Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Relaxing here in New Hamburg before we head out in the morning

Where are we today ?
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       Another nice cool, almost fall night here at Dennis and Sandy's (Suzie's brother and SIL)  windows open feels wonderful. Did get a couple of short walkabouts early this morning and into Plattsville to visit Pettigrew's garage but no avail, they have taken an extra long weekend after  their busy summer, These guys deserve it!
       Taking the back roads to town spotted some of these wild turkeys wandering around, but they would not stay still enough for me to take a decent picture.
nice family of wild turkeys
     From here I cruised a few more back roads, across the old bridge and followed River toad into Plattsville.
our coach is too heavy and too high for this bridge.
it is in good shape though
love cruising river road so peaceful and scenic
     Also a few pastures along the way, once again so relaxing.
        I picked up a few supplies in New Hamburg and back home by 10 am putter around a bit and a nice light tasty lunch we enjoyed.
so peaceful here love it !
      Later on Dennis and Sandy's grand sons drove over for a visit on their ATV?
nothing like enjoying the country living
       After puttering around here and there we both got some quality reading time in, then Sandy dropped by for a visit with the boys and Dennis came over as well after his chores in the barn. So nice to catch up with these guys when we can.
         For supper tonight I thawed a couple of bone in chicken breasts, and decided to do them in the oven tonight for a change. Shake 'N Bake always nice tasty change that we don't do very often. Not setting up our Weber Q, for one meal,  as we are heading out early on the morning.
this was so tasty and a nice treat with our salad
     We have enjoyed our short time here, and in the morning Suzie's Dad is hooking up and we are taking him to a Sterie family reunion in north east new York State. About 300 miles from here. We are looking forward to the journey and the reunion, with the American side of their relatives, most we have never met yet. Of course we are travelling in our motorhome, just because we can and is so much more comfortable to do this on a a holiday weekend. At least we are in our house, traffic issues no problem when we are in our house. We are not sitting outside tonight after supper., Just too chilly only 55f and overcast. hmm.. fall is on the way.
      That was our relaxing day here, we do it while we can, I am sure this weekend will keep us pretty busy having too much fun.
      Thanks for stopping by for a visit and hope y'all had a great day as well.

Where have we been this summer ?

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

From our friends place to family for a couple of days, like to keep moving.

Where are we today ?
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     We have had a couple of fun days here with Chris and Bill, enjoying their hospitality and  and catching up with them again.
       Enjoyed the early mornings here, rooster crowing and the peaceful area. That we had with them, a bit this morning over coffees after a nice refreshing walk down the quiet country roads they have here.
rooster crowing at sunrise, just before Bill feeds the Chickens
        Heading on down the road is so peaceful.gotta love it!
         Not far down the road noticed these shrubs under the netting, apparently he has blueberries there the nestin keeps the birds from stealing the blueberries. Good Plan.
          Shortly after 9 am  we secured our coach, hooked up the car and headed on down the road. An  easy drive today, only 47 miles to go, about an hour on the quiet back roads.
47 miles
love these back roads
          Destination today to Suzie's Brother's place near New Hamburg for a couple of days. Got here and all set up by 11 am, ran a few errands in town had a nice light lunch , then into Waterloo for a 2 pm appointment we had.
all set up and comfortable here for a couple of days
          Back home by 4 pm a social hour with her brother and Sandy, then they headed out with friends and I whipped up a couple of pork Schnitzel on fresh Kaiser buns with sauteed fresh mushrooms and onions for tonight's supper. That is all we needed tonight.
pork schnitzel, with mushrooms, onions, salsa and cheese
On fresh baked kaiser rolls from the bakery,
 sure did the trick tonight
        After supper still enjoying a wonderful warm evening outside , reading and posting my blog. We like to take advantage of this great weather while we can.
          Now inside to relaxing for the evening and soon  call it a night.
         Glad that ya'll dropped by for a peek and hope you enjoyed a bit more summer weather as well.
Where have we been this summer ?

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Day trip to Port Burwell. enjoying the weather, and a tasty supper with friends.

Where are we today ?
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      What a wonderful day we are gonna have. Mostly sunshine and warm weather. It did get to a very comfortable 76f today, no complaints here at all.
       First thing I got a nice walk on down the road and back about mile just to get the blood flowing, And my body tuned up
still some tobaccos drying sheds here
nice properties down the road
        Back to Chris and Bills. chat with them for a while because we are all early morning people.
Bill feeding the Chickens. 
         Then at 9 am Suzie and I headed out to wander down towards Lake Erie and follow frontage road, from St. Williams, to Port Rowan, destination today is Port Burwell. One of our favourite areas to hang out in the summer. Wonderful beaches right here on Lake Erie, and not a busy place to go. Not a tourist area like other places that are always packed with crowds, hardly anyone ever here most times.
     Into Port Rowan and check out the water front park. Again so peaceful.
lots of boat houses here
lighthouse on the pier at Port Rowan 
looks like a nice restaurant, not open yet
       Wandering along lakeshore road came by the wildlife management ares , lots geese here getting ready to head south.
a nice view of the lake from the road
passed by Sand Hill Park, camped here over 20 years ago
remember climbing this huge sand hill, right in the campground
       Not far down the road we arrived at Port Burwell. This is a hidden gem we discovered a very long time ago and still to this day , not a very busy place, but we do love the area and no crowds is a bonus!
scoops ice cream
       Now down to the beach and the pier, and as usual almost deserted, perfect !
looks like a fishing boat
one fishing boat
seeing the fishing boat coming in on the distance
same boat as above coming in the channel with a days catch
       The quiet beach from the pier.
water is rough  and not too clear with the waves
the lighthouse at the top of the hill
our favourite beach spot we  hang at for many years 
love the beach here
visitor centre at the lighthouse
       They have this huge submarine here  that you can tour, but we have never done it usually not open when we are here.
     There is a few nice restaurants in town but again we too early to stop on by, no problem we not hungry yet anyway.
       We did stop by Martins fish market but nothing there that we wanted today, guess we too early again as well.
       Back  to Chris and Bills we had lunch puttered around for a while Bill picked some fresh veggies for me to whip up supper tonight. Right out of their garden.
        We go lotsa goodies, fresh onions, peppers, potatoes, zucchini, carrots, cabot get much fresher than that!
       While I got things ready Chris and Suzie hashed over old a new times, they have been good friends for close to 50 years !
glad that they enjoy the catchup times.
         I wrapped the potatoes in foil, made a couple of large veggie pockets and grilled a nice pork loin roast all done on our Weber Q 100. Amazing what you can cook up on this small grill.
taters all done and too good
that was it for a very tasty supper and yes we had leftovers 
         Dinner done relaxing outside for  a while just more flapping our gums, shortly after 8 pm it was cooling down a bit and the mosquitoes decided they need to come out and bug us. Good sign for us to call it a night and head on inside, wrapping up our day here.
       Thanks again for stopping in for a visit and hope you enjoyed some excellent summer weather today as well.
Where have we been this summer ?