Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, November 30, 2012

Where's Eldo?.. we found him!

Where are we today ?
        Another awesome sunny day here in Alabama, fresh air and a walkabout the resort, just lovin this weather for sure. Lots of nice cabins to rent, the large clubhouse, activities, pool, hot tub its all here if you want, even a restaurant open on the weekends.

        Now today we are going meet up with fellow bloggers and fulltime rver's at Lambert's  Cafe in  Foley Alabama about halfway between our sites. Now I have followed their blog for more than a year maybe two, can't quite remember how long (but thats just an age thing I think). Their blog is one I follow called "Where's Eldo?" and kind of caught my eye. So thought maybe would try and figure out if I could find Eldo. I started following them here and there a few places that sparked my interest Florida Keys, Maine, Michigan, Indiana then to the Gulf Shores of Alabama. A few weeks ago got an email from Sparky regarding one of my comments and just knew we had them pegged. So a few emails back and forth we figured we could get together and meet. 
        Kind of nice to actually meet people face to face that you have been reading about for a while and talk to in person. Sparky picked the place for lunch, perfect, a fun place to visit with lots of great food at reasonable prices. This is the home of the thrown throwed rolls (sorry Sparky), they have a unique practice here throwing hot rolls fresh from oven across the room to those who raise their hand. Now this makes for some fun interaction with the staff and the delicious rolls.
        I kinda screwed up the day yesterday, but finally got it straight. Today, friday 12:30pm we are going to meet. I made a note, sent Suzie an email, sent Sparky an email, now I should have it right. Have to get all cleaned up so an almost clean shirt and shorts and then one of my newer hats and vest just so that I would not blend it with the crowds of people here. Nope did not miss me, they blew the horn driving by the parking lot 'bout 1/4 mile away. Suzie does make me take my vest and hat off at night.....
thats me, Sparky and Eldo
trains in the lobby
follow the footprints to your table
interesting decorations
       We got seated, checked the menus, caught a few rolls and started with the first pass around here, deep fried ocra (I think it is).

here comes the throwed rolls
        Now we chatted and we chatted, time flew by, the rolls flew by, and the food kept coming. Such a fun couple and so nice to meet fellow bloggers and rver's. Almost like old friends, where did the time go, trying to eat and talk. We read about their lives and travels, but have never met, now I can connect real people to their blog.
Sparky and Eldo
        Now you order your meal for a reasonable price and keep asking for more if you need. But with the huge hot rolls, all the sides they keep bringing around and a monster drink that they will refill, you will not go hungry. Can even take a doggy bag home too (but not your second reorder).
huge drink and hot roll
        This young two were sitting behind our new friends and were in the game catching some hot rolls for their table, yep its a fun place. Even our waitress was fun, a fake pitcher of coke that she "spilled" on Sparky, sure got us all going. Then a fake mustard bottle she squirted at Suzie made for a few laughs.
        To add to your meal they have pass-arounds, fried potatoes and onions, macaroni and tomatoes, black eyed peas, fried ocra, that were constantly coming around the room with the friendly staff carrying hug bowls.
more rolls please
fried chicken, fries and baked beans for me
I asked for an extra piece and think I got 1/2 a chicken,
actually just a huge chicken breast
Catfish, baked potato and corn for Suzie
        Now after a couple hours chatting think we better to get a move on. Say goodbye to these new found friends and see y'all later down the road. I think they are heading out in the morning towards Florida . But can always find us bloggers, just check out the blog. We cab run but we can't hide.
        After here stopped at the Office Depot across the road , picked up some more ink cartridges for  our printer. Then to the UPS store up the road to have our Brake Buddy packed up and shipped to the factory in Kansas for some adjustments and repair.
love these colorful flowers, with Christmas decorations hanging overhead
        On the way home passed the Styx River Shooting center next to the resort, and being a Friday afternoon lotsa people here. We are not used to sitting in a campground listening to gunshots being fired in the distance.
        But its time for a nice Happy hour with our friends Emile and Monique, enjoying the rest of the mild weather until it got dark and time for them to make supper. Needless to say no supper for us tonight.
        Glad you could drop in for a visit, share our get-together and meeting another wonderful couple of fulltime rver's and fellow bloggers. You can check them out by clicking here 
        Hope your day was as awesome as ours!

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another great sunny day, and I goofed!

Where are we today ?
         Hey guess what we did today? Not a whole heck of a lot. Woke up way to early due to another time change. Got here yesterday and we thought was 1:30 pm  but was really only 12:30. The sun went down way to early like 4:30 we had supper and fell asleep too early.
         This morning again up like at 4:30 instead of 5:30 wow gonna take bit to get used to this. So now all confused but got our computing and coffees done, then went looking for bread and milk around the corner. Found it after checking three places so now we are good.
         Have been in touch with a fellow blogger thats on the Gulf Shores and we are going to get together. A few emails back and forth think I have it figured out. So down to Foley Alabama to meet them, but hmm.... They are not there and I finally realized, oooppps I goofed, tomorrow is the day not today. No problem we needed to go there to Walmart and some shopping anyway, trying to get Suzie's glasses fixed. Hmm They are not easily fixable need new ones. Well I have done a temporary fix and they are working just fine, so now will probably wait until back home so she can get her eyes tested and a new pair.
         Now next thing we know back home late afternoon and time for Happy hour with Emile and Monique friends from Ontario. So we sat and relaxed in the sun and shade for a bit, got caught up with plans and gossip then time to fire up our Weber for supper.
         Tonight we having  a lovely meal of potatoes in foil with onions, fresh carrots in foil, garlic sausage from home and sauerkraut sure made for a very tasty supper. Oh got some nice potato buns too.
         That was it for a busy and not too busy day, but the weather was ok, sunny and warm, we can handle this, no problem!
         Sure glad that you were able to drop by for a peak at what we did today. No matter what we do it is still an awesome lifestyle! Try it you'll love it, or maybe not. That's ok if you don't, it could get very crowded out here.
         Now lets see if I can get this right for tomorrow, lunch 12:30, Lamberts Cafe with Sparky and Eldo, (Where's Eldo) looking forward to meeting some fellow bloggers.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Now in Robertsdale Alabama for a bit.

Where are we today ?
        Had a wonderful overnight rest at Camping World just east of Tallahassee Florida a relaxing morning then on the road about 9 am. We only have a nice 206 mile drive on one road I-10. 
206 miles today
        The first couple of hours were overcast, a few dribbles here and there, but then sun was shinning again and all was great . Stopped at the Alabama rest area and welcome centre for stuff, and a bite to eat for lunch, guess what Turkey sandwiches, nothin quite like fresh turkey sandwiches.
peaceful looking sailboat here
love the way they decorate the overpasses
gettin close
this the place
        As we pulled in to Styx River we were givin a check in package and staff on a golf cart to help us to choose a site. He mentioned that there is a neighbor of ours from Ontario here so we parked beside them. Just happens to be Emile and Monique a couple we have socialized with in both of our home parks in Ontario (Galvin Bay and Rock Glen resort) even a few times here in the southern states as well. Sure is a small world keep running into people we know everywhere!
our site
Emile, Monique and Suzie
        We enjoyed an early happy hour, then a walkabout the resort to check things out again. Its been a year or so.
nice outdoor pool
indoor pool and hot tub
Shuffleboard and beach volley ball
getting ready for Christmas here
        We are in a different time zone now so gained an hour, but getting cool and dark before 5 o'clock. So inside we go and whip up an very tasty supper. Tonight a hot turkey sandwich  (homemade gravy) mashed red skinned potatoes (skin on) and peas. Again so yummy, but that finishes off this batch of Turkey, the rest we put in the freezer for a later date, we have been eating turkey two meals a day for three days now think we will give it a rest for a bit. Maybe try some chicken or pork for a change or whatever appears on our plates.
        Gonna be in this area for a while so sit back relax and enjoy, I know we will.
        Glad you could drop by for a peak!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A nice Leisurely travel day...

Where are we tonight ?
        Had a good nights rest up early and just lazing around this morning, coffees. Computing and a walkabout Bee's Resort. Have a shower and dump our gray water tank.
a nice stop for $10.00 with full hookups
        No rush today as we only planned 230 miles and not sure where we will stop for the night somewhere around Tallahassee Florida. Just before noon we stopped by a rest area on I-75 and relaxed for lunch, guess what? A turkey sandwich, love turkey.
230 miles today
         We fuelled up at the Flying J Midway Florida and topped up our propane. Could have stayed here but wanted to stop at Camping World two miles down the road. Checked out the store and purchased a new fresh water hose. Our last one (only a year old from Walmart) exploded even with a pressure regulator on it, so we went all out and got one here with a lifetime guarantee, $14.99, not sure who's life time  thou. Would that be mine our the hoses?
        While we are here they have a nice parking lot and we can park for the night free, free is good yes? Well not really free we bought a water hose. Decided why not, it's almost 4 o'clock anyway, (beer 30) besides it was starting to rain! If we wish at 6 o'clock we can move to a spot with electricity and water. How's that for free camping? Our next choice was Walmart down the road but this works fine.
comfy and quiet here
       So got some reading and computing done, set up the tv (bunch of channels on the antenna) and whipped up another turkey dinner, same as last night, actually the same picture, warmed up turkey, potato salad and 4 bean salad (no bun thou).
        Well that was it for another light travel day, we are at home no matter where we are, and are just enjoying this great lifestyle. The rain? no problem we are parked for the night and its warm out, let it rain. We have tv, our books, the internet and each other, isn't life wonderful?
        Thanks for dropping by and feel free to make a comment, always enjoy those.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Floridas Keys back north to Clermont Florida

Where are we today ?
        Up early this morning as usual, coffees, computing and a walkabout. Secure the coach for travel, lift the jacks, pull in the slide and away we go just before 8 am. We hooked up the car last night because we could.
328 miles (527kms) today 
leaving our site at Fiesta Key
goodbye Fiesta Key
         Now heading north along hwy 1 making our way across the Keys a nice leisurely drive today.
         Once we got off hwy 1 we took 27 all the way north thru the edge of the Everglades past miles and miles of sugar cane and dark rich soil in the fields.
sugar cane
         Then by the west shore of Lake Okeechobee the largest fresh water lake in Florida.
the lake is up there on the other side of the berm
        Now passed a sign that said to watch our for bears! In Florida? When do they hibernate? Warm winters or hot summers??
bear crossing
Have been to Lake Placid NY, its a skie resort, wonder what they do here?
        After the sugar cane many more miles of oranges, orchards that seem to go on forever!
Oranges are trucked to this huge facility
this is where they make the juice
        Now coming into Clermont about 3 o'clock thought we would stop an the Publix (grocery store) and pick up a rotisseries chicken for supper, about $7.00 good for a couple meals. Good thing Suzie was with me she spotted a ready cooked 11 pound Turkey for $8.74! Thats a much better deal, so picked up a few other things then off to Bee's Resort where we can get a full hookup pull thru site for our $10.00. We only want it for one night, gotta keep moving, but works great for us.
        Checking in the resident Labradoodle is hanging out in the office, such a wonderful friendly dog. Suzie got her dog fix again.

        Now wonderful pull thru site, set up in less than 30 minutes, tv channels (50 on our antenna) scanned the I proceeded to de-bone this huge turkey we have.
I started with this
ended up with this
        We love Turkey so now we got lots! Just heated up a bit for supper with the natural drippings that came with it, some potato salad, 4 bean salad and a fresh crusty roll we picked up, now we have a feast. Oh and lotsa, lotsa, lotsa leftover turkey too, yummy!
tasty quick supper
        Now this a bit longer drive than we like to do again, but we are on a mission. Heading to Styx River Alabama for Wednesday, because we want to settle in that area for a while. We have a plan that we are trying to pull together for December 12th and need to be in that area. No I'm not gonna jinx this plan by letting it out of the bag yet, you just gonna have to wait until it happens, sorry!
         Anywho that was our wonderful Florida day, new places, old places and just overall rollin on down the road, something we really enjoy. After Alabama we have no plans, that remains to be seen. 
        Thanks for stopping in for a looksee.

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