Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

new years eve together 2020

Where are we today?
Stratford Ontario clic
 a pic  enlarge it

Boy did I get a good sleep l last night not sure if it was change in the meds or what but did sleep until 8:30 this morning! Well rested for sure. I was late to visit Michael in the kitchen so he brought me my breakfast. My they sure do spoil me here. Suzie got here 10 and we enjoyed a light lunch together and a New Year ever together. She even packed a bag so she can sleep over. We can welcome in 2020 together. Maybe a bit earlier than midnight but at least we can welcome the new year both in one place together. Now another change in my Meds to get off the needle for pain control.

We ordered supper tonight from Montanas steak house in town. Mainly because we have a lot of prepaid coupons for meals from there   and a few other places as well her in town. I ordered  a small Caesar salad fries Baked beans and fall off the bone ribs with Chipotle BBQ Sauce. The doctor had brought in some CBD medical marijuana (Legal in Canada), for me to try and get my system used to it and get off the morphine. Take care of the pain and help me sleep.  It has good reviews so will give this a shot. Slowly get the pain controlled in my system. Now a relaxing evening together watching a bit of TV something we have not done for a couple of months. We sure do miss then times together whether it be here or it be here or anyplace being together is something we both really enjoy.
      Happy New year to all our family and friends hope y'all have a great New Years eve and a healthy Happy 2020.
fresh snow out there today
Michael makes some great soups
a chicken drum stick for lunch
this came in today maybe a party later
more snow coming

Charlize hiding behind her brother
nothin like an OV
Happy Hour brew was tasty

Jess and the family came for a visit today as well. Then after they left Suzie picked up dinner

Buttermilk Country Chicken, garlic mashed potatoes and vegs on the left. Pork back ribs, fries and baked beans on the right. From Montanas Steak house
Winking at Jess
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Monday, December 30, 2019

Mon Dec 30th another great day .

Where are we today? 
Stratford Ontario
       Had not too bad of a  sleep last night but did have a few pain issues off and on as my pain meds  increased slightly. This is part of the progression of this cancer setting in and getting worse. The main goal is to keep me pain free and it is being regulated on an on going basis.
Finally got up at 6:30 am feeling well rested, a good thing. and pain free.
Cheese Dream
Got some cereal juice and coffee into me the down to the kitchen chat with Micheal for a while and he suggested a cheese dream for a later breaky, tasty as always bacon on top of the cheese melted under the broiler.
Most of the snow is meltedˆ

The just before 11 am Suzie arrived with a few pieces of spicy chicken for my lunches or suppers, right off the deli counter at Zehr's now a relaxing afternoon snoozing and chatting and some reading,  just because we can.
Pizza and chicken for lunch

Meatballs, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas and salad
  Not sure how many more postings I can do. Suzie has been doing most of these, my eye sight not so good anymore and I am finding it hard to focus on the computer screen and concentrate even the photos having frustrating issues with. So far we are hanging in there and New Years eve is here tomorrow. One more day I had set my sites on and we are making our way down this winding road. I am still reading most blogs even if I don't make a comment.

 Still smiling and enjoying everyday to the fullest.

One Day at a time

And want to thank y'all for dropping on by  to say HI.  hope you ha a great day as well.

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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Family Christmas

Where are we today?
Stratford, Ontario

Not every good sleep last night but made up finally about 8 am this morning.

Here we are again, still very tired. A resting day is in order after all that Family fun we enjoyed.

PC optimum points this week we now have 52,000 points at many of these Loblaws store, groceries clothing etc. That is $50.00 worth of FREE items just for buying $300.00 of gift certificates to use for our Christmas dinner at Swiss Chalet. These were available this week from No Frills, so Suzie picked up $300.00 worth of gift cards.
   So all 15 of us enjoyed a feast of rotisserie chicken potatoes dipping sauce,.

George & Jessica

Tasty beer today
A whole selection was brought, thanks guys.

The whole family
oh so tasty
 My meal was quarter chicken, white meat with french fries, cranberry sauce, dressing, chalet sauce, roll and butter and Lindor chocolates.

Triffle, made by Kim
thus truffle is awesome
My favourite beer, Old Vienna
all around the table enjoying a good feast
working on the puzzle

Neko relaxing
the family is all here
Suzie's present a pillow
 pillow  for Suzie
More desserts

a sunset happening
Jane and Reid

Suzie and Andrew
bonu truffle came with our dinners

Ken and Neko

Jessica and Lincoln
me and Jess
Alex and Neko
Neko and Charlize
Suzie and I
Thank y all for dropping by and having a visit with us.

One Day At A Time

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Saturday, December 28, 2019

dec 28th

Where are we today?
Stratford Ontario 

One more decent sleep last night and needed it with yet another busy day planned right here.
No pictures today just way too tired, probably work on those in the morning. Suzie arrived about 11 am then kids all arrived by 1 pm ordered in Swiss Chalet rotisserie chicken festive meals for 15 of us included cranberry sauce, chalet sauce, fresh rolls, butter fries, baked potatoes and sour cream. A real feast for us at a reasonable price. Will tell you more tomorrow.


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Friday, December 27, 2019

Friday visit

Where are we today? 
Stratford Ontario
After a restless night I finally woke at 6 am, still feeling tired probably left over strained muscles from Saturday's adventures rolling about on the floor.
    We had already decided today was a recover day left to allow the sore sore muscles heal themselves and there is a few. So taking it easy Suzie arrived about 10 am met with the house doctor like usual on Fridays discussed my conditions and meds and about my fall yesterday checked my over and all is good. Then met at 11 am with Kate the administrator regarding day etc. overnight is not an option at this point and we agreed I am not fit for anything like that now or maybe never time will tell.
     Soon time for lunch for I enjoyed some left over Chinese food and an egg salad sandwich hit the spot. Then time for a shower and a shave making me feel brand new and squeaky clean once again.
  Relax for while chat with Suzie some reading and computing a cold one for Happy hour, with crackers and cheese made for a wonderful afternoon together.  About 4 pm Suzie headed home for a cold one as well. Supper came at 5 pm as usual and I was ready for it. Salad and hot sauce standing by me ready. Then a tasty supper meat pie potato wedges and my salad for a tasty feast once again. So I have up finished this posting and called it a night. We have a busy day tomorrow so a good sleep tonight is in order.
  We will call it a night and thank y'all for dropping by. Hope you had a wonderful day as well.
     Somehow I imported my pictures and could not find them, so gave up, gonna call it a night, need our rest having another busy day tomorrow.

Thank y'all again for checking us out and hope you had a great one as well.

   Keep on smiling One day a a time.

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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas day at home parrt 2 and an ooppsy.

Where are we today?
a decent sleep last night

After a busy tiring day yesterday. Now a little more about yesterday at home.

After these wonderful nurses below greeting Me Merry Christmas. Suzie arrived I got my meds before noon and into the car for nice drive to our  apartment love the fresh air! only 6 minutes away.

     So nice to see it again in person after about 2 months. Looked around and checked out some pictures to hang, relaxed in my recliner for a bit then set  toward preparing dinner for later our Garlic shrimp .pasta. a tasty easy dish to prepare that recipe right HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar.
this was so try tasty and easy
2 of my amazing Nurses here always smiling dressed for Christmas
     We spent the afternoon making and enjoying the great meal but then time to head back to the hospice round 4 pm, for the evening. We are both tuckered out.  Before we left I was standing in the kitchen  going to take another picture holding onto my walker hand in pocket for my cameras and lost my balance and landed on the floor, OOPPS! Not hurt at all but the issue now was to get up off the floor.

     With weak arms and legs this is a problem, so about 45 minutes later with a few props, stool and chair finally got up. Again, nothing hurt but my pride after flopping around on the floor like a fish out of water trying to figure out this dilemma.  Flopping around, must been a sight to see. Eventually standing getting onto my walker and the old man shuffle down the hall and into the car again. Back to here at the hospice was greeted with my wheelchair and back to my room. Of course I had to report this incident to the nurses so now cannot do anything without them by my side. Again this visit home sure was fun and also a trip run to see how I made out, realizing that I am not ready to wander unassisted and too week yet arms and legs to move about safely.  Glad we learnt now so have another goal to work on strength for those muscles, I do have the lightweight equipment at home to work those muscles. Suzie will bring it in tomorrow for me.

When we got home found out they had steak for dinner and offered me some, so a small tasting did the trick and it was very tasty as well tender tasty steak dinner.
Suzie arrived about 10 this morning and we talked a bit, go for lunch today a treat I enjoyed have not had for awhile 2 pogos with mustard hit he spot today. Now a relaxing quiet afternoon for a while and enjoy together. A couple of  pogos I enjoyed for lunch was a tasty treat.

After Lunch Daughter # 2 came for a nice visit, we always enjoy their company and 2 of the grands love to see the growing an changing at a you age.

After they headed home my supper was not far behind them. Supper arrived after a tasty IPA for Happy Hour.  Enjoyed my dinner finished this posting and called it a night do another good sleep is in order

Glad that you dropped on by,

One Day At A Time

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