Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter, from Hurricane Mills, Tennessee

Where are we today ?

        Happy Easter to y'all out there and hope everyone has a wonderful day. For some great Easter wisdom check out this posting here, by the Princess and the Cowboy, love it!
133 miles today
        Up early this morning and just puttering around, coffees, computing and a walkabout the parking lots, garden center and the Walmart Supercenter. Surprised how busy this place is at 7:30 on a Sunday morning. It was still pretty foggy out so waited until about 9 o'clock before we hit the road, only have 133 miles to go today and were still here at Loretta Lynn's Ranch by 11:30.
        It was a good drive, thru some Tennessee hill raining most of the way again, same as yesterday.
here we are
to campground
nice cabins
porch swing
        We got set up and was still drizzly a bit so decided to take a drive into town and check out Loretta Lynn's Kitchen. Seems everything around here has her name on it. This place was pretty busy, but thats good because it was a buffet lunch and a great turnover of fresh foods. Ham, fried chicken, catfish, pulled pork, chicken a dumplings, creamed corn, mashed taters, gravy, turnip greens, hushpuppies, salads and deserts not too bad for $10.95 each. Took care of two cravings all at once, catfish and fried chicken of course w had to sample almost everything else there too!
        We had also checked out the Log Cabin Restaurant  which were told was pretty good too. But was much smaller, more expensive and had a 30 minute wait for a table So the Buffet it was, sure did the trick and no we will not be having supper today, that's our Easter Sunday feast.
too expensive small and busy
we have lunch here
very tasty
              Then checked out the gift shop, lots neat novelty stuff we don't need and didn't by.
a pet Buffalo ?
        Once we got back to the Ranch drove around a bit checking out the grounds. This place is huge! About three miles to the rear of the property where we will go tomorrow and take the tour of all there is to see here, looks impressive! Its supposed to be a nice sunny warm day tomorrow too
the long road back to more stuff to see
old tour bus
         So now relaxing in the woods here at the Ranch after a few walkabouts, compute and read for a bit. And our Mifi is not working and poor phone reception but we do have free wifi at the clubhouse behind us. So that is where I have to go to post the blog and check email.
our site, pull thru
store right behind us
        Hope ya'll had a Good Easter Sunday I know we did. 
        Come back tomorrow and we will tour Loretta Lynn's Ranch.
        Thanks for stopping in for a visit.

Countdown timer Broken/busted and internet sucks here but,
 we will be home, April 10th,11 more days

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Down the road to Memphis Tennessee, and hope y'all have great Easter Sunday!

Where are we today ?
         Got up later than usual today 5:am, compute, coffee, walkabouts in the rain waiting for it to stop. No stopping, so we just secured stuff and hooked up in the rain and on the road shortly before 9am.
          Have a rather long day ahead of us but not a problem, raining all day anyway. So took our time and got to the Walmart just east of Memphis about 3:30pm. Stopped for lunch and two fuel stops along the way too, just so we we would have a full tank on Sunday.
        Today our coach hit a milestone (Happy Birthday Coach! no we do not have a name for our house.) 100,000 miles on the odometer and happened as we passed thru, Little Rock Arkansas. Still running strong, guess the maintenance pays off!
         This is the roads below, we saw all day long, overcast and raining, but no big deal, at least it was not snow or ice. Figures, thou just washed our coach two days ago!
rainy wet roads
         Crossed over the Mississippi River into Tennessee and first spotted the Pyramid in Memphis, impressive and is now a sports complex.
         After our second fuel stop today, at the Flying J in West Memphis another 30 minutes and we are at the Walmart  just off 1-40. We phoned ahead to see if they allow overnight parking and no problem, just park by the garden center.
         The entrance has a bar to prohibit trucks, so we just turned right towards Sam's club and passed by the front of the store to the Garden center, no problem !
no truck allowed!
          Got our nice spot picked out by the edge of the parking lot allowing us to open our slide. (Not that we need to). Then proceded to do a bit of shopping, managed to spend more than $40.00 on stuff we needed, much better than spending that on parking in a campground for the night. And this Walmart was a zoo today!
we are parked in the far corner,
very busy place today
        The security guy dropped by to welcome us and give us tips on where to go and eat, very friendly guy. He is done his shift at 10 pm but another fellow takes over and they will keep and eye on us during the night.
 friendly security guy
        Now for tonight's supper we just happened to have some homemade chili that Pat gave us the other day. (Remember we did the turkey and bean soups thing?) We had picked up a nice fresh loaf of french bread at Wally world this afternoon, to add to the chili and it really hit the spot. Thanks Pat it was awesome!
excellent chilli
         Now just relaxing, read for a bit post the blog and watch a bit of tv before calling it a night. Really love these travel days, staying in different spots and seeing different sights.
       Just wanna thank y'all for stopping by again and travelling along with us.
       Hope you have a very nice Easter Sunday and good weather to boot!

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Relaxing day but busy and fun...

Where are we today ?
        Up and at it, first thing this morning. 4:30 am computing, coffees and computing with our windows open. Weather much too nice to be sleeping. 
        Our friends Pat, Rob, John and Barb (Rocky Racoon) are packing up and getting ready to hit the road, Memphis for the today. I like watching other people do that, from a distance. 
They are almost ready to go
        We said our goodbyes, hugs and stuff and see y'all on down the road. They were on their way shortly after 7:30 am. Now we have a planned quiet day, maybe. 
         A bit more computing and planning for us and quick run to the store and stock up a few supplies. Bite to eat for lunch, the realized I forgot to fill our RO water jug! HMMPH!!
         Ok another quick trip to the store and all is good. Did the standard clean up stuff today, check tires, have a shower, dump and flush sewage, and stow our Weber (suppose to rain later).
         Chat with a few neighbors here, then a vist with new friends, Ron and Sharon for a while at their site, such a super couple. Sharon keeps telling me she will get back to updating their blogBut ya know its only good to do if you are in the mood to do it. And you can get really wrapped up doing that, (I can tell you that from experience).
Sharon and Ron
         Now in the area where they are camped construction of new campsites is underway. So nice to see improvements going on in our resorts.
more new full service sites
Lotsa turtles here
         Before we wore out our welcome we headed home about 4 o'clock, began prepping supper and enjoyed a bit more outside weather trying to read our books. We kept being sidetracked with the wild life, in particular this red headed woodpecker that has been around here since we have. Such a pretty bird!
red headed woodpecker
it was overcast by very warm (mid 70's)
so we just enjoying it.
          Now because of the weather forecast we decided time to eat up some leftovers. Boiled some potatoes up, heated up some leftover turkey in gravy, steamed some fresh asparagus and we have a wonderful tasty open faced hot turkey sandwich.
        I wanted chicken wings but will need to wait for a little nicer weather to do them outside.
        Hey that was it it busy doing nothing but we sure had fun doing it! 
        Thanks for stopping in for a peak!
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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Awesome weather, keeping busy and having fun..

Where are we today ?

                Another great warm night, perfect for sleeping with the windows open and the nice bright sunny morning. Nice walkabouts then gonna get making a big pot of soup again.
        I have used this bean soup mix before with a lot of success and really enjoyed it.  Problem is makes a huge pot, enough for a large group 16-18 servings. Boiled up the ham hock yesterday for a tasty broth. Then after skimming the fat off this morning I added the beans and some veggies allowing it to simmer for a couple hours.

        While this was happening, Ron and Sharon dropped by for a visit as I was prepping the soup. We met them in Willis Texas, a super couple, fulltime RV;ers, spend the summer in Ontario (winters in Texas) and are bloggers too, she is behind in their postings, but understandable. You can check them out here
          When the soup was done I gave them enough for a couple bowls, sent some to Rob, Pat, John and Barb (Rocky Racoon) and we all had a very tasty bowl of soup for lunch. 
soo tasty !
         We chatted with them and other neighbors behind us, washing their coach and just enjoying this great weather.
        Then we had our bowl of soup for lunch and I got the urge to wash our coach too. Its been a while and had a lot of pollen on it thats needs to be removed.
scrubbing the roof, it is metal, not rubber
All done, clean and shinny
        Now did have a few minutes to read for a while before our last "Happy Hour" with our friends. They leave in the morning to Memphis, checking our some Elvis stuff I believe.
crackers, cheese, and chips
Pat added some bacon wrapped water chestnuts
        Now time to fire up our Weber, for a couple baked taters, fresh mushrooms and onions in foil, bacon wrapped steak fillets and whip up a small salad and we have another tasty meal.
Hit the spot tonight
         Now supper done, over to John and Barb's for bit with Rob and Pat, discuss travel plans then home to put our feet up and call it a night.
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