Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, October 31, 2014

Visiting Friends in Fort Valley Georgia.

Where are we today ?
         Another great night for sleeping, window open and a bit cooler, yep pretty good. Was up extra early raring to go. But wanted to wait a couple hours for the sun to come up. Got computing and coffees done before that happened.
a nice sunrise through the pecan trees
         Then a quick trip to Perry for a few groceries,and back home to putter around some more.
         After a bite for lunch we headed north to visit friends about 40 miles north of here near Fort Valley Georgia. Sharon and Dave who we met at a campground in Ehrenberg Arizona Christmas eve 2011. Ran into them again in Clermont Florida November 2012 at a campground yard sale. Have kept in touch and they follow our blog. So we were invited there for dinner today, check out their new house.
nice country side here 
       We arrived at their place about 2:30 and got the full tour of their awesome property here.
Sharons chicken coup
lotsa friendly chickens
no doggie fix for Suzie today, but she got to pet a chicken
in their barn this side is Sharon's woodworking shop
this side of the barn is Dave's shop
         They purchased this lot, cleared the land and had a perfect open concept bungalow built,(that Sharon designed) and the barn on about 3 acres of land. so quiet here wonderful. Gardens planted, chickens, eggs and a bush out the back.
nice covered porch too
the rear screened in porch is nice too
         We chatted and chatted the afternoon away , while Sharon baked a couple loaves of fresh made home made bread.
fresh out of the oven 
fresh cooked chicken
and a very tasty homemade soup, with her garden fresh vegetables 
         Now after dinner Sharon took us for a cruise on their golf cart back through the trail in the bush, ladies in the front me on the back.

heading down the trail in the bush
The back of their house from the bush
          We had ourselves a real wonderful day catching up again with friends we have met on the road. So nice to be able to do that, no matter where we are. We have been together with them 3 times now in 3 different states.
In front of their fireplace
         It was getting a little late and really don't like to drive too much after dark so headed back on home. Thanks guys for your hospitality.
          Gotta love it here in Georgia, even if its a bit cooler than some like, sure much better than back home. Glad you dropped in again.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Loving Georgia! Sunshine and perfect warm weather.

Where are we today ?
           Another great nights sleep last night, windows open great for sleeping. Up early again, coffees and computing walkabouts, really loving this weather here so far.
          Trip into Unadilla, just down the road a mile or so, pick up a few things at the Piggly Wiggly. Not to much else in town (Dollar General, and a family Dollar, auto parts places etc..) and still like the ghost town it was first time we were here over 8 years ago.
love this mail box
          After hanging put for a while enjoying this great weather we wandered over to the Clothing Carnival in town. Lotsa good deals to be had but all we could find here was another new vest for me, Need a new one every year or so.
        And here it is my new vest below, much the same as my old ones but they do wear out ya know.
good for a while longer
        Back home to enjoy this perfect weather we are having here. Walkabouts, read in the shade thats why we are here!
just about perfect temps
nice pool here too
          Across the road some fields of cotton love seeing these things here, so different than what we see back home.
so white and fluffy
          Found some cotton balls floating across the road and some fresh pecans under the trees in the campground. This is the place for both of these things.
cotton bals and pecans, yep we in Georgia.
          Relaxing and reading in the shade for a while, talk about a perfect day!
      Then about 4:30 I fired up our Weber Q. Gonna grill some Bacon and Cheddar, Potato Bratwurst that we picked up last spring in Hermann MO. Just love these and thats the end of this flavor.
         Add to the Brats some sweet potatoes with apples, brown sugar and cinnamon, one of Suzie's favorites and a lettuce salad reallty hit the spot. For the sweet potato recipe just click HERE.
Thats it , hit the spot
          Still nice out and got to enjoy some more nice weather outside , before calling it a night.
          Glad you could drop in and enjoy this wonderful day with us. Come back again tomorrow for more.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle. 
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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lenior City Tennessee to Unadilla Georgia another great drive.

Where are we today ?
         Well Wally World in Lenoir City Tennessee was a very quiet night except for the heavy duty rain that lulled us to sleep and went all night. Really don't mind that rain at all as long as it's at night time.
        Again up early got coffees drank, computing done and some shopping at the Walmart, love these 24 hour stores. So by 8 am the rain let up and it was almost daylight so we hopped on I-75 heading south. No traffic issues and not much rain for most of the day. Sailed right through Chattanooga TN and Atlanta Georgia no problems.
only 334 miles today we slowing down
        Stopped at the rest areas to stretch and made a bite for lunch at the Georgia Welcome centre. Carried on down the road a bit and ran into major rain storm for about 5 minutes, had to almost stop
Nice welcome centre
         Right by Perry Georgia noticed that the north bound lanes were driving in heavy rain! Our roads were dry, few minutes later we got the rain too. Heavy duty rain had to slow down to 30 mph ! But only lasted about 5 minutes.
raining in the other lanes northbound
          Pulled into Southern Trails Resort in Unadilla GA for a week, right off I-75 at 1:45 pm, made good time today. This is another membership park Resorts of Distinction, no overnight fees our kinda camping!
           Just checking in for a week. We have been here a few times before and enjoy this campground and area of Georgia.
nice large sites
       All settled in and can now relax for a bit. Enjoy some reading outside, shorts, t-shirts, sandals. Thats why we here, about 82f, yep just about perfect. Its gonna cool down for a few days but still much better than what they will be having back home.
gotta be nice if Suzie is in shorts
       Then time to make supper on our Weber Q . Easy peasy, grill a couple Turkey Burgers, thin buns and a very tasty salad.
Really liking these Turkey burgers
        After supper still nice and warm at 7 pm about 72f so outside to enjoy more of this wonderful weather.
         Just gonna hang out here for a week, enjoy the area, visit some people and maybe even do a bit of touring about. Whatever we feel like, just 'cause we can.
         Thanks again for the visit hope you enjoyed the drive as much as we.did.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

From Ohio to Tennessee and nice days drive.

Where are we today ?
        Good nights sleep last night, windows open and we were both up before 6 am. Ready to compute, have our coffees and wait for the sun to come up about 7:30 we were on the road. Another long travel day for us but thats just fine. The roads are good, not much traffic, (well a little slow down in Columbus OHIO with a fender bender, no big deal) some light winds, and about two minutes of sprinkling rain.
403 miles (648kms) today
        As usual we stop at pretty much every rest area to get out and stretch, and made lunch at one about noon. Really nice that we have the Sirius Satellite radio, just kinda boogie along with the tunes from the 60's that we both enjoy makes the miles slip on by.
        Carried on enjoying the scenery and fall colors thru Kentucky and Tennessee travelling through the Mountains/hills. No big hurry just want to get further south and was great being able to wear shorts and t-shirts again. 75 F most of the day just perfect. We fuelled at the Flying J (Knoxville Tennessee) and gas only $2.70 a gallon (at a 15 % exchange .81 cents a liter) WOW, sure do love these prices. We saved $61.00 on todays fill up alone compared to fuelling up in Ontario.
Cincinnati Ohio skyline
tunnel under downtown Cincinnati
into Kentucky
wonderful fall colors
love Tennessee
more fall colors
         Once we checked in here at Camp Walmart, got to read for a bit, do some computing then time to make supper. Tonight a wonderful salad again, and a baked Basa filet in the oven. Not real cool to set up my Weber Q in a Walmart parking lot ya know. Flying J Last night Walmart tonight we like to change scenery, plus do some shopping in the morning.
our quiet spot for the night
tasty meal, hit the spot
         Make a shopping list and will hit the store before sunrise tomorrow, get what we need and on our way to Unadilla Georgia in the morning.
         So there we had another fun travel day, enjoying the scenery etc... warmer weather is just perfect for us, thats why we are doing this. Not much sightseeing we want to do, have done most of it in the past 9 years, just wanna move on down the road, from one place to another.
         Thanks for stopping by taking a peak again, sure do love this lifestyle, moving around the countryside.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Great travel day and getting much warmer, love it!

Where are we today ?
Flying J Berkshire Ohio
       Great nights sleep last night, but very cold this morning here in upstate New York. Heavy ice on the car windows and frost everywhere. Yep, time to get outta Dodge and head south.
        So just before 9 am hooked up the car and pulled out of Bill and Barb's (thanks for the great place and wonderful visit guys). We have to go through Buffalo New York and 9 am we will miss the morning rush hour.  Smooth sailing all day today. Perfect warm, sunny day, no rain no traffic, no delays, no wind, does not get much better. Our goal is to get to some sunny warmer weather further south, so a couple of relatively long travel days we don't mind, to enjoy warmer sooner and longer. Gonna hang out in Unadilla Georgia for a week,  gonna be on the 80's (yep we like that!) what's the  hurry? Liking this weather it's really good right now.
324 miles today
    Got to the Flying J just north of Columbus Ohio at 3:30pm, fuelled up our coach and found a spot to park for the night. Right away, shorts and t-shirt weather, its 77f love it!
Wonderful fall colors along the way
cruising the interstate to make some miles today
        Our destination for today, time to stop and call it quits! Just before Columbus Ohio.

           Gas  was  $2.86 a gallon with the Good Sam card discount of 3 cents a gallon. 75 cents an litre (86 cents at 15 %)  exchange still a good deal for us compared to $1.12 a litre in Ontario,  thats $4.23 a gallon. A savings for us today of $72.61 on this fill-up alone! Love travelling in the good old USA.
all settled in for the night 
          Tv channels all scanned in with our new converter, and we have a lot of choices if we want to watch the tv, later.
            Now that we are here and relaxed just gonna whip up a bite to eat.  A tasty salad  leftover  chicken that I steamed to warm it up an make moist, added to a tasty salad and we are back on track to our healthy eating again.
sure did the trick an feels great
       How much nicer than a great travel day, hitting warmer weather and travelling roads we have not seen for a few years. The new sites we have seen and just enjoy being on the road again.
        Thats all we did today and we both enjoyed it.
         Thanks again for stopping on by.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle. 
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