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Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario

        Today is Father's Day and it always brings back fond memories of my Father, and two Grandfathers who all played a large part of my early days as a child. I am so grateful to have been able to spend time with them in my younger years. They are long gone but never forgotten.

        Well it's kind of an overcast cooler day but we have stuff to do. First off I would like to show this picture an RV friend from Arizona sent me today. We have round bales sitting in the field just outside our windows and this one looks like the farm dog Omer sitting on top of one. He may be active and silly,  but not quite that silly.
looks like Omer, but not
this is Omer today
        We had been invited to Suzie's sisters place, Rose and Ross's for a father's Day brunch for their father. And her mom was there too looking pretty good after just getting out of the hospital last Monday and recovering from her triple bypass surgery.
Suzie's Father and Mom
         As usual we had a feast, BBQ'd chicken breasts, an Amish breakfast casserole,  three types of salad, chocolate cake and ice cream for desert too! An excellent meal thanks guys, it was awesome. And of course we ate too much so no supper tonight.
awesome brunch
        Rose and Ross also had their two children there and four young grandchildren so it was a lively bunch and active time we had celebrating.
Ross and his three grand daughters 
playing T-ball 
Suzie's Dad and Mom
lotsa fish in their pond 
Big fish too
water lilies
nice waterfall
even their resident frog was active
         After a few hours visiting, time to return home, putter around a bit, then relax with our books  and get caught up on some computing. 

         It was a great Father's Day celebration hope you had a good one too!
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  1. I never grew up around my grandfathers. A child misses so much by not being able to have that type of relationship. I've seen it with my father and my children and then again with Terry and our grandchildren. It's the memories that live on long after the people are no longer around. Glad you have great memories and that you enjoyed your family get together.

    1. The grandfathers have always been special and great memories.

  2. Happy Father's Day - glad to see you had a great one. That's my idea of Brunch - chocolate cake and ice cream.

  3. Looks like you definitely had a great fathers day..Suzie's mom look great considering what she has just been thru....glad she is doing so well...tasty looking food!! You two are always eating beautiful food...and you stay so slim...

    1. I'm not a slim as I should be! Suzie now she's lucky!

  4. Always nice spending special days with family.

    It's about time.

  5. Glad to hear Suzie's Mom is doing well. Enjoy the day...

  6. What a nice family get together. Those little girls are adorable.

  7. Suzies Mom looks wonderful....good genes in that family. Glad you all had a great day.


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