Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Happy 71st Birthday

Today is George's birthday.

It seems unusual to celebrate it on a Wednesday and not this past weekend. He has said for years, that Canada celebrates his birthday every year.

Depending on where we are, we would go to Anna Mae's in Millbank, Trail's Edge in Plattsville or Skeeter-Barlow's in Forest. I think these are our favourite places to eat. This year we wouldn't be able to go to the restaurant, but we could still get take out. I will celebrate his birthday with family when we can.

Happy Birthday Sweetie

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Saturday, May 09, 2020

Not Much Happening

I seem to be getting back into my routine. I compute in the morning then read. Added to this, I now  also listen to our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau about 11 am and Premier Doug Ford about 1 pm.

I do like hearing what they have to say and find them very informative. They both want to keep Canadians safe. The other day, I saw the following posting on Facebook:

I’d rather stay in Quarantine
for the whole Summer,
just as long as I don’t have to bury
one of my family members, kids, or loved ones!

Our current situation is not what I'm sure anyone of us wanted but the above says it all. Thanks Monique. Also thanks to all who post positive on Facebook. Our mental health right now does not need negativity.

Usually about 4 in the afternoon, a gentleman in the next building plays 4-5 songs on his trombone in 3 locations around the 3 buildings as a thank you to all the first responders. I believe he also starts at noon and plays by the hospital and senior resident's in Stratford. What a great thing for him to do.

You all know that I like petting dogs and George would say that I was getting my doggie fix. Well, that has not changed. As the building is filling up, more dogs also arrive, so I continue to meet dogs. Below is a picture of Scooter and Tucker.

Thank you to first responders.
A lady in the first building has been making these and for a donation, we can get one. At last count, there are 7 on my side of the building. She is kept busy doing this. These on all 3 of the buildings.

Today, I was looking forward to the Canadian Snowbirds flying over Stratford but unfortunately, due to the weather, they had to turn back to Trenton. Maybe it will happen tomorrow.

Stay safe.

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