Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, September 30, 2012

A beautiful fall day and our last visit this year to the Pinery Fleamarket.

Where are we today ?
 Rock Glen resort Arkona Ontario
        Up early again this morning and realized it's Sunday. And another awesome day! Sun shining and not raining. Walkabouts, coffee and computing just enjoying the quiet morning time and fresh fall air. And.. noticing that the leaves are changing colors a bit more every day.
        Just waiting for the air to warm a bit more and Suzie to get ready to go to the Pinery Fleamarket in Grand Bend. This will be our last visit for the year, one of our favourite outings when we are in the area. Next Sunday is our Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend and the last day for many outside functions and we will not be here for it.  So a nice 20 minute country drive just enjoying the scenery along the way.
We keep passing this old farmhouse that
 should have fallen down years ago.
not sure what these are but look like white feathers swaying in the wind
        Got to the Fleamarket shortly after 9 am and slowly made our way to John's Books, the only vendor there that does a book exchange. He always gives us a good deal brought in 16 novels and we got 10 free. Most of these novels we picked up at good prices $1.00 or less so yes a very good deal. Now both our book cases are full and two large bags of books to read, should do us for part of the winter, at least till we get Arizona where we know of a few used book dealers there that have good books to exchange as well.

John and Suzie, discussing some new books that just came out
        The leaves are beginning to fall and its a bit quieter today, next sunday here will be a zoo, with the long weekend.
These two rows are emptied out for the season
        On the way home we took a few back roads and stopped by Juicy Fruit Orchards another local place we have seen but have not stopped at before. They have lots of fresh pumpkin, squash, fresh corn (still) and other seasonal produce.
we picked ip one of these to try for supper, delicious!
        Back to the resort and a couple neighbors were watching their kids in the playground across from us and their two dogs running circles around each other getting themselves tired out. It is so nice to be able to see them run loose a play like this.
baked potato squash
        Now we have been having a problem with fruit flies again so got out our fix that really seems to work very effectively. A small container of Apple cider vinegar, plastic wrap over the top, secured with a rubber band, a tiny hole in the plastic and the flies just wander on in to the smell of the vinegar and there ya go, soon all gone.
        Early afternoon we dropped by Mike and Trishe's to check out the plexiglass they had cut for the screen door and ended up sitting there just chatting the afternoon away. A few snacks and a beverage then,  before we know it's time to head home for supper.
        We have to eat up some of the meat in our freezer, so today some left over ribs, pigtails and sauerkraut, fried up some leftover potatoes and cooked the "Baked Potatoe Squash" in the microwave for about 10 minutes with butter, salt and pepper.

        Well that did it for a tasty meal once again, helped clean out the freezer and make for an easy quick supper.
        Thanks for stopping by and hope you had a great fall Sunday too!

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

A great fall Saturday!

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Resort Arkona Ontario
         Another great night's sleep cool nights and sunny warm days. First thing this morning it's the usual coffees and computing. Then as the sun warms things up, in to Arkona, power wash the car at the car wash and stop by the grocery store. Back home began cleaning the car and getting ready to wax it. Like fellow blogger John, of Rv Life on wheels said yesterday, just because our car is old does mean it needs to look old. So our 10 year old Saturn looks pretty good when all dressed up, kinda like me eh?
        Just about noon when I came in for lunch Suzie informed me that her eyeglass nose piece was broken. So a quick check on the internet for somebody local to fix it and found that the closest was Greene's Optical in Grand Bend. But he closes at 1 pm. So we better hop in the car and get there soon. Twenty minutes away and Dave Greene was there to do the repair quickly for us. Now Suzie is happy and her glasses are all good.
        But now almost 1 o'clock and we need a bite to eat, today we choose Best's Restaurant and Homemade Ice Cream . Now I have driven by this place since the early 1970's and never stopped, but it looked like a good choice today for a quick bite. And it turned out we were right. 

        We bother decided on the  fish burger and fries, tasty and hit the spot. Nothing fancy just fast food stuff that was cooked up quickly, great friendly service and good quality. All the ice cream selections and especially their homemade ice creams looked awesome but, sorry not today, we will return.
tasty light lunch
         Now got the glasses fixed and a bite to eat, back to the resort enjoying the country drive and noticing that the leaves are now beginning to change colours. Gonna look real pretty real soon.
leaves ar beginning to change colors
         Back home we stopped by Mike and Trishe's new trailer to analise the hot water issue on their new trailer, appears to not be enough hot water. So Mike and I checked every thing over did a few tests here and there and made a few changes, will see if this helps, if not they can can the dealer, its still under warranty.
        Now  we can return home and I can finish waxing the old car, still loks pretty good for a 10 year old plastic car.
        Even had time to pull out our lawn chairs and read in the sun for a while until it was time for me to fire up our Weber, throw on an Acorn Squash with some butter and honey inside, and grill up a huge smoked pork chop to share.
our Weber at work
        Added a few noodles with peas and we ended up with another quick, easy and very tasty supper.
       After a nice leisurely meal and chat for a while, dishes done and its getting dark way too early. So we just kind hibernated inside about 7 o'clock, compute and read for a bit then before we know it's time to turn on the tube and veg after another awesome fall day.
        Thanks for the read, and hope your day was as much fun as ours!

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Cold nights, warm days, and Canadian Snowbirds watch what foods you take south across the border.

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Resort Arkona Ontario
        Cold night last night good for sleeping, but this morning I noticed that we had frost on the windshield of our car! Yep we had frost, the first this year in this area, that I know of.
yep ice on the windshield
        But the sun came out and heated things up nicely. The temps got to 18c (65f) but felt much warmer in the sun with not wind to speak of. I did get a few more chores done outside like lubricate all our locks, hinges, slide out, electric steps and levelling jacks. Then even had some time to read in the sun for a while before starting supper (my favourite time of the day).
        Fired up our Weber "Q" and Fry Daddy to do up a mess of chicken wings and homemade fries for supper. 
       Chopped up some celery, and carrots some dip, a bit of hot sauce and we have a nice feast of wings, and cold beer for supper. Gotta love it, cheap (we like cheap)and we did not have to go anywhere!
        After supper Trish and Jordan dropped by for a visit, fired up our propane fire pit and sat around chatting for a very nice visit. A few people dropped by, one being Jenn with her Siberian Husky "Timber" who stopped to say hi and give Suzie a nice dog fix. This dog has amazing blue eyes! 
sitting around our fire.
        Now also in the morning we have been checking the internet about taking food across the border when we head south and found a couple of links that may change what we take with us. First is a quote from one on the links. This quote was dated Sept. 13th 2012. 
"Animal Products and Animal By-Products:

Meat, milk, egg, poultry, and their products, including products made with these materials, such as dried soup mix or bouillon, are either prohibited or restricted from entering the United States, depending on the types of animal diseases which occur in the country of origin. Fresh (chilled or frozen), dried, cured, and fully cooked meat is generally prohibited from most countries. Canned meat is allowed entry, except beef, veal, lamb, mutton, venison, elk, bison, etc., from countries affected by bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).
Products containing raw egg ingredients are prohibited from most regions.
Eggs and egg products from Exotic Newcastle Disease (END) and Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) affected regions, including cooked eggs, if not accompanied by a USDA Veterinary Service import permit remain prohibited regardless if those items are for personal consumption. Effective February 15, 2012, travelers may once again bring fully cooked eggs from Mexico into the U.S.
Pork should be commercially canned and labeled in unopened containers. 

        It looks like the Alberta beef recall has brought about this scare once again just like the "Mad cow disease"  a few years ago.
       So before we head south we will check once again to see what the restrictions are , you can click on  the two links below. But at the moment it looks like we will not be able to transport much if any of our favourite food items south for the winter, maybe in the original pacKage with a receipt.

US Customs

       So on this not so good news we will not be stocking up too much of our farmers' sausage, canned meats, and pepperettes only to be confiscated at the border. Maybe last minute checking will allow us more leeway. Just need to wait and see.
       Anywho it was another great sunny warm fall day, hope yours was a good one too. 
       Thanks for dropping by for a visit!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

A wonderful sunny, productive day....

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Resort Arkona Ontario
        A cold night, good for sleeping and I slept until about 5 am (that's good for me !) Got all the computer and coffee stuff done then over to Rich and Marylou's new trailer to check why they cannot get their satellite dish inside their new trailer.  Test and test looks like not wired properly so need to call their dealer (still under warranty so let them fix it). Got their dish working but not the proper way.  
          Next on the agenda was to repair the ladder on the back of our coach. Got the parts sent here from Indianna , (shipping  and duty to Canada cost more than the $13.00 for parts !). Just putter around with that for  a few hours. It was such a perfect day to do this kinda stuff. 
In to town a few times to the Home Hardware for for a few things, no rush got lotsa time.
spotted this hawk on the way home
enjoyed the country drive as well
rusty old parts
new parts for the ladder
        The ladder on the back of our coach was having a problem (kinda falling off) so I ordered a few repair parts and got to fixing it today. 
Almost done and looking good
        About 4 o'clock and the cabin beside us has a nice sunny spot to keep us warm.
Nice and warm here in the sun , no wind too !
        Ok , now time to do what I love to do. Fire up our Weber Q , put on some potatoes to bake, a can of mushrooms to heat up, a piece of garlic bread and cheese, a tender  steak  for a very tasty supper once again. Oh yeah added some fresh  cauliflower and frozen peas o the mix as well.
our Weber does an amazing job!

        We had a great day and hope that you did as well.

         Thanks for stopping by.

        Would like to welcome a new follower Doug to our adventures. Too bad he did not include a link so that we can check him out too.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Heading south for a bit.....

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Resort Arkona Ontario
        This morning we are on the road yippeee!!! Not going far but we are moving, love moving. 
        While waiting for Suzie to get in the mood to go, I went Pettigrew's Garage in town to see what's new. Not much, but shoot the breeze for a bit and check out the shop in the back. They service everything here. Today there is a beautiful looking wagon in the shop from a couple in town that have Percheron horses. A beautiful breed of draught horses. Their wagon needs a brake job. 
        Did you know these wagons had drum brakes just like a car? Here at Pettigrew's they do it all cars, trucks, rv's, golf carts, electric scooters, bicycles, lawn mowers, tractors and even horse wagons.  Like Dale (our mechanic says, " It's just nuts and bolts".)
beautiful wagon
        Just leaving the farm and heading to Rock Glen resort for 8 days (south west of the farm), full hookups again. Relax a bit and just hang out. 90 minutes away we check in, its kinda drizzling, so hooked up, open awning and set up our dish. All done by 11:30 and have a nice lite lunch.
hooking up the car this heifer comes to say goodbye
then Omer wants a treat
good boy
        Now we are all set up and just enjoying the day. I can putter about an bit and Suzie can read, even have a short nap.
        Mid afternoon Trish's daughter Jordan dropped by for a nice visit, to show us her Halloween costume and even her dog Maggie with bat wings all set for the the trick or treat night here in 10 days. We won't be here thou.
Jordans nice outfit
        Was outside a bit later when Rich and Marylou dropped by for a chat and asked if I could check out their satellite dish. They just got a new trailer yesterday and would like to show if off too. So off we went for the tour of their beautiful new "summer home" (much bigger than their last one). Checked out the dish and all looks good except the trailer appears not to be wired for satellite. A bit of puttering and got it working just fine. Gonna check it out more tomorrow. We chatted some, had a brew then back home to fire up our Weber Q to grill some chicken legs, add a few boiled potatoes and some cauliflower with cheese, we had a very tasty light supper.
yep its all good

        Now after a great day, in a nice quiet place with and an early night, we just gonna veg for a bit before calling it a night.
        Thanks for stopping in!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sunshine, more planning and Southern food

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
        A wonderful day today, not too cold last night and pretty sunny and warm today. A few errands and then we once again did some more discussing and researching our possibilites for this winter. 
        Its always fun planning a bit on our route to get started, the the rest will just kinda fall in place as we go along. Check out a few new places and visit some favourite places along the way, yep we are getting itchy feet, soon, 23 more days.....
        Some afternoon sun and Suzie got to brush Omer a bit more. We are leaving in the morning for 7-8 days to our home park Rock Glen Resort in Arkona.
        Shorty after 3 we headed into Kitchener to meet with our financial advisor and friend, discuss our portfolio and then enjoyed a nice supper with him at a new restaurant in town that has great reviews.
downtown Kitchener
        The Lancaster Smokehouse located in the Historic landmark the Lancaster Tavern. I had been to many times a lot, and I mean a lot of years ago. All cleaned up with still the flavour of the old Tavern but a brand new menu. Casual dining at its best. From catfish, gumbo, Louisiana  Po'boys, Cajun Jambalya, pulled pork, collard greens, beef brisket, southern fried chicken and oh did I mention pigtails (a southern dish but with a waterloo county twist, sweet and sticky BBQ sauce) all right up my alley. Even a huge selection of craft beers on tap too. 
a couple pigtails for appetizers
        Suzie and I opted out for the catfish fillets with a light cornmeal batter, fresh cut fries and red beans and rice for me. Suzie had the catfish, sweet potato fries and coleslaw, and of course the southern tradition, fresh cornbread.
excellent catfish
        Our friend had to try the beef brisket with a wonderful assortment of grilled veggies and monster onion rings. 
so tasty
        The food was excellent, huge portions and reasonably priced, even the service was excellent too. By the time we left shortly after 6:30 the place was getting pretty filled up, I would think about 150 seats, pretty good for a tuesday night.
        Then chat a bit more and  time to head back home and call it a night. Heading out in the morning, gotta keep those wheels turning.

        Thanks for stopping by again, so nice to see your friendly faces again.
         Y'all come back now, hear? Did I mention we headin south soon.... You think we are getting anxious? not at all........

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Monday, September 24, 2012

New Brakes, new tire and lunch with Ma!

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
        First thing this morning its cold again ! -2 c (28f) had frost on the roof of the house and car windshield. Not a good sign, we are really getting the itch to head south. So headed off to Pettigrew's Garage in Plattsville for 8 am, to get the rear brakes done on our Toad (tow car) at 250,000 kms (155,000 miles) our 2002 Saturn is just about due (great tow car). Dale is our reliable mechanic.

        Got to the garage and the work has begun. If you care to look, the two pics below are the old brakes then the new ones. You probably don't care much but I had to take the pictures anyways. Got them done before any damage was done.
old brakes
new brakes
        While the car was on the hoist I checked out our right rear tire that has been making a noise and not wearing very well. So decided to whip into Waterloo, and vist ma  maybe get a new tire.
        Well stopped by ma's picked up a bite to eat for lunch and Danny was there. Local Handy man from Plattsville working on ma's front walkway. Have known Dan for 25 years or so and is a hard working trust worth guy and does good work. Just gotta wait until he gets around to it if you are not in a hurry.
        I have enough back rpoblems, don't need to compound them by doing this heavy work.
ma is supervising
        After lunch and chatting with Dan for bit I headed off to Canadian Tire to replace the right rear tire on our car. Bought a cheap one in Arizona18 months ago after a nail did in our other one. The belts are shifting and it was vibrating so time to replace. The good thing is we have Candian Tire Money that we earn all year long so the tire and install was free! Yep who does not like free? Got three almost free last year.
        Now back home after 3 o'clock, puttered around a bit, then soon time to start supper. Tonight is simple good garlic sausage, fried up, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies, and a tossed salad filled the bill.
some Dijon Mustard and all is good
        Just another day in the life of us fulltimers, not much different than everybody else, except we do no have time to work and love every minute of every day.
        Thanks again for dropping by to check us out, hope you had a good day too.

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