Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, June 30, 2014

Just more of the same with a twist.

Where are we today ?
        Again more hot wonderful weather. Ever seen the movie Ground Hog day? The days just keep repeating them selves. And with this kind of weather we don't mind at all. Temps got to 28c but with humidity feels like 37c (98f).The twist was my project today, remove our Lazy Boy recliner and fix a broken handle on the release cable. Last night it was reclined and would not release when I went to bed. So it remained reclined, problem with that it almost completely blocks our entry door. Makes it pretty tight getting in and out.
        Struggled with unbolting it from the floor. Think it weighs over 200 lbs. But a few hours later got things repaired (nice to have spare parts) and all is working good for now. 
broken handle in my hand
       That project done puttered around a bit more in the nice cool breeze we are having today. Did the usual, check tires, stow our Weber, roll up our awning and then can enjoy our books in the shade. Loving this hot weather with a nice refreshing cool breeze.
shady spot and a nice breeze
Canadian Flags everywhere, Canada Day tomorrow
      We had planned a nice salad for supper tonight, use up our leftover Turkey and pasta salad. Perfect meal for a hot day. And I can stow the Weber Q and awning early.
         After supper more warm weather and a nice breeze, enjoying our books and chatting with people walking by. Then Jim dropped in with their dog Max to give Suzie another doggie fix before we leave in the morning. Another couple puppies dropped it too, we having a doggie social hour! Then Sharon and their grandson joined us for a while too, but getting dark so time to pack it in. Time to relax in my fixed Lazy Boy.
         We are heading out in the morning, back to Plattsville. Been here two weeks already and have that hitch itch, gotta get moving again. Also need to get the rear brakes on our coach done too.
         That was it for our perfect summer day, thanks for stopping by. Not too exciting but worked for us.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle. 
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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Loving this summer weather, perfect for enjoying our books in the shade.

Where are we today ?
      Here it is Sunday of the long weekend and the weather is getting better. Up to 35c (95f)  with the humidity, not great for doing much physical stuff out side. But perfect for puttering around a few slow walkabouts, chatting with a few people here and there. 
        Biggest chore was to pack up our Mr. Heater propane heater for the season. Clean it up and fire up our compressor to blow out any dust that has settled over the winter.
Mr. Heater going to sleep for the summer
       Then we got to enjoy our books outside in the shade for a while with a nice breeze, perfect weather, hot, sunny, cool breeze, shade and no bugs at our site. Go back in the bush if you want bugs, skeeters and all. No need for our air conditioning yet when we are outside all day long. We might have gone to the pool if it was not the weekend and all the people making it a very popular place with this hot weather.
       Mid afternoon a few neighbors stopped by to chat and another impromptu Happy (social) hour. Suzie got her doggie fix again and we solved more problems of the world.
       Before we know it time for supper. Tonight  couple veggie kabobs and a tasty Basa fillet.
        Along with a lettuce and kale salad we had a feast.
sure did the trick
     Then while Suzie did the dishes I took the garbage out past the clubhouse and realized they had a DJ playing tonight at the pavilion from 7 until 10pm. The music sounded pretty good so grabbed Suzie and we went back to enjoy some tunes. Even got a good 40 minute workout on the dance floor. Tunes we enjoy CCR, Beatles, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Shania, etc... all good fast dance tunes. Even a couple slow ones too.
perfect weather tonight for this too and
no bugs either
this young lady was dancing with her doll
kids having fun
even the adults had the dance floor packed too
       Eventually the music turned to hip hop stuff, not our style and besides getting dark, time to head on home, we had a fun full day already.
       Thanks for the visit and hope you enjoyed this awesome weather too.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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Saturday, June 28, 2014

The beginning of our Canada Day Long weekend, with perfect weather.

Where are we today ?
      Saturday morning and pretty quiet for a full campground. Mind you it is 5 am and already 70 f. Great start for the Canada Day Long weekend. Got the computing and coffees done, walkabouts and Suzie ready to head out by 8:30.
       First off check a few yards sales in the park, then head into Peterborough, a few yard sales on the way we need to check out. No purchases but always fun to look.
one large yard sale on the way
            Then into the Peterborough Saturday Farmer's Market (same one we did last Saturday). Walked around a bit picked up some really nice tasty Kielbosa that we enjoy. Lots of great fresh produce, baked goods, and crafts here too.
fresh  local garlic
Local Maple syrup too
Lotsa fresh local strawberries that we love
mushrooms too
even free samples of strawberry shortcake
        Lots of people and lots of vendors, a perfect summer day as well.
      Then we went to Farmboy Markets to check out the deals there. A favourite grocery store of ours here in town. Too many people and too much traffic, so we found a few back streets and hightailed it out of town. But got hung up in Bridgnorth a small village with two traffic lights and lots of holiday weekend traffic.
long lineup for the lights in Bridgenorth
        Then finally we back home to enjoy our campground and bite to eat for lunch. Relax in the shade and enjoy our books. On a perfect hot, lazy summer afternoon. Pretty quiet here just the way we like it. Doesn't get much better than this!
lots of trailers down in the valley, last place to fill up
     We did chat with a couple people here and there and opted out of "Happy Hour" today, in favour of enjoying our books and each others company for a change. Something we really enjoy too.
      Then fire up our Weber Q earlier than we have been doing, to grill a huge Turkey breast I picked up on sale. Grilled another jalepeno pepper and enjoyed a large salad with some of our pasta salad to go with it. Lotsa leftovers we will have.
perfectly grilled turkey breast
did the triuck again, so tasty
      That was the beginning of our great weekend here, hope yours was wonderful too.
      Did I say thanks for stopping by? If not "Thanks for stopping by"

Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle. 
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Friday, June 27, 2014

Hot, sunny, and visit with friends for supper in Buckhorn.

Where are we today ?
       A beautiful warm night and an awesome hot day. Temps got into the low 90s f (33c) and sunny with a light breeze. Our kinda weather for hanging out and enjoying our books. Early morning Suzie set up our sun screen on the awning to keep the hot sun off our the patio.
our quick and easy sunscreen
      I ran into Buckhorn to pick up a few things to make my pasta salad to take to our friends for a supper get together this afternoon. 
a boat heading across the lake in Buckhorn, to the liftlock
           One of our favourite salads to take to a gathering or enjoy in the summer. You can check out the recipe HERE. On my recipe blog if you like.
very refreshing Pasta (Macaroni salad)
         Got the call from John and Barb in Buckhorn about 3 o'clock that our other friends Rob, Pat and Lady girl were there and to come on over.
love the road into their place
         We were almost there and realized that I had left my camera on the kitchen counter. So took a few shots with Suzie's I phone. Most did not turn out very good. Mind you I am not versed on I phone use. That's her baby.
         The last time the six of us got together was in Yuma Arizona I think in early March.
John is busy building a new deck
onto their house
        We chatted for quite a while, caught up on news and had a very tasty supper, cold roast chicken, veggies, pasta salad, corn on the cob and blueberry pie for desert.
Barb worked all day baking this Blueberry pie.
Kinda hard without a kitchen.
it under renovation
        Did we have fun? Yes we did, so nice to get together again. Then before we know it time to head on back home before it gets dark. Too much wildlife on the roads here after dark, so don't like to drive at night. I have had a few encounters over the years, one with a deer and another with a moose, they both really make a mess out of your vehicles. There is both in this area plus quite a few black bears as well this year.
        This is an almost Canadian long weekend for most people. The official holiday is July 1st (Canada Day) so the campground is filling up.  Some people have Monday off work, some have Tuesday off work some have both off work. Then there is people like us, we have everyday off work. Our favorite job.
         Thanks again for stopping by, hope you are enjoying this amazing weather too.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle. 
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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Starter fixed and generator working, YAHOO!! Thanks Jim for all you help.

Where are we today ?
         Just another great night, windows open, fantastic fan going, perfect for sleeping. Up early again as usual (actually slept in till about 5 am). Temps already about 22c (70f) outside gonna be another perfect day.
       Shortly after 8 am a phone call to Port Hope Auto Electric and our new starter is in. So I hopped in the car for a one hour drive each way to pick it up. Great service from these guys and quite reasonable to.
       Back home and made a quick bite to eat for an early lunch. Then Jim came over anxious to reinstall our new starter. Before we did that checked the fuel pump. Hmm no gas. So did a little trick, fired up our compressor and pumped air into the gas tank of our coach, maybe thirty seconds later fuel pump for the genny is pumping gas !! Starter installed, everything hooked up and our generator fired up right away.  YAHOOOO!  Turned on both air conditioners and ran for almost 45 minutes not problems.
        Appears that the issue with our genny is fixed and we learned a few things in the process. First don't run the starter for extended periods (thats why it broke I think) and if it won't start just pressurize the gas tank (not sure why) and it will go. Maybe for some reason it lost its prime.
new starter ready to go
          Now this was done early afternoon and a few people spotted Jim, Suzie and I hanging out here chatting. Pat and Norm stopped over with some snacks and a beverage, Pieter and Janny came to join us, I went to Emile and Monique's to pick up our 8 bottles of wine they stored when we went to the USA last weekend, they joined us. Jim went home to clean up after working on our coach. Happy hour, we can celebrate the resurrection of our generator. Sounds like a good reason to celebrate. Mind you don't really need a reason. Perfect weather, great company, interesting conversation, meeting new friends. Thats what this lifestyle is all about.
the conversation flows, we having fun
        Worked out pretty good, by 5 o'clock, everybody heads home for supper and we fire up our Weber Q. Couple salmon fillets and a  grilled jalepeno pepper for me.
Quick cooking on our Weber, low and slow
         Added that to a tasty leafy salad, couple rice crackers ended up with a tasty, satisfying supper.
sure hit the spot
       By now it's time to enjoy our books outside until not enough light to read, then inside to relax a bit before calling it a night.
        Glad you stopped by, too bad you did not make if for our "social hour" conversation just flows around, and get to know a few more people in the process. 
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sunshine, warm, busy doing stuff, as the day slips on by.

Where are we today ?
      Another fun day here and not doing much, but busy all day. How does that happen? Not to sure but it did. A few walkabouts early morning then to the store in Buckhorn 5 minutes away pick up a couple food things. 
        Got a phone call from Jim. He took our Onan generator starter to Port Hope to be rebuilt. Need a new starter (for our Onan generator), old one is toast! Will be in tomorrow, so we will drive there and pick it up, no problem.
        Now we decided to laundry today, best choice is to run over to Lakefield, (10 minutes away) nice big Laundromat, get three loads washed and dried in less than one hour. I even got some good reading time done too while waiting.
       Back  home to a bit more reading, then to visit Frank and Heather here in this park have not chatted with them for a couple years. Very nice to see  them again. Soon home to fire up our Weber Q. Simmer some pork ribs in sauerkraut for an hour or so.
        Emile and Monique joined us as well as Pat, Norm and Jim. While ribs are cooking. Finally we sent them home, time to finish cooking supper, glaze the ribs with tasty, sticky BBQ sauce,  grilled taters, and the last of our fresh asparagus.
Love our Weber Q 100
Sure hit the spot, the last of our Ribs, we  bought last winter
         Supper done, dishes, garbage and walkabouts done, read for a while outside, getting too dark. Now in our house finish posting the blog and a tiny strawberry shortcake for a yummy treat! Nothing like fresh picked strawberries! Oh so sweet.
love fresh local strawberries
        Thats it for us, day is done, we had fun and enjoyed more wonderful weather.
        Glad you could stop by again.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hanging out, good weather, chat with people, enjoy reading and cooking supper.

Where are we today ?
          Nice warm night, windows open and good sleeping weather. Usual early morning stuff and walkabouts the resort a few times. Saw tiny wildlife again. Small turtle looks like it was laying eggs right in the middle of the gravel roadway. Dumb turtle.
few more bunnies doing what bunnies do?
Eating grass here
        More walkabouts chatting with people here and there. Our friends Emile and Monique arrived last night. Saw them last at Rock Glen Resort in Arkona. Gonna pick up our 9 bottles of wine that carried for us while we crossed the border and back last weekend(if there is any left). Too much to for us to take there and back. We would either have to pay duty or forfeit to customs, don't want to do that!
       After enjoying our books for while in the shade over to Norm and Pat's for a "social hour" and Suzie got her "doggie fix" with Billy Jean (BJ) on her lap and feeding her treats too. She is a pretty spry Jack Russel .
She can sure jump for her treats.
Jim was there too with Max
         Shortly after 4 o'clock the weather cooled down a bit and skies darkened, storm coming in, so we grabbed our chairs and headed back home. Time for supper anyway. Fired up our Weber Q, made a nice salad to go with grilled Basa fillets, grilled asparagus and a Jalapeno pepper for me.
5 o'clock the rain came down
cooking supper,under the awning,
 watching and listening to the rain
only a few minutes and ready to eat
pretty tasty
         Then after dishes and garbage patrol (rain has stopped by now) we enjoyed some more reading out side on another beautiful evening.
          Did notice this trailer's awning had been trashed with the heavy rain. Nobody home and awning not tilted. Too bad.
 oopps !
Glad it is not ours
       Now that was it for a vey nice relaxing day, we really enjoyed it. Hope you enjoyed yours too!
       Wanna thank you again for stopping by.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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