Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, January 21, 2019

Dump station, taken care of as well as our tow bar serviced early in the day, perfect !

Where are we today ?
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       It was mild again over night but did hear some wind blowing (even without my hearing aides). 55F at 4:30 this morning so got some computing and coffees take care of. Then we secured the coach to head to the dump station at 7:30am. Busier than other days at this time, there was 6 rigs ahead of us. We quickly dumped our sewage, topped up our fresh water tank then back home and setup by 8:30. We good for 10 days now.
a bright morning moon at 6 am
the sun is rising and we heading to the dump station
10 minutes then we are next in line
      I pulled ahead  to fill out water and there was 12 rigs behind us this is 7:45 am.
the lone behind us os growing 
Garbage dumpsters are full, a volunteer is stopping people
 from adding more and directing them to the large Blue rolloff
more sunrise as I am filling our fresh water
          Hey thats good so with our tow bar in the trunk of the car at 8:30 am I whipped into the RV show to the Roadmaster service truck. He took my tow back to the repair guys, and it was all checked out cleaned, new bushings and lubricated. (I clean and lube it every couple of weeks. He looks at it and said was getting old about 10 years (actually 13 years) and suggested we buy a new one. How much? $ 1.150.00 but can sell it to me for $800.00 (now that is a good deal ! The guy that serviced it said it was still in excellent shape though, lol...  Returned to the trunk for me and was back home by 9:15.  It was nice to get these chores done early in the day so the rest of it just puttering around.
the line up is getting longer
people dropping off their Roadmaster tow bars
       The technician had it apart , cleaned lubed, new bushings and back together. Nice that Road master does this service for FREE, Blue Ox charges for the same service. Sure glad we bought the Road master tow bar.
like new again
a bunch of jeeps ready for a desert drive
all installed and ready to tow again
         Though nice and sunny it was very windy from the west with gusts to 25 mph or so and tomorrow looks to be windy again. Heck at least it is sunny and much warmer than back home where they are having extremely cold weather.
         By 11 am the winds had died down a bit and  bright sunny skies temp at 60F this is wonderful. I reinstalled the tow bar and we enjoyed out light lunch (meat loaf sandwich for Suzie).
        I took a drive about out to the highway and noticed the traffic is stop and got heading into Quartzsite, about 3 miles or so into Quartzsite and as far south as I can see. Glad we got our stuff done in the early morning.
north into Q
south towards Yuma lotsa traffic
here is a nice rig with a double decker trailer
       Now set up in the sun our coach is blocking the wind just a breeze underneath so I just hang a tarp there and block the wind perfectly
our wind break with the tarp
       Now I can put my shorts on and cut my beard and hair with Suzie helping with the final trim.
63 F and much warmer in the sun
Bill is out flying his kyte 
      Then went inside to use up the rest of the cabbage we had in the fridge, to make some Red Cabbage and carrot cole slaw. Oh so tasty, for that recipe you can clic HERE I found it on the internet.
a very tasty coleslaw
the bluebirds here have very large group
like most years
      Not sure about Happy hour today but need up a at Bill and Patsy's for a while their tog blocking some of the cool wind. No matter we added layers and had some fun interesting conversations , sharing tips with each other.
we had  fun in the sun even with to cool breeze 
      Shortly after 4;30 we all made our way home to make our own suppers. Soon the sun was setting.
sunset is on its way
      For our supper tonight we have some fish fillets in the freezer and some frozen french fries. So the fish in the oven and fries dine in our Fry daddy. We can do the fires in the oven buy like them much better when deep fried.
Fry daddy doing the fires, quick and easy
the sunset getting ready to to leave us as
supper about done
       Supper was wonderful, fish and chips cooked at home and the very tasty red cabbage cole slaw on the side, This coleslaw is a keeper for us.
wow we have a nice fish fix again
final sunset for the day
    That was our desert day. getting things taken care of early in the day, a fun happy hour and tasty supper. Gotta love this lifestyle !
    Thanks again for dropping on by.
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 Where have we been this Winter?

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Getting a few things done today and a relaxing Sunday.

Where are we today ?
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sunrise this morning before I headed out
       Wow slept pretty well right through the night and woke up raring to go at 4:30. hmm, well I have some computing to do and a pot of coffee to make. Now as the sun was rising at 7 am I whipped into Blythe California for some needed supplies. Nice that the grocery stores open at 5am (6am arizona time. )  Back home by 9am to enjoy the rest of this sunny day.       
a cool  Boss Hog Bike, v-8 engine
57 chevy rear end
this be our new inverter
       I had picked up a couple of 20 amp mini fuses on the way, because the other were all blowing when I plugged in our 100 amp inverter in the car. So today a test. New fuse and plugged in our Brake  Buddy. No problem. So now we know the inverter is defective. We use it all the time here in the desert when in the car charging our phone, I-pad and even our computers. So after a light lunch I went back to town, traffic was not too bad, better than yesterday. Over to Rv lifestyles to see if they have one. Not what I wanted she sent me to Love's truck stop down the street. They had a nice 175 watt one there for 40 bucks, 3 outlets plus 2 usb outlets, I plugged it and and works wonderfully. We back in business again yahoo!
heading down Kuehn street the local traffic
lots of these atv's
         Now enjoy the warm afternoon sun reading our page turners for a while . Then I took our Roadmaster tow bar off to take to the service  truck to be serviced and checked out. We both had long hot showers and me a shave. will go to the dump station early in the morning to dump our sewage and top up our fresh water tank before it gets too busy. And if I am done in good time will get our tow bar serviced, if not another day.
afternoon sunny and warm,
enough to give us a full charge by noon today 
      Then before we knew it time for happy hour at 3:30 always a fun time sharing more stories and getting to know each other.
another fun happy hour sharing more stories
and a few laughs as well
this be my trivet, for the meatloaf tonight
keeps the meat loaf from burning n the bottom
         By 5 pm we headed home to whip up our suppers,  Tonight we are having a ground turkey meatloaf on our Weber Q to go with our salad.    
meatloaf ready to go
    While it was roasting away, I made our salad, read a bit more and watching the sunset, such as it was.
this was it for tonight's sunset
about 2 hours our meatloaf was done perfectly 
tasty? yup and meatloaf sandwiches for lunches
     Just an wonderful relaxing Sunday enjoying the weather and fun times with friends. Thanks for dropping on by and hope y'all had a wonderful Sunday as well,
      Our  solar eclipse is actually supposed to happen tonight , I goofed in yesterday's posting this is the schedule for it, But with tonight's cloud cover does not look promising. If I get a picture I will post in tomorrow.

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 Where have we been this Winter?

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Rv show, the big tent, sunshine and more friends from Rock Glen Resort in Ontario Canada. Rock Glen resort Quartzsite !

Where are we today ?
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      The beginning of another fine desert day. Clear sunny skies on their way. After my first early morning walkabout for a mile was back home computing a bit more then we headed off to the Quartzsite, Sports, Vacation and RV show about 8:15 am, parked beside Bill, Patsy Rob and Pat, the show opens at 9am.
     So I wandered about the parking lot and checked with Roadmaster about taking our Tow bar in for service.
         Back again and heading to get in line for the one entrance, when this Lady steps out a display trailer and Says "Hi George" . Here I think do I know this lady does not look familiar. She says My name is Jody from Alberta Canada and reads your blog but does not comment. We chatted for quite a while then Suzie came along and she said Hi Suzie. too funny. I know a lot of people read but don't comment because with maybe 10-15 comments a  day and 1,500 or more page views every day there is a lot of readers that don't comment. What a super lady she is. Then Bill and Patsy, Tom and Deb  came by and she reads their blogs as well.
met with Jody a blog follower from Alberta Canada
            Well the gates opened and the hordes descended into the tent, so we made our way through checking to see if anything was new. Not so much but have a good overview  and will get back again at some point when not so busy.
walking the parking lots before the gates opened
I check out the Roadmaster service truck to see when
we can take our tow bar to be serviced.
Redland  busy working on coaches
lots of rigs on display for sale
     Now we head into the tent with the hordes of people, Wandering about to see if anything has changed or is new. Not much so did not take us long.
 a cool electric bike
still selling overpriced bamboo pillows
 we made our way through the crowds
 a hot tub for your RV?
        Then we wandered about the outside vendors , nothing exciting here but warm in the sunshine.
        This display below had a wonderful looking rig, love the paint job.
           With all this food cooking we saw something different garlic fries, something we have not tried so we shared a large order (not cheap 8, bucks), but hey we did not buy anything else today so that was a tasty treat.
love the smell here of the chicken and turkey legs cooking
love their turkey legs but not today
           We saw what we wanted today and were back home to peace and quiet shortly after 10:30 am. Had a light tasty lunch then I took a cruise  around the desert here. I do like to explore at this time of year, always something new.
love this retro trailer, they an old trick to match
not here right now
       Not far from here I checked our all the Entegra motorhomes that can in yesterday here for a rally or whatever and all the rainbow flags on most units, interesting. 
    Then I came across this TINY HOUSE. that is too cool as well, below.
     Back home we enjoyed some wonderful afternoon sunshine reading our page turners, , The fresh air and sunshine here in the desert is what we are here for.
    Soon time for happy hour with our friends, and we had company for a bit friends of  Tom and Debs for a while. Nice to meet their friends from Michigan  camped not too far from us.
       Now we having fun chatting I got a phone  call from our friends from Rock glen resort in Ontario Kim and Ken . So I whipped down the road to show them the way here. And they joined us for Happy Hour. They know the routine. Now once again we have 4 Canadian couples here from our home Park,  Rock Glen resort, Getting together in the Quartzsite desert!
Kim and Ken
     Shortly after 5 pm cooling down so we all head on home to whip up our own dinners. As the sun is setting.
      For our supper tonight I am going to grill a couple of Pollock fillets on our Weber Q, nicely spiced and oiled still frozen only 5 minutes a side, These were amazing.
wonderfully tender
added to our salad was excellent
      Now tonight going to be an eclipse , but now after 8: 30 pm and nothing happening yet so guess we gonna miss it, maybe you might see it.
this was close as we got
        After a fun desert day, with the crowds and friends time to soon call it a night. Thanks for stopping on by.

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 Where have we been this Winter?