Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Happy Canada Day ! actually tomorrow.

Where are we today ?
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     Beautiful sunrise on another warm day , not as hot as its been but still in the high 70's F. (feeling like 81F) A nice walkabout the quiet village this morning and then shortly after 9 am Suzie hopped in the car to Woodstock about 30 minutes away to deliver 4 more of her Genealogy books.
     I was checking back on my blogs and found the first time we stayed here at Johns' was a Canada Day party July 1st 2011, They used to have some huge parties here with bands, fireworks and about 200 people, You can check this posting HERE  from 2012 (lotsa pictures) ever since 2011 we have been camping here. But no more large parties.
What is Canada Day ?
       July 1st is the Canada Day holiday, and commemorates the joining of Canada's original 2 provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and the original Canada Province, now Ontario and Quebec) as one Nation in 1867.
       And all over Canada this is celebrated in many different ways.  Every town village, city, campground etc. has some events going on and right here in the Village of Plattsville a celebration in the town park tomorrow only a few blocks from where we are parked. And will be a fun time and hopefully the weather co-operates. We will of course have to go just because we can and we are here.
this is what is going on tomorrow
a nice early start to another warm summer day
     We enjoyed a light lunch then with nothing on the agenda other than a wonderful nice summer Sunday puttering around a bit, end enjoying our e-readers.
I stared another John Sandford Novel
       Then I took a few minutes to drive around town knowing it would be like a ghost town, long holiday weekend , most businesses closed and not many people out and about, probably to the cottages, beaches, a few hours parties, camping,  a good weekend for us to enjoy the peace and quiet here. LOL... as I am typing this neighbour Barry just fired up his chain saw. Not for long though.
Love the Canadian Flags lining Albert (the main street) look nice
       For supper tonight I thawed out some Lake Huron Pickerel (Walleye) and Suzie wanted fresh cut fries, no problem I can do this and we do love our fish and chips, especially local Pickerel. Fries cut up and rinse the starch out of them so they will fry up nice and crispy (fry twice) Fry Daddy preheated, and our Weber Q as well (too keep the fries warm while I do the fish), and some fresh asparagus, lemon and a grilled yellow pepper to go with it.
finishing the fries
grill the peppers, asparagus and lemon,
fish just about  done
that was it quick and easy
nothing like a fresh cooked lightly breaded pickerel dinner
     That was about it for most of our day now to enjoy more of this warm summer weather outside. Finish this posting back into our reading again, chat for a bit, listen to the birds and watch a few squirrels and bunnies running around. Before we call it a night in a couple of hours.
       This sunset below I took last night about 9 pm just before heading inside. And maybe another one tonight will see what happens.
across the river through the bush
and down the road few hundred yards another nice view
        Glad that y'all dropped by and hope you enjoyed you day and well. On the long Canada day weekend here in Canada. If you are out and about travel safely.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Another great day we both busy getting things done enjoying this weather.

Where are we today ?
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      More of this wonderful warm weather, and a wonderful nights sleep again all the way until 6 am? Wow this is wonderful. Got some coffees and computing done then at 7:30 this morning I did a quick trip to New Hamburg for more gas for the mower and a few groceries while I was there, more salad stuff. Suzie needed the car and had to leave just after 9am to pick up another batch of copied books at Staples in Stratford and met with a woman there to deliver her Genealogy books. Then she came back via Tavistock to drop off another book,
we get lovely morning sun on our patio
took this at 7 am
todays weather , perfect
        A few pics below of the books Suzie has been working on and so many people are interested , That is wonderful 175 pages per book with tabs etc. She recovers the printing costs and that is about it, But she does not want anything for her time etc.. She really does enjoy it. And hopes to get updates from the families every year.
all the tabs for the various decendents  
the tree
John Stere front row 3rd from the left
all his 13 kids are there
Suzie's Gramma in the white dress, she just got home from
working the market 
        While Suzie was gone I decided to polish and wax the large slide out on the drivers, side, This took just over an hour and now that side is all done. Before` it gets too hot out there again. By 11 am it was 93F under our awning and 60% humidity (consuming lots water) that ends that for today. Suzie was home by noon and we enjoyed a light tasty lunch, My usual cold, left over grilled chicken meat, 1/2 an apple and 1/2 a banana.
looking much better now a nice shine again
       When I finished mowing the lawn I looked in the sky at the clouds. And what did I spot? Looks to me like Clemson flying by for a visit, He was Patsy and Bill's puppy for 15 years and sadly had to move on and I am sure they miss him as we do too, he was such  a character. We enjoyed spending time with him and them the last few years.
looks like Clemson flying by for a visit with us
at least that's what I see.
        Now with only about an hour of lawn mowing left to do I hopped on the mower and finished up the 1.5 acres. Then time to relax in the shade enjoying our page turners.
the lawn nicely mowed again,
enjoying the smell of fresh cut grass
Suzie assembling more books
with the pages she picked up today
all these books are sold until she gets more orders
         For supper tonight we decided on some Shrimp Kabobs with the Rocky Point shrimp we bought in Mexico earlier this year. These are amazing and so fresh when we bought them, Froze some for later use and this is one of those uses.
nice sized shrimp and a very good price
       I assembled a couple of these Kabobs and grilled some fresh asparagus I picked up today. Not long on our preheated Weber Q and done to perfection.
smells wonderful
added to our salad was ecellent
       I had a comment the other day what we use for mosquitoes and the best we have found over the years is these clip on Off you can see below. Put the cartridge in and  2 triple A batteries work extremely well. They do keep the skeeters away. Usually at dusk when we are outside here at night.
these work really well for us
sometimes the torch works well as well
      Last night did not think we had a sunset with the overcast skies, but took a short drive down River road anyway , And was really surprised to get these interesting colourful sunset  photos.
a real treat last night for sure
     That was our busy day enjoying this perfect weather, hope ya:ll enjoy your day as well.
     Thanks for dropping on by.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?

Friday, June 28, 2019

Another wonderful hot day, then cloudy and hot again.

Where are we today ? 
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    The warmest night yet 75F at 10 pm when we went to bed, fantastic fan running and bedroom windows wide open, a nice breeze in the bedroom and we both had a wonderful sleep.
    At 5 am was 58F and going to be another gorgeous summer day. At 7 am I headed out for a nice walkabout down River road and around town for a bit 1.5 miles. Perfect weather and the village is so quiet seems like everyone has left town to get a head start on this Canada Long weekend. Think we stay right here in this peaceful place. I know when I had my restaurant in town the weekend here was a waste of time, so I closed down 11 am on Saturday mornings in the summer and we went camping too.
nice quiet walk down River Road into town
the temperature at 11.30 am under our awning
          Then a quick trip to New Hamburg for a few things and gas for the mower, Think I will do some more grass cutting today. In this hot weather nice to only do about an hour at a time out in the direct sun. We enjoyed a light tasty lunch as usual, my usual 2 oz of cooked chicken, 1/2 an apple and 1/2 a banana does the trick for me. Checked out outdoor temperature at 11:30 under our awning says 100F (37C), now this is what we love. Keeping busy but nothing strenuous and enjoying the heat.
    While I was mowing Suzie drove to Stratford to have 6 more of her genealogy books `printed at Staples. Then stopped to visit her Dad a load some books to his Kobo for him and of course a visit.
I alway enjoys mowing the yard here
then the skies clouded over, time to quit for the day anyway
         I stopped mowing at 1:30 got done what I wanted today, maybe another hour or so next time. The skies are clouding over and winds picking up , Suzie called me from Stratford was pouring rain then again from New Hamburg (10 minutes north of here) pouring rain, No rain here yet. I am relaxing under the awning enjoying my Kobo. Well the rain did not happen here just a few sprinkles of a minute or 2 that was it and the winds have died back down again. Though the temperature dropped all the way down to 76F ! Wow that was a quick drop, no need for the pool today maybe.
enjoying the peace an quiet here reading
      Suzie was home by 3 pm and putting together some tabs for the books she is having printed. Heck it has warmed up again and the sun came back out. By 4 pm was 85 F again so I decided  I needed a dip in the pool just because I can and it is here.
Suzie doing what she loves putting the tabs for
 the pages in these books. You know it is hot
when she is outside dressed like this
      Soon time to whip up supper, so I made our salad, grilled a couple of very nice bone in pork chops I picked up on sale today, 6 chops for $9.00 a good deal we will get 3 very good meals from this.
not long on our Weber Q , 2 minutes one side
 then, flipped over for 1 minute
very tender and juicy
this was an excellent tasty meal
        After supper back outside , enjoying more warm weather finish this posting and get right back into my KOBO again.
       Last night I headed down the road a few hundred yards and caught another wonderful sunset.
      Kind of a laid back day nothing too exciting just enjoying the scenery. bird sounds and the weather, putter around for a while and a tasty supper.
     Want to thank y; all for taking the time to drop on by and really hope you enjoyed your day as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Polishing our coach. enjoying this weather, a dip in the pool and a tasty supper.

Where are we today ? 
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      More wonderful weather and even warmer today, Ya hoo!! A nice 1.5 mile walkabout town , then I set to work on our Coach before it gets too hot.
my one hand polisher
compound and wax

It really needs a good cleaning
on the right to looks much better
all done and so clean and shiny
        So I got John's 6 foot ladder (works better than my 5 foot one) Got my supplies out 6 inch Random orbital polisher, Meguires Ultimate compound and Meguires Ultimate liquid wax. Then I set to work on the worst parts left rear side in the shade I got started by 10 am compounding the oxidization and stains all the way up to the slide out, the trick with the compound I found is to us it very wet, works much better. Then the wax I love wipe on wipe off, by 11:30 I was done, sun coming around and our thermometer under the awning was saying 99F . Lots of water consumed today for sure. This part of the coach looks so much better just like new again. I will get more done when the weather co-operates. And I am in the mood or have time haha...
    While I was doing this Suzie and her Dad went to their Chiropractor in Waterloo and she was back home for lunch by 12:30.
     Then I hopped on the mower and mowed the front couple of acres around the house and pool for about 90 minutes, By now it was still very hot so a quick dip in the pool to cool down, Happy hour here in the shade enjoying this peaceful country setting, and our page turners.
down the main  street to view all the Canadian flags for
Canada Day on Monday
enjoying our views of the fresh mowed lawn
Suzie enjoying this very warm weather a s well outside
      Soon was time for supper and leftovers it will  be. Sure leftover Cauliflower pizza from th other night and the rest of my chicken from Anna Mae's yesterday as well as the rest of our potato salad to go with it.
      Suzie headed out to visit with her Dad for a bit a meeting to do with their church I think after supper she with be home when she gets here probably not too late.
chicken a pizza reheated on our grill mat
this sure did the trick tonight
easy peasy
had few mosquitoes in the air
these keep them away from us
    And last night around 9 pm I whipped down the road and caught a nice sunset for us to enjoy.
      Maybe I will catch another sunset tonight. If I do you will see it tomorrow.
       Want to that y''all for joining us today and hope that  you had a wonderful day as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?