Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

June 2008

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Mon. Aug.11th
Next to visit my sister on Lake Scugog for a couple of days before heading back to Galvin Bay for 2 weeks to meet up with more campers from Oshawa, Hamilton and Lewiston New York.
Tues. August 5th
Off we go to Earl Rowe Provincial Park to relax and explore this area outside of Alliston Ontario, before visiting my daughter Kim in Aurora for another Grandson’s 2nd birthday.
Thurs. July 30th
We travelled to Sauble Beach to enjoy the company and hospitality of Eric and Ellana at their waterfront cottage with some amazing weather.
Tues. July 15th
We went back to the farm in New Hamburg until July 30th. Here we visited with family and friends, and celebrated my youngest grandson’s 1st birthday. Friends of our Steve and Barb also joined us at the farm with their coach for a week. My youngest daughter Jess came out and treated Suzie and I with a very relaxing reflexology treatment.
Sun. July 13th
We stopped by my brother’s in Brocklin overnight for a delicious meal of BBQ’d spareribs, yummy.
Fri. July 11th
My sister and brother-in law stopped by for lunch and we checked out the Indian reservation for crafts and stuff.
Thurs. July 10th
A few days at Galvin Bay near Buckhorn and relax. John and Barb (couple from Buckhorn that we met in Georgia) dropped by for a nice visit on Thursday evening tohelp us celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.
Tues. July 8th
After 15 awesome days in Algonquin, we went back to Galvin Bay for a few days.
Tues. July 1st.
Was a Canada Day celebration at Rock Lake Beach hosted by a proud New Canadian (Drago) with songs about Canada, Flags all over and singing “Oh Canada”. This was followed by a short speech about our great country.
Wed. June 25th Moose experience
Alex and Debbie invited us over for a campfire on this lovely mild evening. After an enjoyable evening of conversation we left about 11:30pm to drive home. Algonquin is very dark at night with no light pollution just a star filled sky and very little moonlight. While coming in the gravel road at 40 kmh to Rock Lake at KM3 in our car we noticed a huge magnificent Moose nicely trotting down the road going in our direction. We slowed right down as we approached him and finally stopped about 30 feet behind and observed its monstrous size. Then the Moose stopped and looked right at us and started to come towards the front passenger side of our car. It then proceeded to charge us and body checked the side of our car rocking it violently, and carried on behind us, we carried on the opposite direction just in case he decided to charge again. We felt so small as its head was much taller than the car and he hit the right rear door and rear fender leaving smudge marks on the side widow and a few minor scratche marks in the paint, and broke the rear door handle. Luckily the side panels on our car are polymer and bounced right back to shape showing no major damage. We are fine and have a Moose memory of Algonquin that we will never forget. I am glad that Suzie was with me because at least I have a witness. She said that she would probably not have believed this true story.
An awesome Moose experience in Algonquin!!
Tues. June 24th
We drove to Pog Lake campground about 11 kms away and looked up a couple ( Alex & Debbie) from Plattsville that we used to camp with many years ago and taught us how to canoe in Algonquin Park.
Mon. June 23rd
About a 2 & ½ hour drive to Rock Lake Campground in Algonquin Park where we were lucky to get a beautiful site right on the water and stayed for 2 weeks. Here we met up with many friends that we had met over the years here. Here we enjoyed many campfires and social times.
Thurs. June 19th
We arrived at Galvin Bay resort near Lakefield and relaxed here for a few days. While here we talked with fellow campers we met over the years and shared travel stories. Then on Saturday we visited John & Barb about 10 minutes away, a couple that we met at the RV Rally in Perry Georgia, small world.
Tue. June 17th
We are at my sister's place in Little Britain right on Lake Scugog to catch up ,with our lives. She retired a year ago and purchased this beautiful waterfront property. We will stay for a few days then carry on to Galvin Bay, and then Algonquin park for a couple
Mon. June 16th
I received my new hearing aids today and cannot believe how well they work! I can actually hear things ( like Suzie talking to me in the RV) and even listen to music. Wow today's technology.
Fri. June. 13th
Visit my Daughter and her family in Aurora for a few days, really nice to see our grandsons and have them visit us in our "RV Truck" parked in their driveway.
Sun. June 8th
We left Lazy lakes and I stopped at 50 Point Campground for the night,to have new shocks installed on our coach Monday morning. Suzie carried on to New Hamburg for a family reunion. I caught up with her monday afternoon at the farm where we stayed until friday morning.
Fri. June 6th
Thursday was a beautiful partly sunny day about 90 f (32c) and about 72f (22c) overnight. The campground is surrounded by Cottonwood trees and the hot weather makes them go to seed with huge white fluffies everywhere, it looks like a snow storm at times, in the air and on the ground too. Today is about the same only hotter more humidity humidex about 104f (40c). Run air conditioner today and quite comfortable. We have been waiting for this weather a long time.
Tues. June 3rd
Have been at Lazy Lakes Resort (Lewiston NY) now for about a week, and are enjoying meeting up with old friends. Steve and Barb came in last friday morning, we have not seen since Picacho Peak Arizona in February. Friday afternoon Bill & Barb arrived whom we have not seen since last fall. I cooked up a peameal bacon roast on the BBQ and Barb made a batch of her awesome home made Perogies and the six of us sat down to a great feast, followed by a nice roaring campfire. Saturday a bit rainy but cleared up for another campfire with real wood again. We usually just use our propane fire pit, its less expensive than buying wood. But if someone else has free firewood, away we go. The weather has been fairly warm with a few rain showers here and there, even a bit of hail on Saturday with some really huge hail stones bouncing off the ground.
Yesterday was hot and sunny all day 80f (28c) had a BBQ wings for supper and another campfire on a very mild evening, until the mosquitoes came out around 9.00pm.
Now today is mostly overcast with occasional rain and some sunny periods. I helped Steve a bit with his computer and they are cooking a nice supper of curried chicken and potatoes.
We do enjoy this area close to Ontario but still get the benefit of cheap beverages, food and gasoline, We saved $40.00 on a fill up in our coach and about $10.00 for the car. Free camping in our membership park and even free wifi.
Here is a few pics we took at Lazy Lakes and also some at the Grand Bend flea Market just before we left Rock Glen.