Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cooler today, mostly sunshine and no more tornado warnings, makes for a wonderful day !

Where are we today ?
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          After the tornado warning last night today is a much better day. Slept later this morning after a later night did not get up until 5:45 this morning! That is almost unheard of for me, feels like I missed the best part of the day.
         But did get to watch this robin outside our dining room window this morning for a bit.
looks like she is ready to lay some eggs
      Now my first walkabout here, got 3 miles in today. The campground by the water is still empty only water and electric there will be very busy in the summer.
           The pics below,  looks like the vine is going to take over  this tree.
vine is moving all the way up
           Now saw this monster looking thing in the lake. Shark?  Snake ? or maybe a tree? Lochness monster?
         They also have quite a few nice cabins here to rent and a few are occupied.
       Afternoon walkabout at the Gazebo down by the lake, wonderful views here.
that is the sailboat bridge into Grove,
 in the distance
         Then relax in the sun enjoying our e-readers for a while. Much nicer than yesterday.
nice neighbor lady stopped by and Suzie got another
doggie fix, this one is Mickey
        Then as usual, time to fire up our Weber Q 100 to grill this monster chicken I picked up today. Good deal! 6.5 lbs only $4.90. It will take longer to cook planned on 2 hours because of the cooler day and the wind. And 2 hours is what it took.  Done perfectly and so tasty. Lotsa leftovers that I had planned for as well. Meals on the road.
       Fried up the leftover potatoes and cabbage from our corned beef on Easter sunday, added a small salad and it was so tasty.
sure did the trick
           Saved the chicken carcass in the freezer, to make some chicken noodle soup on down the road  when we hit cooler temps. Now we are on the road in the morning for a couple of long travel days and should be back home next Tuesday. Only 1,058 miles to go.  At least that is our plan.
         Thanks for stopping by today. No tornadoes today like yesterday, so all is good here !

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Very warm, overcast and watching for tornadoes makes for an interesting day. And some nice memories of previous visits. Then we had a late tornado evactuation

Where are we today ?
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Just slightly east of it
        Very mild again last night but overcast most of the day temps to 74f. Got a couple walkabouts the park just over 1 mile around this large place for one lap, very quiet here in the off season, just the way we like it. Got a few laps done just over 3 miles enjoying the nice weather.
mini golf
nice cooker by the clubhouse
fish cleaning station
boat docks
      Then check out the clubhouse and this is very nice, lots of great rooms to use.
free internet and free computers to use
pool table and table tennis, free too
bridge across the lake from the campground
        Then a quick trip to town to pick up a few supplies, And actually got some quality reading done outside this afternoon on our e-readers.

Things we have enjoyed in this area in the past.

        We have been to this area many times over the years and visited 2 very worthwhile attractions more than once, so did not feel the need to go back again so soon, but thanks to our Blog we can relive the experience and share with you if you did not see them before. 
Happy hour in 2013 with Lady Girl, Pat, Rob, me, Suzie,
Emile and Monique
        Back on Nov 9 2013 we toured Har-Ber Village in Grove, with good friends Emile and Monique, If you missed it you can read the posting HERE. It is a worthwhile attraction to check out.
Emile and Monique
        Then on Nov. 12th 2013 Another good friend Rob and I (Pat and Suzie did not care to go) toured the Darryl Starbird's Hot Rod and Custom Car museum and actually met Darryl Starbird himself, what a great bonus this was! The posting is HERE with so many wonderful cars to enjoy !
Me and Darryl Starbird
         Seeing as we are in Tornado Alley we always keep a close eye on the weather as we pass through the area, local tv station keeps us informed as the weather happens extremely well, and we have been doing this for a long time so are familiar with how things go. Severe weather coming through but appears to have passed by us north west of here about 4:30pm. Maybe hail later. County maps out and so on, tornado shelters available all is good here, severe weather. Just add a little excitement to the day. And is amazing how they can predict the county, city and neighborhood where a tornado will touch down ! Sure wish we had this type of coverage in Canada!
          Now later today gonna whip up a tasty meal inside, cause it's overcast and supposed to rain. The weather God's were off a bit, thunderstorms supposed to start at noon but held off until 3:30, so was a pretty good afternoon, and chatted with our neighbor for a while too, fulltimer for 8 years from Wyoming. 
looks scary
heavy rain for a bit
       Storm has passed us and the Canada geese came back to bother us!
Skies cleared and much nicer out now
          Supper was another craving for Suzie. Garlic shrimp with Fettuccine Alfredo and a salad. Not a problem pretty quick and easy. Thawed the shrimp, then sauteed with mushrooms, onions and garlic paste,  throw in 1/2 a jar of sauce to heat it up and serve over the pasta.
           I have made Alfredo sauce in the past but not worth it just for the 2 of us , this works just fine.
That was a very tasty
supper and so easy too
          No major weather today until later and still very warm, we are enjoying this area like we always do.

         BUT at 9 pm firetrucks came through the park warning of a tornado ! So we packed up our computers, passports and over to the storm shelter, only a few yards away. It was secure and a very cozy cement building.
we heading on in
to the storm shelter
even lights if the power goes out
they are prepared here
          But all was good, the tornado passed by within 30 minutes and we chatted with other people here in the park, Kind of an unplanned social hour at 9 o'clock at night.
           Bottom line all went well we had a late happy hour, then  we all headed home to bed. Hoping the rest of the night is trouble free.
         Hope you had a great day and no tornadoes,  thanks for stopping by.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

285 miles down the road, mostly back roads, but some cross winds.

Where are we today ?
          Very warm over night, windows open and about 50 f at 5 am gotta love it! Got nice walkabouts done then secured the coach and on the road at 8:15am gonna take some back roads with more scenery.
wonderful sunrise this morning
         Head a bit north east enjoying the countryside and a few small towns.
Marietta Ok  water tower
and town hall
       Wonderful country road, but no rest areas or places to stop and we had side winds most of the day 20-30 mph so a bit slower. But I did get a good upper body workout today ! Bonus.
Love this 1933 Hot Rod in front of us
at an intersection
        More interstate like roads but still no rest areas just moving right along.
          A Flying J right on our route as we crossed I-40, we like to fuel up there for the RV lanes and the fuel discount with our Good Sam card. $1.72.9 for gas . Then while there Suzie craved a pizza slice for lunch. Pretty good deal 2 slices for  5 bucks, Did the trick, they are huge!
That's a big lunch for us but we did it
       A bit more back roads that were very rough and finally arrived here at Eagle's Landing in Grove Oklahoma. Just before 3 pm. Used to be Bear's Den but new owners doing a great job fixing the place up !
         New owners renovating, washrooms almost done, looking wonderful. This another membership park so no overnight fees for us. 30 or 50 amp hookups and we could stay for 2 weeks if we wanted. Love these parks! Also includes free cable tv and free wifi at the clubhouse.
         The old swimming pool is being dug up, new one will be wheel chair accessible.
all set up relaxing in the warm sun
got some reading time in
          Soon time for supper. Tonight some pan fried tilapia fillets to add to a tasty salad.
sure did the trick again
285 miles today
       That was a pretty decent travel day, we had planned in staying here for 4 nights but decided on only 3. We have a few long travel days ahead and would like do 2 nights on the road instead of just one.
        Thanks for stopping by again, always nice to hear from you, And hope you had a wonderful day as well.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..