Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cold weather and fun in the sun...

Where are we today ?
        From hot humid and rainy on Wednesday morning, it cooled down all day with the rain, to last night it went below freezing! Got up this morning and frost (ice) on the car windshield. (Tuesday night we had our windows open). 
        Down by the ponds about 6:30 am and fog coming off the warm water. The water temps are much warmer than the air.
       Then took off to do some shopping, pick up a few groceries and got myself a new pair of walking shoes. Seems that I wear a pair out every year about this time, so now am good to go for another year.
        Back home a quick bite for lunch, couple more walkabouts breaking in my new shoes, then lets enjoy the warm sunshine with our books!
        With the tall pine trees here we need to enjoy the sun where we can find it. So move around a bit here and there, chat with lotsa new neighbors and had a great afternoon, gotta love all these friendly rv'ers, such awesome people.
        There is a large group from here heading out to Camellia Cafe in Abita Springs. They have a thursday special 55% off for seniors over 55. Well we had decided that with such a great day we will save our money and fire up our Weber grill. BBQ a couple burgers, fresh onion buns and all the toppings, with homemade fries. We will save Camellia's for maybe next thursday if the weather is yukky.
just really enjoying the great weather today.
       Our Weber and Fry Daddy hard at work.
Thats it, nothing fancy but tastes pretty good
         Simple day with extreme temperatures and lotsa sunshine, works for us.
        Oh, forgot to mention. If you read yesterday's posting I went into town for a chiropractic adjustment. A very friendly place. Well last night at 7:50pm I got a phone call from this Chiropractor asking how my back was! He apologized for being rushed this morning because they were so busy. I told him I was feeling somewhat better. He suggested that I could drop by his office NOW (he was still there anyway) and he would adjust it a bit more (no charge). Never had a doctor that cared that much. Well I had to decline because it was almost 8 pm and we were done for the day. I will see him friday morning at 10 am anyway. Now how is that for southern hospitality ?
        Thanks for stopping by and takin a peak.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yes, peanut butter on my hotdogs. And a big change in the weather.

Where are we today ?

          No that was not a typo, I do love peanut butter on my hot dogs. How did I discover that? About twenty years ago I had a regular customer in my restaurant that always ordered a foot long hot dog with peanut butter. So I tried it and got hooked. 
          Then a year or so later our neighbor had a bunch of friends over around a backyard campfire and they get out the hot dogs, sticks and peanut butter. Well about 16 or 20 of us got right into and completely finished up three dozen hot dogs and two small jars of peanut butter. Now we were not really young kids, all in our mid to late 40's. Fresh air, good friends, a campfire, late night and maybe even a bit of alcohol was consumed by some, but we all enjoyed the dogs. 
          To this day I still enjoy peanut butter on my hot dog and a few other things too like pancakes and an awesome sandwich I have made for many. Tired of a boring sandwich try this. It sounds weird but the flavors are awesome! Sandwich builds like this, peanut butter, jam, ham or bologna, mustard, cheese slice, tomato, lettuce and mayo a touch of salt and pepper too. There ya go now you know I am weird right? Try it !
        So that explains the peanut butter thing? 
this where we are
        Lets get back to here at Abita Springs (small town about 2,400 people, love small towns). Yesterday when we arrived it was like 90f (32c), but the weather Gods tell us severe weather is on its way here. Tornado watches and all that stuff, around 5 am, but the path is thru Baton Rouge LA, about 75 miles west of here. So we do the usual check the weather channels, local weather station on TV, weather radio etc.. just to keep an eye on things. 
        Not much happening in the morning other than its getting cooler, windy and dark skies. It was very warm overnight had the windows open for a nice breeze and also if it rains the water on my face will tell me to close the windows.
        About 7 am going for a walkabout at the far end of the campground and all of a sudden the skies opened up! Man its coming down, cats, dogs and buckets, know what I mean? Its pouring out, we getting rain. Luckily I am right by the pavilion/laundry so I can seek shelter hoping it will stop soon. Well I am watching and waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more. Power goes out, the rain is not letting up, the temperatures drops about 10 degrees. I'm getting chilly, no rain coat and no umbrella and I really don't want to get soaked to the skin and catch a cold, been waiting an hour now. So I phone Suzie and ask her to come pick me up with the car, please. What a woman, hops in the car still in her nightshirt she drives to pick me up, yup I love that woman, no I did not wake her up. Back home and hardly wet at all. Then guess what? The rain lets up, didn't stop just let up.
this keeps up will need a boat to get back to the RV
        Any who, shortly after 9 o'clock into Abita Springs for a Chiropractic adjustment, just a tune up to keep me going. By the time I get back home its soon time to make lunch. The winds have died down and the rain stopped but really cool here 55f (16c) just about the same temperature as back home at 1:30pm.  Weird weather for sure what huge extremes everywhere.
        Afternoon just hanging out, reading, computing resting my back a bit, hot shower and a few walkabouts the resort. Almost nice weather but not quite, know what I mean?? Overcast , cool, drizzly a bit, but hey not real cold so thats just alright!
a broken tree carving, pretty cool
         So its soon time for supper, not nice BBQ weather, but I can whip up some comfort food. We have leftover chicken with gravy, boiled potatoes and peas. A very tasty hot chicken sandwich.
hit the spot  tonight
         Now can kick back relax for a bit, let the TV watch me and call it a night.
         Thanks once again for stopping in and checking us out, 
         Y'all, have a good day hear???
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Heading to Louisiana and have lunch with friends.

Where are we today ?
        Today we are heading out and have a plan. There is a nice couple we met a few years ago on the road from California. Fulltime rv'ers and keep running into the all over the USA. Palm Springs California, Yuma Arizona, Bullhead City Arizona, Rockport Texas and almost going to meet them here. We keep in touch frequently and find out that they are in Abita Springs Louisiana heading to Wolf River Resort in Mississippi on the same day we are heading to Abita Springs. So either we pass on the highway or meet somewhere to catch up.
        We are both only travelling 59 miles today and I picked a spot at Diamond Head that we could meet for lunch.
we travel for A to B for lunch 15 minutes.
        A woman in the campground told us this place (the Red Zone) had great burgers so we gonna meet them here.
        We pulled in and secured a parking spot at 11:15 am, then a few minutes later they arrived and pulled in behind us. Not easy to find parking for two rigs with tow vehicles over 55 feet long each but we did.
         Its been a year or more since we have seen each other and after great hellos, and hugs we headed in for lunch. So nice to meet up again! They have never been to this area and are really enjoying it. Getting caught up, trying not to miss anything. We started with deep fried dill pickles, (they have never had) and they were awesome, best I have ever had!
Rick and Suzy
deep fried dill pickles
         Me and my Suzie shared an 8 oz home made burger and fries (excellent). We chatted and we chatted until finally we have to get on the road they have 15 minutes to travel and we have 45 minutes to go but with storms coming into the area we like to reach our destination and get set up before it rains. Promising to keep in touch and will meet up again on the road.
awesome burger and  fries we shared.
hey thats us!
        Back on the road, cross the state line into Louisiana then our turn off to Abita Springs. We really love this area, north shore of Lake Ponchatrain, St Tammany Parish and small town Louisiana.
 Just love coming onto Abita Springs, we have been here so many times.
coming into town
No stoplights in town but they do have a roundabout
          Arrived at the resort but can only stay 10 days, they are booked for Mardi Gras. A very busy time here. Especially with the Super Bowl this weekend in New Orleans and Mardi Gras next week, sure gonna a be a busy time around here.
         But we did secure a small site that we can stay on for our duration with full hookups. Good thing we have a small slideout, trees in the way.
our site
        One thing we do notice around here is the loyalty they have for their home football team, New Orleans Saints. Signs, banners, flags everywhere.
         The weather hot and sticky sun shinning and we had rain! But just a few short bursts couple times, just enough to send us inside for two minutes then back out again. But did get a chance to read for a while, fire up our Weber to grill some hot dogs for supper and open a can of New England Clam chowder. We don't do much canned stuff but it was quick easy and a  tasty light meal after a very tasty lunch.
          Dressed our dogs with all the stuff, peanut butter, cheese, mayo, tomatoes, onions, mustard, and relish gotta have it all on the dogs. A nice bowl of chowder and all is good.
a nice tasty treat
        Thats it for today, we relocated to one of our favourite areas and have a few things planned for the next ten days, not much, just enough new things that we have not seen before.
         Thanks for stopping by for a visit hope your day was a good as ours!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Not used to hanging around, we need to move on, and tomorrow is the day!

Where are we today ?
         Another awesome day! Sorry about that but thats just the way it is. If you are in the cold up north, not much more we can say. We are here because we can be here. Someday maybe not, but we are enjoying every minute of it thats for sure.
        We have morning DEW and it is a heavy dew, look at our picknick table below, looks like rain but not.
heavy dew
        But the the sun comes out bright and strong! Blues skies and all is good,
         Today just puttering around, get ready to hit the road, not going far but we are moving. Check tires, put away things and Suzie cleaning our house like WOW! We have a new house sparkiling clean!
         Then after exercise and walkabouts, we can do what we do best, take the chairs out and get involved in our books!
          Before we know it time to fire up our Weber to grill a small? chicken, 5 and 1/2 lbs (smallest I could find for 5 bucks).
chicken on the Weber
         80 minutes later it is done to perfection, with a couple baked potatoes, steam some brocoli and some of our favorite "Swiss Chalet" sauce (from Canada) and we have an awesome chicken dinner. (lotsa leftovers too!)
we do love our chicken
        That's it for another fun day in the sun
        Thanks for stopping by and remember ya'll come back now, hear!!!!

         We heading to Loosiana in the mornin!

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Foggy morning, great day..

Where are we today ?
        Early morning fog here like pea soup. About 9:30 did a quick trip to Wally World for a few groceries then back home. Along the Gulf coast the fog was thick, so thick had to put on the windshield wipers a few times. A couple hundred feet from the water and could not even see it.
        Shortly after 10 am back home and no fog here (we are 4 miles from the ocean). So a quick jaunt to the Fleamarket, 2 miles up the road to see if anything is new. Nope nothing new there, but some good entertainment to keep us dancing thru the isles enjoying the sites and sounds with the fresh air. 
good entertainment too
        Noticed this cute guy in his doll stroller really enjoying the market thou.
Hi you got treats?
        Then on the way out saw a cool looking old VW bug customized to look like an old Ford Pickup truck.
         Well had a nice outing , walkabout the market and the campground, putter around a bit,  then we were able to get the chairs and books out to read for a bit again. Not for very long but we did manage to squeeze a few chapters in.
        I made a small batch of potato salad for supper, along with a tossed salad, grilled couple garlic sausage we brought from Canada and ended our day with another tasty meal.
another tasty supper
         Afterwords noticed a nice bright full moon just rising in the sky. Then compute, read for a bit more and let the TV watch me for a while, to make sure I am ready for bed.
        What can I say another wonderful day just flew by and we enjoyed every minute of it.
        Thanks for stopping by and hope you had a good one too!

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

3rd Annual Pass Christian Oyster Festival

Where are we today ?
        A great nights sleep and an early morning as usual. After a few coffees, check emails and blogs then a walkabout the resort. Just enjoying the peace a quiet down by the bayou. Love this area and the weather is awesome!
        Our plan for today was to check out the Pass Christian Oyster Festival not far from here about a 10 minute drive. So off we go about 10:30 am and look for a parking spot. Just love to check out these local festivities. Found a spot to park not too far away and headed down to the waterfront and check out whats going on.
That be Suzie's hat above, its a wonderful sunny warm day
        I took lotsa pictures, and only posted a few. Just so much to see and do taking in the local flair.
fishing boats here
fried green tomatoes anyone?
we are early so not too crowded
good deal for beer
cool place for your small pets
great entertainment all day long
        Now there is an awesome selection of foods here. Its an Oyster festival so Oysters in any shape of form and anyway you like them, or fish, shrimp, chicken, fries, rice, or gyros, popcorn, corn dogs lots to choose from.
raw oysters
        Everything is set up here right on the waterfront and weather today was perfect. Sunshine, no wind and about 78 f (25c). Now neither one of us are oyster fans in any form. But we had an early lunch before we headed out. There was lotsa vendors there and we enjoyed the music and ambiance of the day. This one couple from Wisconsin were eating some fried oysters and french fries. I asked where she got them and offered a sample. Glad I tried them not for us. She did not like them either. tried a sample of boiled peanuts, but again too spicy for Suzie. But gotta do it.

want a coke or a beer? Same price.
Tye died clothes anyone
shucking oysters here
fried green tomato burger?
Cajun food

beautifully made doll beds
oyster lamps
by the waterfront
a pier still devastated by Katrina here
crawfish platter?
more oyster shucking
        We checked all the food and the vendors lotsa stuff here, listened to some great music for a while and settled on one dollars worth of kettle corn and two $2.00 beers. Sat by the water, people watched and looked out at the calm waters and all the yachts and fishing boats next to the restaurant balcony.
         The crowds are starting to come in for all the activities, and the cruise cars are arriving to show off their great looking vehicles.  But now we are heading out taking our time checking the cars  and just enjoying the fresh sea air and wonderful sunshine.
        On our way back to the car checked out a few of the rides set up mostly for children. Still pretty quiet. Love these small town fairs, not too crowded and fun to wander about.
       After leaving here we drove along the shore road checking out a few of the mansions. Most have been rebuilt  or repaired but all are very impressive looking places. Again right on the waterfront just waiting for the next hurricane to arrive and hope they survive.
        Then back home mid afternoon,and guess what? Got our chairs and books out to enjoy this awesome day that we are having.
its the weekend lotsa kids having fun
         Then as the day wore on fired up our Weber, threw on two potatoes in foil with onions, (a couple baked potatoes for homefried potatoes too) and a a nice lean pork loin roast.
        Added some steamed cabbage, and homemade applesauce that we had and a great supper again.
very tasty
        So there ya go we had a fun winter day on the Gulf Shores of Mississippi. Hope you had a good one too.
        Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

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