Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Making major progress, moving right along.

Where are we today ?
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        Restless again last night a good sleep until 1 am then bit here and there until 6 am. A very cold nw wind and  38 F. at that time, not a nice day. We puttered around for a while  then just before 10 am headed into Stratford Canadian tire to pick up 4 snow tires for the car they only had 6 in stock and a clearance price so wanted to get them while we could, With the Canadian tire money  we had only cost $121.00 I will have them installed maybe next week at least we have them.
    From there a couple blocks away we went to check out this apartment. An it is absolutely perfect everything could want and even more. A brand new building that will be ready to move into Nov 7 th. We always wanted ground floor with a southern exposure and this is it One bedroom , den, ensuite laundry, walk out patio, all new appliances.fridge, stove, dishwasher, everything brand new. 760 Square feet, An amenities building with a kitchen, games and social room, gym. lots right here. We filled out all the forms references and just need to be approved, which should really now be a problem. We get confirmation next Tuesday.

That will be our apartment right in front of 106
this be our layout, perfect,
twin as much space as our motorhome !
 Now for quick bite to eat  we shared some KFC (this  hit the spot) right next to out Doctors office, for a 1 pm appointment. Then from there to the Stratford hospital for exrays on my back. 
Now for a quick bite to eat, we shared some KFC, I craved, a little I had filled the bill. And right next to doctors'; office as well. Then form there to the Stratford hospital for a slew of expats on my back. 90 minutes later Suzie got a phone call, my back and spine is cancer free! Another good thing.
     Now tomorrow morning an appointment with my Chiropractor. for 11:30 am.
     Next week blood work On Monday, apartment confirmation Tuesday and my Biopsy on Wednesday. all in Stratford. We are moving quickly along.
     I got a phone call from my sister, here and my brother plan on coming for a visit, because Chris is off work this week and works for hime, they live a couple of hours away.
     Suzie ran some errands when we got home a prescription for me and told here to pick up something at McDonalds for her supper and a small burger for me.
     As far as I know we are having good friends Patsy (Chillin' with Patsy) and Bill Richards (On Our Way) stop by for a goat visit as they are in Tavistock tonight.
     Last night after supper a walkabout the yard though chilly I enjoyed some of the lighted landscaping they have here.
     Last night we did not make it too GS# 4s hockey game here in Tavi, it would have been a good one too They won 5-2 and he scorded 2 goals so got recognition for best player in the game , yahoo!
always a smile on his face
     That was one more very nice productive day we had moving forward in leaps and bounds, nice to see progress is being made.
      We were suppose to be crossing border this morning on our way south for the winter, but that has been removed from our agenda this year.
      Glad that y'all dropped on by and want thank once again everyone for all their well wishes. And prayers and offers for accommodations.  Hope you had a wonderful productive day as well.
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Where have we been this Summer ?

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Moving forward is a good thing, one day at a time.

Where are we today ?
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      Another day with about the same sleep, got some Dreamland Herbal tea , that seems to help plus a meal supplement drink appears to be boosting my energy a bit. Finally up about 7am today after a couple hours awake in the middle of the night. Got some computing and meal supplement into me, (I like this chocolate), Then about 8:30 I headed in the Plattsville to chat with Dale about winter tires and rims, The Hardware store to fill our RO water bottle.
      Heading back home got a call at 9 am from Suzie my bloodwork request is at the Lab in New Hamburg, so I whipped by there to give them some samples. Leaving there got a message from SIL Sandy she had made some homemade soup for me, heck wow I am getting spoiled !
So I stopped by there to pick that up with many thanks. and home to have lunch with Suzie. At noon she went to pic up her Dad and take him for a doctor appointment in Kitchener.
     While  she was gone we had a propane fellow stop in to see it they could hook up a large propane tank to our coach for the winter. He needs to check some more but maybe not, because our appliances are not CSA approved  for Canada? Hmm that sucks. he will get back to us though.
      Then I relaxed in my recliner got some reading done and enjoyed the outside view, some sunshine and colors.
I do love my recliner we got last winter
     In the meantime we have a line on an apartment in Stratford that we hope to check out tomorrow. We now have an appointment for 11AM, Plus a doctor's appointment in Stratford tomorrow as well at 1 pm.  Also found that the Canadian Tire in Stratford has winter tires on sale, bonus, gotta get those if we gonna drive here in Ontario's winter, ice and snow. So tomorrow to Stratford and another productive day, moving right along. Another good thing our lottery ticket won us $10.00 as well Yeah ! Now  a much bigger win would be nice, we will all we can get.
the view from my recliner
      Then this afternoon looking out the living room window to the south, pretty nice views.
               Then for supper tonight a tasty boneless skinless chicken breast in the oven with Shake and bake, something we have not had for a long time to go with some rice a veggies.
This did the trick for me tonight light and tasty
      That was our productive day slowly making progress one day at a time.
      Thanks for joining us today and hope your day was good one as well.
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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Got things done on a sunny fall day

Where are we today ? 
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     Last night was on and off for sleep but we did get a not bad rest at least. Hoping for better,
We are making progress, have an appointment with our family doctor this Thursday at 1 Pm. Also got and email from the London liver specialist at CLIPS, he had reviewed all my tests in the hospital, contacted our family doctor and is arranging with Stratford Hospital to have my liver biopsy done there, plus blood work here as well. This is all good news.
       Shortly after 9am, today we took the coach the Stratford to top up our fuel tank and well as our propane that said it was empty, Got that done and stopped at the Tavistock dump station to empty our sewage. Back hone by11am a light lunch then into the the eye surgeon in Kitchener to get measurements done for my cataract surgery in the spring.
      Sure was nice to take the coach for a drive on the sunny fall day.
back roads to Stratford
         We are looking for winter accommodation locally and there seems to be nothing at all in this area at all. Stratford, Tavistock, New Hamburg and Plattsville. We have tapped most of the resources and no luck yet. We have an option in Arkona , but Suzie would like to be closer to her family for support and I understand that. So this is a project in motion for us right now. We still have a bit of time before we need to settle down.
       On the way home we stopped in New Hamburg No frills for a few groceries, the pharmacy for  a few items, fuel the car and Dollar store for Suzie,  Back here home in Tavi just after 3 pm to relax, especially for me. I am whipped? No energy at all.
      Then Suzie sat outside with her sister for a nice Happy Hour I was going to but felt kinda chilly so inside I stayed and will soon whip up a light supper, hoping I can eat some.I actually did join them for a few minutes when Ross came home then inside yo make a small salad ti go with our Turkey Garlic sausage.
      Then Suzie sat outside with her sister for a nice Happy Hour I was going to but felt kinda chilly so inside I stayed and will soon whip up a light supper, hoping I can eat some.I actually did join them for a few minutes when Ross came home then inside yo make a small salad to go with our Turkey Garlic sausage.
Suzie and Rose on the side porch
this light tatsy meal worked for me
       There ya go a busy productive day was goos and got things done that we wanted for now. One day at a time!
       Thanks for dropping in and hope you had a good one as well.
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Monday, October 14, 2019

A perfect 2nd Thanks giving meal and get together with my family

Where are we today ? 
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       Made it through all the food and family time yesterday and rested in the afternoon. But was uncomfortable, restless, loss of appetite, stomach pains, etc... and had trouble sleeping. When we left the hospital on Friday they advised I use extra strength Tylenol instead of the advil we had always used. When Suzie checked the adverse side effects of Tylenol and found to I had almost every one of them. So the more I took the worse I felt! So no more Tylenol for me. Starting to feel much better this morning already.
downtown water tower 
Still cold here this morning at 38F (3C). our Blue Flame heater keeps us quite comfortable inside so that is no problem.  Then because I could I got out for another drive around town taking a few pictures along the way. So nice to be able to get out and about, even got my winter coat out as well. Guess I better get used to wearing it.
the 5 points intersection
lots of great food here
the Mill downtown
    Back home the skies clouding over even more.  Has warmed up to 45 F by noon.
       Now we puttered around here for a bit relaxing. Until the first arrival shortly after 1 pm.
My son, Jane and GD #2
the first to arrive, wow !
my 3 kids , son, Daughter #1, and Daughter # 2
       As the kids arrived they moved around the house looks like they found lots to keep them occupied.
Lotsa cool things to keep them busy
Suzie , my son and GD #2 playing in the yard

we got by with only one table 3 today, 2 could
 not make it, nice that we all got to sit at one table
       I had asked daughter # 2 to cook the thawed turkey I was supposed to do and she did but she went way overboard .
She made devilled eggs
and brought shrimp ring
turnip, corn and gravy
she also made roast beef as well as the turkey
this was my tasty meal light and just enough.
there we are all around the one table
enjoying an awesome meal
Suzie and I at the far end
GD #3 testing heartbeat of the mechanical puppies
Relaxing in the living room for a bit
Daughter # 1 playing with her youngest niece 

me with 6 of the grand and my son
lol she is trying to lay in the doll crib
        Now there was 3 pumpkin pies, I apple pie and large bowl of truffle.
the truffle being the lightest I enjoyed it
has been many years since I enjoyed that taste treat
      My oldest son in law also took a few pictures and sent them on to us so I could post them tonight as well.
Suzie and I
GD # 3 loves her food

let Jane, daughter #1, me and daughter #2
playing games in the living room
me Suzie the 2 oldest
      Then I got even mire pictures sent to me from Daughter #2 some similar than mine but all wonderful so added thenm at the end.
Yummy Mommy triffle
oh so good
chatting with the ladies
daughter #1 playing with 2 nieces 
cousins having fun.
     Now I really need to thanks my amazing kids for pulling together to make this one very successful Thanksgiving meal and family get together. They are really awesome and pulled through for me.
     Thanks for stopping by and sorry about all these pictures today they are are good record fo us and the rest of the family as well.
      Hope y'all had a great day too.

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 Where have we been this Summer ?