Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, May 24, 2018

More amazing weather, a bit more lawn mowing and Chiropractor for a tune up.

Where are we today ? 
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         Just another nice night for sleeping, windows open and only a light blanket needed. Was wonderfull As usual up early and got stuff done, waiting for the sunrise, and did not disappoint us.
     Then got a nice walkabout town to start my day. Love the quiet times and great to get my body moving and heart rate going.
     Then a quick trip to New Hamburg for a few groceries and home by 9:30 am. Now you know it is another wonderful warm day,  when Suzie is outside under our awning in shorts !
now this is the weather we enjoy
    We had an  early lunch and I hopped on the mower to give another cut to the rear couple of acres here. The grass was so long yesterday it did not cut well, so another cutting was in order for most of it.
looks better with a second cutting 
      Couple of hours later I was done at 1 Pm. Now to enjoy my e-reader in the shade with my honey for a bit. 
I brought her home some fresh Lilacs ,
now our house smells amazing
     Then at 1:30 pm I headed into Waterloo to my Chiropractor, have him tune up my back, It's been a while (last fall). I know something is out and he will fix me up just like new again.
     Back home by 3 pm and still 90F (32C) in the shade here. Not humid and a very light breeze this is the kinda of weather we enjoy, nice to relax ad enjoy our page turners.  
perfect temperature  to enjoy reading in the shade
soon this lawn will be mowed again
       After our Happy hour time for supper, I preheated our Weber Q made a salad and grilled a couple of bone in pork chops along with some fresh local asparagus that we love.
in no time done perfectly
yup this sure was tasty
        Relaxing outside at 7:30 pm still about 75F  (24C) finish this posting and read a bit more. Lea dropped on by with her new puppy, and Suzie got a doggie fix !
what a beautiful dog,(sorry can't remember her name)
Sarah maybe?
      That was our fun day her at Camp Awesome, just enjoying this amazing weather . 
      Time to post this now and dive back into my page turner, got to read some more, it is getting exciting, And this evening weather outside is really hard to say no to.
      Thanks again for stopping by and really hope you had a great day as well.
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Where have we been this summer?

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A wonderful hot sunny day, what's not to love about that ?

Where are we today ? 
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        Again a nice quiet sleep, very warm. windows open, gotta love it. We have some amazing weather in store for us today and the next few days, so will make good use of it. First thing I did after my coffee was put on a pot of chicken soup, from the leftover chicken breast bones we cooked on our Weber Q last night. Let this simmer for a while and make a wonderful soup broth.
an interesting sunrise the morning
      Then a 2 mile walkabout town listening to the birds, chat with a few people doing the same thing and the peaceful morning sounds.
so nice here on River road
Looking towards town on River Road
          Back home added to our soup then a nice walk across the road into the bush trails. But did not go too far , still pretty muddy back there. So down by the river, nice and grassy and peaceful here. Love this area.
into the bush but still too muddy
       Spotted a lot of fungus on a few downed trees they are doing quite well.
always interesting how they grow
but nice down by the river
chicken noodle soup today is ready
love soup for lunch
           Now our soup was done we enjoyed an early lunch. And at 10:45 Suzie whipped into New Hamburg visit her dad and ran a few errands. While she was gone I hopped on the mower to finish my first cutting of these 5 acres here. Almost dry and so very long, will need one or 2 more cuttings to look decent again, it grows so fast at this time of year.
 love these lilacs they smell wonderful
close to the back of the yard can see us near
 the front where we park
       Suzie was back home by 12:30 and I was about done mowing for the day before it gets too hot, Did get to 89F (31C) and you know it is warm when Suzie is sitting outside in the shade in shorts. A perfect day to read in the shade.
we have a perfect spot here, morning sun and afternoon shade.
afternoon shade from the willow trees as well
this is the view we love
        Soon time to whip up supper. A real teat for us that we both love. Liver and onions with bacon and mushrooms, Oh so tasty, Quick and easy on our grill mat too.  Not for everyone but something we do enjoy. In my restaurant was a big seller, when a couple would come in and only one of them liked liver. I made a lot of it back in the day.
Cooking the bacon onions and mushrooms first 
then the liver only takes a couple of minutes a side
oh yeah !
added to our salad was so tasty.
       That was our fun day here outside enjoying this wonderful warm weather, Got soup made , lawn mowed, 4 miles walked, and some major reading on my new page turner, and a very tasty supper. 
      Finished posting this blog about 8 pm and still outside in shorts, and 70 F, Perfect! But soon need to go inside looks like the mosquitoes may be looking to find us, only at this time of day.   
       Want to thank y;all for stopping in for a peak and hope you had a wonderful day as well.   
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Where have we been this summer?

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Overcast day, but no rain, and did get some things taken care of.

Where are we today ? 
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        A very nice sleep with a quiet night and some overnight rains we had. Up at my usual early time this morning and when the coffees and computing were done, a nice walkabout town for a mile. Today overcast but no rain predicted.
       Then we did a quick trip to New Hamburg for Suzie to pick up here new glasses, fill the gas can for the mower and a few groceries.
      Had a bite for lunch and then I hopped on the mower hoping to cut a few more acres here. I did a bit for about an hour, but it is too wet and too long. So will wait until tomorrow, supposed to be warmer and sunny all day, to get more done.
I am 1/2 way back on the yard
goes back to that very tall tree near centre,left
too long and too wet will do more tomorrow
          At 1 pm we went to New Hamburg to pick up Suzie's  Dad and take into Kitchener for a couple of tests. I dropped them off and picked up my new Glasses, (WOW I can see clearly now!) Amazing what a good optometrist can do to help you see.
     Made another stop along the way at the TSC store for her Dad, Did not have what he wanted but I got me a new everyday straw hat. My old one was in pretty sad shape.
me new hat, in much better shape than my old everyday hat
most important Suzie likes it.
     Home by 3:30 and we sat outside reading for a bit then, preheat our Weber Q, make our salad, and grill a couple of bone in, skinless chicken breasts I picked up this morning , on sale as usual
How we finally have sunshine !
after 5 pm...
much nicer when the sun is shining
chicken on the grill mat done perfectly
add the salad was wonderful
         We did have some leftover chicken for lunches and the bones. Think I will make a pot of soup in the morning, its been a while.
         Now still a warm evening so we enjoyed sitting outside until 8 pm and I finished another page turner by John Sanford , "Eyes of pray". Perfect timing next book,,,A new Author Josh Behar "Prologue, Cause to kill"
         Want to thank y'all for dropping on by and I just know you had a great day as well.
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Where have we been this summer?

Monday, May 21, 2018

Sunday My birthday fun and Monday back to Camp Awesome

Where are we today ? 
Aurora and Plattsville Ontario
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          Warning a picture overload for 2 days! 

          This posting takes care of Sunday and Monday, just because we had a very fun busy day on Sunday with the Kids and Grands.
         Up early as usual got the coffee's and computing done and a nice walkabout down the country roads here in New Hamburg.
         Then about 9 am we hopped in the car and headed up to daughter # 1's in Aurora, Not much traffic and had a nice drive to Toronto and northbound. It is a long weekend but Monday is the holiday so we timed it right.
Heading into Aurora  a nice country drive after we got off the highway
    We arrived about noon and got to see their new Kitchen, not completely done but functional. WOW.  They opened up walls and doorways and gives such an open concept and much more useable space. Love It !
doorway into the dining room now
from the dining room into the Kitchen
          When we arrived she was preparing my favourite Cake!! Since I was maybe 5 years old. Ma used to make for this for me on my birthday. Angel food cake with "Sticky Icing" (actually called a boiled  icing) but it is so sticky ! My once a year indulgence that I love.
whipping the icing
now I always do my part lick the beaters clean.
heck it's my birthday right?
oh yeah she is a great cook too
I am ready but have to wait hmmm... at least I got to lick the beaters.
          She go this done and nobody else there quite yet so I whipped over to my favourite grocery store here Centra Market. An Asian / Chinese grocery store with so many interesting different foods. Wish we had one closer because I could have a ball with new interesting foods and cooking.
Pick up some of these Seaweed crackers, the Grands love, tasted them 
and amazing will get more next time.
       Back to her place and everyone was there, all 3 kids their spouses and all 8 grands, This is awesome.  And they even brought me gifts! Not need but appreciated all we need is to get together with the family whenever it works out.
      What I haul a I got 2 stainless travel mugs from Ontario parks, A very interesting book my son got it reminded him of me when he read it,  beautiful card, some lottery tickets AND a gift certificate for the LCBO (liquor store).
Thanks so much guys for all these wonderful gifts.
     I had to buy this t-shirt for daughter number one just Because! Can't believe that she will be 50 years old in a couple of weeks . How did that happen when I am still 29 (ok 40 years experience, I have. lol)
yes she does look awesome ,
still my baby.
      Everyone here brought food so we had snacks, nibbles, fun celebrations and great social times with everyone, and all the grands had ball visiting their cousins.
tasty snacks, yup
love their new kitchen
2 cousins just meeting and having fun
basketball and hockey outside
think I am hungry Grandad
my son giving our Grandson pointers
thats me and my son
a t -shirt daughter # 2 gave me
trampoline fun
the grands eating outside
SIL Brian cooking the burgers on their Weber
of course it is a Weber
we had prime rib burgers, chicken burgers,
chorizo burgers, and veggie burgers
I enjoyed a Chorizo burger with fried mushrooms and onions,
caesar and broccoli and apple salad
These Chorizo burgers from M&M Meats here in Ontario!!
I have a new source 
Gluten free muffins and ,
my Angel food cake
with "sticky icing"
more trampoline time
love this shot
      Now we want to take some family pictures and she has to good camera a tripod getting to set up.
setting up the camera
 LR daughter #2, son, ME, daughter # 1
me with all the Grands
here we all are Suzie and I in the back
and the whole crew
love her eyes, what a happy baby
now 6 months old
Their big puppy Fergie came in to see Suzie
and play with the baby too !
         Now it was time for my Angel food cake with "Sticky Icing"   Oh my, have been waiting all day for this and now to blow out the candles. This is easy, one for each decade!
grand daughter #1 wants to help
But I did it all by myself
Oh yeah Heaven! 
      Ok now because it is my birthday our SIL Brian allowed me to sample a few of his Single Malt Scotches that he has and he has, an amazing collection. Each one is amazing. Thanks Brian for this wonderful treat !
what a collection of Single Malt Scotches and he
can tell me about each and every one
     Then at about 10:30 pm the last of the family headed back home and we headed to bed. They have a nice guest bed here and really was welcome tonight.

Monday May 21st

         We had a good sleep and up early, got the coffee going so when everyone was up it would be ready. Checked e-mails, sorted though some photos of yesterday (a couple hundred) . Took a nice walkabout town for a while to get my self mobile. Chatted with the kids and grands. Then we headed out shortly after 9 am back to New Hamburg.
they had a very nice home here in old town Aurora 
       Back roads to the HWY 400 south to the 401 west , a nice drive not a lot of traffic easy going. Stopped at the Cambridge rest area for a stretch and spotted this very cool custom truck on a trailer. Don't think it would be much good other than a show truck.
looks cool anyway
        Back to pick up the coach and Sandy was there with 3 grandsons playing in the yard. They always have fun here.
is this not too much fun?
      Secure our coach and moved to "Camp Awesome " in Plattsville where we will hang out for a while but now matter, we have a wonderful place. First thing I did was hop on the Mower and cut the grass for our parking spot. Got set up had a light lunch then back on the mower until 3 pm. Gott  a couple of acres cut. Will do some tomorrow depending in the weather 5 acres in total to cut here I enjoy.
I have fun mowing the lawn with this
We camped back there
       Called it quits at 3pm . back home set up our Weber Q and satellite dish then relax in the shade enjoying the view reading and computing .
I mowed back the the Big tree in the centre about 1/3 of the yard
         Now for supper tonight we gonna grill a prime rib steak I bought the other day on sale. 2 In a pack but need to cook one today and freeze the other. We will share  this for sure
Only $5.99 a lb is a very good deal
not often do we eat steak, and only prime rib
4 baked potatoes, 2 for home fires some day. and a package
 of fresh mushrooms and onions
     The rest of our app;e broccoli salad baked tater with yogurt and the steak and mushrooms.
this sure took care of s teal craving
and melt in your mouth tender
just the way it is spouses to be
      That was our fun 2 days we had, Birthday at my daughters with her bother and sister and all the grands. How much better does that get ?
      Now we can settle here for a few days enjoying "Camp Awesome" until the urge strikes again.(friday). We do have to take care of a few things while here.
      Thanks for taking the time to drop in on some fun times we had with family to celebrate some birthdays with the family.
      Hope Y'all had a great Canadian long weekend and I know our American friends will be enjoy one this coming weekend as well.
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Where have we been this summer?