Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, February 29, 2016


Where are we today ?
      After yesterday had a good sleep to rest our tired bones. A few things done early and then picked up Suzie's Dad to head to the church for 9:30 this morning. The interment at 10 am and Celebration of Beatties' life at 11:00 am. Some wonderful prayers and stories told by a grandson and granddaughter and a niece and nephew, always remembering the great meals she whipped up, her vibrant personality and the smiles on her face. Plus Pastor Wanda has known the family all her life and knows the family well.
       This was followed by a wonderful luncheon put on in the basement for close to 200 people put on by the church ladies.
       Now she may rest in peace and be in a better, place. Yes she was loved by all who knew her and will be missed by them all as well. We all have some wonderful memories of this wonderful woman, that I have had the pleasure of knowing for the last 26 years.
       We have a few loose ends to tie up before we head back south March 11th.
       Thanks for stopping by again, and for all your kind comments.
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Sunday, February 28, 2016

We made it through a very long day, getting things wrapped up.

Where are we today ?
        Got up early put together the breakfast casserole for 30 people for brunch here. Whipped into town for a few things. Back here went to the 10 am church service then the casserole ready for 11:30. Everyone feed then the funeral home for 1: PM visitation started at 1:45 and was finally done by 5:15. We had a catered roast beef dinner down stairs and for the family. Visitation again started at 6:45 until 9 pm,  then we packed up and back here about 10 pm. a little over 500 visitors signed the register was non stop line up. Beatrice and Levi were very popular people in the community.
        Time to relax for a bit and hit the hay. Back at it again tomorrow morning for the service.
        Thanks for stopping in and was so nice to see some of my family and a some camping friends as well stop by as well.

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

We back in New Hamburg and will have a few very busy days.

Where are we today ?
         Our flight home yesterday we smooth, depart Yuma 11:30 am arrive Phoenix 12:23, deprat Phoenix 1:15 pm Arrive Chicago 5:47pm depart to Kitchener  7:29 arrive  9:57 Local time (7:57 arizona time)
Yuma airport parking under solar panels
out Plane from Yuma
nice small airport
        The views of  the fields and the desert from the air is amazing !
round fields
Our Shadow coming unto Phoenix
on top of the clouds
coming into Chicago
Leaving Chicago
Just before landing in Kitchener
      We arrived in Kitchener just before 10 am cleared customs grabbed our bags and Brother in Law  Ross picked us up and took us to Suzie's brother's place to crash for the night.
       Sat morning up early picked and extra vehicle that Ross and Rose had that we can use while here. Then on the go all day Suzie and I mostly in different directions until 4:30 supper with her Dad and Ross and Rose then Visitation at the home for an hour  until 7 pm. then time to put our feet up and call it a day.
        The next 2 will be busier, so you may not hear much from us.
        Thank you all for stopping by and appreciate all your condolences, and prayers.

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Waiting in Chicago and hope to get two seats New Hamburg tonight

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
We left the campground at 8 am , and left our car at in Yuma at Dave's Campsite (Suzie's former boss) and they dropped us off at the Yuma Airport. Coach stored at Pilot Knob resort on a campsite. $7.00 a night plugged in.
Transferred at Phoenix and now waiting in Chicago for 2 seats on and oversold flight to Kitchener.
Waiting for one more passenger to give up their seat, so that we can head out tonight.
Yippeee we got 2 seats, so away we go.
See ya'll tomorrow.

just got this information on Visitation in case anyone interested

The visitation will take place:
Saturday at from 6-7 at Nithview Home
Sunday 2-4 and 7-9 at the Mark Jutzi funeral home in New Hamburg

Monday Feb. 29, 10 a.m. Committal service, 11 a.m. funeral service at East Zorra Mennonite.

May we continue to hold the family in our prayers during this time of loss and farewell.

Pastor Wanda

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Rest in peace Beatrice Kuepfer, Suzie's Mom.

Where are we today ?
        We are saddened today with the news of the passing of Suzie's mother Beattie Kuepfer about 8 am Ontario time at Nithview Retirement Community after a lengthy illness and many health issues. It was not  unexpected but we had hoped to make it there before she passed.
        This picture below was taken at a family gathering last August I believe, she looked pretty good then and was pretty spry. Suzie spent a lot of time with her mom before we headed south.
        Her Mom was an amazing woman and everyone loved her and will miss her greatly.
Beatrice (Beattie) Kuepfer
        We are flying out of Yuma tomorrow morning and will arrive back in New Hamburg late tomorrow night for a couple weeks. Most of the family was by her side so she was not alone.
        No details are available yet. That will come in a few days.
        The rest of our day was a blur and insignificant.
        We are doing as well as can be expected and will get through this tough time with family and friends.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

More relaxing in the heat, that's why we here.

Where are we today ?
       Just more of the same here, great weather and no more winds. Just blue skies, sunshine and temps on the low 80's f. No humidity and no bugs !
        Ran a couple errands, a few chores and a little over 3 miles walkabouts today. Chat with a few neigbors and made some new friends. Then even had time to enjoy our e-readers in the afternoon shade. Sure worked out to be a pretty good day for us.
yep this is heaven
       Have had these mourning doves all over the place here and listen to them almost all day long. So wonderful. They love the tree right behind our coach, works great. So soothing to hear them.
these are the doves, relaxing in the shade
         Then as usual time to think about supper. So fire up our Weber Q 100 around 4:45 preheat and grill some chicken thighs. Spiced with another favorite spice BUTT RUB  thanks to George for turning us on to this wonderful BBQ spice.
         Just add to our fresh made salad and was a wonderful meal.
then another wonderful desert sunset
yes this a new picture every night
         Thanks again for taking a peek and hope your day was awesome too !
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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Moon setting, sun rising and sunsets in the desert that's what we love!

Where are we today ?
           What another great day here this is. The weather that we enjoy except for the wind. But it will be gone tomorrow. Still got 3 miles walking about the resort today  and reading outside,  sheltered from the wind and sun so was still a great day.
       First early walkabout enjoyed this moon setting below then turned the other way and the sun rising over by Pilot Knob. Only in the desert do we see this !
moon set
         Walkabouts, puttering around and enjoying our e books is in order today. Plus a few plans for what we gonna do in the near future.
         Then for supper today gonna do some sloppy Joes with ground turkey. It's been a while and we had some cravings. Cook a meal inside for a change while we have full hookups. I cheated with the recipe picked up a can of Manwich, sauted some onions, mushrooms, celery, carrots, garlic and ground Turkey add the sauce and on a couple burger bun halves add a salad and was so very tasty.
yummy and lotsa leftovers
         Then as we can do enjoy another desert sunset.
        Great relaxing day and amazing weather again.
        Thanks for stopping by and your concern about our family issues will keep y'all updated when we know more.

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Weather is good and we are fine today, almost.

Where are we today ?
      Well today was a wonderful fun day weather wise. Started out good with a few early morning walkabouts. Such perfect weather we are having.
       A quick trip to Yuma pick us a few things and were going to shampoo our carpets.  Getting ready and we had  major wind come over the area. Wow it was amazing and did not let up for most of the day. So we packed things back up and will do it another day.
      We had a lot of family stuff going on today but will get through it. 
      But did get outside for some fresh air for a while this afternoon.
tonight a pork tenderloin on the grill
marinated with BUTT rub, all day
 thanks to our good friend George,
it was awesome!
what a great supper we had
       Thanks again for stopping by.
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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Arizona Marketplace and visit with Suzie's old boss from many years ago!

Where are we today ?
Pilot Knob Resort
clic on a pic to enlarge
        Just more of the same weather here and we just love it! Temps today in the high 80's f but no humidity and no bugs day or night. This is why we love the desert !
one of my desert walks this morning
           Then shortly after 10 headed into Yuma stopped by the CVS pharmacy to pick up a few things then down the road to the Arizona Market Place, a huge fleamarket that we enjoy checking out.
       Nothing new here just enjoy the walkabout.
         But we did have a coupon for 2 free soft ice cream cones. Yep we like free !
sure was nice on this hot day
want a slot machine?
buy one here
food court busy
this fellow dancing with his son
to the singer here,
he was very good too
we bought a dash cover here for our car
back in 2007, love it!
ant sculptures, Canadian and American
we don't need any more ants
         Now we went to visit Suzie's old boss from many years ago. When she was an administrator in his Real Estate  office a long time ago! They had an amazing relationship and we have been good friends for many years. It's been a long time since we have seen Dave. This is their first time to Yuma and appears they are really enjoying it here. Probably better than Florida. No bugs, no rain and no humidity.
        Was so nice to connect with them again so much to talk about the 3.5 hours we were there just flew on by.
         Thanks for having us over today and hope we can get together again before we leave the area.
Mandy and Dave
         Back home by 5 pm relax in the shade for a bit then fire up our Weber Q. Light supper tonight after some snacks there. Just a fish burger on the grill did the trick.
picked these up the other day
very tasty
that was supper and very filling
and of course another wonderful desert sunset
          There ya go that what we did today and was wonderful, how about you?
          Thanks for stopping by.
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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Relaxing, gettings things done and enjoying this amazing weather

Where are we today ?
Pilot Knob Resort.
clic on a pic to enlarge it
     Just another wonderful day here is the desert. Love my early morning walkabouts watching the sunrise. So peaceful and cool.
     Then at 7:45am took our 2 loads of laundry to get done. Perfect time nobody else there. Nice $1:25 to wash and and $1:25 to dry.  All done by 9:15 am and ready for the rest of the day.
wonderful sunrises here 
nice area by the laundry
      A quick trip to town for a few things and see these trucks below everywhere.  All set up for driving in the fields, harvesting crops. Really kinda cool.
         Back home, a bite for lunch and few more walkabouts. Read for a while and wander up to the pool and spa for a very refreshing dip. Oh so nice here temps in the mid 80's f.
so nice and quiet by the pool and spa
        Now time for quality reading on our e-readers. I finished another book snd began anew one. No repairs today =bonus !
enjoying the afternoon shade
clear blue skies of the southwest is
why we are here
            Now time for supper. Tonight fish and chips. Pan fried cod fillets, french fries in our Fry Daddy( fresh potatoes) and  grilled asparagus.
sure hit the spot
another great desert sunset
         What a great relaxing day we had, got stuff done and no need to do anything else.
         Tomorrow we will be busy for a while but that is just fine. We are retired no need to be on the go everyday. This is our lifestyle.
         Thanks again for stopping by.

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