Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, April 02, 2020

Staying Safe

Finally doing some decorating by getting pictures up. I had thought I was to going to ask for help to hang the following pictures. With everything that is going on now with the Covid-19, I decided to do them myself. Measuring the wall, pictures and the space between, so they look kind of balanced. The first set of pictures was a challenge but I got it done. Mistakes are not visible. Patting myself on the back. Ha ha.

Left is flowing well from Plattsville, center no description required and right a gift at our wedding.

Quails that were hanging in the RV above the door.

Family group picture from our wedding.
The picture on the cedar chest is from our honeymoon. The old clock I got from my grandmother before she passed away. As a young girl, we lived with our maternal grandparents. They had several clocks that you would wind up. The key to the clock is still there. I haven't got it going yet as it needs to be perfectly level in order for it to chime. The clock sat on an entertainment in the house, but we couldn't get it to work until we were purging the house.
Souvenirs from my trip to Egypt. (before George)
I had the tools to put the pictures up. George made sure that we had hammer, screw drivers etc. There is a case here that includes everything, including a level. So when the pictures went up, I made sure to use the level. If the pictures above look crooked, it is because I took them crooked.

To stay safe during this time, I go out to the grocery store when needed. I am following the suggestions from our government to help slow the curve of the virus. In some ways, it isn't hard for me to do, as George was the one to do the shopping and I was reading.

I have finally read 2 books since October, which is unusual for me as I could read a book a day. I'm starting to get into a new routine. It will take time as my mind wanders. I start a project, go to another and eventually finish each project. I have a project to put up more pictures that are of my family as it has grown. At the moment it is not completed as I need more pictures printed and then frames as well. This I consider a non-essential project, so it will wait for better days ahead.

Unfortunately, at the moment another non-essential project is the RV. I was really hoping that by now it would be closer to being ready to sell. I haven't been out to it in the last couple of weeks. It still needs a couple of compartments looked at, compartments cleaned as well as the living space. It will have to wait for now.

Yesterday, I wanted to do shake and bake chicken in the oven. Now, I know that we had shake and bake chicken packages, but do you think I could find them. Not sure if we ran out (which I find hard to believe as George always replaced something when we were low) or if the package was expired and therefore, it found the garbage. I then improvised the Honey Pecan Chicken recipe (thanks Deb) on the blog minus the pecans which I didn't have. I must say, it turned out pretty good. I used a chicken leg which took a lot longer than the chicken breast in the recipe.

Know that I am safe, eating well and getting my rest. I hope all you readers out there are doing your best to stay safe and healthy as well.

God bless you all.

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