Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving

This morning (Monday) as I was starting to prepare this posting, I finally realized how everyone figured out that my last posting was on my birthday. I forgot that my birth date is also on the tombstone. I guess I'm a little slow or pre-occupied.

Thanks for everyone wishing me a Happy Birthday and the lovely comments about the tombstone. I agree that it is very fitting and summarizes our years of full timing and our dream.

As time has gone by, my cooking skills are coming back. I have not had a bad meal yet. I have used the deep fryer several times with great success. So far, I have used the slow cooker, oven, George Foreman grill and deep fryer to accomplish good meals. I even baked the mini pecan tarts that George has on the recipe section. I didn't make the pastry though. I bought the premade shells. They turned out wonderful. Quite a while ago, I purchased Anova Sous Vide. My sister and husband have one and they really enjoy it. They suggested it might be something I can use to add to my cooking skills. They have perfected on how to use it but I'm still a little challenged with it. I really like the idea of when purchasing meat to put single servings in a freezer bag with spices etc and then cook it in the Sous Vide. This is something that needs a little work for me, but I will get there.

The day after my birthday, I began to think that Thanksgiving this year would not be the same as previous years. I didn't want to miss out on a Thanksgiving meal. Over the years, George and I have purchased turkey products from Hayters Farm in Dashwood, Ontario.  They have a great selection of turkey products. A road trip was called for. A friend from the apartment and myself took a trip about 1 hour away. I purchased Turkey Schnitzel, Honey Garlic sausage and a 3 pound dark meat roast. The roast will be perfect for me and have leftovers as well.

On Saturday I started my Thanksgiving dinner preparations. I have always liked turnip or rutabaga, so I was able to cut it up (which can be challenging) and cooked the turnip in advance. Sunday I started the roast in the slow cooker with carrots and prepared a turnip casserole. I invited my brother and sister-in-law over for dinner. We had all the fixing for a Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, carrots, turnip, potatoes, gravy and a salad. For dessert, I had purchased Apple Crisp from M & M Food Market that was 2 single servings and added ice cream. The 2 singles were more that sufficient for us. Dinner was a success. It wasn't until after they left, that I realized I forgot the cranberries. Oh well, left over cranberries I can always freeze. George had made the Cranberry sauce with orange zest last year. 

Last night about 5 pm, the Yates got together using FaceTime. The Yates's always get together on Thanksgiving Monday. This year, of course was very different but it was really great to see everyone and get caught up on what the families are doing.

Most nights a group of us from the building get together and socialize. We have got to calling it "The meeting of the minds". Always great conversation and laughs. I have been out several times with friends to the Legion here in Stratford. They have a meat draw and 50/50. Another great way to enjoy life. So far, I have not been lucky enough to win anything. It is great to socialize with friends and family always following suggestion for social distancing.

I am especially thankful this year to family and friends for the help and support they have provided this past year. The coronavirus has made it very different but I am sure that George would have had a positive attitude through it all. 

Life can be difficult, but always remember to live your life to the fullest as you never know what will be around the corner.