Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Yep its cool fall weather, but we were busy anyway, a nice day trip to New Hamburg again, just cause we can.

Where are we today ?
       Its cooler  here, high today 16c (60f) and a bit of a cool north wind, but a few warmer clothes and out for my walkabouts . Hey this is only the beginning of winter, it will get a lot worse and we sure hope not to be here, like last winter.
       One big bonus is the campground is very, very quit just the way we love it. A few people here but so peaceful.
        This morning a quick short trip up the road to Juicy Fruit Orchards pick up some, more squash, white corn, and a couple pumpkins for the Grands to carve next week. Pumpkins in the car $3.00 each.
this cost a total of $4.00,
gotta love it
       The maintenance is now working on the other water leak before we left at noon.
         At noon headed back to New Hamburg (only 90 minutes away, that's why we here close by) Meeting with Suzie's family about her mom's care was discussed. Me, I had my other hearing aide checked out, was not working. Go figure when they checked it out is now working just fine! Oh well, picked up a few groceries, wondered about town for a while and stopped by the thrift store. Picked up a (new to me) pair of dress pants 5 bucks.  I have nothing here that fits anymore, hmmm....
we did get to see some wonderful fall colors on
 our travels thoughwas kinda nice
       Not back home until 5:30 pm, so a later supper than normal, but does not take me too long to throw it together.
this water leak has been repaired,
they will fill it in tomorrow
           Today picked up 2 cobs of white corn. It is pretty rare but we really love it when we can find it. Find it much more tender and a sweeter that the popular Peaches and cream.
Maybe the peaches and cream looks prettier
but the white corn is tastier
         Fire up our Weber Q to preheat, made a salad and wrapped the corn in foil, stuffed a jalapeno pepper with cream cheese for me and the chop was done in no time.
it was a large pork chop so we shared it
taste test, both corn was good but the white much nicer
           Was a cool day but we were in the car most of it, sun shining and got things done that needed to be done.
          Thanks again for stopping in and really hope you had a wonderful day as well.
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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cool, rainy, damp, windy, not really a great day for playing outside. Kinda nice change for us.

Where are we today ?
       This morning stared off about 6 am pretty mild close to 70 F (21c) and looked like we might have sunshine. But very soon was drizzling, overcast and temps dropped to 56F (13c) cool rain and a north wind, really not very pleasant at all. Not bad for a walkabout or working outside, but I have no outside projects today.
       Nowhere we wanted to go and a good day for researching some possibilities for this winter. We have ideas and a large chalk board. Maybe go here, maybe go there, hmm... largely depends on the weather no reservations needed, just because we are not sure the route we are taking to the southwest. We can always find a campsite somewhere along the way or a place to stay for the night, never an issue for us.
        Too cool to sit outside and read and I don't much care for reading inside. So we did something we have not done for a very long time. Found a movie on Tv from 2 till 4 pm kind of a twilight zone kinda movie, something we both enjoyed.
       After the movie and rain they came back to begin filling in the hole from the water fix done yesterday.
let it settle and put the topsoil back on
        Was gonna grill on our Weber Q today but decided to enjoy our spaghetti squash for supper tonight. Made a spaghetti sauce with ground turkey, lotsa veggies and spices let simmer for and hour or so.
       We picked up this "huge" spaghetti squash for a buck, cut it in half, took out the seeds and took 15 minutes in the microwave on high to get fork tender.   For the recipe you can click HERE or check my recipe blog on the top right sidebar.
its a big one
scooped out the seeds
pierce the outside with a knife. a bit of water on the plate
cover with saran wrap and nuke 15 minutes
we used only 1/2, the rest will be for another meal
       We shared a bun with garlic butter and had our fill and then some.
        For me I spiced it up with some Habanero Tabasco Sauce we picked up at the Tabasco factory store on Avery  Island Louisiana last fall.  This Tabasco sauce really has a nice kick to it.
Tabasco thats is hot,
          That was our relaxing day that we really enjoyed, hope that yours was fun too.
          Thanks for stopping by guys.
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Monday, September 28, 2015

Got some Blood moon pics and a huge water leak.

Where are we today ?
       We had the Blood Moon here too  like most people in North America and around the world. But our pics aren't nearly as good as most. I did manage to get a couple pics with the cloud cover off and on most of the night.

       Today a quite a few walkabouts under my belt and noticed water gurgling up on the lawn across from our campsite. So maintenance guy John set to work to check for the source of this water. At least the water leak was not in our coach!
       No fooling around out comes the back hoe, got to dig down 4 feet to find the water line. We had a ring side seat. This was a major main line break. The water for the whole park was shut off for over 3 hours, but no problem we have water in our fresh water tank.
thats our coach across the road
found the leak
         After lunch headed over to go for a swim in the pool and soak in the hot tub. Love it this time of year, very quiet.
pool is very warm 
hot tub even warmer
John still hard at it
got it
cut the water line and hooked up a fix for it
all done and no leaks
great job John
         Checking progress and still enjoying some great weather we managed to get some quality reading time in this afternoon as well. Gonna cool down in a few days so will take the warmth while it's here.
         Supper tonight is a couple Fish and chip burgers I thought we would try. Cod Burgers with a potato chip coating. A couple cobs of fresh local corn we picked up yesterday in Tavistock at a farmer's roadside stand to go with our salad.
pan fired burgers an the corn on the grill
         Made some tarter sauce for the burgers and enjoyed these burgers very much, very tasty. Corn was excellent as well.
sure did the trick tonight
          See always something to keep us busy no matter where we are.
          And as usual thank you for stopping by again to check us out.

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Day trip to New Hamburg and get some family photos with Suzie's family.

Where are we today ?
        Today we are heading to New Hamburg, about a 90 minute drive to have a family photo taken with Suzie's Mom and Dad. Including their children , grand children and great grandchildren. Hard to get everyone together at one time but we did manage to do it. Time frame from 12:30 until 1:15 pm.
But we got it done everyone there.
        We  got there about 11 am and Suzie helped her Dad get Mom dressed and ready for the pics. We had a lovely dinner with them in the dining room at 11:45.
hey thats us!
Her psw that helps too.
very tasty dinner, roast turkey, gravy, mashed,
 cranberries and asparagus
desert strawberry Rhubarb pie, excellent !
        Then as the family gathered we waited out side in the gazebo until the timing was right.
her mom and dad with the grandchildren
with the great grandchildren
Thats us with her Mom and Dad
         Nephew-in-Law Matthew took the group pictures and when I get them will post a shot of everyone here. If for nobody else these pictures will be here for us and the rest of the family.
         On the way back to Arkona through Tavistock, we stopped to buy some fresh corn. Got chatting with these people and go figure. They are related to Suzie, know her Mom and Dad and then some ! Small world.
love the roadside farmers
        Now back home shortly after 4 and not too hungry, but did find a small Turkey Cordon Swiss in our freezer (from Hayter's Turkey in Dashwood) that we could share. So popped it in the oven for an hour and enjoyed a very nice warm afternoon reading our e-readers.
love these Rice crisps
tonights supper just hit the spot
            Another great day weather wise and a wonder visit with Suzie's family as well.
            Thanks once again for stopping on by.
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Saturday, September 26, 2015

The leaves are beginning to change color, slowly but its happening!

Where are we today ?
         Still amazing weather here and with our many walkabouts today did actually find a few trees starting to change color. Yep fall is on its way. Sunny short daylight hours and cooler nights just getting ready for whatever is in store for this coming winter.
         Not a lot of colors yet but it is happening, still day time temps in the mid 70'sF (23c)w e can sure live with that, no rain or wind and lotsa sunshine. Just like the southwest.
        Morning and afternoon walkabouts , chat with a few people we have not seen for a while, nice to catchup a bit when we can.
        No fitness centre for me today, Kind of over did it yesterday and pulled a few muscles, take a day off is good  and a long hot shower helps too.
        More reading outside and just enjoying this amazing weather. If we are outside people do stop by and chat too, kind of nice.
        There was 2 young girls from next door walking Tucker and of course he would not let them go by without stopping to see Suzie.
Tucker wants a rub
          For supper tonight we gotta do fish ( cause Suzie says so )  So a couple Haddock loins done on our Q pan fried with Fish crisp just the way she likes it.
           Couple grilled tomatoes with garlic and cheese added to a salad and a garlic bun with cheese.
quick easy and so tasty
          After supper enjoying a wonderful evening outside and caught a glimpse of an amazing sunset.
not too often we get these here
         Just the kind of days we enjoy. Gonna have a busy one tomorrow so suits us just fine.
         Thanks for stopping in again and really hope you are having some great fall weather wherever you are.
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