Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Great day, Flea Market and now relaxing....

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Resort Arkona Ontario
        The weather is great and yesterday's parties are behind us. This morning an early rain about 5:30am but sunshine and all good by 9 o'clock. So we gathered up a few paper backs and headed off to the Pinery Flea Market in Grand Bend.

         This is one of our favourite outings when we are in the area. Entrance fee is one dollar per person and we can spend hours here, wandering about the vendors in the bush, only open Sundays. lots of the same vendors we have seen for years, and get to know, some good deals and some new stuff but still a nice spot to explore.

        Not much we need but have over 30 books to exchange, today we are only bringing 15. Suzie's favourite book vendor John, always has great books and gives us a good exchange rate. Today we bring in 15 and get 10 free, these are some of the current paperbacks we picked up in Quartzsite for only $1.00 each. (we really stocked up there !).

        We shared a small order of fresh cut fries while wandering and picked up some awesome extra hot pepperettes for me, that I just love!

parking lot getting busy
still early so not too crowded

lots neat signs

        This being the weekend before our Canada Day long weekend it was not real busy and no large crowds (suits us just fine). We toured the whole place, got what we wanted and were heading out before noon, even before the live entertainment started, but that was just fine.

        Now home in time for light lunch, walkabouts, putter around and read in the shade, just enjoying this great weather. Reading and enjoying, then time to fire up our Weber, and today we gonna do chicken (yep we love chicken), especially done on our Weber Q 100. This one is a cornish hen, perfect for the two of us. We stocked up in the States (so cheap there). The nice thing about cooking on the grill is I can sit right beside it, with my book and a cold beverage.
one hour 10 mintes done to perfection
        To trim if off just right today, some creamy whipped potatoes, peas and my favourite Swiss Chalet sauce just hit the spot. 
chicken yes !!!
        Now this is how we enjoy summer in Ontario, living fulltime in our RV. Everyweek or two we like to relocate and enjoy different areas, with friends and family. Our Health care system says we need to be in Ontario Canada for at least five months of the year and that's about all the good weather we have here, so works out great for us.

        About 8 o'clock Trish and Mike invited us over to their campfire for a jam sesion with some neighbours for a while, but shortly after we arrived it began to sprinkle a bit, so no fire, no jam session just hung out for a bit and got acquainted with everybody then head back home, go with the flow, gotta love campin!

        Glad you could drop by and enjoy our great weather, hope your's was good too.
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  1. Too bad the rain had to come so late in the day. Having a jam session would have been the perfect way to finish off a great day like today.

    It's about time.

  2. You sure do live life to the fullest and that's fantastic and you get an opportunity to go just about every place you want to. We love the local flea markets and try to visit whenever we can.

    1. Yes we are so lucky to be able to live this lifestyle.

  3. Those old signs are neat. Where the pinball machines for sale? We use to have one in our large home, it was great entertainment.

    1. Love the old signs, I used to have a bunch in my restaurant years ago. The pinball machine are working not for sale. We used to have one too years ago too , great fun.

  4. we had a pinball machine when the kids were smaller they sure enjoyed it I can still hear the bumpers binging...looks like you had a great day once again!!

    1. They sure were fun machines back then. Yes another great day.


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