Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, September 30, 2019

Getting a few things done, enjoying the amazing fall weather and chat with a few people.

Where are we today ?
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    Another good nights sleep and up about 5:30 this morning 52F outside,  Just puttering around computing for a while then into Starthroy to pick up and HDMI cable to hook up Suzie's computer to our smart tv. Hooked that up and is it ever nice and can now view here computer on our 32 inch TV, That sure makes a wonderful computer monitor!
     Back home Suzie was chatting with new Neighbours Mark and Nichol . They are picking our brains (the little we have) about going fulltime and travelling in the south and membership parks. Has some questions about their shaw satellite dish, how to light the propane oven in their trailer etc....
     After lunch I headed down to the amazing fitness centre for a nice one hour work out. My finger is now almost like new again and ready for this much needed exercise. Then to relax out side on the wonderful very warm fall day. Sunny and a comfortable fall day at 75F back in shorts again , enjoying our page turners in the shade, sure was nice no complaints here..
love this amazing fitness centre here included with our membership
        So quiet here  after the weekend, Our freinds Rob and Pat left early and later on Paul and Judy headed out as well. Will see this guys later this year or on down the road some where.
Love it when the campground is so quiet
   After lunch I filled our 5 gallon jug of RO (reverse osmosis purified water) we use for drinking and making our coffees. At the corner store in town, this is the only water we drink for the last 13 plus years.
we have a spot inside with a pump
to fill our jug for the fridge
a perfect warm fall day, short were the dress code today
even hotter tomorrow
            After a quiet Happy hour, just the 2 of us we chatted for a while then, a bit later time to whip up supper, tonight a couple of shrimp burgers on English muffins with some seafood sauce I make so easy, ketchup, horseradish and lemon juice. perfect.
not long these shrimp burgers are done
 english muffins warm in foil
what nice treat all we needed tonight
     Another amazing very warm fall day outside, chatting with neighbours and a quiet happy hour enjoying our page turners.
     Hope you enjoyed you day and want to thank you for stopping on by.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Bark-toberfest, Pinery market and birthday celebration for Happy hour.

Where are we today ? 
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      A cooler nights sleep but we both slept very well. Up at 6 am and put a pot of coffee on while I enjoyed my oatmeal. Then just before 7 am a small tap on the door. yup I figured Rob was here for some fresh brewed coffee. We always enjoy our morning coffees and chats with him when we are together. He headed back home shortly after 8 am. We puttered around a bit more computing just before 9 am then we headed to the Pinery Market in Grand Bend  today is their 3rd annual Bark-toberfest if you like dogs and Beer this is the day to go.
     And there was lots of dogs of all breeds and sizes all on leases and very well behaved, what a fun time enjoying all these dogs together seeming to enjoy this fun friendly day. I took way to many pictures and narrowed it down to still too many. But we had a very enjoyable morning.
     Ran into Ron and Loree there (they did not bring Freddie) met the people along with them and carried on checking our all the dogs.
this be the place
3 annual event this year
these cool looking green vegetables
not sure what they are though
should have asked
lots of fresh veggies here as well
we like to get here early and leave early
 before it gets too crowded
dog people always have something to chat about
this old outboard looks in excellent shape
dogs everywhere 
this big guy is pretty shy
dog tattoos?
doggie purses
cool cowboy boots size 00
this girl is big, next picture her brother
even bigger
her brother relaxing weighs in at 175 lbs!
Yoga for dogs? Too cute 
     Lots of dogs everywhere.
then of course some pepperettes for me and friends
       Now to check out the craft breweries , They can't serve until 11 am and was only 10;30 we had to purchase coupons minimum $20.00 for 14 samples. Hmm I only wanted to try one or 2 not $20.00 worth so we passed,
a few food vendors as well
Had to take my picture with this Cow what for?
Cowbell Brewery of course
from Blythe Ontario
     This Helicopter here they selling tickets for helicopter rides. I asked the guys if he could fly it out of here from in the bush, they just laughed!
more dogs still coming in
Pop Shoppe hard soda?
On our way out grabbed 2 more of these wonderful light Pizzas
same as we had last night for dinner 
more dogs, too cute
     We left here before 11 am getting busier, so time to go, Stopped at Juicy Fruit Orchards on the way home to pick up some Honey Crisp Apples that we love that have just come out, oh these are too good. Got a good supply for now and to take south with us, we are allowed to take these across the border , that's a good thing.
yes it's fall, Pumpkin season
lots of fancy ones too
gotta love these
a couple of bags Honey Crisp
to tide us over for a while
no need for more tomatoes yet
       We enjoyed a light tasty lunch then a relaxing afternoon outside enjoying our pages turners, overcast , no rain and a cooler 65F with next to no wind. Just need long pants and my sweat shirt. I had just finished the boxed set of books I had been reading the LEI Crime series  4 books by Toby Neil I really enjoyed. My next Book is by Carolyn Arnold  ELEVEN FBI 01.
       At 3 pm Happy Hour at Rob and Pats, to celebrate Pauls' 70th birthday only the 7 of there today others have either left or made plans.
Tucker brought Gerry over for some treats
   We enjoy outside until about 3:30 them the rains began to come down , so inside we headed. lots room in there.
Happy outside for a while
        Pat had a bunch of snacks to share and we did.
Paul was the first he is the man of the hour today
then Tucker got some treats from Suzie
the bad bunch, Suzie, Gerry and me
Paul's Birthday muffin, cherry on top
then a tasty Cake Pat made (lol)
Paul blew our the candles
Happy Birthday Paul!
    Then we enjoyed some cake and more fun conversation and jokes, moving around the room also a few laughs as well.
Tucker got a treat from me too
Tucker even got on Rob's lap as well
   Shortly before 5 pm time to head home and whip up supper . For supper tonight going to grill a couple of Leadbetters Cowboy Steaks we had in our freezer, along with a baked potato, sour cream mushrooms and onions and the Tomato, onion cucumber salad were enjoy, For that recipe you can click HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar.
relaxing under our awning reading
while the potatoes baked on our Weber Q
the tasty salad to go with supper
steak just about done 2 taters,
mushrooms and onions in foil as well
this sure did the trick and I shared some of this steak with Suzie
her's was very small
I got to enjoy this nice spicy
steak sauce with steak too
From New Orleans,
Thanks Ken and Kim
      Now here it is after 7 pm too cold to sit outside at 58 F so wrapping this posting up inside and soon call it a night.
       Hope y'all had a great fall day as well and thanks for stopping on by.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?