Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, June 08, 2012

Another busy day

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
        Ok we have now been at the farm over a month, much longer than anywhere we usually stay. But Suzie's mom has been in the hospital for a tripple bypass and finally things are looking up. She is in recovery and could be home by early next week. Still a long recovery process.

        First thing this morning (7:30am) I went to Plattsville as usual to see what the guys are doing and shoot the breeze for a bit. When I was leaving the car would not start (it's done this before) so a quick tap on the battery terminal and away I go. Got home and noticed the air bag light on the dash is on, (idiot light) Back to the garage and have Dale check the code. Well his code reader will not read our car.(2002 Saturn). From here a quick trip to New Hamburg, they are busy there and said come back later this afternoon. Ok fine, not to worry the air bag will not deploy by itself.

        Driving back home I am thinking these things are all computers right? So the easiest thing to do is disconnect from power and turn it back on. So I disconnected the car battery for an hour and cut some grass in the meantime. Then hooked up the battery and no more air bag warning light. I guess rebooting the computer worked. Looks like problem solved.

        Now a bite to eat for lunch then Suzie off to visit her mom in the hospital and me back on the Grasshopper for a couple more hours of mowing the lawn. Timing here was good as I was done mowing lawn shortly after 3 o'clock and Suzie on her way home. I have time for a quick shower then fire up our Weber grill to have an early supper. 
a nice chicken a couple taters in foil with onions
meanwhile Suzie is brushing Omer and we are relaxing
about 80 minutes and we are done today (A little windy) 
a nice quarter chicken, taters, peas and Swiss Chalet Sauce
         Now a nice tasty supper and time to head out to Drumbo for two Soccer games tonight. One at 5:45 and the next at 6:45. the weather was awesome and we won both games. A great time was had by all.
Kids having a Ball
        Once again the day just flew by. Sure glad we don't work anymore, really don't know when we would find the time.

        Thanks again for stopping by and joining our travels.

        Oh yeah we would like to welcome an new follower again today Activer Rver, but apparently no link to a blog or website.
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  1. Good idea to re-set the computer... Will make a note of that one.

  2. George:

    Active RVer seems to be a blog that wants you to submit some of your stories for them to publish. In other words it is like they want the readers to write their blog for them. They didn't leave any information on our blog either but did on Travels with the Bayfield Bunch on Thursday's post and I was able to use Al's shortcut to read their blog.

    It's about time.

  3. We've been stuck in the same spot for much longer than normal though. I guess that's what happens when we've got more things to do than places to go. Glad to hear about Suzie's mom.

  4. Glad things are looking up for Suzie's Mom, she continues to be in our thoughts and prayers for a complete recovery.

  5. so glad to hear Suzie's mom is doing well....rebooting sometimes solves the problem...these new cars are so computerized they're almost in possible to work on unless your a mechanic...makes one wish for the days of old and no computers in the cars...have a super weekend..

    1. Even a mechanic can't do much without a computer to annualize the problems too.

  6. Glad to hear that Suzie's Mom continues to improve. Good thinking on repairing the air bag light. I think that Omar is really going to miss Suzie when you leave, you just might have to take that farm dog along. I think he would adjust just fine to all the attention. Now you got me wanting to cook a chicken again with some of the Chalet sauce, looked yummy!

    1. Get that chicken cooking and enjoy! Omer does like to bark at other animals and people, not too good in a campground.

  7. One month in the same spot must seem very long to you as compared to your usual style. I think that at this time in our lives we have to be prepared to change things because of ailing and aging parents. You are both handling the situation and I'm sure Suzies' family is so happy to have her around right now. I know Omer is :))

    1. Yes we are flexible thats the beauty of this lifestyle. we will stay as long a need be.


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