Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

September 2009

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Notice the controls for this New Map on the left side, you can zoom into different areas of the map and see where we are. At Rock Glen Resort in Arkona Ontario
Wed. Sept. 30th More cool and rainy, about 50f (12c) most of the day. I drove to the Lab in Strathroy at 9.00am for some blood tests (part of a yearly checkup), then back home for a light lunch and compute for a while and a walkabout between raindrops in the afternoon. Supper was some leftover spaghetti casserole and lobster alfredo with a tossed salad and garlic bread. Then read for a while listening to the rain, very soothing and relaxing. Tues. Sept.29th Rain, rain all day today, cool and windy. We did some more research on the internet and had a light lunch. Afterwards took a drive into Strathroy and did some early Christmas shopping. We walked about a few stores for most of the afternoon and made our purchases, then decided to go to Crabby Joe's for supper ( wings for me and seafood pasta for Suzie), a rare treat for us. This we enjoyed then returned home to unpack our purchases and relax with a book before watching a bit of tv. (still raining). Mon. Sept. 28th Over cast windy and cool 52 f (12c) most of the day. We did some reading, computing and a bit of a walkabout, patiently planning and waiting for our trip south and some warmer weather. Supper was a hot beef sandwich with boiled potatoes, gravy and peas. Afterwards I went for a swim and a soak in the hot tub, then relaxed for the evening. Sun. Sept. 27th Supposed to rain all day today but not yet, so we drove to the Pinery Fleamarket in Grand bend and checked out the various vendors again. A nice day to look about and mostly sunshine. We purchased a few more books for our bookcase some fresh produce. Then sat in the beer garden and enjoyed a light lunch of a chicken burger and fresh cut fries refreshment and some good music by Brian Dale. We returned back home to sit outside in the shade, (no rain yet) and read for a while, followed by a nice supper of spaghetti casserole, tossed salad and garlic bread. Afterwards a few neighbours stopped by to chat and sit around our propane campfire for a while , before retiring for the night. Sat. Sept. 26th Mostly overcast today with a little drizzly rain here and there. I walked about a bit bit and stopped to watch a pro trim some trees. Real amazing to watch him swing about on ropes, safety harness, and tree spikes. He would tie off a section of a limb and with his chainsaw in one hand and a guiding rope in another cut off a section and lower it to the ground. He was doing this 20-30 feet above some trailers in the resort, just cleaning up some dead and dieing branches on a few trees. After lunch we did a walkabout checking out Jack & Dede's new park model trailer with a screened in sunporch and deck, very nice and spacious. We stopped by the clubhouse to purchase our 50/50 draw ticket (did not win), then stopped by for a visit with Mike & Trish and chatted for a while. We had met them here in July during our visit and they are quite interested in going fulltime like us, so have lots of questions to ask. Then we continued our walk home and cooked a nice pot roast for supper with roasted potatoes , carrots, gravy and yorkshire pudding. And remained inside on a cool damp evening. Fri. Sept. 25th My back was still a bit sore, so back the chiropractor in Grand Bend for a quick adjustment. Back home we had lunch , did laundry, puttered around a bit, gave myself a haircut (with Suzie's help), a walkabout and even went in the hot tub and swim for a bit to loosen up my back muscles. Then we sat in the shade for a while and read, about 85F (29c) before a nice supper of spaghetti, meat and mushroom sauce, tossed salad and garlic bread with cheese. Followed by a bit more reading until it got too dark (about 7.45pm now), before watching a movie on TV. Thurs. Sept. 24th Nice fall weather, still sunny and the high temperature around 68f (18c) but cool at night for sleeping. The leaves are starting to change colours and it's getting dark much sooner. We puttered about today, a walkabout then I did some roof maintenance on our coach and were able to read for while before a nice supper of BBQ'd garlic sausage, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and peas. Afterwards we went to the clubhouse for a few fun games of darts. Wed. Sept 23rd. Bright and sunny most of the day today. We received a phone call that my hearing aid had been repaired so I took a quick drive to New Hamburg to pick it up and grab our mail at the farm. This was a 3 hour round trip but was back in time to sit in the shade to read for a bit before a supper of BBQ'd chicken, fries and a tossed salad. Tues. Sept. 22nd Another warm night, so nice for this time of year, warm nights and warmer days. I woke up with a very sore lower back, so called the Chiropractor in Grand bend and went for a quick adjustment, now feel like new again. We puttered around on the computers for a while then sat outside to read for a bit. Followed by a supper of liver & onions, corn and potato salad. Afterwards we sat outside to relax a bit until it was too dark to read , about 8.00pm. We had an afternoon visitor, a very nice and friendly orange coloured cat, just made himself at home, on our mat, stairs and even jumped up to sit on Suzie's lap. Not sure where he belongs, but he eventually moved on probably to return tomorrow at some point. Cat Pics Friends of ours from Galvin Bay sent me some of pictures of a visitor that they had at the garbage bins in the park. A hungry Black Bear and her cub, I am sure they will be gone by next summer when we visit there again. Black Bear Pics Mon Sept. 21st Very warm overnight around 70 f (22c) but slept quite well even thou we had quite a bit of rain. We have been researching and planning some of our winter travels and now getting real anxious to leave (32 sleeps to go). The morning rain stopped and was overcast for most of the day. A really good day to wash our coach. I scrubbed the awning and the roof and washed the rest of our coach in the process, took about 3 1/2 hours and was very satisfying with exercise too!!. We read for a bit in the shade then a happy hour with Harry before a supper of a nice pork roast, potatoes , carrots, and apple sauce. A bit more reading then a movie on TV. Life is good!!! Sun. Sept. 20th Again frost over night but, a beautiful warm sunny day. I puttered around outside chatting with neighbours and Bill came over to help me realign our awning. (he did most of it). We said our goodbyes to a few of them then we headed out to the Pinery Flea Market in Grand Bend. Here we strolled the isles among the trees checking out the wares and various vendors, listening to the live entertainment in the Beer Garden provided by Brian Dale. Suzie exchanged quite a few books and we purchased a few more at good prices to add to our reading library. Then back home enjoying the sun and shade reading a bit. For supper we had BBQ'd garlic sausage on a bun with home made potato salad and canned corn, then sit back outside until it was too dark to read (around 7.30pm). Sat. Sept 19th There was frost overnight and on the car windows when we got up this morning, but then it became a beautiful bright sunny day. In the afternoon it was 90f (32c) under our awning, just great for this time of year. After lunch we walked across the road to Rock Glen Falls Conservation area thru the bush to the Arkona Lions Car Show. There was lots of old cars as well as the standard music from the 50's and 60's that plays at these events. The setting in the bush was nice with just enough shade and sun, Vendors were there selling BBQ'd hamburgs and hot dogs and even ice cream cones. An enjoyable stroll thru the bush it was. We returned back home and sat in the shade to read a while before our supper of BBQ's chicken, garlic bread and left over fried rice. Afterwards we joined a huge campfire gathering Hosted by Forest and Elsie to celebrate his 76th birthday. We enjoyed cheese, crackers, sausage, chips, snack food, an open bar , coffee, and a huge birthday cake for Forest, Then a thankyou from Forest and announcing that they would be giving up their seasonal site next year to travel to western Canada for the summer, being so active is nice as he is 76 and her 80 years old! Car Show Pics Campfire Pics Fri. Sept.18th HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUZIE!!!! A nice sunny day again 80f (26c) out of the wind. A cool north breeze today. We puttered around a bit today relaxing for Suzie's birthday (her choice). I went to the IGA in Forest and picked up some veggies and scallops for her desired birthday dinner. Which we enjoyed after an afternoon of reading in the shade. Scallops in garlic butter and shrimp fried rice and one of mother's delicious butter tarts for desert. Thurs. Sept.17th Sunny and warm again around 80f (26c). I went to the store for a few food items then back home to putter around with computer stuff for a bit, our wireless router, wireless printer and digital tv converter box (needed for the USA). With these jobs nicely out of the way we sat outside and read for a while before supper of BBQ'd porkchops and stir fried veggies. Then to the clubhouse for a fun time playing darts. Wed. Sept 16th Bright and sunny and time to move again. We packed up the coach and I took it to Pettigrew's Garage in Plattsville at 8:00am for an oil change and check the rear brakes. Once the rear wheels were off Dale commented that we need brakes! So order the parts and get to work once they arrive, good to have everything done before heading south. About 2:30 pm all was complete and Suzie met me with the car, we hooked up and made our way to Arkona arriving at 5.00pm. We set up camp and made supper of chicken wings and fries, then joined the campfire across from us hosted by Don & Ruth and chatted with 4 other couples on a lovely mild fall evening.
Now at the Farm in New Hamburg for a week.
Tues. Sept. 15th Sunny and warm again, but you can feel fall in the air. I renewed the license sticker for Suzie' car today and picked some groceries in New Hamburg. My mother dropped by for a coffee and visit in the afternoon and we chatted for a while. Later I prepared supper of BBQ'd chicken, vegetable fried rice, egg foo young and a fresh strawberry pie for desert. Then relax for the rest of the evening as it gets dark and cool by 8.00pm now. Mon. Sept. 14th Sunny and a bit cooler today about 68f (20c) we puttered around a bit and went to visit mom and adjust her computer, run a few errands and back to the farm. Enjoying the sunny weather. Supper was spaghetti with meat sauce, rice noodles and a tossed salad. Sun. Sept. 13th Another nice sunny day, good day for a drive. So off to visit some friends that we met camping, Dave & Sharry-Lynn. We sat about and chatted, snacking and enjoying the afternoon and warm sunny weather. Followed by a lovely BBQ'd steak dinner with veggies and baked potato. Then head back home for a nice relaxing evening. Sat. Sept. 12th Nice bright day again. We left at 9:30 am and went to the St. Jacobs Market and walked about taking in the sights and sounds. We purchased 20 lbs of garlic sausage to can for our trip south this winter. Its really hard to find good sausage in the US. Back to the farm then a visit to Tavistock to see the twins, picking up Suzie's gramma along the way (93), our grand nieces are only 6lbs each, so cute. Then back to the farm, where Suzie and Sandy steamed most of our sausage then we BBQ'd some of the fresh sausage for supper with the rest of the potato and veggie leftovers and a fresh made strawberry pie for desert. Fri. Sept. 11th Up early again as usual and off to Waterloo to take mother to Grand River Hospital for an 8.40am colonoscopy. We found registration and checked in, then waited for the nurse. I sat in the Tim Hortons Lobby reading a book and patiently waiting. She came out at 12.00 noon and we stopped to pick up some lunch the back to her house to eat. A neighbour dropped by to see how she was doing and I puttered around fixing a couple of things for her. Then back to the farm at 4.30pm to relax and have a supper of left over beef, pork chops, chicken, corn, scalloped potatoes, veggies and salad then retire for the evening. Thurs. Sept 10th Cooler mornings now at the farm but still nice during the day. We went to Kitchener for doctor and chiropractor appointments, then visit my mother for a morning coffee, butter tart and brownie. Back home we puttered around a bit and prepared a large supper of BBQ'd pork chops, scalloped potatoes, veggies salad and fresh apple pie for desert. Chatting afterwards someone noticed a cow running by the kitchen window in the dark, soo out we go (11 of us) with flashlights and car headlights attemptng to round up the escaped cows in the yard, afterwards time for bed. Wed. Sept. 9th We packed up and left Rock Glen at 9:45am and arrived at the farm about 11:15 am. had a bite to eat and went to town for a few groceries. In the afternoon I had windows installed on my Mac with bootcamp and can now run my Microsoft Streets and trips program, a very essential tool for planning and mapping our travels. Supper was a yummy roast beef, with potatoes and corn on the cob. Then we sat outside for a bit enjoying another nice evening.
We are at Rock Glen Resort in Arkona, Ontario
Tues. Sept. 8th Sunny and warm about 85f (29c) most of the day. Did laundry and dust and vacuum the coach, getting ready to move tomorrow. I also did maintenance on our house batteries, clean up terminals, connections and top up water. We did read for a while in the shade and chatted with a few neighbours. Then supper of a T-bone steak, garlic shrimp, baked potato and a tossed salad. Early to bed tonight for a good night's sleep. Mon. Sept. 7th Bright, sunny and warm this morning. Most of the campers are packing up and leaving the campground, pretty quiet and barren looking, very relaxing for us. Early afternoon was quiet warm 90f (33c), we puttered around a bit and sat in the shade and read for a while. Harry & Jackie joined us for happy hour then we had supper of chicken wings and fries with carrot sticks. After this we sat by a nice fire with Rich and Marylou joined by Bill and Carol,catching up and chatting for a bit before turning in for the night. Sun. Sept. 6th Again still nice and even warmer. After breakfast and coffee the boys played in the playground then we took them for crafts at 10:00am where they made a cork man and a shaker. Then a swim before lunch of grill-a-dogs, chips and snacks. Relax a bit after lunch then more playgrounds, frisbie, and a dice game, a short nap, another swim and BBQ'd hamburgs with corn on the cob for supper, with ice cream for desert. After this they had to pack up and return home to get the boys ready for school starting tuesday morning. Another great weekend with some of our family. Weekend pics Sat. Sept. 5th Awesome weather again. The kids arrived in the afternoon and we set them up and went to the playground then the splash pad to cool off before supper of BBQ'd pork chops, potatoes, corn on the cob and a fresh baked peach cobbler with ice cream for desert. This was followed by a wagon ride around the campground them a nice campfire with roasted marshmallows and smores. Fri. Sept 4th Warm and sunny today bout 86f (30c). I took our car to Strathroy for an emissions test (needed to renew our license sticker) in the morning. Then back home for a bite to eat. My daughter, son-in-law and 2 boys contacted us wondering if there would be a cabin or place to stay overnight so that they could visit us. Well the campground was pretty full and all the cabins rented out for the long weekend, but we were able to rent the owners rv on a site for the night to accommodate them. With this arranged we had BBQ'd sausage and beans for supper followed by a nice campfire hosted by Phil and Judy on another great evening. Thurs. Sept 3rd Another great sunny day, so we secured our coach and off to the beach we go (Ipperwash Beach), only a 20 minute drive, arriving there about 10:45 am and got a good parking spot. We parked here right at the waters edge on Lake Huron enjoying the sites and sounds of a beach day, kids playing and splashing, lots of boats and water skiers. It was quite interesting to watch all the cottagers launching their boats with old farm tractors, just drive out the sandy beach into the water until the boat floats off the trailer, then park you tractor and boat trailer on the beach and go boating. One boater had to drive his tractor out to boost the battery in his boat to get it started. A relaxing day warm and a shady spot with the waves lapping the shore a couple of feet from our chairs. After a light lunch, a couple of snacks and a good book, we headed back to camp around 5.00pm. We set up again and BBQ'd chicken, roasted potatoes and a tossed salad for supper. Thurs. Pics Wed. Sept. 2nd It was cool overnight but good for sleeping and a bright sunny day again. About 75f (25c) most of the day. I took our car to the local garage for oil change and get ready for etest (emissions test). Then a drive into Forest to pick up a digital converter box for our television in preparation to heading south, followed by a visit with Al & Sandra for a while to see how he was recovering from his shoulder operation and then we read in the shade for a bit. Supper was a delicious BBQ'd hamburger with sweet potato fries. Followed by a nice roaring campfire hosted by Don & Ruth, across from us,with about 22 people sitting around and chatting. Tues. Sept. 1st Fall is in the air!! Cool nights and warm sunny days and school starts up again next week. Not sure what happened to our non-summer, cool, rainy, overcast. It was cool early morning 42f (6c) but warmed up nicely as the sun rose to 74f (24c) for the rest of the day. Just putter about a while, cleaned our coach a bit , chatted with some neigbours and began planning our winter adventures down south. I even adjusted a neignbours', DVD player and patio door on her trailer. Then later we enjoyed sitting in the shade with a bit more reading, and for supper cooked up Alaska King crab, baked potato, garlic bread and a garden salad. Later on we shared a banana split, gonna have to walk a bit more tomorrow. Retirement sure is tough.