Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Why ?

Where are we today ?
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      We up very early as usual  and just took our time  getting ready to hit the road. Walkabouts, coffee and computing, then secure the coach etc..
another wonderful Sunrise here at Pilot Knob California
        Hookup up our car to hit the road about 9:30, Bill and Patsy came over to give us hugs and see ya  on down the road. Patsy gifted us with a couple of wonderful slices of her homemade Banana, nut bread she baked  yesterday. Patsy it is so tasty we will nibble on this for a couple of days, thanks so much !
Heavenly Banana bread
thanks Patsy
    Heading east on I-8 back into Arizona for a nice drive, tail wind pushing us along.
      Though the mountain pass in the Foothills making our way east.
cool water tower for Patsy
not much traffic
      Stopped at Holts Shell in Gila bend, fuelled the coach, topped up our propane and dumped our tanks at their free dump station. From there south on 85 to Why.
Holts Shell love the dinosaurs
nice  2 lane road not much traffic
Main street of Ajo
Why are we here ?
      Found this place that looked interesting, boon docking in a campground, They have free wifi, dump  station, water available, washrooms, garbage and showers with huge sites in the desert. $40.  a week, think we need to check it out ! For the link click HERE 
     So many choices for campsites and our closest neighbour maybe 100 yards., so peaceful, here, no trains, no road noise  just the odd plane overhead.
this be us
our closest neighbour 
all set up and enjoyed reading in the shade
 with a wonderful view
some nice desert flowers too
     Then time to whip up supper , tonight pan fried Cod Fillets, to go with a tasty salad.
what a great way to wind up a great travel day
     We here for a week, relax and enjoy this great desert weather thanks for dropping on by.
today 179 miles

Where have we been this Winter

Monday, February 27, 2017

Rainy day stuff, making it not too hard to leave here tomorrow.

Where are we today?
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      Mild overnight and  57f at 5 am, it got up to 67f today but overcast all day. Then about noon a light rain began. This morning though we did get a few things done, couple of walkabouts, our Weber Q stored away, tires and oil checked , fresh water filled. Suzie dusted, vacuumed our coach, washed the floors and I shook the mats.
skies like this all day
      Then after a quick bite for lunch I took a couple of loads of laundry here in the park, to let the machines do their magic. 70 minutes is all it takes with a total cost of 5 bucks, not bad , and I can read while this goes on the time just flies on by. Home by 1 bas she can put it away. Still drizzling...

not a heavy rain so not too bad
      Had a couple of short breaks when the drizzle let up, secured the bikes to the back of the coach, got some reading done with can't put down books. Another walkabout or 2, Happy Hour inside just the 2 of us then time to whip up supper.
     Tonight a spaghetti squash with some homemade tomato sauce we had in the freezer and a salad. A cornmeal muffin as well. Just like we had planned. Perfect day for it. Heat up the sauce and the squash 10 minutes in the microwave.
perfect sized squash for a buck
10 minutes in the microwave
 done perfectly 
a little shredded cheddar, parmesan and my hot spices
I was good to go.
again leftovers 
         Not really a bad day, we got the things done we wanted before we hit the road in the morning slowly making our way east, only have 6 weeks to get home now. We have been here 2 weeks gotta go,  new places and new faces.
        Thanks for stopping in and hope y'all had a wonderful day as well.

Where have we been this Winter

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Did nothing yesterday, but did not get it all done, need to finish that off today if we can

Where are we today?
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       Just another great desert day  here.Cool night and nice warm sunny day as long as we can stay out of the NW wind.
        Needed few a groceries so at 7 am headed into Yuma to stock up for the next week or so. Home before 9am. I like to get this stuff out of the way early in the day.
get into town before the sun blinds me on the drive.
    We have a couple of friends heading out this morning and said see ya later on down the road.
Rob and Pat by their rig ready to go
Happy Birthday Pat, we just know you will have an awesome day
George and Rose Anne heading out as well
each in different directions
travel safe and see you on down the road
looks pretty quiet here now they are gone
    After lunch a cruse around the area  over to Felicity across the interstate.
stairway to heaven maybe?
        Now some wonderful reading outside. I finished a fun book David Baldacci  The Christmas Train and starting another Stuart Woods, Naked Greed love reading his books too.
     Then at 2 pm the  ice cream social we here and can do it . Same as last Sunday we chopped up a banana , set up our bowls one scoup each with the toppings and we each have a banana split $1.00 each. A nice treat and a good deal. Bill and Patsy joined us as well nice to chat here for a bit.
tasty banna splits
     Then home I prepped 2 chickens to cook on our Weber Q. Albertsons had them on sale for .57 cents a lb.Picked up 2 and cooked them both today. Over 10 lbs of chicken for about 6 bucks.! Lots bones for soup broth and lots of cooked chicken that we will make good use off , many meals here for sure.
       Bill and Patsy came over for Happy hour , now just the 4 of us, it was nice to chat one on one for a change. Wanted to keep an eye on our Weber q.
nice, sunny day and mostly out of the wind
chickens doing nicely  and some acorn squash 
chicken , squash and a salad , sure did the trick 
      What a great day we had, walkabouts, reading and some time with our friends before we all  head our separate ways soon, think we both are heading out on Tuesday
     Thanks for taking a peek and just know your day was wonderful as well.

Where have we been this Winter

Saturday, February 25, 2017

A relaxing very warm Saturday, was nice after a couple busy days.

Where are we today?
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       Cool this morning outside 44 f  at 5 am and next to no wind. As the sun rose it got to be quite warm in shorts by 9 am and then got to 74f . Clear blue skies , sunshine and no wind, now this is awesome ! Even almost too warm for some people.
      Today we have no where to go and nothing planned so this really looks like it will be an awesome  day. Just getting lots of walkabouts (3 miles walking and 2 miles bike riding, makes a great day for me).
     Shortly after 9 am Bill and Barb headed on out, heading east and eventually back to New York in their travels. So nice to spend some time with them here in the south west.
See ya later guys,
it was fun, travel safe.
away they go
       Then we just puttered around, walkabouts, bike riding and reading in the shade under the tree on our site. So wonderfully warm and sunny, no wind as well, we need the shade.
Perfect spot here in the shade 
nice pavilion here for events
    Then about 2 pm it was time to hit the pool and spa, perfect warm water in the pool and the spa excellent as well.
love the pool here
not too busy
desert flowers in the trees behind us
    Then at 3 pm Happy hour at Rob and Pats, snacks today for Roseannes birthday today, Pats Birthday tomorrow, but they are all on the road tomorrow, so a  party for the 2 ladies here.
we had snacks and fun times.
    Then  time to make our way home as the sun was beginning to set. Fired up our Weber Q grill a turkey burger for Suzie and chirzo  burger for me. That's all we needed after all the snacks earlier.
sun was beginning to set as I grilled the burgers 
That was a perfect meal , sure hit the spot
    Thanks for stopping by, hope your day was wonderful as well.

Where have we been this Winter