Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Birthday Party open House today at Rock Glen Resort, and an anniversary party too..

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Resort Arkona Ontario
        Today started out a wonderful sunny day, I got yesterday's posting done this morning, was out too late last night, all these partying seniors here kept us up by a great campfire. And its gonna happen tonight again!

        This is going to be a big day here at the Resort. They are celebrating 40 years in business here, with the owners Bob and Shirley still very active in the operation of this great place. There will be wagon rides all day, free hot dogs, drinks and cake. Free live entertainment all day long, raffles, mini golf and draws the list goes on and on.    
         The resort was open to the public and people came in all day long. To the pool, wagon rides, free food, free entertainment  and lotsa fun.
wagon rides
only 10 am
free raffle for a trailer or $5,000. cash
kids activities
free hot dogs, drinks and cakes
four huge cakes
        Then the free live entertainment was awesome Sarah and Jeff playing some amazing tunes and had people dancing, just having a great time.

        You can listen to a sample of their music by watching this video below.

         Everybody had fun and the resort mascot Roxy did the job of keeping everybody in tune with things as well.
Roxy our Mascot
good times
        After all this fun time we relaxed in the shade for a while and were able enjoy our books. Then fire up our Weber to grill a couple pork chops, potatoes in foil with onions, carrots and broccoli, 
Yep it was a tasty supper again.
        After a nice supper over to visit with Rich and Marylou to celebrate 40 years of wedding bliss, with a nice campfire, bunch of friends, jokes and stories, snacks, refreshments and a wonderful cake with strawberries and whipped cream. 
Rich and Marylou

yummy cake
         Ok that's it, we had enough fun for one day, time to head home and call it a day. Lotsa celebrations for everyone.

        Glad you could join us today.

        Now remember that song "Wasn't that a party"

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  1. Sounds like you planned your arrival just right. As a matter of fact just right in time to win that pop up trailer. Lots of luck ... but what would you do? Would you trade in your motorhome and keep the tent trailer or take the cash? I guess that's not a hard one. Lots of luck.

  2. I think my kids might make use of this tent trailer.

  3. What a terrific day with lots of entertainment, friends and, of course, great food as always. Thanks for sharing your fun.

  4. Love that song.....Wasn't that a party??

  5. Great time had by all and it was all free!!!

  6. great blog..what a fun time you all had...she has an amazing voice...and lots of great music and food....


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