Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another plumbing repair, and we missed the storm

Where are we today ?
Plattsville Ontario
        Up early this morning as usual after a great nights sleep. On the agenda today stop by ma's in Waterloo and repair yet another Moen tap by replacing the free cartridge. Of course this one gave me a hard time as well. The original taps 18 years ago and hard water plays havoc on plumbing fixtures. Then we had a nice visit with ma and my sister then back to our coach in Plattsville. 
        We missed the thunderstorm while we were gone, just noticed the tail end of the stormy looking skies leaving town as we got back home. Apparently there was quite a heavy downpour and not much in Waterloo , 20 minutes away.
Plattsville is the other side of the bush
        By the time we had a quick bite to eat for lunch, clear blue skies, hot and sunny. Now we had some time to just relax with our books in the shade, even had time to give me a haircut and beard trim too, with the help my personal hairdesser Suzie doing the final touches on the back of my neck. Nice and cool again. 
        The day just slipped by and before we know it's time to fire up our Weber to grill a couple of bone in chicken breasts, potatoes in foil with onions and a tasty cob of corn.

        Just a nice almost normal day, not too busy and time to relax for a bit. Even sat by the pool and visit with John and Lea to chat for a while after supper, such a beautiful summer evening.
        Thanks for the read.
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Upper Ratho to Plattsville 8 kms today

Where are we today ?
Plattsville Ontario
        A nice quiet night in Upper Ratho Station, the party is over and everybody went home but us. First thing this morning so peaceful and no breeze. The mist over the pond is a bit erie ad mysterious but was burnt off real quick with the morning sunshine.
        Then a stroll around the pond showing beautiful reflections across the water. Barely any signs of an all weekend party, most everyone cleaned up their mess.

        We had decided to move on over to John and Lea's today for the weekend, kinda just hang out there, nice a quiet here and in town. Only 8 kms (5 miles) to travel, so got there early enough this morning to settle in before it got too hot. Hot and sticky so mid afternoon went for a nice dip in their pool to cool off and chat with Lea for a bit. We have been here before a couple times, last visit was the Canada Party for July 1st this year, awesome hosts! Maybe they will even let me cut some more grass.
relaxing in the shade with a book
enjoying the pool
Molly and Buddy still here to play with
        Then for supper went to the Mandarin in Kitchener for a Chinese buffet to have a nice meal and celebrate our Grandson's 5th birthday today. Enjoying yet some more family fun times with everybody. Then back to Plattsville put our feet up and call it a night. 
        Passed a couple hot air ballons descending on the way home too.
        We did not move far today, but move we did. Glad you came along for our short relocation cruise.
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another great day in Upper Ratho Station

Where are we today ?
Upper Ratho Station Ontario
        Even thou it was late last night I was up early again as usual, posting the Blog I normally would have done last night. Well the internet was slow and frustrating trying to upload pictures, so I finally gave up and just posted a couple. But later today I checked and our connection was lightning fast go I finished posting the rest of the too many pictures from the fun times we had yesterday. you can see them by clicking here.
        Today the fun started again, we were told to be here for breakfast so here we are a whole mess of adults and kids that slept over. 
morning sun across the pond in front of our coach
look the other way and cows grazing in the field.
         As everyone got up, coffee on and the kids are into the pond, even a few dogs too.
        Larry and Trish cut up the leftover potatoes and began making homfried potatoes, I was puttering around and thought maybe I could help out a bit, next thing I am having too much fun. cooking the bacon , potatoes and flipping eggs, just like the old days in the restaurant! 

Suzie is crushing cans
kids are waiting for breaky
        It seems like everybody got fed, we cooked up 5 lbs of bacon, 5 dozen eggs, and huge pile of potatoes, should be nobody hungry after that.

Larry and I cooking

oh yeah and we had dales beans too
        Now tidy up a bit relax around the pond and watch the kids having fun. Then few games of washer toss, tell stories, with the car races on Tv too, everybody had a great time.

Washer toss
        Then about 4 o'clock a fishing derby for the kids, they have one hour to see who can catch the largest fish. So fishing rods ready and away they went, lots of action as they pulled in the Bass, taken to the offical measuring station and documented. (catch and release) After and hour and many fish checked there was a winner declared, and I did not get her name, but she caught a 12 and 1/2 inch bass, no matter we all had fun.

        Next thing on the agenda, guess what we have to eat agin, so out comes the left over beef, chicken, pork, cheeses, desert and buns. And a huge pot of fresh corn on the cob.
        Now Dean he took two pineapples and cut them up like the picture below and grilled them with Maple Syrup and cinnamon brushed over to, wow was that ever tasty! (supposed to have Grand Marnier to, but we had none)
awesome pineapple
        Ok now thats it, the day is winding down , time for people to go home, put up their feet and relax after two great days of fun in the sun with friends and family. Thanks to the Pettigrew family so much for the invite. We will move on down the road in the morning.
        And thanks everybody else for dropping by to visit us here in Blogland.
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Party at Upper Ratho Station

Where are we today ?
Upper Ratho Station Ontario
        A bright sunny saturday morning so I went for my morning drive into town and stop by Pettigrew's garage to chat and catch up with the local gossip. I noticed the sign on the door they are closed at noon today and closed sunday as well. Muriel tell me to get Suzie and our house and come on out to their place for a get together, games, fun and food. Just bring a potluck dish.

        So back to the farm we secured our coach and headed on down the back roads to their piece of heaven in Upper Ratho Station. There is actually 5 houses here.
down the road we go

we are set for the day
        Arriving there shortly after noon and parked with a few other trailers and tents then wander around, get involved with the activities and chat with a whole mess of people we have not seen for quite a few years. People cooking, a pig in the one BBQ, and the other rotisserie one that Don made full of chicken, roast beef and potatoes. And Dale (our mechanic) making a huge pot ob baked beans, all smelling so good. 
The kids and adults cooling off in the pond, paddling around, zipping around on golf carts and atvs. A golfing contest going on, driving balls across the pond, closest to the center of a huge rope circle. Volleyball game, ladder golf, and ring toss tournaments going on.
nice pond
        Below is Don's covered bridge entrance to the "Resort".
covered bridge
the resort

chicken, beef and potatoes
dog fetching stick 
the Resort
inside the log cabin
getting ready for beans 

Don's Log Cabin
ring toss
Volley Ball

out house

         Around 6 o'clock all the food is out and everybody is starving, so thru the lines grab a plate and sample all the goods. All so good too. Even a few pies for desert. 

        This dog below looks like Omer with short legs...

        Now here we go how about water skiing on the pond. I have only seen pictures of stuff like this and hey it worked real slick. Long rope across the thru a pully on a huge tree, tied to the big four wheeler. Take off and down the length of the pond on the wake board. Great entertainment. Now its getting dark so a very nice fireworks display to everyones delight worked great. Campfire, more games under the floodlights and before we know its midnight. So we packed it in and headed home to bed, late enough for us after such a fun time.



Dale exploded and air bag for aan extra bang
         Beautiful land scaping and shade just amazing . The last time we were here was over 20 years ago when our Optimist club had a family fishing derby in their stocked pond, wow has it ever changed.

        Thanks for dropping by and joining our party, now back out side for breakfast here at the resort.

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