Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Now this is what we are here for, quiet sunny days.

Where are we today
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        We had a pretty cold night last night (30f at 5 am) but we toasty warm under  our 100 lb comforter that Suzie has had forever. This is the coldest night for a few weeks or maybe longer.
         But as the sun came up the temperature rises and makes for a perfect day. Got a nice 1 mile walkabout done before 8 am enjoying the quiet morning and the moon setting in the west and sunrise to the east.
moon setting is excellent today 
just before the sunrise
      Before my walkabout I put on a large pot of water on to boil the chicken bones that we have, to make a tasty broth for some chicken noodle soup (love homemade soup !) We shared some with Gerry and Melinda just because I made so much. Love soup for lunch.
        After lunch I wandered about this area exploring and what did I come across? The area where these people (below) hang out. Very secluded and no I did not go in to check them out. Always wondered where the were now I know.
time to turn around and head back home
       Again got some wonderful relaxing reading time done on our e-readers . Even though it was only 60f the sunshine made it feel much warmer. So it was shorts, t-shirts and sandals for most of the afternoon.
       About 3:30 it is now Beer 30 so joined Gerry, Melinda and Tucker for Happy hour. Chat with them share stories and had a nice social time together.
love this area and I think they do too 
do need some shade from the intense desert sun
         Soon time to fire up our Weber Q, grill a turkey burger for Suzie and a hot sausage burger for me. They have the hot sausage at the Quartzsite market. Very tasty.
perfect once again
      The days just flow on by even when we have nothing to do. Never a dull moment and no excitement needed for us.
      Thanks for taking the time to take a peak. And hope your day was wonderful too.
Where have we been this Winter

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Warmer in the sunshine and out of the wind, we loving it. And the company it wondereful

Where are we today
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         Now this is much better weather here in the desert. Slept later this morning until almost 6 am felt like I missed part of the day! So quick email checks and when the sun came up I was to for a nice desert walkabout.
sunrise over the mountains
love the quiet mornings
    I took Gerry for a tour about town this morning and gave him a few tips, we did manage to pick up some needed items as well.
   Made a light lunch for us and took a short drive around this desert area. So many different sights to see.
this guy had 15 solar panels on a trailer
behind his coach now that is a lot
of power, not counting the money
     Another wonderful sunny afternoon, temp got to 60f but with the sun and no wind was wonderful, shorts, t-shirts and sandals was more than welcome.
love the desert views where we are
enjoying the warm sunshine
and our e-readers
      Then about 3:30 Gerry, Melinda and Tucker came by to Happy Hour. We chatted and discussed this amazing lifestyle they are experiencing and enjoyed their company.
Doggie fix for Susie
Tucker loves Suzie
Happy hour snacks
and some treats for
Tucker too.
         While we chatted our 5 lb chicken cooked away on our Weber Q 100 just smelling wonderful. Low and slow is the trick. By 5 pm it was done so I whipped up a salad too go with it and we had a feast. Lotsa leftovers plus and pot of chicken soup in the makings tomorrow as well. For the recipe click HERE or my recipe blog to right sidebar.
done to perfection
tender and juicy inside
crispy skin
we do love our chicken
        Just another one of many desert days here in the south west desert. Enjoying the warm sunshine, no humidity, no bugs, no crowds and no traffic. And spending time with friends.
       Thanks again for joining us here and if you are around send us a message and look us up.

Where have we been this Winter

Monday, November 28, 2016

Now at the LTVA in La Posa south for a couple weeks, and meeting up with good friends for Ontario no their first Rv trip to the southwest.

Where are we today
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       After last nights rain and wind this morning was not too bad at all. The desert drying up nicely and sun shining still cool but this was just wonderful. Enjoyed another wonderful desert sunrise here at Dome Rock, then I headed on out for a few supplies.
desert sunrise awesome
       I made an early grocery run to Blythe California at 7:30 to stock up with a few items and home by 9am. Had my shower and we secured the coach to move from the free BLM area to La Posa South LTVA. We have been boon docking now for 12 days and soon need to dump our sewage, fill our fresh water and dispose of our garbage. So the $40.00 for 2 weeks works for us. Besides we have friends coming in here today as well. 
     We got all nicely set up in a very nice desert area here after the dump station and filling our water. Just before they called to say they were in town.
circular driveway
and nice rock garden
this site made for us Canadians
       We met with Gerry, Melinda and Tucker (of Tucker's Adventures) at the Chevon service centre on the east end of Quartzsite. To show them where we are camped and help them get set up. Their first year retired and rving to the southwest. We know them from Rock Glen Resort.
Tucker is glad to see Suzie again
or maybe it is the other way around
now to relax and get off the road
       A short while later we dropped by John and Barbs for a short "Happy Hour" .
      Then headed off to Silly Al's for Pizza, we really do love their Pizza. And everyone else agrees too.
we hungry and enjoying it
loving this and of course we have left overs
medium pizza
they have an open kitchen
that you can see them
stretching the pizza doughs
          Then back here to home dirt, chat for a bit enjoy a nice desert sunset as it cools down and call it a night.
La Posa South Sunset
       Just another wonderful desert day in the southwest and meeting up with friends again, sunny day and not much wind plus warmer weather. What's not to love about that?
       Thanks for stopping by and if you in the area look us up.
Where have we been this Winter

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday cooler, very windy and even some rain...

Where are we today
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          Much warmer last night after a very windy one. 50f at 5 am and warmed up nicely by 7:30 when the sun came out, but only got to 64f today. But before noon the winds picked up pretty major steady at 25 mph and gusts to 45 mph with some dust in the distance.
           We did enjoy some outside reading sheltered from the wind and about 4 o'clock we began to have a bit of rain. Not hard rains just enough to keep the dust down.
          Sure glad we were not on the highways today I-10 was very heavy traffic whenever I drove into town the lineups coming off the highway backed up all the way down the ramps. Most coming into town for fuel. They were lined up at all the gas stations in town. Cheapest fuel this side of California.
you have to go to Silly Al's for their Pizza
it is excellent
a bit of dust over yonder
this afternoon
even a faint rainbow
after a bit
1/2 inch rain, drops 1/2 inch apart 
kinda not so nice
        Well with the high winds and rain was not going to fire up our Weber Q. So whipped up a salad and cooked some of our Turkey Garlic sausage in the fry pan, that we brought from home and added the leftover sauerkraut from our ribs the other night.
       In all our 10 years coming here we can count on one hand all the times it has rained here. Let's hope this is not the trend for this winter. It will be cool for the next while but as long as the sun is shining and we can stay out of the wind it feels wonderful.
       And the addition of our 2nd solar panel sure does make a big difference. We now have 230 watts of power and even overcast for a while our batteries did get a full charge today.
      Glad that y'all took the time to stop by.
Where have we been this Winter

Saturday, November 26, 2016

A wonderful Saturday in the desert.

Where are we today
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        The weather is cooling down now but still not too bad. High of 70 f today but felt cooler with no humidity, no sunshine and a cool sw wind about 15 mph as well as overcast all day. So no awning was needed but we did get some wonderful walkabouts the desert dirt here and puttered around.
not far from us
so much open space
is what we love
love the peaceful
times before it gets busy
       Best part was much more reading on our e-readers (and our time together), sheltered from the breeze outside, now this is what we enjoy. No need to tour around much we have seen most of the sights in the area over the years, but will maybe check out a few things at some point this winter.
overcast all day
which is rare
cozy here with no breeze
         Soon time to fire up our Weber Q to pan fry a couple cod fillets with our fish crispy breading. Added to a  fresh made salad for a very heart healthy supper.
so tasty
and hit the spot
about 5:30 another wonderful
desert sunset
        Just another wonderful day here at home dirt. Nothing we need to do other than enjoy this much milder weather than back home and the amazing scenery that we love (plus the free camping). This area is not for everyone but we prefer it much more than the other options of Texas, the Gulf coast or Florida. (been there done that) and will keep heading this way as long as we can.
        Thanks for stopping on by.
Where have we been this Winter

Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday, and no deals we need to look for, peace and quite is wonderful !

Where are we today ?
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      Was cooler again last night, 43 f at 5 am but when the sun came up shortly after 7 temperatures began to climb, it will be getting cooler here soon. It did get to 70 f today and was perfect on the sunny side of our coach. Shorts, t shirts and sandals again. That's what we love about this area of the desert.
another wonderful desert sunrise
       Did a short drive about town and stopped by a few vendors to check prices, something that you need to do here in the Q.
      Stopped by Solar Bills and still don't much care for them there, lots of stuff but most of it is not priced, hmm.. But they do have some colourful parrots outside to enjoy.
       Then most of the day we just enjoyed this great weather, a few walkabouts, light lunch a few hours enjoying our e-readers. This is what we like about the area. So relaxing and we can get out if we wish, but will be here for a while (free camping!) we have seen most of the sights in this area already. Besides it is Black Friday and the traffic on the highways is not something we need to deal with. No bargains wanted here. We have everything we need, if we need it we buy it.
this was our afternoon little
piece of heaven
so nice and peaceful here other than
a few atv's that wander by
no problem for us
glazing the ribs on the Q
oh so tasty
      That was our fun/relaxing desert day, and looking to so many more.
      Thanks for stopping by and if you are in the area look us up.

Where have we been this Winter