Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, August 02, 2009

August 2009

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At Rock Glen Resort in Arkona , Ontario

Mon. Aug. 31st.
Beautiful sunny warm day 80f (25c). Bronchitis clearing up and back is brand new, feel like a new man! Walkabout for a bit and generally outside puttering about all day. The afternoon we read for a while and chatted with a few neighbours. Then BBQ'd smoked pork chops for supper and a rice pilaf. Afterwards I noticed Forest (neighbour) starting a small campfire, so we grabbed our chairs and wandered over to say hi. He was just burning up a bit of scrap wood. Before we knew it there was 14 people there so he added more wood and we had a great time sitting around the fire telling stories on a lovely clear night.

Sun. Aug. 30th
"On the Road Again"
We had our coffee and watched the news on tv this morning, taking our time packing up to move. On the road at 9.45 am heading to Rock Glen Resort in Arkona. The weather was good for driving and no traffic problems (the nice thing about travelling sunday morning). Stopping for lunch at a picnic area on the 401. We checked fuel prices (Gas ) and as usual found Stratford .10 cents a litre cheaper than most of Ontario (.89.9) so we made a point of stopping there for fuel (210 litres). Carrying on we arrived at the Resort at 3.00 pm and set-up camp, enjoying the bright, sunny 70f (22c) weather. Supper was the rest of the delicious pasta dinner with chicken and beef, generously given to us the other evening by Ron and Karen.

At Galvin Bay resort near Buckhorn Ontario

Sat. Aug. 29th
Cold and damp most of the day, raining off and on. We puttered around for a bit and relaxed enjoying the peacefullness. At 3.30 today it was our turn for happy hour, ( the rain stopped, sun came out and got warmer!!) so I BBQ'd some garlic sausage and chicken wings to nibble on and were joined by 3 other couples for a while, chatting and exchanging travel tips etc. After this we had a snack for supper then watched a bit of tv before turning in for the night.

Fri. Aug. 28th
Cooler and overcast today 65f (16c) and I feel lots better. I went for a walkabout a couple of times making sure to keep myself warm, I relaxed inside mostly until neighbours invited us for happy hour at 3.30pm. We chatted for a bit then home for some left over chinese food for supper and a movie on tv. Too cool to sit outside.

Thurs. Aug. 27th
Today we had along day. I have had cough for a couple weeks and it was getting worse with a fever, so we decided to go to Lindsay Hospital and have it checked out. (supposed to be less waiting time than Peterboro Hospital).Only 1 hour away so off we went at 12.30pm got there at 1.30pm and began waiting. Finally at 5.30 got from the waiting room into emerg. bed, at least I could lay down. Good thing that we had brought our books to read. Suzie walked across the street to get a snack from Wendys as the cafeteria and snack bar were now closed and we had not eaten. By this time there had been a hug car accident so all doctors were called away. Finally at 7.30pm the doctor checked me out , sent me for an xray and prescribed some antibiotics and an inhaler. He said I had bronchitis so the inhaler to breath easier and antibiotics to fix me up. This all came from a sinus infection from hayfever.
We returned to the campground at and our friends Ron and Karen had prepared a huge pasta dinner for us just waiting for us to arrive, what a nice surprise.
Followed by a nice campfire, camping is awesome!!

Wed. Aug. 26th
First thing in the morning it was raining but it was supposed to clear up by 11.00am, so we packed a lunch and headed off to visit Jim Cooper (on old family friend from way back). This will be the 3rd year in a row that we have visited with him. He has a very nice remote cottage almost impossible to find without detailed instructions. It is near to Highland Grove on Deer lake. The path into his place is shared by 3 other cottages and is 0.8 kms (1/2 mile) long thru heavy bush.
We sat in his front porch and chatted for a while then a bite to eat for lunch and a nice boat ride all around the lake, with very interesting history and information about the area, which he has been coming to since the 1930's or so. He showed us about his property a bit and we watched his one neighbour with the small children playing in the water. A few trees on his property have been well used by the pileated woodpecker with amazing large holes in them. He has put some tar in them to attempt to save the trees.
The Pileated Woodpecker measures in at 40-49 cm (16-19 in), with a wingspan of 66-75 cm (26-30 in) and a weight of 250-350 grams. The Pileated Woodpecker is nearly as large as a crow.
After an enjoyable visit we headed home about 3.30pm to find our friends Ron & Karen there, so we visited for a short while before supper of Chinese food from Buckhorn. No feeling great so to bed early.
Wed Pics

Tues. Aug. 25th
Sunny and hot today around 80f (26c) just the way summer should be. I went to Lakefield did laundry and washed the car after lunch. Returned home and we sat in the shade and read for a while until we were invited for a "Happy Hour" with snacks and refreshments at Bill & Joan's place accompanied by Pat & Norm, 2 couples we have not seen for about 2 years . It was a nice time to catch up. After this we returned home for a supper of a hot chicken sandwich with egg noodles and veggies. With fresh peaches and ice cream for desert.

Mon. Aug. 24th
Nice sunny day and quiet. We puttered around a bit today and did some reading outside. A few new neighbours pulled in to replace the ones that left. We chatted with a some of them and after a nice supper of a BBQ'd back bacon roast, mashed potatoes and veggies we joined their huge campfire for a while and shared some interesting stories.

Sun. Aug. 23rd.
Lightly overcast this morning about 66f (18c). All of our friends were packing up to return back home after their holiday. The week went so quickly as most holidays do, so much to to and so little time. We all said our good byes promising to meet up again soon. By 11:30am everyone was gone and we sat outside for a while reading after a bite to eat for lunch. The afternoon we spent relaxing in front of the TV with a movie and short snooze after such a busy week. Then a walkabout the resort before I picked up a rotisserie chicken at the Bakery in Buckhorn to enjoy with homemade fries and Swiss Chalet dipping sauce for supper. Read outside for a bit then a sunday night movie, something we have not done for quite sometime.

Sitting by the fire is always fun.

Sat. Aug. 22nd
Another nice day today. At noon our friends Dave & Shari-lynn from Oshawa arrived with their van conversion to camp with us for the night. We met them quite a few years ago at Rock Lake campground in Algonquin park. After a nice afternoon of catching up we had a delicious supper of pork chops, steak, chicken, potatoes, cesar salad and garlic bread. Then we all enjoyed the last campfire of the week for many hours, between the occasional rain sprinkle.
Sat. Pics

Fri. Aug. 21st
Again today 70% chance of thunderstorms, well we only had the 30% of sunshine all day today, so what does the weatherman know anyway. We puttered around most of the day, a bit of a walkabout, reading, computing etc..... Then BBQ'd a nice prime rib steak, baked potato and caesar salad for supper. Then another nice campfire with the neighbours.

Thurs. Aug 20th
Well today was supposed to rain (20% sunshine) and we had the 20% sunshine all day long until about 8.00pm so it worked out pretty well. John managed to get a used distributor for his boat and made the repair, it now runs better than ever. A bunch of the kids went to Sandy Beach for a while in the hot afternoon and all had returned for the FISH FRY. We started with a huge pot of Bills famous chowder then John and I did the cooking in the huge fryer, more than 100 small fish fillets, sweet potato fries, regular steak cut fries, chicken fingers, onion rings, battered mushrooms and Caesar salad and chicken wing dip. More than enough food to feed over a dozen people, even a few neighbours were invited.
After supper a bunch then went out fishing and we started a fire, but the weather began to change, the sky got dark, winds picked up and we were told about a severe weather warning, even a tornado watch. So we began to put stuff away and secure things, roll up awnings and keep an eye on the weather. The fishermen returned and we sat outside under Bills awning for a while watching the storm as it passed thru our area. Thankfully no tornado but some heavy winds and rain. Then around 9.00pm we retired for an early evening and to dry off.
Thurs. Pics.

Wed. Aug. 19th
Another warm sunny day. Kinda hanging out for most of the day, chat with a few neighbours, read, compute then supper of BBQ'd chicken breasts, squash and potato salad. A bunch of the kids went out in John's boat, swimming and wakeboarding, until boat broke. So they had the boat towed back to the dock and came back early for a nice campfire with the whole bunch of us and Suzie even cooked a spider dog and toasted a Giant Marshmallow as well.

Tues. Aug.18th
Overcast most of today, but still nice and warm. We puttered around most of the day and 9 of us went to Boston Pizza in Peterborough for an early supper. Afterwards returning to camp John, Bill & Billy went fishing for a bit more than 1 hour and came back at dark with a lot of fish for the fish fry!! Then we sat by a nice campfire and chatted for a while.
Tues. Pics

Mon. Aug. 17th
A good nights sleep and a nice warm morning. Today about 88f (32c) feels like 38c (100f) again. Steve and I went to town for groceries, then back home for a refreshing swim in the pool. We installed some plexiglass on Bill and Barbs screen door, making the door more useful.
About 3.30pm my sister and brother-in-law stopped by for a nice visit and stayed long enough to enjoy a thunderstorm, with wind and lightening from about 5.oopm to 5.20pm. Then all cleared up. For supper we had some nice BBQ'd garlic sausage on a bun with potato salad. Afterwards we sat out and chatted with the neighbours and around a campfire. A bunch of them went out fishing and came back with about a dozen huge fish, should be enough for the fish fry.

Sun August 16th

Another good night, then up in the morning, visit with our party hosts for a bit then on the road by 10.00am heading to Galvin Bay resort. Another very hot day about 34c (90f) with a humidex about 100f
We arrived about 1.00pm and visited with Bill, Barb, Steve, Barb, John, Wendy, Billy, Anna and Austin, for the rest of the day, friends from Hamilton and New York who are here for a week. Sharing a pile of left over spare ribs, with all yummy.

In Plattsville for two nights.

Sat. Aug. 15th
We had a good nights sleep and up early at the garage. We chatted with some of the local people for a while then drove to New Hamburg for a few items. Back home we checked with Barry who was having a R & R ( Rum & Ribs) party saturday night. He advised we move our coach there early as a lot of cars will be blocking the street later on. So we parked in his driveway then went to visit daughter Jessica, Jay and our 2 grandsons in Drumbo for a while and give Lincoln his birthday gifts a little late. Back to Plattsville for the R & R.
Barry has done this for a few years now and has won the famous hat, (straw hat with a pig on it) for 2 years now. The challenge is to dethrone the champion. With 200 lbs of pork ribs distributed to 8 different people to cook and compete. The rules are basic you must cook the ribs on the BBQ, no boiling and not in the oven. They will be presented to the 4 judges at 5.00pm for the offical taste test and the hat will be awarded for the best ribs rated on a 25 point system. This is a pot luck dinner so bring a dish and $5.00 per person, and enjoy. With about 75 people there and lotsa kids a good time was had by all, sprinkler running to cool things down a bit in the 100f weather and not much shade. Also was 8 huge containers of Rum punch which was voted on by the masses and the winner receiving a 2009 winners plaque. A great time was had by all.
Sat pics.

Fri. Aug. 14th
Another hot humid day, summer yeah!! We got ready to be mobile and headed into Plattsville (Pettigrew's Garage) for some maintenance work on our coach, replace all the rad hoses, and flush the system put in new antifreeze. I saw a few people in town I knew and chatted for a while. Later we went to Pecks for some great wings, then walked about town for a while after supper and stopped to have a nice chat with Jean Brown an old neighbour. Then back home for a relaxing evening. Will park at Pettigrews until sunday morning.

We are at the farm in New Hamburg for a week

Thurs. Aug. 13th
Bright and sunny, hot day. I cleaned the 3 vent covers on our roof and refreshed most of the exterior caulking. Now this job consumed most of my day, but something that needed to be done. Sure is nice to be able to adjust my busy schedule to allow for these maintenance projects. Following this I made supper of pan fried shrimp, fried fish (crappy and perch donated by a good friend Ron), caesar salad and pork and beans. Then we sat on the porch and watched a beautiful sunset.

Wed. Aug. 12th
Overcast this morning but warm 70f (20c). We puttered around a bit then went to Waterloo to have lunch with my mother, adjust her computer, and check out the repairs to her sun room, a nice visit. Back at the farm I worked on installing new sewer vent covers on the roof of our coach, while Suzie helped her mother making a huge batch of pickles. Then after chores at the farm I got a ride with Dennis and Sandy into town for a nice roast pork supper with sausage, mashed, corn and coleslaw and peaches for desert.

Tues. Aug. 11th
We had more rain overnight, but was nice and warm in the morning. We packed up the coach and drove to Sicard's Rv in Smithville to pick up our new mattress that we had ordered and settle our credit account. While there a helicopter landed at the rear of the lot, apparently a customer who also owns a coach. Then shortly afterward took off on his way. It was a good day for a drive and when I returned home washed our coach again. Then we enjoyed a nice spaghetti supper with homemade sauce and a tossed salad.
Tues. Pics

Mon. Aug. 10th
Bright sunny and warm today after the rains. At 8:30 am Larry of Auto Trim Design arrived at the farm to install the new graphics he made for our coach. 4 hours later he was done and did a fantastic job, looks like a new coach. In the afternoon I finished waxing our coach, and then relaxed for a bit in the shade, before supper of BBQ'd sausage, scalloped potatoes, corn on the cob and a salad, then sit outside for a while, before turning in for the evening.
Mon. Pics

Sun. Aug.9th
Early morning was warm 70f (22c). M
ajor thunderstorms came in around 11.30am with thunder, lightening and very heavy rainfall. We had a nice lunch of bone-in ham, scalloped potatoes and fresh corn on the cob. The ham supplied by Dennis and Sandy's daughter Stacey and her husband Mark. After lunch the rain stopped, the temperature climbed to 90f (32c) and with the humidity it felt like 106f (44c), quite humid and sticky. We enjoyed the shade and a light breeze reading for a while until Suzie's parents and Aunt and Uncle dropped by for a visit and sat outside chatting , then some of my homemade ham soup and fresh fruit for desert.
Sun. Pics

Sat. Aug.8th

We had coffee and visited with my daughter and grandkids then packed up and hit the road by 9.00am heading to the farm in New Hamburg. We arrived shortly after 11.00am and got set up before the rain. We puttered around for while then left with brother and sister in-law to Suzies' cousin Tim's 50th birthday party at the Tavistock Optimist Park at 5.30pm. Everbody had a great time with lots of food, drink and socializing. And a very heavy rainfall most of the night, Thank goodness for the pavilion.
Sat Pics

In Aurora for a few days

Fri. Aug. 7th
Sunny and cooler about 70f (20c) but still nice today. We relaxed and puttered around in the morning then drove to Barrie to visit niece Rosyln and her husband Matt for a while. They recently had identical twin girls that are doing fine but still too tiny to come home. We did not get to see the twins but had a nice visit nonetheless. We returned to Aurora and I took the carpet from Kim's SUV to the car wash and power washed it, looks quite a bit better now.
Then for Andrew's 3rd birthday dinner with 2 sets of grandparents and his Uncle Bunny and Jane. We enjoyed the BBQ'd souvlaki, potatoes and salad, then the ice cream birthday cake made by his 5 yr old brother Alex. Followed by the opening of all the gifts, a good time was had by all.

Thurs. Aug. 6th
A nice sunny warm day today again. Our internet was not working this morning so we contacted I-Coach in Lindsay, and I took a quick drive there to have the problem solved (a defective power supply). Then back to Aurora we puttered around a bit.
My daughter got home from work and informed me not to put olive oil in your car, as she did earlier today, this large glass bottled explored in the back of her SUV (from the heat) giving me challenge to attempt to get it out of the carpet.
Later Kim and Brian took us and the boys for a delicious supper at the Golf and Country club, mostly wings for us and pizza for Alex and Andrew (the birthday boy) a grilled cheese. Followed by back home we played with boys a bit then off to bed.

Wed. Aug. 5th
We left Rock Glen at 11.00am, fueled up the coach and car in Stratford (only .90.9 cents a litre, .99.9 everywhere else, a big difference when we put in 200 litres ) then stopped at the funeral home in New Hamburg, visitation for an old neighbour at the farm who passed away. Then we carried on to my daughter's house in Aurora arriving at 4.30pm. We got set up in their driveway, and she cooked us alovely Thai dish with chicken, veggies and rice for supper. Afterwards we played with our grandsons for a while before retiring to our house in the driveway.

At Rock Glen Resort in Arkona

Tues. Aug. 4th
Bright ,sunny, hot and humid today. I went to Forrest for a few groceries in the morning, chatted with a few neighbours and puttered around for a while. Our insurance agent dropped by to renew our out of country insurance for the winter. The afternoon was to finish waxing our coach and read for a while in the shade. I prepared a nice supper of Salmon filets with dill sauce and brown rice and veggies to share with Jon and Angelo on our last night of camping together.

Mon. Aug. 3rd
Today is warm, windy and partly cloudy, but a nice summer day nonetheless. About 11.00am I began helping Angelo wash their trailer. We started with the roof, then sprayed the awning with a cleaner and rolled it up. Stopped for 1 hour for lunch then resumed at 1.00pm cleaned the awning, the rest of their trailer, even the truck, wrapping up at 3.00pm. We sat and read or while and relaxed then had an real tasty Authentic Italian Spaghetti supper with home made sauce, meatballs, salad and tasty breads with Jon, Angelo, Peter & Joni then chatted for a while afterwards on another warm evening.
Below is few pics of different areas of our resort, quite a busy weekend.

Sun. Aug. 2nd
A bit cooler today but still sunny. Relax a bit and a bit more waxing of our coach. We did a walkabout the campground and stopped for an ice cream at the store, chatting with a few campers. Then read for a while and BBQ'd a cornish hen with the last of our salads for supper. Afterwards we sat outside and chatted with a few new neighbours on another warm evening.

Sat. Aug. 1st
A beautiful warm sunny morning and about 80f (27c) most of the day and sunny. The campground is pretty full, only 5 sites left and only 1 with sewer hook-up. I did a bit of shopping early then we went to the craft sale at the clubhouse, chatted with numerous people then returned for BBQ'd hamburgers for lunch cooked by Wayne. (yummy). The afternoon was puttering about , chat with a few neighbours. Lots of children in the playgrounds and teens here for the teen dance tonight. Both pools were very busy all day. Supper was BBQ'd porkchops and salads. Then chat a bit with some neighbours and watched the kids pile on the wagon for the tour of the park, so many people they had to do 3 wagon rides. Another nice evening to sit out and enjoy the warm evening air.