Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, May 31, 2019

City life, family time and some supplies for tomorrow

Where are we today ?
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        After a fun afternoon and evening with my cousin and her husband, crawled into our bed and enjoyed a real good nights sleep.
         Up early as usual enjoyed some coffee and computing,  I took a nice walkabout the neighborhood and found a few green spaces to explore here in the city, got my first mile in. Now this is more like it.  Then inside to chat over morning coffees with them.
love the green spaces and walkways here in the city
some nice trails
lotsa homes all around here
back to cousin's place where our coach is parked
      Then I took a short drive around check out Canadian Tire, The Super store for a few things then the T&T Asian grocery store to check out all the neat products they have in the very huge store and almost right across the street from here. So many interesting products but I did not have quite enough time, will go back and pick up a few things, probably tomorrow morning.
         After lunch to pick up daughter #1 and she took up to the Costco in New Market, to pick up a few things for the BBQ we are having here on Saturday. Back to her place and we hung out here. visit with her and the 3 grands, 2 teen age boys and #1 granddaughter. Plus their dog Fergie, a friendly Golden Doodle, thinks she is a lap dog and loves Suzie like most dogs do.
running around the back yard 
she needs a rub from Suzie
then climbing onto here lap
Blogger Dave in the background
I like this she says
a cuddly 45 lb lapdog
doggie kisses please!
        Daughter #1 had invited us for dinner today, she put a mess of ribs in to oven too roast for a while to feed 4 adults 2 growing teenage boys and a growing red haired daughter, We will glaze them on the BBQ soon with some Bourbon BBQ sauce we found at Costco
a spare rib feast
a very tasty BBQ sauce
the girls chatting and Fergie keeping and eye on them
    Soon time to fire up their Weber to glaze the ribs on their grill mat with this tasty sauce.
     While this was going we checkout the yard and Fergie running circles around us.
they do have a nice yard here
soon the ribs were done to perfection
so tasty and tender
our 10 year old granddaughter #1,
is supper ready yet Grandad?
     To go with the ribs and coleslaw she had made some homemade baked beans in here Insta pot then slow cooked to finish, oh so tasty.
A very tasty meal ribs, beans and slaw
That be us tonight, SIL took the picture with me in it
      What a fun day we had with family and got groceries done for tomorrow, with another birthday party for me with my family, heck why not celebrate some more. Not every year I turn 70. I figure being lucky enough to do this I can celebrate.
       So we headed back to our coach at Marie and Franks for the night  just before 9 pm time to call it a night very soon. After all this time driving around in the city today sure makes us appreciate our country living style.
       Thanks for joining us today, hope y'all had a great day as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?

Thursday, May 30, 2019

A good drive to visit my cousin then all the kids and grands soon.

Where are we today ?
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     After another good nights sleep and no rain. for a change. Suzie had a much better sleep not worrying about how we would get off our site, It really was no issue once we put the boards down. On a dry non muddy site for a change , we enjoyed our morning coffees and a nice walkabout, before securing the coach hooking up the car and heading on down the road. To visit with some family in Aurora Ontario.
a  foggy sunrise out our dining room window 
    A very warm morning and headed out for my first walkabout at 7:30 66F and shorts weather already , yup we loving this for sure.
nice a dry here soon time to head on out
           Heading on out taking the highways 402, 401 to Toronto and hwy 400 north to Aurora  a good drive other that some traffic and arrived about 4 hours later shortly after 2pm.
176 miles today
        The traffic moved along pretty good just a few slow downs but never stopped. Except we did stop at Milton to to top up the fuel in our coach and grabbed a bite for lunch at Wendy's, I enjoyed their spicy chicken sandwich, very tasty and with a nice kick.
     Into Aurora and stopped at the Super Store parking lot to disconnect our car so we could pull right into my cousins driveway for a few days. Have not seen Marie and Frank now for about 2 years so it was time. They only live about 2 miles from our daughters' house so this is very convenient.
they do have a very nice home here and room for us to park
     A lovely back yard here, love the bright colors of the crab apple tree on the right just off their deck
     We enjoyed a nice happy hour flapping out gums and catching up, then time for dinner. Marie made up a salad.
         And Frank grilled the chicken kabobs and sausage on his grill mat
smelled good and not long to cook
lotsa food here
a very tasty supper, and conversation nonstop
       After this we took a drive around town for a few minutes for them to show us the location of their new condo that is under construction , Looks like a wonderful area and the pictures we saw of the condos were amazing.
      On the way back managed to catch a decent sunset from the back seat of their car.
a nice sunset to a wonderful day
    Thanks for joining us today, hope your had great day as well. We will be here for a few days to enjoy some fun family times.
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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Rainy, laundry, coach almost stuck and moving to another site.

Where are we today ? 
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      More rain again last night and this morning for a while. So no early morning walkabout in the rain. But we had a plan our last day here, was to laundry.
love this site but has not dried out in 3 weeks
         So Suzie sorted the laundry all including our sheets. I went to the laundry in to to get that done. only 2 machines here in the park and we needed more. Into town to get that done and let the machines do their magic. I can read in the car and when I thought it should be done I checked and hmm. The power was out for 20 minutes so it was delayed. Finally back home shortly after noon for a late lunch.
         Next was on our list was to see if we could get our coach off this site. Too much rain  and our rear tires were in deep mud. Talked to the friendly maintenance guys here John and Mark. They agreed to bring over some boards for us to pull out on.
with this mud I know from experience that we will be stuck
    I put more blocks under our jacks and raised the coach enough to put these boards under our rear tires.
this should do the trick and it did
     I pulled the coach out no problem now, Suzie taking our blocks out from under the jacks and we moved to another much drier site. We are leaving tomorrow morning. Nice to get this done today and now Suzie can have a good nights sleep. She has been worried about this for a while now.
digging our levelling blocks out of the mud
John and Mark put these boards down and I drove right out
thanks so much guys
      Only moved a few hundred feet to a much drier site, for the night, No more mud. We do like our site but with 3 weeks of rain it did not dry up like it usually does. And we have used this site fo 13 years now and never been this wet.
we were there beside the white trailer
at least we are out of the mud  a nice site 
          We moved stuff over and got all set up, does not take long. Paul stopped by and helped us drag a few things over, he went for walk and came back to join us for Happy Hour.
chatted with Paul for a while then
soon time for us to whip up supper
here we are
     When I went to town today I picked up a couple of these breaded pork cutlets for supper tonight . We do enjoy these and usually make our own, But for a good price a quick easy tasty meal. I call it pork schnitzel.
        Quickly fried in our pan with onions and mushrooms.
fried up nicely quick and easy
added some mozzarella cheese to melt over it
      Then some Salsa to top it off and go with out salad.
this was very tasty and so tender
    Dishes done now back outside on our patio, to enjoy more of this wonderful weather. Still 65 F (18C) at 7:45pm . Sure is not hard to take at all we are liking this much nicer weather. No rain yet but should be overnight, maybe.
     Heading out in the morning for some more family fun for a few days.
     Want to thank y'all for dropping on by and hope you enjoyed a nice spring day again as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?