Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, July 04, 2009

July 2009

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At Rock Glen Resort in Arkona

Fri. July 31st.
Warn sunny and no wind today, again about 82f (28c). In the morning I went to Strathroy for birthday gifts for our 2 yougest grandsons. Back home we had lunch and a bit more waxing of our coach enjoying the perfect day.Lots of peaople moving in to the resort now, pretty well full for the long weekend. A delicious supper was prepared by Jon, Dutch beef, baby potatoes and fresh beans we all enjoyed. Later chatted again with a few neigbours on another warm summer evening.

Thurs. July 30th
Bright and sunny warm day today about 82f (28c). We left at 8.00am for a day trip to the St.Jacobs farmers market and stock yards with Jon & Angelo. We passed by Punkeydoodles Corners then on to the market. Here we enjoyed the sights and sounds of the market, including a cattle auction. Grabbed a bite to eat and check out all the fresh produce and meat vendors. After this we had a short visit with my mother and for a coffee. From here we stopped by the farm for another short visit and pick up our mail. Returning home we enjoyed some BBQ'd garlic sausage (from the market) on a bun with potato salad, macaroni salad and coleslaw for supper.
Thurs. pics

Wed. July 29th
Early morning rain, then warm and sunny all day. I made some sausage rolls with puff pastry for a snack then did a bit more waxing of our coach (its looking real good) We relaxed a bit reading in the shade for a while and BBQ'd some chicken, grilled peppers and rice for supper. Afterwards we enjoyed a nice evening chatting with friends and neighbours.

Tues. July 28th
Overcast in the morning for a bit a, then sunny for most of the day about 85f (30c). We did laundry today and puttered around for awhile. At about 5.00pm we had a (now daily) thunderstorm that lasted about 20 minutes, so I washed the coach in rain. For supper we BBQ'd steak ,baked potatoes and sweet peppers. Then sat out and chatted with neighbours again for a while.

Mon. July 27th
A warm sunny day mostly around 80f (26c). We puttered around a bit and had a yummy brunch of belgium waffles, sausage and poached eggs cooked by Angelo. The rest of the day was exercising my back, reading and chatting with a few neighbours followed by a delicious cold pasta salad for supper prepared by Jon. And sit outside enjoying the warm evening air.

Sun. July 26th
This morning was overcast and rainy, until it cleared up about 10:00am. We then took Jon and Angelo to the Pinery Flea market, and on to Grand Bend beach. Here we had a nice lunch at The Growling Gator restaurant on their patio overlooking Lake Huron. Followed by a walk up Main St to check out the shops and sites. Back to the lake and walked the boardwalk, pavilion and the huge area with many beach volleyball courts set up. We returned back home about 4.00pm and relaxed outside until another major thunderstorm about 6:30pm with heavy rains and high winds lasting about 20 minutes. Followed by a light snack for supper and a relaxing evening inside.
Sun. Pics

Sat. July 25th
Warm with cloudy periods today. I woke up with back still sore so back to chiropractor in Grand Bend. Back home we had lunch and I put ice and heat on my back, relaxed a bit and attempted to walk about the resort a bit. By late afternoon was feeling much better. At 5.00pm there was a thunderstorm and very heavy rain and wind for about 20 minutes, then it stopped and the sun came back out for the rest of the day. Supper was leftover ham and scalloped potatoes. Then we were outside chatting with our neighbours on a lovely warm evening.
This video from 1937 I saw on Larry's Blog and is so much about what us fulltimers do.

Fri July 24th
A bright sunny day and around 75f (24c). I called a chiropractor in Grand Bend and had an adjustment on my back this morning. I returned home for lunch and then we took Jon & Angelo for nice drive to Pork Franks to see the sandunes by the lake. This reminded Jon of the beaches back in Holland where he was originally from. And he just happened to meet a nice young couple from Holland and chatted with them for while. From here we drove to Ipperwash beach and walked in the warm water for a while enjoying the nice warm breezes. We then proceeded to Kettle Point then onto Forest and back to our resort, for a very delicious dinner of a chicken club? with strawberries, avocados , and spinach salad.
Fri. Pics

Thurs. July 23rd
Warm today but overcast. I took Jon into Forest to get some Canadian cash from the bank machine and pick up a few groceries. Their first time in Canada in over 40 years and he loves the countryside.
Back home we puttered around a bit and cooked a nice supper of Bone in Ham scalloped potatoes and broccoli with cheese sauce and invited them to share it with us. After supper Harry, Jackie and their grandkids on the other side of us had a nice campfire and we all joined them for a while before turning in for the night.

Wed. July 22nd
A cloudy day today but not raining. I made a quick trip to Waterloo at 8.00am for another chiropractor adjustment then back to the farm. We phoned Sicards RV to check the status of our coach and were told it should be ready by 2.30pm. So we left and stopped to visit Jessica and the boys and see the new puppies. Then headed to Hamilton for our coach. We arrived and checked out the new paint, (front and rear of the coach) Painter Dave did a really nice job. The new slide topper awning was not yet installed so we had to wait a couple of hours for that. Once done we were on the road to Rock Glen Resort in Arkona arriving here about 7.00pm. We set up grabed a bite and talked to Harry & Jackie, Rich & Marylou and Jon & Angelo who came to Canada from Lafayette Louisiana to visit with us. Chatting for a while to catch up before heading in for the night.
Tues Pics

On the road around southern Ontario for a few days.

Tues. July 21st
Today was cloudy and a b cooler. There was rain sprinkles starting around 2.00pm. In the morning we went to Suzie's doctor's appointment in Kitchener at 9.00am then visited my mother for coffee, from here off to my doctor then back to the farm in the afternoon. We puttered around for a while then cooked up a bunch of chicken wings with Chinese food for supper, followed by a nice sunset on the porch.

Mon. July 20th
We packed up early and took our coach to Sicards RV for some paintwork. We have to leave it for 3 days so we will be houseless. From here we drove to the farm where we will stay until our coach is ready, it was promised for wednesday about noon.
Later we cooked supper of BBQ'd sausage, new potatoes, veggies and a salad for us and Suzie's family, a nice get-together.

Sun. July 19th
Nice bright morning and the 2 grandsons came to visit our "house" in their driveway and watch cartoons for a while. A bit later we packed up and hit the road heading to 50 Point Conservation Area near Hamilton. We after some slowdowns on the QEW we arrived at about 1:30pm and set up camp. We visited with Larry and Mar for a while then had them over for supper, Marilyn brought some great brushetta then we BBQ'd a back bacon roast, garlic mashed potatoes and a salad, chatted for a while then turned in for the evening.

Sat. July 18th
Bright, sunny and warm this morning as we pack up to hit the road. After goodbyes with neighbours we are o mobile at 9.45am. A nice drive east thru the rolling hills of southern Ontario we arrive at my daughter's in Aurora 2- 1/2 hours later. We chatted for a while and helped the assemble bunk beds for the 2 boys. Later we went to see my cousin and her husband for a wonderful visit and an amazing feast, appetizers, mixed grill with chicken, sauage and porkchops, salad, tasty green beans, roasted potatoes, yummy fresh bread followed by a desert bowl of ice cream, fresh fruit, cranberry, orange scones espresso. Then back to our coach for the evening.

We are at Galvin Bay resort near Buckhorn Ontario

Fri. July 17th
Another nice summer day, mostly sunny and warm. We puttered around most of the day, chatted with a few neighbours and relaxed. Steve and Barb cooked a delicious supper of shrimp, cabbage and egg noodles for us. Then we enjoyed a campfire with Ron and Karen after they arrived from Hamilton for their week of holidays.

Thurs. July 16th
Bright sunny awesome day around 85f (30c). We played the daily holy board game at 10.00am with a bunch of people, Suzie won one game and I lost 2 but always fun. I picked up a few groceries, and finished polishing and waxing our coach today. Chatted with some neighbours and read a while. Supper was BBQ'd hamburgers and sweet potato fries (yummy). Followed by a nice campfire with Steve & Barb on this nice mild evening.
Thurs. Pics.

Wed. July 15th
Beautiful sunny and warm about 85f (30c) most of the day. We took a drive to Bobcaygeon this morning, with Steve and Barb, Stopped by the cemetery to visit my father, then watched some boats at the lift lock in town and a fresh vegetable market. On the way back we stopped at Buckhorn Winery to sample and purchase some of their fine fruit wines. Following this we stopped at a chip truck to share some fresh cut fries, then home.
Steve and I then drove to Lakefield lumber yard to pick up some free wood for campfires, (we filled the trunk of his car). Back home I chatted with a couple neighbours then BBQ'd chicken , rice and squash for supper with strawberry shortcake for desert. It then was overcast and and sprinkled a few rain drops , so we decided to have a relaxing evening inside and watch some TV.
Wed. Pics

Tues. July 14th
Was bright and sunny again today about 85f (30c). We went into Buckhorn to the Craft and farmers market then returned home to a nice lunch of Steve's home made sauerkraut soup. I polished almost all the rest of the coach, then relaxed for a bit in the shade and had leftover roast beef, gravy, masked and veggies for supper, followed by a nice campfire at Steve and Barbs until dusk.

Mon. July 13th
Bright and sunny today only about 68f (19c). I went to Buckhorn for some groceries in the morning and when I got back in the car it would not start. A friendly motorist stopped and gave me a boast so I went back to camp. And removed battery teminals and replaced, now it works fine (this battery is only 1 month old). After lunch I went to Lakefield to do laundry and wash the car. I get back in the car and it did not start again. HHHMMMM. Nobody would give me a boost here , I fiddled for a bit , got the car going and returned to camp. I once again removed the battery teminals and on closer inspection found some acid corrosion from the old battery on the one connection. I cleaned this up real good and now hope for no more problems.
We visited with Steve and Barb for a bit then they joined us for a Spaghetti casserole, with chicken, sausage, hamburg, mushrooms, veggies, sauce,cheese and spaghetti leftovers from sundays supper and fresh Italian bread, yummy.

Sun. July 12th
Today warm but overcast for most of the day. A bit more polishing our coach and chatting with the neighbours. About noon Steve and Barb pulled in to everyones surprise, so we sat around a campfire and got caught up (we spent a month with them in Arizona) and then we had a nice supper of Chicken, spaghetti, sausage, garlic bread, Roast beef , mashed potatoes, gravy and veggies for 9 of us then we turned in about 8.30pm as Ron and Karen left for home to return to work.

Sat. July 11th
Nice a bright sunny warm day today about 80f (25c) most of the day. I did a bit more waxing on our coach then we played a dice game and cards with Ron and Tammy for the afternoon. Supper was BBQ'd pork chops and chinese noodles for supper. We were just settling down to watch TV about 8.30pm when Ron, Karen & Taylor showed up at their trailer next to us, so we sat out and chatted around their campfire for a while, nice surpise!

Fri. July 10th

Happy Anniversary Suzie
Today we celebrate 16 years of an awesome marriage. We had a great dinner last night and just kinda hung out here today, computing, reading, and more polishing the coach. Weather was bright, sunny and about 90f (34c) most of the day. We chatted with a few neighbours and had BBQ'd burgers and fries for supper. Life is good!

Thurs. July 9th
A beautiful sunny morning and warm. We rook a drive into Lindsay to for a bit of shopping and back home for lunch. We puttered around for a while then sat outside and chatted with various neighbours walking by on this lovely warm sunny day.
At 4.30 pm we drove to Bridgenorth to have supper for our Anniversary on friday. (Thursday night is not as busy). Chemong Lodge originally built in 1896 is a beautiful cozy dinning room on the shores of Chemong Lake. The food and service was excellent at a reasonable price as well.
Back home we chatted with a few more neighbours before turning in for the evening.

Thurs Pics

Wed. July 8th
Today mostly sunny and around 80f (26c) for the majority of the day. We drove into Peterborough to get our passport photos redone, as we found out that they had lost our previous photos and applications. We returned home and did some computing for a bit, with neighbour Larry then sat in the sun and read awhile. Supper was BBQ'd garlic sausage and rice. Then we chatted with Ron for a while until dusk when it began to get damp and chillly, and turned in for the day.

Tues. July 7th
A drizzly morning and about 70f (22c) most of the day warming up a bit in the afternoon with some sunshine for awhile. We after checking email we went for a short drive to Peterborough to do a bit of shopping then puttered around a bit, chatted with Ron and had BBQ'd chicken wings and fries for supper. Afterwards we relaxed and watched tv while it rained some more.

Mon. July 6th
Today was about 80f (25c) and mostly sunny. I went to the library in Buckhorn for email as the service at the Resort was not working very well. When I returned we spent most of the day outside. I washed most of our coach by hand with a bucket of water and began waxing the passenger side ( I did the other side in Algonquin). For supper we had BBQ'd a back bacon roast with some stroganoff noodles, then we chatted with neighbour Ron for a while.

Sun. July 5th
Sunny day all day and around 80f (25c), a relaxing day just putter about for a while, walkabout and read a bit. At 4.00 pm happy hour was at Bob's trailer so we joined a few people there to socialize for an hour. Then back home for a BBQ'd steak, baked potato and squash for supper.

Sat. July 4th
Nice bright sunny day about 70f (22c) most of the day. I went to Buckhorn for a few groceries then back home and compute for a bit. At 11.00 am there was a Canada Day Parade with Ranger Ron leading the kids on bicycles. After lunch there was a strawberry social at the clubhouse with home made shortcake and fresh local berries, yummy. We chatted with a few people there as well. We sat it the shade for a bit and read then scallops with fettuccini alfredo supper then saturday night at the movies on tv.
Sat. Pics

Fri July 3rd

Drizzly and damp again , so we pack up and move on to Galvin Bay near Buckhorn arriving at 1.00pm. We will be here now for 2 weeks. It was warm and humid the rest of the day. I spent time at the clubhouse with the owner as we figured out how to get a Mac to work on his secure wifi system, finally got it done.
Then BBQ'd chicken and rice for supper on a nice mild evening. And television channels back on.

Thurs. July 2nd.
Cool and rainy off and on all day again. We went to Whitney to check email, and get groceries. The internet was really slow today so did not get everything done after 1 & 1/2 hours sitting in the car. We stopped at Opeongo Store on the way back to check the scenery, then back home to do a bit more waxing between rain drops and reading. But the lake was calm and no wind , nice for the canoeists. We BBq'd smoked porkchops and potatoes for supper and sat under the awning while it was raining until about 8.00 pm,then inside to watch a movie.
July 2nd pics

Wed.July 1st
Canada Day
Strange weather today, Rain and sun off and on all day, about 70f (20c).
Morning coffee and a bit more waxing our coach. Then at 11.00am Bruce, Sally (their 3 dogs) and Karen's mother arrived for the day. At 11:30 we went to area 1 campground for Canada Day Celebrations. This is organized every year by Drago (Uncle Buck a proud Canadian) who camps here every year. He hangs up Canadian flags and passes them out to all the children and plays some Canadian music by Stompin Tom. We all sang Oh Canada and celebrated with a huge cake that was made and decorated by Patsy the Campground Warden along with fresh coffee. With most of the rain holding off for us.
Then about 4.00 pm Karen, her mother, Bruce, Sally and the dogs all came to our site with food to get out of the rain and we BBQ'd chicken with delicious salads and donuts for desert. Another couple Tom and Leanne with Cole and Gracie dropped by and we attempted to have a campfire between raindrops with damp wood. It finally started burning about 8.30 pm when the rain started again and all went home for the evening.
Canada Day Pics