Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, December 12, 2019

My first posting by me in over month!

Where are we today?
Stratford Ontario

This be George I am going to attempt posting this blog entry, I have been missing it and my typing and thoughts seem to be better and clearer now, so lets see how it goes. Hopefully not too many typos. Suzie has been doing a great job and thanks to her so much, want to give her a break. Of course more blabber than here and a much longer time to do but I got er done.

Heck here it is Thursday December 12th Christmas is quickly approaching. Another great sleep for me 8 pm until 4 am . 8 hours, almost normal again. 4 am wide awake so got the nurses to bring me my cereal, juice, and coffee in bed! Hey breakfast in bed, boy am I being spoiled here. 

Did some reading for a bit, blog comments. Then snooze for an hour until 7:30 am. Day shift nurses come, so outta bed dressed in wheel chair and putter around for a while, doing a few laps in the wheelchair. Stopped by Michael the cook in the Kitchen at 9 am, chat a bit and a 1/2 fried egg sandwich. good until noon.

Suzie has a Naturopath appointment in Waterloo at 9:30 am so will be coming by later on. A good time for me to have a nice shower and freshen up. Hmm the remote on the car worked great but not much heat. It was not much heat before either, so Suzie stopped at Pettigrews garage in Plattsville on the way back and will take it in tomorrow at 9 am for Dale to check it out.

Last night I was dreaming about a hamburger, have not had one for many years, no beef. This thought consumed me all night and this morning (weird eh?), So seeing as Suzie was going into Waterloo and would be back about noon, I got her to stop by the A and W in town and bring in for lunch a Teen burger, Fries and of course Root beer. Heck the docs said to enjoy whatever I want while I can so a you can see that is happening .
my Teen burger Fix, Suzie caught me between smiles
she was hungry , lol....
This burger did the trick, took care of my craving washed down with a cold Root beer.
Michael cooking in the Kitchen
the view out my window
Tasty Happy Hour Beer Thanks Brian
Now to relax a bit for a short for both of us and enjoy a quiet afternoon together.

She headed home about 4:30 after I enjoyed a tasty Lancaster Bomber Beer picked out by SIL Brian for our happy hour.

Then before supper a doctor came in to check out my legs. They are swollen quite a bit (partially lack of exercise plus the meds), So first plan will be to try water pills starting tomorrow see if that helps.

Then a small portion for supper and that's what I got, pork, mash, gravy, carrots and my salad.
Had a very nice day we both enjoyed and I made it through my first blog posting by myself in over a month. Took awhile but got er done.

Thanks for stopping on by here.
ONE Day at a Time.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Wednesday, December 11th, company and remote start

Where are we today? 
Stratford Ontario
    One more good nights sleep after a feast of wings and very nice visit with Marion.
Christmas Beer came with our
wings yesterday
This morning I had to be at K and K Racing and Performance, K and K, for 8:30 this morning to get a remote start on the Saturn. Several people have mentioned that we should get it done. George said today, that with putting snows tires and the remote start, it probably cost more than the car is worth. Kevin, I believe is the owner also took me to the hospice so I didn't have wait there for 4-5 hours. For us this winter, it is worth the cost.

For lunch he had an open face bacon and least 2 cheeses that was baked in the oven. He had these as a kid coming home from school and called it a cheese dream.

Friends Karen and Danny stopped by for a visit. It has been a while since we got together. We always talked about it when we were in Plattsville, but it never seemed to happen. They also brought their little dog Shilow for a visit. Wonderful conversation and people they are. In our early years of dating, we saw them quite frequently. It was great to spend some quality time with them.
Karen , Me Dan and Shilow
We both even got a doggie fix.

During their visit, I got a call that the car was finished with the installation. I asked them if they would take me there, so I could pick up the car. Of course, it was no problem.

Karen and Danny dropped me of at K and K. Kevin should me how to use the remote start. Pretty easy. We only need to remember 2 buttons. One to start the car and the other if we change our mind to turn it off. It will run for 15 minutes. No more, taking a spare key, start the car, go back inside apartment and a little later going back out making sure I have keys to lock the apartment. Much easier with the remote start. What a great company to deal with. Kevin has a 38' Diesel Pusher that he takes to races.
a very tasty supper to end the day after a great visit
For supper George had chicken, mashed potatoes, carrots, gravy, vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and Kale salad. Of course, he needs his hot sauce as well.

One Day At A Time.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Hot dogs? But a feast of Chicken wings wow! Lotsa food !

Where are we today? 
Stratford Ontario
    Another great sleep and George actually slept in this morning until 7 am, a very rare experience, guess he was tired.  Well he was up and at it shortly after greeted by the friendly smiling nursing staff here and on with his day.

The italics bold right below in this posting were typed in by George early in the day before he tired out too much.

     We are expecting a delivery of their awesome chicken wings from Plattsville later today from our favourite restaurant/Tavern in Plattsville,  the Trail's Edge Tavern . They have excellent food but I have fallen in love with their amazing chicken wings, I am sure the the best I have ever had! And after a comment the other day on my blog,  got a message from the owners Marion and Daughter Lyndsay that they would bring some right here! A 30 minute drive. We have known them for years when Lyndsay used to figure skate with my daughter Jessica when I had my restaurant way back in the 1990's.
this be the place, if you are ever in Plattsville drop by
 for a bite you will not regret it
     After a few laps around here in my wheel chair Suzie arrived and we enjoyed a wonderful day together.
    The other day watching a TV show a family camping were enjoying hot dogs. I sent Suzie to the kitchen for a hot dog. (Hmm no hot dogs?? !) Well talking to the cook yesterday he said today's lunch special hot dogs, Ya hoo! how is that for service? So he brought me 2 loaded hot dogs just he way I love them.

Me and Marion plus a feast of wings, salad and conversation
homemade short breads
 and gingerbread or desert awesome 
      The rest of this posting will be finished by Suzie.
breakfast the other morning
 Yesterday's mid morning breakfast, pancake with maple syrup and peanut butter.
last nights supper stuffed mushroom,
 peas and roast potatoes
  His usual breakfast about 6 am.
 Today he got his hot dogs with all the fixings. Enjoyed them immensely.Soup fo Suzie.
We got surprise visitors today, Murray and Muriel. The had previously owned Nith River Campground near New Hamburg. During our early years, we went to their campground to dump our tanks.
Great conversation catching up on each others lives.

Then of course, what George was waiting for. Marion Shantz arrived with chicken wings, salad, celery, carrots, hot,  suicide sauce and cookies. What a feast we had. I think she got more wings than she had originally ordered. Everything was eaten up except for the cookies they for later. We did have a taste of course. Another great visit.
We had another great day.

One Day At A Time

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Monday, December 09, 2019

Monday, December 9th

Where are we today?
Stratford Ontario

Sleeping well still is a good thing, really enjoying it.

For lunch, George had a Chicken Stuffing Casserole. The soup was for me to add to my sandwich I brought from home. He only wanted a small portion but I didn't tell the cook that. He ate the whole thing.
 He can now transfer himself between the Lazy Boy chair and the wheelchair using the walker. This is unassisted but a spotter is still required. He also has checked out that when he gets stronger, he can leave the hospice for a couple of hours and come back. They are suggesting he use the wheelchair. He is now thinking about Fish & Chips at Annies Seafood ( for lunch one day and being at the apartment. This was the restaurant his daughter #2, family and myself went a bit ago. We will see how soon.

About 2 today my Aunt Delores, Uncle Earlus and cousin Carl came for a visit. Carl brought the beer below from his home area near Ottawa. He displayed the cans and it looks like a tractor. Also included in the box was a glass.

Delores & Earlus brought a bunch of goodies, chocolate, home made Christmas goodies and 3 meals that I can heat up for myself.

We had a very nice visit. I took Delores & Earlus on a tour of the facility while Carl talked with George. While on the tour, we stopped by another resident who we know. Her husband was with her and invited us in. Those of you who know my Uncle, know he is quite the talker.

We had a great visit with the usual kidding around. George mentioned after they left, he doesn't know when he last had a conversation with Carl. We don't see him and his family very much as we are usually gone during the winter and they live in Ottawa.

It was really nice to see these guys and enjoyed their visit.

Of course, George's beer of choice today was one that Carl brought.

One Day At A Time

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Sunday, December 08, 2019

Sunday, December 8th

Where are we today?
Stratford Ontario
Daughter #1 helping and being a character yesterday while decorating. For some reason, George couldn't send them to me from his phone last night.
Kim hanging Decorations
 Supper last night.
This morning I finally was able to print some pictures of the kids and grandchildren. I know my mind works better in the morning, than at this time of night. A simple explanation probably is that we don't print pictures very often, so I read part the of manual. Amazing what a manual can do.

Picked up some picture frames for the pictures that when on the mantle above his fireplace.

this was very filling
Brunch for George was a bacon and egg sandwich. Not quite what he was expecting as it was so filling. He told me he wasn't eating again until maybe supper.

We were expecting company today. About 11 am John and Wendy from Hamilton and Bill and Barb from Clarence, NY were coming for a visit. We would have seen them on Thursday, October 17th at Niagara Lazy Lakes campground in Lockport, NY. It was to be the start of our winter travels, enjoying the Halloween weekend and going out for supper on Sunday. Of course, our plans went side ways.

We had a very enjoyable visit with them as always. My brother, sister-in-law and my Dad were also coming for a visit and were bringing Swiss Chalet chicken. George didn't want anything as he was full but had a salad and some of my chicken. 
my light tasty lunch with leftovers
The first visitors joined the second visitors in the dining room. 5 of us had Swiss Chalet products and the others enjoyed soup and desert that was provided. One of the 4, I think had 3 bowls of soup. Now, I'm not going to say which one, but for those of you who know John, Wendy, Bill and Barb should be able to figure it.
 The group in the dining room.

What an enjoyable group. Lot of laughter and kidding around. My brother and sister-in-law had also met John's Uncle Steve, as Steve and Barb had been to the farm in the early years of our Full Time RV'ing. They confirmed with John, that Steve was his uncle.
Relaxing in the  recliner with a tasty brew
George's beer for today. He has decided to have only 1. That is because he needs the washroom facilities too much during the night. He is allowed 2. The staff monitor the beer he drinks to make sure the beer doesn't affect the pain medication he is on.
 The Christmas lights in his room.

Several times today, when he needed to use the washroom, he was able to use the walker to and from. A great improvement from November 28th, when he arrived at the hospice.

About 4 pm this after noon daughter # 2  came by for a nice visit with a coffee, just her with out the rest of the family and kids (they were resting), avery nice visit just here and us no distractions.

This year we would have been in Coyote Howls in Why, AZ, then to Pilot Knob, Winterhaven, CA to meet up with our Canadian friends. How things change from one year to the next, but you never know what will happen.

Another great day and good sleep was enjoyed. And more fun company for enjoyable visits.

One Day At A Time

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Saturday, December 07, 2019

Saturday, December 7th

Where are we today? 
Stratford Ontario

Looks like we both had a good nights sleep.

I did some grocery shopping this morning and when I got to see George, he was in his lazy boy chair. They like the idea of him being this chair better than the bed, since it will keep his feet elevated.
 Daughter #1 arrived just has we were having lunch. George had half a tuna sandwich, soup and and muffin on his tray, He ate the sandwich and shared the rest his daughter ate. I brought a sandwich and soup that was provided.

After lunch, daughter #1 and myself continued to do some decorating. We put lights around the big window in his room and moved the tinsel to over the fireplace. Lighting was not co-operating, so no pictures of the rest of the room.

Shortly after we finished decorating, his son arrived. Of course, these two hadn't seen the facility, so into the wheelchair and away we went. He really likes showing off this place.
 We had a happy hour with lots of laughs.
Daughter #1 and Son.

I left early today, if you call 4 pm early. I am quite confident with the staff and know that they will take good care of him.

Today, he walked from the bathroom back to his bed, of course with a spotter to ensure he didn't fall. I don't know how many steps he took, but definitely more than 10.

One Day At A Time

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Friday, December 06, 2019

Friday, December 6th

Where are we today?
Stratford Ontario.
"Wow did I ever have a good sleep last night"

When I got in to see George about 8:30, he was already up and in the wheelchair. He sent me an email that he wanted certain clothes to wear. We discussed what we were going to do today. First he wanted something to eat and then we would do some Christmas decorating.
 In the dining room, he had 2 scrambled eggs, toast and milk.
 Back in his room, I took a picture of him not in pajamas. He felt like dressing up a bit today and felt like a brand new person.
 Close up of him with his hair cut.
 Daughter #1 and Cousin Marie came for a visit, both from Aurora. Lots of laughs and conversation. Being as Daughter #1 hadn't seen her Dad in 2 weeks, she was amazed on how well he looked and how much he was getting around. Today he walked with his walker 10 steps. Someone of course was beside him to make sure he didn't fall.
We had surprise visitors. Murray Heimbecker and Murray Jackson from Egar Tool and Die. That was the last place he worked and quit work to go Full time on the motorhome back in 2006. Daughter #1 and Cousin Marie left about mid afternoon, as they wanted to get home and try to miss the traffic. We even had a little happy hour with the guys. I guess I had the little fridge in the room turned too cold as one of his non alcoholic beer kind of froze and made a mess. That cleaned up with help and happy hour continued.

After the Murray's left, we chatted more. George got back into bed, he wanted the better clothes clean for another day. He also worked on his computer and while we decided what time to eat supper.
 Our Christmas Tree from the RV. Decorations have started, but I need help to put some things up and that will happen tomorrow.
 Daughter#1 brought us a new Christmas decoration. It is a small trailer. How cute.
Tasty Turkey Dinner from The Plattsville United Church
Thank you so very Much !! 
 For supper, of course we had the turkey dinner provided to us the other day. One of the volunteers, volunteered to take it to the kitchen and heat it up for us. Very nice of her. We ate it all, so tasty.
No words necessary for the above picture.

Another wonderful day for both of us.

I had a good sleep last night as well, even with my cold. Doctored myself up and went to bed. I don't think I woke up once all night and didn't get up until 6 am (9 hours sleep). Of course, a cold doesn't go away overnight. I think this is the first cold I have had in 13 years. I was thinking of going to my natural path to get Vitamin C that works for me, but of course, ran out of time.

One Day At A Time

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Thursday, December 05, 2019

Thursday, December 5th

Where are we today? 
Stratford, Ontario

One of the first things we did this morning was give George a hair cut. He was thinking of having a shower first, but everyone was busy. So we proceeded to cut his hair. Took longer than usual, as he had bed and hat head. We got it done and he also had a shave.

We had no visitors scheduled, so about noon we both had a rest. After the rest, he had his shower. He thoroughly enjoyed it and was squeaky clean. His skin is very dry, so after the shower he had Aveeno put on him. I may have to buy more before soon. The bottle I use lasts me about a year but not with his skin.
We had a quite afternoon. Showed him how to write via Google Drive doc and shared it with me. Yesterday, he had said that he want to write about his life. He said he will start tomorrow in the morning when he is more alert.
For supper he had left over ribs and sauerkraut. He was expecting roast pork but instead it was ham. Tomorrow night the plan is to eat the turkey dinners that were given to us.

He jokes with the staff a lot and makes them smile. They seem to really like him and I'm sure his joking around makes their day go smoother. As I was leaving today, one of the nurses asked me if I was OK, as I was leaving earlier than normal. I told her that I was fine. I have a cold and it just tires me out. It was very nice of her to be concerned about me.

Each day, George seems to improve a little bit at a time. To me he is getting stronger. It will be interesting to see how his daughter #1 sees him.

One Day At A Time

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Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Wednesday, December 4th

Where are we today?
Stratford, Ontario

Another wonderful day with George. He sent me a picture of our winter wonderland.
 I didn't know he got this picture. It was sometime after I arrived. I was making some notes and checking email.
I brought a sandwich for lunch and added spaghetti squash and sausage soup. Wonderful. About noon we both wanted a rest, as we were expecting company. The staff found out we wanted a rest and put a sign on the door that said "Resting". We therefore were able to get an undisturbed rest. As George eats early in the morning, at lunch time he wasn't hungry, but after the nap he asked for a piece of bread with tuna salad. It is great that there is a kitchen here that provide things he wants, when he wants.

First to arrive was Jeff Glendinning, a good friend as well as a funeral director. Lots of laughs as we have know Jeff for a long time. This is not to be taken wrong but realistically, we are in the process of pre-planning his funeral for when the time comes, which is NOT any day soon.

That was almost taken care of and we had surprise visitors. Elmer and his daughter Chris from the Plattsville area. They brought with them 2 turkey dinners complete with trifle. There was a dinner in Plattsville recently and they thought of us. How so very nice of the them.
When Elmer and Chris arrived, Jeff went to visit someone else who is here. Jeff knows a lot of people in this area. A very nice visit with Elmer and Chris. Shortly after they left, Jeff came back to finish up some paper work. Doing this paper work in advance will make it much easier on the me and the family. A doctor from the hospital suggested that this be arranged sooner than later. What a great suggestion he had. This way, George's wishes will be observed.

We also had another visitor. Gail, my first cousin was in town this afternoon and wanted to visit on her way home. She brought with her chocolates from Germany. We last saw her Thanksgiving Sunday at my sister's. Gail, her mother and father went to Germany to visit sister/daughter. They were all concerned by what was happening to us back home. By the sounds of things, they had a great time. Another wonderful visit. Gail's Mom is my Mom's sister. The two families were always close growing up.

For supper, George had a chicken breast with gravy, mashed potatoes and corn. As you can see in the picture, he has his hot sauce.

The following is a picture of the trifle that George had. They gave us 2 different kinds. Fruit and chocolate. I brought the chocolate one home.
yummy  trifle
My supper was left over ribs and boiled potatoes with a salad. Desert later.
As each day goes by, I see little bits of improvement in George's strength. He is determined to spend as much time as he can with family and friends. What a wonderful positive attitude he has.

As some of you may have noticed, he is making comments on blogs as well as ours. Computer things are coming back.

George and I want to thank both families, friends and fellow bloggers for their help and prayers. It is greatly appreciated and making this situation easier to deal with. Thank you all.

One Day At A Time

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