Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Just another relaxing day here at Rock Glen Resort.

Where are we today ?
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       The usual early morning walkabouts after a great night's open and mild temperatures, this is so wonderful . Just after 8 am did a quick trip to Forest Foodland for some fresh veggies and stuff (senior's day), get a 2% discount , not much, but better than nothing. Stopped by the Indian Reservation fill the car with gas only $1.02 a litre compared to $1.12 around here.
       Back home to finish up a pot of chicken noodle soup. Boiled all the bones from the BBQ'D chicken legs we got a deal of at the relief sale on the weekend in New Hamburg this past weekend. Had the bones and some meat from 10 chicken legs and thighs. Made for a VERY tasty chicken broth. smelled just like the BBD'd chicken at the sale,Yummy yes !
       Have the link from his years Mennonite Relief sale, they raised $330,000.00 it is this an amazing fundraiser from Friday at 4 pm until Saturday and 4 pm. Over 12 million dollars since 1967 for the link click HERE 
oh so tasty chicken noodle soup,
 enough for a couple more lunches
       Now the afternoon reading outside, enjoying out e-readers and this wonderful sunny day. Took time out for a very long hot shower across from us, to loosen up my stiff  muscles from all the walking we did on the weekend, sure feels wonderful now !
the square behind us, shady and sunny spots
this was most of our day's weather
not to shabby
       Had friends Emile and Monique stop by for Happy Hour about 3:30, chat for a while then about 4:30 I head inside to whip up a salad to go with a couple of pan fried cod fillets for supper .
done nicely in our cast iron pan on the Weber Q 
grilled 1/2 lemon to make it real juicy
      After supper enjoying  this great weather outside, blogging and reading while we can. Still about 70f at 7:30 pm so why not?  But just after 8 pm cooling down drastically so now heading inside to post it.
kinda overcast  tonight so this was last nights sunset,
best we can do from where we are parked
        Just another fun day here in paradise no problems with that. By the way our repaired surge protecter is doing it's job and working perfectly.
        Thanks for stopping on by and hope you had a wonderful day as well.
Where have we been this summer ?

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Surge protector repaired, sunny warm day, Tucker fix, no complaints here.

Where are we today ?
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     Today gonna be another wonderful day. Very warm overnight windows open and we had a wonderful sleep.
     First walkabout at 7 am up by the pond watching the Canada Geese family fishing in the pond. Mom and Pop Geese doing the heads down this morning showing the Kids how to do it. Soon they will be teaching them to fly and they be gone.
doing what Geese do, feed the family
           Now if you read yesterday's posting you will see than the plug on our surge protecter was fried. Not good. so we hooked up to power without out it for now.
both connectors no good now
      Both the male plug on our surge protector was toast as well as female plug on our 25 foo 30 amp cord. So about 9 am I went down to talk to Rob, (the vice president of this park). Now he is very mechanically inclined and has all the tools to fix things. He said heck it is no good like this let's take a look. Well I followed him around, checking his tool boxes looking for "security" Torx wrenches needed to take this thing apart. We found them and he set to work taking it apart. Success! He gave me some parts to clean up and I cut off the Male end of our 30 amp cord that was good.
new one top
      Like he said it's broken and expensive to replace, can;t hurt it now. So with all this in place and all the proper tools in no time it was all put back together, just like new ! I hooked it up and works perfectly. Sure beats buying a new surge protector for over $300.00 here in Canada. Now how is that for taking care of your members here in this park, what amazing customer service ! Now I did purchase a new 25 foot 30 amp cable for $45.00 right here, that I needed anyway. much less than buying new ends for the now shorter cable.  Thanks Rob for your amazing help much more than I expected.
here it is like new again and works perfectly
           After  a light lunch headed into Arkona to check out the grocery store and chatted with a friend we have no seen since last year. Suzie sent me a text and wanted me home to roll up our awning. So quickly home that was done and the clouds mostly moved on by. A few rain sprinkles a couple of times but the storm mostly went by just north of us.
winds and storm just north of here
       Skies cleared again, so chairs back out and enjoyed some nice reading out side. Chat with a few people that walked by (that Happens when we sit outside).
        Then Suzie noticed that Gerry was home and wanted to visit Tucker. After 3 months with them and Tucker in the southwest she wanted a Tucker fix, ok we chatted with Gerry as well. Melinda still working too hard.
Tucker's huge tennis ball
Hi 5 and he gets a treat
      Then home for supper, I whipped up a salad and grilled a couple of Shrimp Burgers I came across the other day at the No Frills in New Hamburg .
these were wonderful
served on an English Muffin with Tomato lettuce and Mayo
the sunset we had last nigh, same as tonight
         What a wonderful productive day we had, enjoyed some more pretty decent sunny warm weather,and all the fresh air. Gotta love this lifestyle. Heck I am still out side at 9 pm guess I better post this and can head inside, soon be my bedtime !
       Thanks for stopping in and sure hope you had a wonder warm sunny day as well.
Where have we been this summer ?

Monday, May 29, 2017

Car repair done, secure the coach and on down the road to Rock Glen Resort

Where are we today ?
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        Did what we needed to do this morning. Get our car to Pettigrew's Garage for 8 am, No problem I am up long before that anyway. This morning a new ball joint on the car and new front brakes. Rear brakes are still good. Only the second set of front brakes in 450,000 kms. (279,000,miles) Mind you half of those miles are towed behind our coach.
      All done by we secured our coach and headed out to Rock Glen Resort only 90 minute drive plus a stop for fuel in Stratford. Canadian Tire gas bar. First time we have fueled our coach in 2 months. Last time in Michigan. Fuel much more expensive here at $108.9 a litre.($288.0 US dollars a gallon).  $185.00 for just over half a tank). Ran into an old friend at the gas bar as well, Brad, have not seem him for probably 15 years, such a small world.
      We arrived at Rock Glen checked in and got our favourite site for maybe 3 weeks. Full Hookups and with our membership here no overnights fees. Works for us!
the weather perfect and up to 82 f today with full sunshine
        Had an issue with out surge protector, did no look good so checked it out.,the plug needs some repairs for sure.
this be it
this is not good
will see what we can do to rectify this issue
a perfect day and loving this weather
     About 3:30 good friends Emile and Monique stopped by for Happy Hour and another good friend Ron stopped by as well. We chatted, flapped our gums and got caught up with each other, always fun to see these guys again.
LR Monique, Emile, Ron. Suzie
me took the pic as usual;
Even Gerry stopped by to chat as well,
no Tucker today
          About 4:30 I preheated out Weber Q and whipped up a salad and some caulflower and carrots to warm up on the grill to go with a couple of smoked pork chops that we love.
not long on the grill 
this made for a very tasty filling supper tonight
        Now we can kick back for a bit and relax here enjoying whatever weather comes our way.
        Almost 8:30 pm and still outside in shorts enjoying wonderful weather. Soon time to post this blog.
        Thanks for stopping in and hope you had a sunny warm day wherever you are.

Where have we been this summer ?

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Back to Plattsville for the Motorcycle Tribute ride.

Where are we today ?
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     Up early as usual and the empty New Hamburg fairgrounds is wonderful and at the same time amazing. Yesterday thousands of people were arriving at 7 am and the hustle and bustle was catching. Today nada. Did get a nice peaceful walkabout the  grounds before we secure the coach at 9 am and did the 10 minute drive back to Plattsville.
      Pulled into Plattsville mowed some lawn where we park and all set up by 10 am. Mowed a bit more than enjoyed a nice light lunch wth Suzie.
      Next was to head down to the Arena to watch the 200 plus motorcycles head on out for the Memorial Ride for Private Tyler Todd. A fund raiser memorial for wounded warriors.
All lined up and ready to head on out
    While here I chatted with a few people and enjoyed all the motorcycles heading on out , The roar of about 200 motorcycles ( mostly Harley's) is amazing. Someone had a drone overhead that would make for some wonderful photos.
     It took over 5 minutes for them all to leave, wasting no time. A long time for 200 plus to leave and stay in order . But very impressive and a great Memorial for PTE Tyler Todd.
this be the last Motorcycle to follow the group
PTE. Tyler W Todd tribute Chopper
a beautiful bike
his picture on the gas tank 
      After they took off I whipped to New Hamburg to fill up the gas can for the lawn mower. Was gonna stop by after the Memorial ride, but thought maybe I need to relax a bit at home with Suzie. Besides I was kinda stiff and soar from all the walking and stuff I did over the last few days.
      Good choice, a wonderful warm sunny day, and got some quality reading time done outside in the shade with my honey. Perfect.
so peaceful here and relaxing
I needed this
   While sitting here reading neighbour Barry dropped by to see if we knew what this huge bug was. About the size of your thumb and he found it on the side of their brick house. No Idea what it was anybody out there got any ideas?
        Soon time for supper and guess what ? More chicken. We love chicken and had thawed out some to cook for last night but ended up buying a mess of cooked chicken from the BBQ people last night. This chicken I had to cook today, the rest from yesterday will be deboned and soon frozen . A large pot of homemade chicken soup is in the near future, when we settle down in a day or two.
tasty?yup as always 
just add a salad and we  good to go
       Came back here today for the Memorial ride and our car going into Pettigrew's garage at 8 am tomorrow for some maintenance work, so much easier to be right here in town.
       A vey nice warm sunny day, shorts and t-shirt for me in the mids 70s F , No complaints here.
       That was our fun day, still sitting outside after 8 pm and the weather not too bad at all, Luckily no bugs here so we are good to go for a while yet.
      Glad that y'all dropped by and hope your Sunday was a great one as well.

Where have we been this summer ?

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mennonite Relief Sale Day 2, warmer weather, too much fun and no more rain!

Where are we today ?
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      Day 2 of the sale and what do we do here? Well be get lots of exercise (walking) and eat lots of different foods. Chat with people, some friends, some relatives and some strangers. Check out all the vendors and watch a few auctions. People watch and watching the traffic come and go from where we are parked. Nice to be right here and not have to battle the long lines of traffic in and out of New Hamburg.  Thousands of people and hundreds of volunteers, this runs like clock work. The 51st year for this sale and Suzie's Dad has been involved right from the start.
     The second and last day of the Mennonite Relief Sale and as usual things begin early, some of the volunteers are here at 3 am cooking and prepping for the day. The Pancake breakfast begins at 7 am as well as the selling of Tea Balls and donuts, The fair grounds is filling up fast and by 830 am into the overflow. Non-stop lines of cars.
     Inside the arena people began lining up for fresh Strawberry pies at 7:30 this morning they line up the length of the area floor. Quilt auction begins at 8 am and goes to early afternoon with 214 donated quilts to auction this year. I believe to most expensive was $6700.00 most averaging  around $700.00.
Some amazing hand stitched and hand quilted, so much work goes into them.


this taken at 7:10 am
breakfast begins at 7 am , busy now and lineups a bit later
lots of pies for sale,
soon sold out
line up for fresh strawberry pies just after 7 am
cleaning berries in the stands 
putting the pis together here
new murals
non stop cars coming it at 8 am
getting chicken ready for the BBQ
cooking the chicken
we will get some later

these Piroshki are excellent , save for a later lunch
line up for donuts
pork on a Bun, Canadian Back bacon, yummy
ran in to Suzie' cousin from from Ottawa and
Aunt and Uncle from Kitchener again
food court busy at 9 am

 lots of great entertainment 
kids playground 
line up for spring rolls
making sporing rolls
Mexican mennonites great food
donuts line up
making donuts
glazing donuts
cooling donuts
great quartette
outside auction
Inside auction
huge crowd watching the auction
outside auction
        We watched the outdoor auction for a while items going for a good dollar and the one we wanted to see was the restored International Tractor from the 1960
=s. Donated by H.P Roth's family Suzie's great uncle who passed last year.
The Roth Family posing for this picture
I believe this sold for $4,600.00
auctioneer doing his stuff
Tea Balls all sold out by 11 am
more great entertainment 
Nephew Greg auctioned off the Feature quilt this year
The whole arena stands to sing this hym that is in the guide book
after the Feature Quilt # 125
Praise God for Whom all Blessings flow
we managed to grab 2 strawberry tarts before they we all sold out at noon
yummy? yes they are
for lunch aBBQ;d chicken leg excellent as usual
My new summer hat from the Thrift Store booth
10 Bucks, one in and one out.
love this new hat.
cool for the summer
by 2;30 all done here packing  up
           We walked by at about 2:30 and got a deal of some cooked chicken legs, a bag full for 20 bucks, ended up with 10 of these so what we have of supper tonight? Chicken legs.
they pack up pretty quick here
by 6 pm tents gone and all cleaned up
cars gone
      Suzie's Dad came over for supper at 6 pm. I had re-heated some chicken legs (we all love chicken) baked a potato each and heated up a can of white corn on our Weber Q.
her Dad had a busy day can now relax
chicken, taters and canned corn on our weber Q
sure hit the spot tonight
her Dad taking the golf cart back and heading home
sure was a nice visit, and great weekend here
Fairgrounds now cleaned up like no one was here
we almost all alone again
     We were here in 2015 when this amazing quilt was auctioned off at this sale "Threads of Africa" for $43,000.00 what an exciting sale to say the least and it was caught on Video, You can view this auction right HERE. If you care

     Glad that y'all dropped by for peek and hope you enjoyed this day as much as we did

Where have we been this summer ?