And always new stuff to see or things we want.

not too busy yet 
     Then we ran into Bill, Barb, Larry, Diaane as well as Nicole, Kieth, their son and daughter.
love it here under the trees
       We picked up a few things, freestone peaches, extra hot pepperettes, and one of these pizzas' we have seen before, Nice thin crust and can do on our Weber Q
lots of pizza varieties here.
       Back home we enjoyed a nice tasty light lunch and very tasty juicy peaches.
we do enjoy these Freestone peaches when in season
      Now to relax in the afternoon shade with a nice breeze. temperature is 89 F feels like 104 F. yup it is warm for sure. Sunday most of the weekend campers are heading home so the campground is getting much quieter now, just the way we like.
pretty peaceful now after the busy weekend
     A bit later the cat lady here walked by and gave us a few fresh veggies right from her garden like she does pretty well every year, thank you so much again!
fresh tomatoes and cucumber from her garden
Ron and Joe stopped by for a short chat
nice to see them again stop by
Gerry and Alyia, plus Tucker stopped by7 today  day as well
Tucker in the shade under our coach
too hot for him
     No happy hour today with Bill and Barb winds picked up and major storm predicted, But eventually the storms went north and south of us, we were saved!
    Then at 4:45 time to whip up a salad and grill a couple of bone in pork chops, 2 minutes a side and they turned out real tasty, Got a  deal on these 6 chops for 5 bucks , I could not turn that down. 3 tasty meals for us.
Nice chops seasoned with our Grub Rub from Texas we like
not long on our Weber Q
tasty and tender
added to our salad and shared a peach
did the trick tonight
    We actually enjoyed a very relaxing day and with the storm gone by will probably join Bill and Barb for a final campfire with them before they head out in the morning.
    Glad that you took the time to check us out and just know y'all had a great day as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Great weather even busier today, helping on computers, and the Concert tonight in the Campground.

Where are we today ?
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     An early night last night we left the campfire about 9 pm back home relaxed a bit and off to bed. A good sleep then about 4 am thunder/ lightning and some heavy rains for a while. Finally got up at 5 am and shortly after the rains stopped and sun came out, warmed things up and dried most of the wetness around us.  I got a nice walkabout the campground about a mile , chatted with a few people.
       The campground is pretty well full now for this busy weekend. Tonight the Bon Jovi tribute band will be playing here, starting at 6:30  this is free for members and open to the public $20 so expected it will be very busy here tonight.
they playing here tonight
    Later on a few more walkabouts then into town to fill our 2.5 gallon RO jug we use for coffee and cooking the 5 gallon one is still pretty full.
     Then Suzie went over to help Barb load books from her Mac Book air to her I-pad. Not much luck so I tried to help for a while because I have the same Mac Book. Frustrating no luck, we cam home for lunch and back again for a while.
     Then at 1pm had a some friends wanted to check out our rv and chat about full timing. for a bit. Then they headed down to Bingo, back to Bill and Barbs try some more. Finally gave up about 3 pm "Happy hour" time and they had a few snacks as well.
Suzie and I helping Barb
          I did a short walkabout on this perfect hot sunny day 90F lots people in the outdoor pool having fun.
busy pool today 
    Then back for Happy hour from this spot below to the shade , a bit cooler. Happy hour is fun sharing tips and stories as well as networking .
        Networking works, 4 heads are better than one and Ken knows an apple computer and I-pad really well.
Ken and Kim Joined us and Ken on the right
fixed up Barb's computer
      Ken and Kim came over so I asked him he also has a Mac Book air and and I-pad. Had a few ideas and in less that 30 minutes got all working, showed Barb how to do it and we are all Happy Campers. Appears the USB port was loose or dirty.
        We got back home by 5 pm fired up our Weber Q grilled the last 2 cobs of white corn and some wonderful Farmers' sausage with garlic as well as the rest of out tomato, cucumber onion salad.
this sure hit the spot tonight
         Then at 6:30 the band started playing so down to check them out. and will tell you about that in tomorrows posting.
     The pics below from last night.
last night's sunset
last night's campfire
       Gonna go check out the band for a bit, and enjoy them for a while.
       Thanks for joining us today and hope you had a wonderful summer day as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?

Friday, August 16, 2019

Summerfest Weekend, great weather and an awesome fish fry tonight we enjoyed. Pet Pig!

Where are we today ?
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      These later nights and busy social times are catching up with me. I came home at 9pm from the campfire . Soon to bed and slept until 6:45 this morning wow, but I do feel well rested . And right back at it again today, more fun times here.
      I enjoyed once early morning walkabout temps about 65 f quite comfortable. Then a quick trip to Strathroy for some deals at the Super store the I can get points for. These points add up quick Next time I will have enough for $20.00 of free groceries. Usually about once a month.
    Home for a light lunch and enjoy some afternoon quiet time in the shade enjoying our page turners.

       A few pics from last night's campfire with friends and of course Henry on Suzie's lap.
Henry with Suzie
then to jump on Bill's lap as well
       This morning's walkabout by the pool a table tennis area.
The band will be here tomorrow night
         After a few more walkabouts chatting with  a few friends, Time for a nice long hot shower. And trim my hair and beard while Suzie does the  final trim for me, we do make a great team!
Linda dropped by with her puppies
 and right away to see Suzie
        About 3:30 over for Happy Hour with this bunch of friends, Lots of stories and many laughs as we always have.
Henry again right to Suzie for a rub
     A bit later this couple walked by taking their pot belly pig for a stroll.
Henry was not sure what to make of it
Looking and sniffing, what is this?
hm does not smell like a dog
     At 5:30 we headed down for the Fish Fry tonight. got a table and waited, chatted with friends as they arrived .
Good friend Ron Font is cooking the fish
our table was perfect
More friends arrived and joined us
      When our number was called we went up for a wonderful hot fresh cooked pickerel/walleye and homemade fries, and of course fresh buns and 2 choices of coleslaw , I choose the creamy one.
now this was an excellent, Fish fry. lightly
breaded and done to perfection only 10 bucks each
      Shortly after 6 pm  we headed home made more table space for others. Suzie did our dishes , I finished this posting and back to visit our friends for an campfire for a while.
this couple here with the kids
are travelling well
     That's about it for now, gotta party some more then call it a night. See how long I last tonight, heck I am not 20 anymore and burn out pretty fast.
     Glad that you stopped on by and hope you enjoy a nice day as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?