Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, February 28, 2019

A perfect desert day here in Why !

Where are we today ? 
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       After a nice travel day yesterday and some perfect weather. We enjoyed a great nights sleep. Cool enough for sleeping and 48F at 4:30 this morning. As the sun came up it was warming up nicely I got my first desert walkabout done before 8 am first mile of the day.
as the sun was rising
      Walking around noticed where the heavy rains last week and been flowing and a lot of the roads here had issues but have been plowed again to fix them up. Also noticed quite a few more tent campers here than last fall, but still lots of open spaces for camping.
there is cool wood stove inside this huge tent
so peaceful all the time here
lots of Saguros here
they have been fixing the roads
the BIG FISH is back
          Heading into AJO can notice all the mine tailings from open pit copper mine.
looks like snow in the distance 
         And by 8:30 did  nice drive to Ajo checking out Olson's grocery store and picked up a couple of food specials. Home by 9:30, its getting nice and warm, 70F no wind . So into my shorts deployed our awning and enjoyed some reading in the shade for a while. After a light tasty lunch another walkabout enjoying this desert scenery, so peaceful here.
    Some interesting History of AJO can be  read HERE the Phelps Dodge open pit copper one that ceased operation in 1985.
         Night of the Lepus is a science fiction horror movie filmed here in Ajo in 1972. This mural below.
more desert artwork?
     After lunch I took a walkabout around the corner to the WHY NOT Store just because I could before it got too hot.
a few wildflowers, will be more soon
Water Tap by the empty gas station
for sale
     Across the street is the WHY NOT store, love their murals the last stop before crossing into Mexico.

and of  course the old truck water fountain
with Music blaring from it.
     Back home to enjoy this wonderful warm sunny day. Reading in the shade.
the we love and are here for
    After our Happy hour time to whip up supper some tasty chicken thighs they had on sale .77 cents a lb so cooked them and some left overs for lunches.
so tasty and our Bourbon BBQ sauce make them amazing
      Supper just abut done and caught the beginning of another nice desert sunset.
this was very a very tasty supper
that was the end of our sunset 
     Another perfect desert day here in Why, relaxing enjoying the scenery and warm sunny days with my honey. Really it does not get much better in our books.
    Thanks for dropping in and y'all had a great day as well.
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 Where have we been this Winter?

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Moving to WHY and some wonderful memories of years ago.

Where are we today ? 
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        A very mild night for sleeping, windows open and 58 F at 4 am  and gonna get warmer. Got the coffees and computing taken care of, a couple of nice nice walkabouts, a farewell visit from Freddy and Ron, then we secured our coach and headed east, at 8:30 am. Suzie driving the car behind. Our first stop is the Pilot in Yuma for propane and gas for the coach. Don't like the setup there but is handy and a little tight to maneuver the coach with the car behind. Once we were topped up hooked up the car and made our way east to our destination today is Why is a tiny village in southern Arizona that we love, arriving here just after 1 pm after a couple of rest stops to stretch and make lunch. We will be here a week probably as long as it is warm and sunny.
Freddy and Ron dropped buy to see ya later
and with us safe travels
lots of amazing solar mirrors here for power
got to Gila Bend and headed south to Why
love driving this road
here we are this is Why we are here
             Now all set up here with a comfortable 77f sunny degrees, Perfect and now Suzie is finally in shorts!
a nice quiet place we enjoy
this works for us
our desert views so nice and quiet
on our way here
      We enjoyed a very nice very warm afternoon, enjoying our page turners and a quiet Happy hour. Then soon time to whip up supper. Grilled a couple of boneless  pork chops to go with our salad. 2 minutes a side keeps them moist and tasty
 very moist and tender
yup this did the trick tonight
          Supper almost done and we did catch a bit of a nice desert sunset.
     Yes we  do enjoy it here.
    Now to share a blast from my past!!!!
Good friends Maize and Harvey Drager found this ad from my restaurant way back when and e- mailed it to me.  Now this sure is a blast from the past! The 10 years I worked and had fun with Jessie's Diner, They were very regular customers, back in the day, as were so many more people. I believe this was an add from the local paper. Man this sure kept me busy having fun and I burned out eventually.
memories from years ago
178 miles today
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 Where have we been this Winter?