Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, March 24, 2019

A rainy day that did not happen, Patsy and Bill are fine on The Natchez Trace with no internet.

Where are we today ? 
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      Mild night for sleeping 55F and the rain was heavy at times overnight , Suzie tells me. I did not hear it though. Had a nice quiet morning then a walkabout the park again, at least it is not raining and is 68 F . Loving this weather nice and warm. and especially no cold and snow.
lotsa room here and no close neighbors
      On my walkabout this morning I checked out the clubhouse nice and quiet here not much going on. But that is fine with us . They do have a small library and lotsa puzzles to make but none on the go. Patsy needs to be here.
nice cluhouse
        Suzie wanted to go to Walmart in Chectoah  about 15 minutes away and nice back road drive, nothing she wanted today picked up a few more groceries.
        Back home we enjoyed a wonderful very warm sunny day. Much better than the weather forecast we we're supposed  have rain but did no happen. Bonus !
a very nice actually hot day up to 80 F
 here in the shade we loving it!
     Because of the rain forecast we decided to cook meal in side A favorite of Suzie's Garlic Shrimp pasta.For that recipe you can click HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar.
cleaned our Rocky Point shrimp
these are huge and oh so tasty
what a perfect spring day
they have free storage her for members a great deal
      Started supper doing the shrimp and veggies pasta going on the side.

ready to add the pasta
this was wonderful and a fresh bun  on the side
sure hit the spot tonight
      After supper we enjoyed some more outside time , wrap up this posting  after 7 pm and still 68 F out here now this is the weather we enjoy.
a bit of a sunset the best I could do tonight
     That was our wonderful rainy day that did not happen. We will rake sunset any day over rain and cold weather.
     Glad that you stopped by ti check us out and hope y';all had great day as well.
     Patsy sent us a text that their internet is not working and want us to let you know that they are fine.
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 Where have we been this Winter?

Saturday, March 23, 2019

A rainy day actually a nice change of pace at least it is not cold ! Opps car got stuck!

Where are we today ? 
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    What a great sleep we had so quiet here, and I actually slept in again! 5:30 this morning wow. Our wonderful weather we have been having has gone down hill for a bit, 55F today over cast and some rain later on this morning for a couple of hours. Ok it was all day. A good things with all this heavy rain we found out the water leak we had fixed in Quartzsite appears to have worked. No more leaks , Yeah !!!
     Before that happened I got a nice walkabout this campground getting familiar with it again We like it here as well that's why we came back.
love the trees and cabins here
tornado shleter
a very shelter inside
a few seasonal campers here and they have sheds
for their rv;s
a nice sheds the have and decks as well
the lake here is nicer on a sunny day
horse shoe pits
fish cleaning station
main street Eufaula
          Then took a drive into Eufaula to check out the Top Value grocery store they do have some wonderful prices on quite a few items I picked up Bananas  25 cents a LB, Chunk tuma 39 cents, shredded cheese 98 cents,, bacon 2.88 a lb.  have not seen those prices for a very long time. Also they had some pork sirloin chops that we love 78 cents a LB but a 10 lb package, no room for those :<(.
     Back home by 10:30 and we enjoyed a light tasty lunch, raining now. So no outside fun for  a bit, no problem we have FHU's do some computing putter around, gotta repair a broken lamp, so that will keep me busy , then we can get some reading done. Even watch a couple of real old TV westerns on ME tv. Like Gunsmoke, Wagon Train, Rifleman, Wanted Dead or Alive, and Bonanza, in black and white of course, all of the great old shows we used to watch years ago.
          We were supposed to have 20 % chance of sunshine, but the weather gods goofed. Mostly rain all day after 9 am. No problem though and looks like may have 30 % chance of sunshine tomorrow, we will see. But 3 pm we enjoyed a nice Happy Hour watching a couple of more old westerns, really enjoying this weather for a change of pace.
         For supper tonight we decided on some Pork Schnitzel a nice meal to cook inside on a rainy day, So thawed a couple of boneless pork chops, pounded them down to 1/4 inch thickness or less. Roll in flower and spices , egg wash then cover with seasoned panic bread crumbs for the recipe you can click HERE or check my recipe blog top right sidebar. An easy very tasty meal. That we will of course add to our salad.
love this mix we got at the Arizona Market place in Yuma
makes a nice salsa as spicy as you like
boneless chop to hammer down
chop wrapped in plastic my meat mallet does the trick
then the flour, spices , egg wash and bread crumbs
easy and in the fridge for a while
here it is 4:30 pm and still raining,
but heck the day has flown by
just enjoying out time together
        We do have the local tv channels on like always when in this area (Tornado Alley) especially when there is raining thunderstorms around, we do get a warning right on the TV and if need be we can go to the shelter, we have done this a few times  over the years. They do have amazing warning systems here in this area.
          Soon time to whip up supper and tonight with our schnitzel I am going to fry up some onions and mushrooms, to go with some shredded cheese and salsa. What a tasty treat.
saw a few Canada Geese around herre must be following us home 
nice pool but not open yet
schnitzel is done
and oh so tasty and tender just the way it should be.
      No visible sunset tonight as expected so no picture, And still  raining at 6 pm so we will enjoy a wonderful quiet evening inside, we know how to that too!
      Now I hopped in the car to take the garbage out and was no going to happen. Move ahead a foot or so and got stuck! Opps this is not good !! A neighbour saw me and came over to give me a push. No Go. Then he walked over to another neighbour here , he came to look and said heck we get the tractor. They had chains hooked up , tractor came and in no time we were unstuck.
yup we stuck
tractor here and a little tug we good
thanks guys for the help
sure is a friendly campground 
was stuck here not going to park here again
      Love these friendly people here willing to help whenever the need arises . Nothing quite like friendly campers with this lifestyle.       Thanks for taking the time  drop by and hope y;all had a great day as well.

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 Where have we been this Winter?

Friday, March 22, 2019

Moving on down the road and a great travel day.

Where are we today ? 
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     Our last night here and a good nights sleep. No hurry today just enjoying a leisurely morning coffee, computing watch the news and weather. A nice easy drive only 167 miles. with some good weather forecast.  We pulled out at 9:15 am enjoyed the drive and great weather.Wonderful 2 lane quiet country roads for the first 90 minutes then a 4 lane the rest of the way very little traffic all day long.
our last sunrise here before we head out
we had a wonderful full through site here
loving these quiet country roads
Bridge across the Canadian River 
we not ready for Canadian yet!
          About 6 miles from the campground there was a Mc Donalds in Eufaula. And seeing as it was 12:15 we stopped for a rare treat for lunch. They had rv parking so that was good. A tasty grilled chicken breast burger for me and of course a Big Mac for Suzie and we split some fries.
then headed through town making our Way to Terra Star
           Pulled into Terra Star RV Park and checked in for 4 nights. A nice park right on the lake and our membership cost only $13.50 FHU's including very good wifi. We got a very nice sunny site no one around at all and full sun all day long. First things first. into shorts and sandals it is 85F and no breeze, perfect. What we are here for. Then got set up and relaxed in the shade of our awning to enjoy some reading time while we can outside. Amazing how we get tired out with short drive today. Do have some time here though to explore some more in the next few days.
we have a very nice site here , no complaints  
our afternoon views
    As were came through the area noticed the schools closed and lots of kids here in the park, Spring break is going on here. Nice to see the kids enjoying this great weather and playing outside.
we are away from the crowds, we got lucky
      After a nice quiet Happy hour time to whip up supper. tonight going to grill a very large chicken breast on our grill mat. I had to tenderize it with my meat mallet to make it and even thickness then grilled on our mat with some of this wonderful Bourbon BBQ sauce makes it so tasty.
love this sauce, Thanks Deb for the tip
not long it was done perfectly
added to our salad sure hit the spot.
and of course some leftover Chicken for lunches
now we did get a bit of and interestng  sunset
before we called it a night.
      A wonderful short travel day nice to be at another great location for a few days.
      Glad that y'all came along with us and hope you had a great day as well
167 miles today
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 Where have we been this Winter?